Matrona's Name: Meaning, Origin, Characteristic, Fate


- from lat. respectable married woman, folk. Mattress

Derivatives: Matronka, Matrosh, Ron,
Matryokha, Matryosha, Matrya, Matryuha, Matryusha, Matryaha, Matryasha, Mary, Matya, Matyulya,
Matya, Musya, Tusya, Matyukha, Matyusha, Tyusha, Matyasha, Motrya, Motya.

Name days: April 2, 9, May 31, 19, 22

Proverbs, sayings, folk omens.

Smell tobacco nasal,
remember Makar dance, three matryon, yes Luka and Peter.

April 9 - Matrix-nastovitsa:
snow covered with ice crust. She is also called the half-pot: on this day
It is customary to select turnip seeds and prepare them for planting.

From the Winter Matryona
frosts begin to grow stronger.

At the Matron
wonderful character: calm, balanced, she is kind and gentle. Surrounding
love to cry her "in the vest": they know that Matron is attentive, sympathetic
listen, understand, calm. She is very tolerant of others' shortcomings, ready to forgive everything.
But Matron's extremely painful reaction to any human insincerity,
becomes closed, wary, friends chooses with caution, not allowing
the slightest falsehood in a relationship. It is considered that the Matron is a typical "phlegm"
and does not like to delve into difficult, controversial situations, however, when necessary,
it manifests itself as a strong-willed person and is able to insist on his own.

Numerology named after Matron

The number 4 is characterized by such qualities as practicality and reliability. Fours are trustworthy in everything, especially for relationships with people close to them. So, they very much appreciate their friends and relatives, enjoying every minute spent with them.

Fours analyze everything that happens around. For them it is important to know about the structure of mechanisms, they love science. Since the Fours do not like to dream, their ideas are always realistic.

The meaning of the letters in the name Matron

M - If you look at people who have the letter "M" in their name, we can say that they are scattered and unorganized, but in reality everything is not so. All that they need, they will never forget. They prefer to do the job well. They make excellent leaders who always reckon with the interests of others.

BUT - the alphabet begins with it, and it symbolizes the beginning, the desire to achieve success. If the person in the name has this letter, then he will constantly strive for physical and spiritual balance. People whose name begins with "A" are hardworking enough. They like to take initiative in everything and they don’t like routine.

T - people with names that begin with this letter are comprehensively developed. They are vulnerable, sensitive and creative. They try to be fair in everything. Have a good intuition, well adapted to different conditions of the world. Capable of showing magnanimity.

R - people with the letter "P" in the name have extraordinary thinking. They are very responsible, you can rely on them in any situation. They have a well developed intuition, extremely negative attitude to lies. They constantly strive for leadership, but in family relationships they rely on their partner.

ABOUT - open, funny and cheerful person. Those who are present in the name of the letter "O", hardworking and have creative abilities. For them the professions associated with strategic thinking and economics are ideal. They are friends only with reliable people who are trusted.

H - strong, strong-willed and determined personalities. Rather hardworking, however, they do not tolerate monotonous and boring work. Smart, attractive, critical thinking is present. A person chooses a chosen one for a long time, with whom he can live until the end of days.

Loves to take care of loved ones.

Matron name in English (Latin)

Completing the document in English, you must first write the name, then the middle name in Latin letters and only then the last name. Writing the name of the Matron in English you may need when applying for a foreign passport, ordering a foreign hotel, placing an order in an English online store, and so on

Patron saints

Matryn has very strong intercessor heavenly. Let's start with the Matron of Thessalonica. What does the matron? While the Matrona is a popular form of the name Matron.

So, the holy Matrona of Thessalonica was a slave to a Judah. She struggled to convert her slave to Judaism. But Matrona had a firm faith in Christ. And for all the attempts of the lady to force her to apostasy, the saint continued on her way of faith.

In the end, seeing her impotence, the lady fell into a rage. She ordered the slave to be beaten with sticks, which made her breathe. The body of Saint Matrona of The Thessalonica was dropped from the city wall. Pious people took him and buried him.

But the tormentor of the Judah was overtaken by a terrible end. Exactly on the very spot from which the body of Saint Matrona was dropped, she stumbled and fell down.

Matron Tsaregradskaya. Ranked among the saints in the face of the venerable. She was a pious Christian, for which she endured many humiliations from her husband. As a result, she left him and took monastic vows. For 75 years she carried her monastic cross, founded a monastery in Constantinople.

Blessed Matrona of Moscow. The most "young" saint. She passed away in 1952. She was blind from birth, and when Matronushka turned 17, her legs failed.

All her life she wandered in foreign corners. But she did not grumble at God, on the contrary - she glorified him. She helped people who came to her with good wishes and intentions. And after her death, she bequeathed to go to the grave as if it were alive. Everyone will listen, as in life.

Whoever appeals to her and honors, she herself will meet after the death of this person. So promised blessed Matrona of Moscow.

The origin of the name Matrona

This is a Latin name. Translated as "mistress", "mother", "honorable lady". It is not by chance that the venerable mothers of the family are still called matrons in Russia.

Diminutive form: Matusia, Matronushka, Motya, Motrya, Matya.

Perhaps because of this inconsistency of a diminutive form, they do not call girls that way now. But it’s not at all necessary to shorten the name and spoil its beauty. Matrona, Matronushka - it sounds very beautiful.

What is the characteristic of the Matrona? In childhood, she is an obedient and very quiet baby. She is shy, does not like to attract attention. Clever and sympathetic, for which the girl is loved by the surrounding people, including teachers. Due to his diligence, learning is usually good.

Matryna is not an extrovert. She prefers to contemplate life, to observe the progress of more active peers. At the same time, he is able to be sincerely happy for them.

Adult Matrona

In the meaning of the name Matryona it seems that there is some lack of fuss. Calm and poise. Something warm and dear. Such is the adult woman with this name. Very calm and balanced, quiet. It is pleasant to communicate with her, because Matryonushka always listens and gives wise advice. Very strong internal core, lives according to its life principles.

Name pluses

The characteristic of the Matrona - the carrier of the name - is good. These are very responsive women, kind and reasonable. For those parents who wish to call their daughter an old name, Matrona can be considered as one of the options. It is suitable for Russian surnames and patronymic names. For example, Matryna Ivanovna, Matryona Aleksandrovna, Matryona Nikolaevna, Matryona Dmitrievna (full namesake of Matrona of Moscow). Of course, if the middle name is very modern, it is better to choose another name. For example, Matryona Artyomovna or Matryona Olegovna somehow does not sound very much.

This is a bad form of short forms. Honestly, all these Moti and Motri resemble cat nicknames, rather than a beautiful Russian name. And what if you do not resort to them? At home and at school, little Matrona can stay with her. In adulthood, it is easier - they call it by full name or by name and patronymic. You can be represented by the baptismal name - Matron.

Health and privacy Matrona

As stated above, the Matrones are domestic women. Matrena's fate is her family. Husband devoted to the last breath, as they say. He loves his children to distraction, gives them all of himself, all his caress. The marriage will be happy with the man who will be able to reveal it. Otherwise, the Matrona is able to withdraw into itself, to close and plunge into its own illusory world. And this should not be allowed, especially in family life.

With regard to health, the value of the name Matrona indicates that it is not a bad woman. The "Mother of the Family" is a large, healthy, energetic lady. Matrens have more energy than old age. Some of them are in hospitals only a few times in their lives. And not in the ordinary, but in the maternity hospital, where they give birth to their children.

In old age, Matryona should pay attention to the heart and joints.

Talents and career

In the meaning of the name Matryona laid her hidden talents. This is a man-contemplator. He has a tendency to exact sciences, which means that he can easily realize himself as a teacher in mathematics, physics, and chemistry. In general, has a penchant for pedagogy. Able to be eloquent and biting on the tongue. But due to the nature of this rarely uses.

Matrones can earn money. With all their gentleness and modesty, these women have an enviable tenacity. For their ideas at work can stand up to victory. If Matron is right and sees that they do not want to agree with this, he will fight to the end.

We summarize

What is the meaning of the name Matrona? And what is the woman wearing it? "Mother", "Mrs.", "Honorable Lady" in translation. In fact, Matrona is exactly the same as its name is translated. The true mother of the family, real, loving. Able to build and keep a home without quarrels and conflicts in the house.


Matrona's name belongs to a balanced, calm, kind-hearted and patient woman with a phlegmatic but very good temper. Although she does not like conflict situations, she is always ready to defend her personal opinion. It can show a strong will and firmness, which, probably, no one expects from it. After all, her secret name hides a quiet and modest personality, not inclined to action and leadership.

Sometimes Matrona reminds the viewer in the movie - she watches with pleasure the ups and downs in the lives of her friends and relatives, but does not take part in them on her own. Of course, in the depths of her soul, she sometimes would like to perform some unexpected, even adventurous act, but she is well aware that things will not go beyond dreams.

The representative of this name has solid moral and spiritual principles. She lives by following them exactly. Depending on the moral and ethical attitudes, Matrona selects a circle of acquaintances and close friends, becoming an empathetic, attentive and sociable companion, able to listen and understand, as well as having a phenomenal intuition and ability to delve deep into things. Everyone around her loves her, because unlike many others, the girl does not envy her comrades, does not get offended without a reason, does not revenge, but simply communicates with them, sincerely relives their ups and downs and perceives life as it is.

In some situations, the desperate Matrona can be despotic, expecting the “world to bend” under her. In such cases, it exhibits activity and speed of reaction unusual for it. If the situation, knocking her out of the rut, is delayed, the woman may well fall into depression.

Hobby and profession

The name Matron belongs to a person who does not want to reach career heights and does not want to be a leader. She diligently and diligently performs the tasks assigned to her. Because of its absolute peace of mind, it can be realized in those professions that are considered “boring” and unpromising - to become a librarian, archivist, art historian, and a specialist in the field of religion. She also likes research activities where perseverance, calmness, philosophical attitude to failures, as well as pedagogical and work with very young children are required.

Love and family

Matrina's sexual life is not too active - moral and moral principles do not allow a woman with this name to reveal her full potential. But an experienced, skillful partner can force such a girl to relax and become a good, true, driven and somewhat romantic lover.

She quickly becomes attached to men, but for the time being she does not feel a particular need for marriage and a well-functioning life. Matryna intuitively feels that she will have to constantly adapt to her husband and children. If, nevertheless, she decides to give up her freedom, she chooses a calm, but possessing an inner core of a person who is ready to take on life, material and financial issues and even care for children, although she herself can be a terrific mother. Of course, the girl takes part in all this, but she needs the fact that someone is ready to share household problems with her.

Characteristic name Matron

Positive features : The name Matryona causes confidence in all others. It looks solid, it is distinguished by patience, gentleness, and therefore easily conquers the hearts of people.

Negative traits: The owner of the name Matrona is sullen, unsociable. She loves to spend time alone, plunging into the world of her fantasies. The girl with this name is calm and ironic in a normal setting, the name Matryona loses her composure if she is suddenly seized by an obsession.

Character name Matron: What character traits determine the meaning of the name Matron? Matryna is calm, patient, phlegmatic. The owner of the name likes to observe life more than to participate in it. She has a very strong will, bordering on stubbornness. The girl named Matryona is able to notice the slightest insincerity in the words and deeds of others, she is closed, suspicious, but very kind and gentle, can forgive and understand everything.

Matrona and her personal life

Compatibility with male names: Favorable union name with Aristarkh, Druzhina, Kondraty, Custody, Matthew, Mirko, Mitrofan, Ustin. The name is also combined with Thomas. Difficult relations of a name are probable with Arkhip, Dorofey, Yemelyan, Yermil, Zvyaga, Innokenty, Odintsy, Pankratiy, Sylvester, Tretyak, Hors.

Matrona love and marriage: For her, family is of particular importance. In love, the owner of the name Matryona may be faithful, faithful, gentle and sometimes even passionate, but romance is alien to her, she leads to boredom and longing on Matryona.

Talents, business, career

Choice of profession: Matrix is ​​gifted with insightful, original mind and a penchant for thinking, attaches great importance to contemplation. The owner of the Matron name is a fanatic of the idea and, defending her rightness, becomes irreconcilable and even aggressive. The owner of the name is distinguished by acrid humor and inexhaustible gift of eloquence. But this gift of Matrona uses only in rare cases.

Business and career: The carrier named after Matrona is stubborn in achieving material well-being. A girl with this name will stand his ground, be able to eliminate the one who interferes with the implementation of her plans and ideas.

The fate of the Matron in history

What does the name Matrona for women's fate?

  1. The holy martyr Matrona of Thessalonica suffered in the third or fourth century. She was a slave of the Juda Pavtila, wife of one of the Solun commanders. Pavtila forced her slave to apostasy and conversion to Judaism, "but the saint believed even more firmly in Christ. In terrible rage, Pavtila beat the martyress with thick sticks, after which the saint and surrendered her spirit to God. they lifted him up and buried him with honor, but Pavtila soon, on the spot where the body of Matrona was thrown from a high wall, stumbled, fell and broke, having received the deserved retribution.
  2. Matryna Ivanovna Balk - the elder sister of Anna Ivanovna Mons, favorite of Peter the Great, and Willim Mons, who enjoyed the special favor of Catherine I. Matryona also enjoyed the tsarina's favor and strongly supported her brother, intrigued, so that in 1716 Mons was a chamber junker. Charged with bribery, Willim was executed on November 16, 1724. It was interpreted that the real cause of his execution was his close relationship with Catherine, which allegedly existed a long time ago, but only then opened to Peter. It is difficult to say how much Matryona was involved in all this, but she did not experience any persecutions from the king.
  3. November 22 (9) - Rev. Matron Tsaregradskaya for jealousy of the faith of Christ has undergone many disappointments from her husband, secretly left him, accepted monasticism, lived for 70 years to a nun, founded a monastery in Constantinople, performed miracles in prayers, died in 492.
  4. Saint Matrona (Matrona Dmitrievna Nikonova) was born in the Tula land, in the village of Sebino, 22 kilometers from the town of Epiphanius (now the Kimovsk district of the Tula region), in the eastern part of the famous Kulikovo Field, so famous in the history of Russia. Matron was born completely blind, without eyes, her eyelids were tightly closed.

The name and its value depends not only on the origin, but also on the time of year when the child was born. We recommend to read how the character and fate of the name by year of birth affects and get acquainted with the list of names that fit all signs of the zodiac.

It is important to know what the name means so that it harmonizes with the name of its owner - in terms of sound and phonosemantic significance.

Compatibility of the name Matron, manifestation in love

It often seems to you that no one in the world can truly understand you, appreciate your impulses and grandiose intentions. But if it upsets you, then only for a short while. What you do not sacrifice for the sake of a great goal?

And you - donate. Often - "not looking." And, as a result, you lose “on the way” a lot of things that could make your life more “earthly”.

Often your actions bring real fruits, sometimes - simply stunning. But, perhaps, you should think about the fact that, had you had stronger ties with the outside world, your ideas about his needs would also be more realistic. And the results of actions are more valuable.