What can a baby in 8 months


Young parents, a few months after the birth of the baby, are surprised at how quickly the baby grows. Each month, the child begins to do new things, rapidly developing. Moms and dads, it is important to know the features of the development of the baby, ways to help the baby how to learn many new skills.

An important role in the development of a child of eight months is played by proper care, diet and sleep. Adhere to special rules recommended by pediatricians, then the child will grow up healthy and smart.

Baby parameters

On average, in the eighth month, the child gains about 600 grams, grows two centimeters. Parameters of boys and girls are slightly different from each other, but the difference is small. The weight of a child at 8 months for girls varies between 6.8–8.9 kilograms, and boys — 7.1–9.5 kilograms. The height of children in eight months is: girls - 64-70.5 centimeters, boys - 65–71.5 centimeters. Many pediatricians insist on measuring the circumference of the head, the figures should correspond to: boys - 41–45 centimeters, girls - 41–44 centimeters.

When measuring a baby, remember that all children are individual, they develop in different ways. If the crumb is a little different from peers, do not panic. Strong anxieties adversely affect the child. To soothe the soul, visit the pediatrician, only an experienced specialist will be able to identify developmental defects, if any.

What should be able to crumb in the eighth month of life

A child at 8 months becomes mobile, less sleep, the baby changes significantly compared with the first half of life. Young parents must necessarily know the basics of child development.

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Carefully follow the behavior of the crumbs, notice small successes:

  • some babies begin to crawl at this age, it is difficult to move fully, so the body of the crumbs is low to the ground,
  • intelligent kids can sit, others are actively trying to learn this process,
  • the child begins to actively roll over in different directions. The development of the baby is fully focused on physical development, during this period not to avoid injuries and bruises. The movements of the crumbs are awkward, although they believe that this is not the case. Be careful, a baby, left for a few seconds, can roll off any surface,
  • in a crib or stroller, the child can lift himself, bend his knees, holding the railing,
  • a crumb can keep a bottle, a pacifier on its own, can lift a fallen object if necessary
  • if the parents hold the baby in the armpits, he can walk slowly,
  • the child feels genuine interest in everything that happens: throws various objects into the wall, picks up, examines toys,
  • at the age of eight months, the crumb actively uses his hands: he carefully examines toys, objects, twists them in his hands, sometimes tastes,
  • It’s interesting for a child to fold small objects into large ones
  • the sight, hearing of the child are formed, the crumbly reacts violently to quiet sounds. It is undesirable to give the baby to sleep in complete silence, such actions will lead to the fact that the child will wake up because of any rustle,
  • In most cases, an eight-month baby already has milk teeth. If new tenants in the dentition have not yet appeared, wait until one year old. A great role is played by heredity, in some children several teeth grow at once.

All children react differently to teething teeth. Do not worry if you find the following signs: slightly elevated body temperature, non-specific salivation, the gums swell, the baby pulls everything in his mouth, the baby rubs his cheek on all objects, even the pillow.

Special test

To calm the soul, carry out a few simple manipulations, allowing to identify deviations in the development of the offspring, pay attention to them in time to prevent serious pathologies:

  • Sit with the baby in front of the table, first place bright objects on it. The child should be interested in toys, start to carefully examine them, sort through the pens,
  • ignore the baby, a normally developing baby will be offended, cry,
  • at 8 months old, the baby must turn over from his back to his tummy, especially behind an interesting object,
  • if the baby is lying on the back, cover the face with the diaper, the child should free himself from it,
  • Give the baby in both hands on the toy, then offer another item. Normally, the crumb will first be puzzled, then put aside one toy, making room for another,
  • the eight-month baby shows a special interest in strangers, the fear gradually disappears.

You only need to worry in the following cases:

  • the crumb does not react to sounds, does not show any emotions even to the appearance and communication with close people,
  • cannot bring various objects to his mouth,
  • the child cannot or does not try to roll over from one side to the other,
  • the child does not follow moving objects
  • in an upright position it holds its weight poorly.

Mental development

The child is actively developing not only at the physiological level, baby goes to a new level on the mental level:

  • understands speech, tries to repeat some words, but surrounding sounds are ridiculous,
  • knows your name, almost always responds to it,
  • the baby feels the emotions of the parents, understands facial expressions and gestures. If you scold the crumb, he is already aware of his guilt,
  • the baby recognizes the next of kin, most of all attached to the mother. In its absence, the crumb can burst into tears, not because the power source has disappeared, due to a break in the emotional connection, lack of a sense of security. Some children at the age of seven months may develop a fear of separation from their parents,
  • peculiarly attracts your attention: grabs the hair, throws toys, scream without reason,
  • incoherent babble of the crumbs gradually becomes meaningful: the words mom, dad, baba, having many vowels, slip through, a simple combination. The child tries to attract the attention of parents with some syllables,
  • an eight-month-old child is ready to be friends with everyone, but he does not take initiatives,
  • playing hide and seek teaches the child that the hidden things do not disappear, they are simply not visible,
  • Do not panic if you notice that the crumb often uses his left hand. In the eighth month of life, the left hemisphere develops more than the right. The process is temporary, does not mean that the baby is left-handed,
  • the child at the age of 8 months begins to be afraid of loud noises, do not turn on household appliances near the baby (hair dryer, washing machine, food processor).

Proper nutrition

At eight months, the child should be able to drink from a cup on his own, during this period it is important to add vegetable and fruit purees to the crumbs of the diet. It is allowed to give single-component cereals or buy ready-made, specially prepared for the kids (they are enriched with powdered milk, butter). Start with peach, apple, plum, prune, gradually add carrots, pumpkin, spinach, potatoes. The last ingredients are quite heavy for a child's body, combine it with cauliflower, zucchini.

At the end of the month, give the child a yolk. If the first teeth began to appear, give the crumbs special cookies, they have a positive effect on the growth of teeth.

What to feed the child in 8 months? Breastfed babies should follow the following diet:

  • 7 hours - approximately 200 ml of milk,
  • 11 hours - any porridge (150 grams), additionally give fruit, vegetable puree, juice or compote,
  • 15 hours - include vegetable puree (100 grams), meat puree, juice or compote in the baby’s diet
  • 19 hours - 200 grams of breast milk, a special cookie,
  • 23 hours - breast milk (200 grams).

Optimal day regimen

The sleep of an eight-month baby becomes deep, lasts no more than 11 hours. During the day, the baby must sleep three times a day for one and a half to two hours. The individual sleep duration depends on the characteristics of the child’s development. Try to constantly adhere to one mode, over time, the child will get used and will independently adhere to it.

Child Care Tips

If you have milk teeth, consult a doctor about caring for them. Be sure to pick up a good brush, paste, regularly clean the baby's cavity from the bacteria. Healthy baby teeth - a pledge of excellent dentition in the future. New foods containing sugar appear in the baby’s diet; they can adversely affect the fragile enamel.

Prevent the occurrence of caries will help receive boiled water after each meal, the crumb can not yet independently rinse your mouth. Children's stores sell special "drinkers" for children with two handles. The little man can drink some water himself, holding the container with two handles.

Baby's sight

Active development has a positive effect on the vision of the crumbs. By the eighth month, the child distinguishes more and more colors and shapes, recognizes objects that are far away. The crumb looks at the objects of interest from different angles, assesses the shape, color, distance to the subject. Develop the power of the crumbs with the help of interesting games.

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Speech development

An eight-month-old baby does not yet know how to speak clearly, but he willingly repeats some syllables, tries to express his thoughts. The child shows his emotions by changing the intonation. Many parents note that a crumb to the question "where?" Shows a finger on familiar objects. For the development of speech, often communicate with the crumbs, clearly pronounce the words, call all objects with names, make accents. Such manipulations will help the child learn to speak faster.

Eight Month Baby Skills

  • Eight-month babies are already well and crawling a lot. The crawling "in crushing way" develops into a full movement on all fours. At this age, children are able to crawl over any distance and devote most of their time to this activity. It is very important that the space that the slider so actively develops is safe. It is better to remove wires and extension cords from the floor, and from the accessibility area as a whole - all dangerous items. During this period, the garbage can is moved to a higher level, pet bowls, as the kids show great interest in these objects.
  • The child begins to train in holding the vertical position of the body. Usually, babies begin to sit down on their own hands and feet, so when crawling becomes easy and familiar for a child, he tries new activities. Hold your body in a sitting position at 8 months the child can not long. Usually children do not sit for more than 3-5 minutes. Sit down baby is still not recommended, especially on a soft surface or in the pillows.
  • Another vertical posture is standing, her baby also tries around 7-8 months. Getting up at the support is one of the favorite tricks at this age. The child crawls to the object on which you can lean, grabs handles, stands up, but within a minute, as a rule, falls on the ass. As a support most often I speak a sofa, bed, chairs, armchairs. For the baby, this is a kind of exercise and training, during which the legs and the back are getting stronger. You should not interfere in this process and offer the baby to stand more often than he tries to do it. Excessive vertical load on the spine and joints at an early age can result in problems with the musculoskeletal system when the child becomes older (the most frequent consequence of early leg setting is a curvature of the spine). Be sure to ensure that the child has only stable, safe objects as a support.
  • Hand motor development continues to develop. The main innovation of the age of eight months is the emergence of the so-called “pincer grip”: the baby begins to pick up objects not with the whole five, but with the help of the thumb and forefinger. This is the most important skill and a bright indicator of the development of the psyche. Now the kid is able to perform more subtle actions, take small objects.
  • New skills appear in the field of manipulation of objects. Not only the child in 8 months should be able to take, hold and release the object. At this age, children can also specifically throw what is clamped in the handle. All kids love the fun - throwing toys out of the crib or playpen. As we remember, the toys must be returned.
  • Another innovation is correlative actions with objects. Now, the baby can not only take turns taking the toys and examine them, but also perform certain actions with one toy relative to another. It can be attempts to put one toy on another, knock on it, swap places. If there is a capacity in front of the baby, he will try to put everything into his field of vision into it. It is correlative actions that underlie the ability to assemble a pyramid, select the right liners for the Segen boards, so such games should be encouraged.
  • In the speech sphere, there are also significant changes. The main task at the age of 8 months is the accumulation of a passive dictionary, that is, words whose meaning to the child is clear. Active speech at this stage is still manifested in the form of syllables and their combinations, but the child begins to better and better understand the speech that he hears, begins to react not only to the emotional color of speech, but also to the meaning of what was said. This is especially noticeable at the request of the child. At the request of the child can submit the desired toy or show in the book a picture of an animal already known to him. In addition to fulfilling the requests of an adult, the child already knows how to respond to warnings and prohibitions, which is especially important because of the irrepressible thirst for knowledge.
  • The social development of the crumbs is at a critical point. The fear of strangers, which appears at about 7 months, is still very pronounced. The child refuses to be in the hands of unfamiliar people and is very frightened if the mother disappears from view, even if she simply left the next room. Such behavior of the crumbs may seem strange to parents, and representatives of the older generation often say that such whims and crying are the result of “hands-on”. In fact, this is a completely normal developmental stage of attachment, to ignore it or, especially, to somehow fight this child’s behavior is completely useless. On the contrary, the task of parents is to be responsive to the needs of the baby, to let him know that he is safe, the mother is near and will always protect him.

Usually moms do not make up something to occupy and carry away an eight-month-old baby. The kid himself shows great interest in everything that is around, he actively plays. You can do creative work and offer your kid pencils or finger paints. Multi-colored traces and paper prints will certainly interest the crumb.

All that a child can do at eight months is the basis for the subsequent development of more complex skills, actions and manipulations.

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Educational games

Some classes have a positive effect on the baby, occupy it for a long time, help to develop the necessary skills:

  • teach your child to clap hands, wave hands, point fingers at different objects,
  • get a few small toys (allowed to play for children of seven months), they develop fine motor skills, which has a positive effect on the infant's skills,
  • during walks baby probably made friends. Increase as much as possible the time of communication with other children; playing in a team accelerates the process of child development.

Watch an interesting video for parents about the development of an eight-month-old baby:

Features of age physiology

From six months to one and a half years, the development of the child takes place in accordance with its individual characteristics, but despite this, there are individual changes that can be observed monthly during the entire period.

By eight months, the baby, as a rule, can already sit down himself, stand up, take the first tentative steps. As he becomes more mobile and spends a large amount of energy on studying the objects around him, his growth slows down somewhat. Strengthening muscles and improving coordination allows children to make a variety of movements.

Маленький человек крайне импульсивен, и ещё не вполне может управлять своим телом, поэтому взрослым необходимо оберегать малыша от вероятных травм и повреждений, максимально обезопасив пространство вокруг него. К самым опасным местам можно причислить острые углы мебели, розетки, стеклянные и другие бьющиеся предметы, мелкие предметы, которые ребёнок может ненароком проглотить.

By the eighth month, children gain weight in half a kilogram, and their height increases by about one and a half centimeters. Compared with seven months, they can weigh from 8 to 9 kilograms and more, depending on the genetics, not counting the fact that boys are always somewhat larger.

Children may already have between 4 and 6 teeth with which they try to chew pieces of fruit and cookies. In this regard, the babies do not sleep well, they may have a fever, swelling and even stools (emptying of the intestines, in this case, becomes liquid).

Such periods are characterized by a decrease in the work of the immune system; therefore, the child becomes, especially, vulnerable to various infections, so care must be taken not to take everything in the mouth.

Due to the fact that at this time, the reaction of the child's body may be unpredictable, doctors do not recommend vaccinations and give children new, unfamiliar products.

Also, the psychoemotional development of a child at 8 months, who feels uncomfortable in the presence of unauthorized people, as well as getting into an unfamiliar environment, has its own characteristics. In general, this is an interesting and fruitful period, when the kid is able to keep many things in his memory, he already knows how to imitate adults and behaves more socially and independently.

What should be able to child in 8 months

When the question is asked - what an eight-month baby should be able to do, it cannot be answered unambiguously. Probably, it is necessary to know well the heredity, physical data, behavioral features and even the already manifested character of the child. And who, if not the parents, is best aware of this? Therefore, it makes no sense to compare your child with someone else.

However, some specific skills children must have:

  • to sit on their own, from the position on the stomach, back, while turning over and helping themselves with their hands,
  • keep the child sitting down for a few minutes
  • actively crawling in different ways, in most cases, children do it on all fours,
  • try to get up using the support, take a few steps with the help of my mother's hands,
  • play on your own for about 10 minutes
  • climb one two steps and gently descend,
  • know the names of various household items, toys, names of relatives,
  • be able to grab small objects, shift from one hand to another, take small things with your thumb and forefinger,
  • know how to drink from a cup.

Mastering good habits needs to be stimulated from an early age. Knowing that a child should be able to be 8 months old, parents need to encourage the baby to want to carry out morning oral hygiene on their own, wash their face and wash their hands before eating. I must say that some kids at this age can do it.

At this stage, it is not wise to keep the child in an enclosed space, such as the playpen or some developmental mats. Another thing is that the kid’s games need constant monitoring. In addition, the child needs direct communication with loved ones, especially with the mother. Do not think that the baby does not understand anything yet. By the eighth month, he is aware of not only the meaning of the words, but can also respond to the request, for example, submit an adult toy or other object. Also, children are well distinguished intonation, they can rejoice or be offended, depending on the words addressed to them, spoken in a different tone.

Of course, it is good if parents have the opportunity to engage in the baby, which will undoubtedly accelerate the development of important skills and help him learn to manage his emotions, and hence his behavior.

Regime day eight baby

The average length of sleep for a baby, as before, is about 15 hours, 10 of which occur during nighttime rest. During the day, some children prefer to sleep only twice and reluctantly go to bed in the late afternoon, so parents need them to spend their waking hours actively and more often in the fresh air. Walks mainly take place in the morning before lunch and in the afternoon from 15 to 17 o'clock.

Sleep remains an important indicator of the health of the child, so mom and dad need to create normal conditions for a quiet rest of their son and daughter.

These requirements include:

  • clean lingerie and clothing made from natural materials
  • temperature condition (+ 20-21 degrees),
  • optimum humidity - about 60%,
  • no noise, bright lighting,
  • evening ritual activities - a fairy tale, swimming and much more.

Children are fed up to 5 times a day, moreover, children use breast milk and milk formulas during breakfast and before bedtime. The rest of the time they eat fruit, vegetable and meat purees, cereals, two-component soups, juices, baby cookies and sugar free crackers.

Artificial children at this time are already getting acquainted with fermented milk products - home-made curd cheese on yogurt and sour cream, kefir, chicken yolks are gradually introduced into their diet.

It is important that every day proceeds according to a well-thought-out scenario, then every action and event in the child's life will be more meaningful and fruitful. Often, the absence of such a schedule is the reason why adults do not always manage to spend more time with their children. Understanding that a child should be able to be at 8 months old, do not take it literally.

The physical development of the baby in the ninth month

After 6 months, the child's growth rate decreases: he is no longer growing so fast and gaining weight. However, it becomes more independent. Parents increasingly notice that the child plays for some time on their own, and if he needs this or that toy, he can easily get it. But adults should carefully monitor the safety of the baby, because the young researcher can get to those items that are dangerous to his health.

Weight and height of eight-month girls and boys

According to the development calendar, for the eighth month the child becomes heavier by about half a kilogram and higher by 1.5–2 cm. Thus, at the end of this period, his weight averages 8–9 kg, and his height is 67–71 cm. worry if the baby scored a little less or more. Each child develops individually. Therefore, children of the same age may look different. Boys and girls at eight months of age are similar in physical terms. And the differences do not depend on gender, but on other factors, among which heredity plays an important role.

According to statistics, the weight of eight-month-old boys varies from 7 kg to 10.7 kg, and the weight of girls is slightly less: 6.2 kg - 10.2 kg. In terms of height, children of both sexes almost do not lag behind each other. Boys - 66–75 cm, girls - 64–73.5 cm.

By the end of the eighth month, the child may already have three or even four teeth. As a rule, these are the lower and upper central incisors, but there may be other teeth. You should not panic, if in the ninth month of life a baby has only the first tooth - the teething process takes place individually and depends on a large number of factors.

Standards of sleep and wakefulness

The child has already grown up and has become more independent, but he still needs daytime sleep. Doctors explain this by the fact that every day the kid remembers a large amount of information and his nervous system needs rest.

At 8 months. baby sleeps 1314 hours a day, from them during the day - 3-4 hours, and at night about 10. Sleep is divided by 2-3 times.

What should be able to do an eight-month baby

At 8 months, the child has already learned to control his own body, the muscles have strengthened and the body is gradually preparing for an upright position. But the timing of physical and psychological development in children of the same age may differ. However, there are established norms that an eight-month baby must meet.

Skills and abilities

At 8 months, a child should have the following skills:

  • sit confidently on your own
  • roll over to the side, from the back to the belly, from the belly to the back,
  • stand, holding onto the support and try to take steps
  • crawling fast
  • put one object on another
  • babble and repeat simple syllables,
  • clap,
  • good to follow with your eyes on a moving object.

Alarms: when to see a doctor

Parents need to independently monitor the development of the child. Of course, monthly scheduled visits to the doctor has not been canceled. But it happens that a month ago the baby developed according to the norms, and then the parents begin to notice that he began to lag behind in development. When it’s worth worrying:

  • if the child does not know how to keep his back and sit on his own,
  • does not roll over
  • doesn't get on all fours
  • does not try to crawl,
  • not holding toys in their hands.

Often such problems arise due to hypertonus. And after several massage courses everything comes back to normal. But there are cases when such signs signal the presence of pathology. And then you need to not miss the time and begin treatment.

Hypertonus is a disorder in the muscle tone of a child’s body, which is expressed in muscle over-exertion.

If the baby stopped babbling

At eight months, some children say the first word, others continue to pronounce the syllables, trying to pronounce the words.

If the child is actively pronounced sounds, syllables, and suddenly stopped doing it, you should consult a doctor.

But there are situations when the baby stops babbling. There can be many reasons and only a doctor can determine a specific one. The most common are:

  • Weak muscle tone of the face. Occurs more often in artificial children. During breastfeeding, the child not only receives food, but also strengthens the muscles of the face.
  • Hearing problems. The cause of hearing loss may be injury or complication after an infectious disease.
  • Psychological problems. Often the baby stops talking after a fright, so you need to avoid harsh sounds and noise.

How to speed up speech development in eight months

Pediatricians recommend constantly talking with the child: to name the objects surrounding the baby, body parts, things and toys. In response, he begins to babble. A positive effect on the development of speech and reading fairy tales.

Some parents at the doctor's office complain that the baby does not speak well and sounds incomprehensible to pronounce syllables. Often this is due to the fact that the parents themselves, during a conversation with the child, distort the words. This can not be done. You need to talk to the baby as a person who understands everything they say. Only in this case, the baby will remember the correct pronunciation of words and try to repeat.

Care features

As before, in the morning hygiene procedures are carried out - washing, brushing your teeth, going to the pot and washing away. Evening ritual, too, has not changed much yet - daily bathing, brushing your teeth, you can try to plant on the pot before bathing. In addition to these procedures, during the day, as necessary, you need to wash the child's hands and wash away after each change of the diaper.

Water procedures will turn into an interesting pastime and add to the baby positive emotions, if you put bright toys into the water that do not sink. A small baby bath is better to replace a large, adult.

Do not forget about safety while swimming. At the bottom of the bath is recommended to lay a special anti-slip mat.

Evening bathing time is 25–30 minutes. But if the child does not like to swim or is naughty, 10-15 minutes is enough.

Walking with the baby in the fresh air should take at least two hours a day. Pediatricians recommend walking even in bad weather, with the exception of severe frosts and heavy rains.

Experts recommend to organize at least one day sleep on the street, as fresh air is useful for strengthening immunity. But in the cold season it is worth to wear the child warmer, because he is lying almost without movement in the wheelchair.

Massage and gymnastics

Every day, the child needs to do a massage and conduct gymnastics, which will gradually strengthen his muscles.

Massage eight-month child should be done gently and gently. His reaction to this procedure must be positive. You can not massage the area of ​​the liver and the genital area of ​​the child, and when massaging your back you cannot use tapping and patting in the area of ​​the kidneys. If the baby has any rashes on the skin, it is better to refrain from the procedure for a while. Contraindications are also pathologies of the heart, hernia, infectious diseases.

For classes with a child fit these exercises:

  1. Squatting with support.
  2. Coups from the back to the stomach.
  3. Crawling over a toy.
  4. Lifting straightened legs from the supine position.
  5. Stepping, standing with support.
  6. Exercise on fitball: swinging back and forth.

An eight-month-old child is interested in other children, so he will enjoy group activities. There are fitness workouts for moms with babies, where a professional trainer shows special exercises. Such classes will be useful not only for the crumbs, but also for the young mother.

Eight-month baby

The eight-month baby eats more and more variously, leaving the mother's milk as the main food. Artificially fed infants leave only one feed at this age.

The child eats five times a day at intervals of four hours. The task of parents - to teach him to eat a variety of products. The menu consists of the following products:

  • milk and dairy-free cereals,
  • Meat: beef, rabbit, turkey,
  • vegetable puree,
  • yolk,
  • cream and vegetable oils,
  • fruit purees and juices.

How to develop and what to teach an 8-month-old baby

The kid devotes a lot of time to toys. But now he does not just hold them in his hands and considers, he is interested in actions with objects. Rattles become uninteresting. The young researcher needs new educational toys:

  • ball,
  • cubes, pyramid,
  • musical toys,
  • educational pad and books,
  • tactile pads filled with pebbles, peas or beans.

When buying toys, parents should pay attention to age restrictions. The toy should not contain small parts. After all, children love to taste everything.

It's time to introduce the child to drawing. You can purchase finger paints with which he will create the first paintings with his fingers. Thus, it develops not only fine motor skills, but also the creative potential of the child.

How else to entertain the baby? You can offer him to play with various household items: wooden spoons, pans, bowls.

Time to sit - the opinion of Dr. Komarovsky

Dr. Komarovsky believes that one should not rush to give a vertical load on the child’s spine (do not rush to sit and walk), since in the future this is fraught with scoliosis. The doctor calls the time when the baby should sit on its own - 8–9 months. And the main criterion that he can sit on his own - if he sits without collapsing. But it is very useful to stimulate crawling, so the back muscles are strengthened.

Doctor Komarovsky about early development - video

The doctor also says that you should practice with the baby regularly. It is important to know that early development is not harmful if parents are able to listen to his wishes. Exercises should be conducted in a game form, so that your child is interesting and exciting. But if he is naughty or does not want to complete tasks, it is better to postpone classes for another time or day.

At eight months, the child becomes more independent. At this age, he already consciously expresses emotions and discerns the intonation of the voice. And also he has favorite objects and games. Parents need to create all conditions so that the baby develops harmoniously.