Treatment of pinworms in a child by the Komarovsky method


The mountains of parasites will come out of you, if you drink on an empty stomach with a regular gulp.

Among children's helminthic invasions, enterobiosis occupies a special place due to its high prevalence among the child population of our country and the whole world. This is explained by the active life position of the kids, by the taste of the world through the taste buds, that is - they pull everything in their mouths that they can reach. This worm disease is triggered by the activity of pinworms in the body of children. Typically, pinworms affect children predominantly at the age of 3-4 years, however, this type of parasite can also be found in a child of 1 year old and even in children under one year old. What are the symptoms and treatment of pinworms in children?

To fully deal with this topic, we need to find out the peculiarities of vital activity of pinworms.

Features of life pinworms

Pinworms belong to the genus of nematodes (roundworms), respectively, they are characterized by an elongated, rounded body structure. This type of nematode is small in size, while there is a significant sexual demorphism: females can reach 12 mm in length, and males no more than 5 mm but not less than 2 mm.

The main location of pinworms is the large intestine, however, depending on the stage of development, pinworms localization in the child’s body may vary. Initially, the pinworm invasive eggs enter the lower part of the small intestine. Then the larvae are formed from them, which subsequently move to the large intestine (colon) through the appendage of the small intestine (cecum).

Food flows through the vesicles, located at the beginning of the body of pinworms, located in the tail part of the body anus. An oral opening is located in the middle of the vesicle. Pinworms in the child's body, with the help of vesicles are attached to the mucous membranes of the large intestine, and begin to actively feed and excrete digestive waste.

Mating of pinworms occurs in the small intestine, namely, in the ileum. After this process, the male pinworms die, and the female's body turns into an “egg incubator” (it can carry up to 15 thousand fertilized eggs) and move to the large intestine. A female can carry such an impressive number of eggs in herself due to the peculiarities of her structure. Most of the body in females is occupied by the reproductive system, which acts as an egg store. Subsequently, at night, females are selected outside through the anus and produce eggs on the skin in the anus. After laying eggs, the female also dies. Over 4-6 hours, the eggs mature and new parasites are able to appear when ingested.

Symptoms of pinworms in children

It should be understood that, like any other disease, regardless of etiology, the period of incubation precedes, that is, the period of time required by the harmful form of life for adaptation and development. The incubation period for pinworms is, as a rule, 14 days, however, under certain circumstances, the time period may decrease or increase within 3 days.

On the expiration of the latent course of the disease, the first symptoms appear. Unfortunately, the pinworm symptoms in children are usually not specific, and they can easily be confused with the manifestations of a common ARD. For this reason, the diagnosis of enterobiosis consists in testing for pinworm eggs, by examining the anal smear area.

We add that there are no significant differences between the symptoms of pinworms in adulthood and adolescence. The difference lies in the fact that an adult person will quite accurately state complaints, while a child, especially at the age of 1 year of life, will constantly be naughty and crying.

Symptoms of enterobiasis occur and serve as a "wake-up call" for parents, as well as an incentive for the examination of the child. In addition, one characteristic symptom with a pinworm in the body of the child is still - itching in the anal area, increasing in the evening or at night.

The appearance of characteristic itching is associated with the peculiarity of egg laying by females. When laying eggs, females secrete a specific adhesive substance that allows the eggs to be fixed. This substance provokes irritation of the anal area, in connection with this itching appears. In this case, the baby will make attempts to comb the irritated areas of the skin, whereby the eggs fall on the hands and under the child’s nails. Subsequently, upon contact of the fingers with the oral cavity, the eggs enter the child’s body and develop into adult individuals. In the future, the cycle can be repeated several times. This process is referred to as “re-invasion” and due to this accumulation of pinworms in the baby’s body can be huge, which in turn is classified as a massive invasion.

Typical itching with enterobiasis does not last long (no more than 3 days) and then disappears. Later, after 2 weeks, the desire to scratch the anal area reappears. With massive invasions, pruritus becomes stable and strong enough, causing serious discomfort to the child, takes away sleep, irritation and constant moods appear.

What symptoms can enterobiosis accompany in children?

  • Increased body temperature in the range of 37-38 degrees. As a rule, with pinworms, the temperature appears in the evening or at night and passes in the morning or even earlier. Such flashes of light temperature rise can be observed for 1-3 days, after which they disappear. For this reason, the temperature rise may go unnoticed. In fact, a rise in temperature is a signal that an organism is affected by a harmful form of life. In other words, temperature is a consequence of the activation of the body’s natural defense system,
  • Nausea, loss of appetite, dizziness, weakness, headache, fatigue, decreased physical and mental activity - all this is a consequence of intoxication of the child's body with pinworms. In the course of their vital activity, parasites secrete substances classified by our body as toxic. Of course, all these phenomena are difficult to observe in young children, but if a child is more than 3 years old, he will certainly complain about feeling unwell,
  • Pain syndrome in the abdomen, which is periodic in nature - a consequence of mechanical damage by pinworms of the mucous membranes of the large intestine in the process of life,
  • Minor damage to the skin tissue in the anus area is a consequence of the mechanical impact of the nails when trying to scratch an itchy area. In the future, an infection can get into the wounds, which will cause the development of secondary infections,
  • The appearance of allergic reactions, including dermatitis, is associated with the activation of the immune system and the subsequent production of specific immunoglobulins of the IgE class, which further contribute to the release of histamine into the blood (mediator of allergic reactions). In general, antibodies of the IgE class are always produced in case of parasitic diseases. Note that the appearance of allergies is often observed with a massive lesion of the child’s intestines with pinworms,
  • Increased feces, the emergence of a stable liquid stool with elements of mucus. The appearance of this symptom is associated with destabilization of the gastrointestinal tract and local inflammatory processes provoked by the activity of pinworms, in particular, with mechanical damage to intestinal mucous tissues,
  • Lag in physical and mental development occurs due to long-term toxic poisoning of the child’s body,
  • Increased excitability, nervous destabilization of varying intensity, hyperactivity, insomnia / disruption of the normal rhythm of sleep - a consequence of irritated intoxication of the nervous system,
  • The development of vulvitis and vaginitis in girls is explained by the penetration of pinworms into the genitals, which, along with worms, enter intestinal bacteria,
  • Incontinence at night,
  • Dryness in the mouth, or vice versa, excessive salivation,

Treatment of pinworms in children

As a rule, treatment of enterobiosis in children is not associated with a long and painful for them therapeutic course. Moreover, the treatment of pinworms in children at home is not associated with a specific diet. Therefore, treatment for pinworms is quite simple. To do this, you can choose any of the 2 ways: medication or with the help of folk remedies. And also follow certain rules:

  • It is necessary to exclude the possibility of reinfection of the child with pinworms. To do this, you should stop attempts to shove fingers in your mouth,
  • Wash all toys and personal hygiene items with strong detergent and disinfectant
  • Wash bed, underwear and underwear,
  • To carry out wet cleaning of the whole room, as well as upholstered furniture and household appliances. This process also uses strong detergents,

The advantage of drugs is their high efficiency and a very short course of treatment. As a rule, it requires 1 dose of a therapeutic dose at once and taking 1 therapeutic dose after 2 weeks. There are no significant negative effects on the child’s body against pinworms.

Treatment of pinworms in children with folk remedies also has its advantages, namely, a milder removal of parasites from the body and the beneficial effect of medicines based on natural components on the body of babies. However, firstly, no one guarantees that after the first course of treatment, pinworms will disappear, secondly, traditional medicine provides a longer course of treatment, and for kids it is not particularly pleasant, especially some treatment regimens use enemas.

Komarovsky told about the symptoms and treatment of pinworms in children in the release of his TV program. Yevgeny Olegovich believes that the enterobiasis in children is quite ordinary and terrible in this there is nothing. Moreover, according to figures given by Dr. Komarovsky, a large number of children in our country are likely carriers of pinworms. To identify this disease is quite simple. First of all, you should note changes in the behavior of the child, especially attempts to scratch the "ass". Also, Evgeny Olegovich notes that pinworms can be detected in baby’s fecal masses, after natural excrement, or in underwear in the morning. As medicines for enterobiasis, Dr. Komarovsky recommends the use of highly effective antiparasitic drugs.

Pinworms in a child: ways of infection and symptoms

The causative agent of helminthiasis - Enterobius vermicularis. White parasite, up to 4 mm long, which can be seen with the naked eye.

Pinworms are mainly detected in children attending preschool institutions, camps, clubs and other places where their peers congregate. Therefore, even with the observance of preventive measures it is absolutely impossible to exclude the chance of infection.

Attention! The appearance of enterobiosis in a child can be caused by milk teeth, which he often touches with dirty hands.

Symptoms of pinworms in children:

  • alternating constipation and diarrhea,
  • pain in the abdomen below the navel,
  • intestinal colic,
  • stomach discomfort
  • insomnia accompanied by nightmares
  • dermatitis,
  • permanent rhinitis,
  • nausea,
  • conjunctivitis,
  • frequent colds.

Important: a characteristic manifestation of helminthiasis is itching in the anus, occurring at night.

A child with pinworms in its body sleeps uneasily, constantly combing itself. This is an unpleasant feature of the disease. However the data parasites do not cause significant harm to the body, but still they can penetrate the biliary system and the liver, causing inflammation there.

In addition, not treating the disease leads to neuropsychiatric disorders, but the most dangerous consequences of helminthiasis - it is peritonitis and appendicitis, arising from perforation of the intestinal walls by parasites.

Therefore, parents are interested in what to do if a child has pinworms? Komarovsky advises carry out urgent dewormingwhich will be successful if you follow a number of rules.

How Komarovsky recommends to treat enterobiosis

What should be the effective treatment of pinworms? Komarovsky argues that today there is a mass of antiglastic agents, using which you can quickly remove unexpected guests from a growing organism.

But such drugs should be prescribed only by a doctor after a thorough diagnosis, because they are quite toxic and can have various adverse reactions. Moreover, the dosage prescribed by the therapistoften significant different from what is written in the instructions.

If there are pinworms in children, Komarovsky recommends a comprehensive treatment. That is, the patient must take several medications at temporary intervals.

Tip: A well-known pediatrician assures that enterobiosis returns very often, so it is important not only to treat, but also to prevent its occurrence.

If the presence of worms was confirmed in the laboratory, then de-worming should be started immediately. Dr. Komarovsky offers follow the treatment scheme, which not only removes parasites from the body of the child, but also minimizes the toxic effects on his body:

  1. A single anti-parasitic drug, for example, Pirantel or Albendazole.
  2. Use of enterosorbents for the next 5 days (Estimate, activated carbon).
  3. Reception of enzymes (Festal, Pancreatin) within 14 days.
  4. The use of biological products for at least 21 days.
  5. Reception of minerals and vitamins.

Pyrantel is a very popular anthelmintic agent. Its peculiarity is that the reception can be started from the semiannual age. The dosage is calculated as follows: 10 mg per 1 kg.

For patients up to two years suspension or half tablet is prescribed, 2-6 years - one pill 6-12 years old - two pills. At an older age with a weight of up to 75 kg, the required dose is 3 tablets, and if the body weight is more, then the patient needs to take 1 g of pyrantel at a time.

Albendazole It is highly effective, it is used to cure enterobiosis in children aged from one year. Means accepted once (200 mg) after meals. If you suspect a re-invasion, you need to re-take the drug after 21 days. After treatment with Albendazole no need to drink a laxative.

When the pinworms will come out, Komarovsky advises to observe the reaction of the child’s body. Often on the second day antihelminthic treatment of it condition worsens. As a result, abdominal pain, skin rashes, fever and nausea can occur.

According to Dr. Komarovsky, one should not be afraid of such reactions, because they only confirm the effectiveness of the chosen medical tactics.

How to prevent re-infestation with pinworms in the children's body

Pinworms in children treatment. Komarovsky, the treatment of enterobiosis, which should be comprehensive, also insists on preventive measures. After all, this this helminthiasis is known for frequent relapses.

To avoid reinstatement, it is necessary every 24 hours change underwear, as well as sheets and duvet covers in the patient's bed. And things are better to boil, and after ironing.

Also in the morning and in the evening child should be bathed using soap. Even Komarovsky insists that before eating and after each arrival from the street, parents need to ensure that children wash hands thoroughly.

Important! If the child is quite small, it is important not to let him nibble on various objects and toys.

In the presence of pets, you need to monitor their hygiene. When detecting enterobiasis in one of the family members the animal should be redeemed immediately, as on its wool often there are eggs of parasites. Then he should be given a tablet for worms. And if a cat or dog is walking on the street, then before entering the house they need wash paws.

Equally important regularly to cut and clean the baby's nails. This minimizes the likelihood of infection and spread of infection and will not allow the child to strongly comb the skin near the anus.

It will not be superfluous sanitize all the toys and things in the house, so you can prevent the re-development of helminthiasis.

It follows from the above that the success of deworming during enterobiasis depends on many factors: well-chosen tactics of drug treatment, subsequent restoration of immunity and intestinal microflora. But it is also an integral part of the treatment of a parasitic disease is to impart personal hygiene skills to a child, because only in this way can infection with enterobiasis be prevented.

Homemade recipes

The use of garlic in the treatment of enterobiosis is permissible only if the baby does not have stomach diseases. With gastritis, such therapy should not be carried out.

Recipe 1

For anthelmintic drugs, you need to chop 2 cloves of garlic and combine with water in equal proportions. It is necessary to give the mixture to the child at night. It is important that he washed it with plenty of water.

It is necessary to take garlic mixture for three days without a break. A week later, the course is resumed.

Recipe 2

Для приготовления настоя нужно взять зубчик чеснока и преобразовать ее в кашицу. Затем ее следует залить 200 мл молока и тщательно перемешать. Кипятить настой необходимо не более 20-ти минут. Как только она остынет, ее можно давать малышу. В сутки дозировка составляет 1 ч. л. 4 раза в сутки. To ensure antihelminthic effect, drink infusion should be on an empty stomach during the week.

Herbal tea

Anthelmintic tea is ideal for both children and adults. It is recommended not only when pinworms are detected, it is also effective for cleansing the body from accumulated toxins.

Take 50 grams of thyme herb, the same amount of calamus root, elecampane root and mint, 25 grams of walnut leaves and 10 grams of wormwood, mix all the herbs.

Now you need to prepare the infusion, take two tablespoons of the mixture, pour half a liter of boiling water in a thermos. Drink 100 ml a couple of times a day, it is a very good folk remedy for parasites.

To combat parasites, you can connect a vegetable such as onions. To prepare the mixture, rub 100 g of onion through a meat grinder and add 50 ml of vegetable oil and a little salt to it. Give the mixture overnight for 5 days.

Garlic enema

Garlic enema is effective when pinworms appear. They live in the large intestine, and therefore the means for ingestion from them are not effective enough.

In order to prepare the composition to be used for the enema, you should take 2 large cloves of garlic, peel them and rub them on a small grater. The resulting mass is poured with a glass of boiled water at room temperature and infused for 2 hours.

Next, filter the drug. Initially, the patient is given a cleansing enema, and after - a medicinal one. Delay the composition inside for 30 minutes.

It is necessary to carry out the procedure 2 hours before bedtime. The duration of therapy is 1 week.

It is possible to treat both adults and children from 8 years old.

For children under 8 years old from pinworms, they apply a slightly different enema. For her, 1 clove of garlic is rubbed on a fine grater and poured 250 ml of warm boiled water. After this, the dishes with the medicine are set on fire and boiled for 15 minutes.

After cooling to body temperature, the drug is filtered and the child makes an enema at bedtime. Depending on age, it is possible to use both 50 ml of structure, and all. The duration of such therapy is 1 week. Enema copes even with a strong infection with pinworms.

Soda enema

About 800 ml of pre-boiled and cooled water is placed on the fire again, 1 tablespoon of soda is added and the temperature of the solution is adjusted to 38-40. Soda solution is retained in the intestine for half an hour.

The first soda enemas may be accompanied by moderate painful sensations. According to experts, pain indicates the presence of parasites and their unwillingness to leave a permanent habitat.

You can defeat the parasites!

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Certified, recommended by helminthologists means to get rid of parasites at home. It has a pleasant taste that will appeal to children. Consists exclusively of medicinal plants collected in environmentally friendly places.

Treatment of pinworms with medicines

What drugs can get rid of pinworms:

  • Pyrantel (Gelmintoks, Nemotsid and its other analogues). To date, this drug and its analogues are considered the most effective in the fight against nematodes, including pinworms. Another advantage of Pirantel is its safety when taking and rare adverse reactions, which leads to the possibility of taking this drug from 6 months. For babies provides a form of suspension. In children with enterobiasis, a dose is calculated according to the following scheme: 10-20 mg / 1 kg of body weight, but not more than 1 gram. Reception provides a single, the best time of taking the drug - the evening before bedtime,

If Pyrantel did not help, which is unlikely, you should turn to a more serious drug.

  • Vermox (mebendazole). This drug has a large spectrum of action. It has a certain degree of toxicity, but, as a rule, if the instructions are followed, no undesirable effects are observed. As a drug for children with enterobiasis, a single dose is provided. The therapeutic dosage is 100 mg, approved for use from 2 years,

Treatment of folk remedies

Recipe for garlic enema on milk:

  • We will need 1 head of peeled garlic and 0.2 liters of milk,
  • Boil the garlic in milk, boil for 30 minutes,
  • Strain through cheesecloth, cool to room temperature,
  • Enema is put once a day, the therapeutic course is 7 days, the amount of the remedy is 0.1 liters at a time,

The recipe for broth wormwood:

  • We will need 2 tablespoons of dry wormwood inflorescences,
  • We place the grass in an iron container, pour it with warm water, bring to a boil,
  • It is necessary to boil for 10 minutes,
  • Remove from the stove, pour into a jar, close the lid and insist 4-6 hours, wrapped in a towel,
  • It is necessary to accept the received means on 1 tablespoon. On the first day of treatment - every hour, the second day - every 2 hours, the third day - every 3 hours, the fourth day - every 4 hours, the fifth - every 5 hours,

In the process of treatment, it is recommended to consume natural vegetable juices, in particular, carrot and beet juice. Or just eat these vegetables.

Recipe for pinworm with pumpkin seeds:

  • We need 100-150 grams of fresh pumpkin seeds and honey,
  • Pumpkin seeds are cleaned and ground, mixed with honey. Honey should be a bit, but enough to create a homogeneous solid mass,
  • It is recommended to accept the received means in 1-2 hours prior to food intake once. You can also divide the tool into 3 equal shares and stretch the course for 3 days, however, the effectiveness in this case will be lower

What are pinworms?

Doctors often come across helminthiases on a regular basis; most of them hear about others only while studying at a medical university. Enterobiasis refers to helminthiasis that every pediatrician regularly encounters in their practice.

Pinworms are small helminths of a grayish or yellowish-white color, which are of the type “roundworms”. Females are larger than males - 9-12 mm versus 2-5 mm. The life cycle of the mature specimens of pinworms is 3-4 weeks.

Pinworms live in the lower parts of the small intestine and the upper parts of the human large intestine. After mating, males immediately die in the intestines, and females, whose body is almost completely filled with eggs, leave the anus outside to make a clutch. Laying the eggs in the folds around the anus, the females also die.

After 4-6 hours after laying, eggs become invasive.

Pinworms in children - what is it?

Pinworms are whitish roundworms or helminths. Their individuals are divided into male and female.

The length of the female reaches one centimeter, the length of the male is about 5 - 6 mm. The female has a special sucker, thanks to which she can be fixed on the intestinal wall. The tail of the male is rounded, while the female is pointed like an arrowhead.

The eggs that the female lays are oval-shaped. Unlike the individual itself, eggs can only be detected under a microscope.

Favorite place of residence of these parasites is the small intestine and cecum. The female and male are found in the ileum, after which the pregnant female tends to the anus, where she lays eggs. The female loves to creep out at night, while emitting isovaleric acid. This is due to the main symptom of this disease - painful itching in the anal passage.

After mating, the male dies, and the female dies after laying eggs. Thus, these nematodes live for about a month, constantly breeding and dying.

Ways of Enterobiasis

The most important way of infection - contact-household. This is an infection of a healthy person from the patient through bed linen and a towel. And reinvaziya, when a child during an itch through the hands infects itself again.

During the scratching of the anal passage, the eggs fall on the hands, under the fingernails, and on the bedding. In this connection, other family members are infected, without knowing it.

During walks on the playgrounds, infestation by parasites can occur in sandboxes, where there is a massive "cluster" of children's hands. Also after a walk, unwashed hands can cause the spread of enterobiosis.

From house dust, if personal hygiene is not observed or when wet daily cleaning is rarely performed, eggs can get in through the respiratory tract. Especially often this happens when knocking out carpets, washing curtains.

Pets can bring eggs from the street pinworms on wool, legs.

Basically, enterobiosis is still a “dirty hands disease”.

Symptoms of pinworms in children

  1. The leading sign of infection with enterobiasis is itching in the anus. The child is very worried, especially at night. He becomes irritable, tearful, there are scratches in the area of ​​the buttocks. Handles of the child almost never leave the panties.
  2. Girls may experience itching in the region of the labia, causing inflammation of the vulva.
  3. Bad sleep. Violent livelihood of female pinworms at night leads to disruption of sleep, the capriciousness of its owner.
  4. Disorders of the intestine, an imbalance of the intestinal microflora, and hence flatulence, pain in the umbilical region, upset stool (stool frequent, but decorated).
  5. Strabism or teeth grinding at night. This is due to the excitability of the baby.
  6. Common symptoms of intoxication: lethargy, weakness, fever. These signs can be observed with increased occupancy by the pinworms.
  7. Allergic reactions in a child by the type of dermatitis, asthma attacks, resembling bronchial asthma. They are caused by the fact that the parasite is an alien agent to which the child’s immune system may react hyper-reactively. Incomprehensible rash on the skin, which is also practically not cured, may indicate the presence of a parasite.
  8. Headaches against intoxication.

What are dangerous pinworms?

  • because of their ability to migrate, in the absence of adequate treatment, roundworms can crawl into the bile ducts and into other internal organs - the lungs, eyes, and nasal cavity, causing inflammatory changes. This can occur with massive invasion,
  • in girls, migration of pinworms into the vulva, through the fallopian tubes, which leads to the development of inflammation, which can further lead to infertility,
  • directly negative impact on the intestine itself, disruption of its work, provoking the development of enteritis, colitis.

Diagnosis of enterobiasis

  1. The first step is the collection of anamnesis, complaints from all family members.
  2. The second stage is the microscopy of scrapings taken from the skin of the anus.
  3. The third stage is a general blood test, in which eosinophilia and anemia can be detected. Sometimes there are common signs of inflammation - leukocytosis, increased ESR.

Scraping from the perianal area taken with a cotton swab dipped in glycerin. Then the material with cotton is applied on the glass. This method is quite outdated and its efficiency reaches only 50%. Scraping for enterobiasis is also carried out once a year for children in kindergartens and schools for preventive purposes.

In the modern world in recent decades, innovation has emerged - a study on enterobiasis using PCR reactions to the detection of the causative agent's DNA. You can also carry out scraping from subungual spaces. These examinations are carried out in municipal clinics, and on a fee basis in private clinics. They are the most informative.

Overview of anthelmintic drugs

  1. Pyrantel The drug is available in two forms - suspension, tablets. Used in children from 6 months. It is used at any time of the day. With enterobiasis, it is better to spend treatment for 5 days in a row at the age dosage, then, after a week, repeat the treatment cycle. The taste of the drug is sweet, can be diluted with water, drink an hour after eating. Between the cycles of treatment, the child can be given an enema and soda before bedtime, if he allows you, of course.
  2. Mebendazole or Vermox - assigned to children from 1 year. It can be used in the age dosage once. Then the reception is repeated after 2 and 4 weeks. The drug has a wide range of actions, also helps to get rid of other worms.
  3. Albendazole - a broad-spectrum drug. Its reception can be single.

Here in the arsenal we have Neosmectin, Polysorb. Sorbents help to eliminate intoxication, remove the waste products of parasites, but not the pinworms themselves and their eggs. Sorbents should be taken one hour before taking anthelmintic drugs.

Folk remedies

  1. Enema before bedtime. As a rule, one or two glasses of enema liquid is enough for a child.
  2. Herbal decoctions. For example, wormwood.
  3. Infusion of onions. Bulbs should be poured boiling water and insist half a day. After which the contents should be drunk in two doses.
  4. Tansy, namely its flowers, which pour boiling water. It is necessary to insist about two hours.
  5. Thyme, centaury - also help in the fight against enterobiasis.
  6. The well-known "grandmother" method of removing helminths is garlic, pumpkin seeds. They need to grind, pour boiling water and take in the morning and only after 3 hours to have breakfast.
  7. A two-week intake of beet juice helps fight enterobiasis.

Prevention of pinworm infection

  • washing hands after walking, before each meal and mandatory annual inspection of pinworms for eggs,
  • anthelmintic therapy of domestic animals for prophylactic purposes,
  • during treatment, change the baby’s bedding and bedding daily,
  • If only one family member is found to have enterobiasis, all family members should be treated,
  • bathing baby before bedtime.

Dr. Komarovsky E. O. about pinworms

Infection with pinworms and the disease occurring for this reason are commonly referred to as enterobiasis. The most famous pediatrician doctor claims that it is better to prevent this disease than to cure it. After all, pinworms in children very often have a tendency to recur.

Now on the market a lot of drugs from worms for single use.

Receiving anthelmintic drugs should be coordinated with the doctor for the correct selection of the dosage. When taking an inadequate dose, the baby can get poisoned, because such drugs are harmful to the liver.

During treatment with these drugs may occur nausea, abdominal pain. This is normal and speaks of the death of pinworms.

Also, after the anthelmintic therapy, the biocenosis of the children's intestine should be restored using pro-prebiotics.

It is very important to comply with preventive measures. The doctor Komarovsky recommends washing the hands of the child after walking. In the presence of pets, they should be bathed and also carried out anthelmintic preventive therapy. After walking, pets should also wash their paws.

The nails of the child must be cut short and always be clean. Try not to let the child have the habit of biting his nails.

After treatment of enterobiosis, all children's clothes and bedding should be washed or boiled and ironed on both sides.

Children’s toys, especially fluffy soft toys, should also be washed and dried outdoors in direct sunlight if possible.

All family members must also be diagnosed for enterobiasis. Accordingly, when it is detected, it is necessary to be treated.

In any case, it is important to understand that when a child visits a kindergarten, pinworms will periodically visit your family. The main thing is to be treated on time and not to allow complications. After all, childhood without worms is very rare.

How are pinworms infected?

In addition to humans, pinworms are also found in chimpanzees, but another species of this helminth is capable of settling in the intestines of animals. Of the two species of pinworms known to science, only Enterobius vermicularis is capable of parasitizing in humans, therefore, it is impossible to infect with pinworms from animals.

Enterobiasis refers to diseases that become infected in two ways:

  1. From another person.
  2. As a result of self-infection.

After a night's sleep, thousands of helminth eggs are in the folds of the skin around the anus of a person with enterobiasis. A few hours in the warmth and moisture of the human body eggs "ripen" and are prepared for the new introduction.

Together with the baby who has woken up, the eggs are distributed throughout the house - to soft toys (especially if the child has a favorite teddy bear or monkey with which he sleeps), furniture. Eggs can be carried around the house by insects, such as flies, eggs can be swallowed with dust.

However, the most important source of invasion is hands, especially if they have long nails. As a rule, children have an insufficiently formed habit of washing their hands, but adults also neglect this good habit too often. После того как человек хотя бы однажды почешет зудящее место, под ногтями у него остается несколько сотен готовых к инвазии яиц остриц, которые потом оказываются во рту, на половых органах или разносятся по дому.

Что говорят врачи о паразитах

Занимаюсь обнаружением и лечением паразитов уже много лет. С уверенностью могу сказать, что паразитами заражены практически все. Просто большинство из них крайне трудно обнаружимы. They can be anywhere - in the blood, intestines, lungs, heart, brain. Parasites literally devour you from the inside, at the same time poisoning the body. As a result, there are numerous health problems, reducing the life of 15-25 years.

The main mistake - dragging out! The sooner you start removing parasites, the better. If we talk about drugs, then everything is problematic. Today, there is only one truly effective anti-parasitic complex, Notoxin. It destroys and sweeps from the body of all known parasites - from the brain and heart to the liver and intestines. None of the existing drugs are capable of this anymore.

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Enterobiosis has a significant advantage over most other helminth infections — a strong clinical picture.

The main symptom of the disease is severe itching in the anal area. This action of isovaleric acid, which is excreted by the female helminth, to ensure the continuation of its kind.

At primary infection with pinworms, itching appears after 3-6 weeks. If the form of the disease is mild, it can last 1-3 days and then disappear. If you do not take any measures to prevent re-invasion, then after 2-3 weeks itching occurs again.

In severe enterobiasis, itching becomes permanent and extremely painful, additional symptoms and secondary diseases join:

  • various dyspeptic symptoms (abdominal pain, rumbling, flatulence, frequent unformed stools),
  • dermatitis and bacterial infections of the skin around the anus due to scratching,
  • inflammatory diseases of the genital organs (vaginitis and vulvitis) in women, including infants, as a result of helminth infection.
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Diagnosis and treatment of invasion

Unlike other enterobioses caused by intestinal worms, feces analysis of helminth eggs for the diagnosis of enterobiosis is not indicative. Pinworms do not breed in the intestines, therefore, it is useless to look for their eggs in the feces.

Enterobiasis is diagnosed by scraping the skin around the anus. It can be done in any laboratory or at home by delivering the material to the laboratory on your own.

To do this, the pharmacy can buy one of two types of special sets:

  • test tube with a cotton swab. With a stick, wipe the skin folds around the anus, then put it in a test tube,
  • Scotch tape with laboratory glass. Scotch tape is applied first on the skin, and then, with or without the eggs of worms, pasted on the glass.

Material for analysis is taken immediately after waking up to visiting the toilet and morning hygiene procedures.

As in the case of analysis of feces on the egg list, a one-time analysis has a low efficiency, since the helminths on the day of the collection of material may not reproduce. To make a diagnosis, it is often necessary to make at least three (sometimes up to five to seven) scrapings every other day.

However, features of enterobiosis allow doctors to diagnose the disease and prescribe treatment even with a negative test for the presence of eggs.

Enterobiosis responds well to treatment with modern pharmacological drugs. If the process is properly organized, it is possible to avoid a relapse even with a high infectiousness of the disease.

The drugs of choice for enterobiasis are:

If the disease is detected in one family member, and the rest have no symptoms, then only the sick person is treated. The rest must comply with increased security measures so as not to get infected with eggs that may remain in the house.

If the number of cases of enterobiasis in the same family - two or more, as well as in the case of relapse - treatment is prescribed to all its members.

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Then I went to one expensive clinic and passed all the tests, so in one of the tests I found parasites. These were not ordinary worms, but some particular species, which, according to doctors, almost everyone is infected, to a greater or lesser extent. To remove them from the body is almost impossible. I drank a course of antiparasitic drugs that I was prescribed at that clinic, but there was almost no result.

After a couple of weeks, I came across one article on the Internet. This article has literally changed my life. I did everything as it is written there and after a few days, I felt significant improvements in my body. She began to get enough sleep much faster, the energy that was in her youth appeared. The head no longer hurts, clarity in consciousness appeared, the brain began to work much better. Digestion improved, despite the fact that I am eating right now at random. I passed the tests and made sure that no one lives in me anymore!

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A high degree of infectiousness with enterobiasis is no reason to panic and boil everything in the house that can be boiled. Pinworm eggs do not like ordinary washing and wet cleaning, which need to be combined with taking drugs, according to medical prescription.

The main source of pinworm infestation is hands, they need to be washed thoroughly with soap and water after each use of the toilet. More importantly, shortly shave the nails, under which the eggs can survive even hand washing. In institutions, it is desirable to provide an individual towel for each child.

Contrary to the common myth, helminth infections, in particular enterobiasis, not everyone who swallows invasive eggs gets sick - the incidence largely depends on the strength of the immunity.

To strengthen the body's defenses, it is not at all necessary to regularly dive into a hole in winter and expose yourself and the child to various tortures.

According to Dr. Komarovsky, for strong immunity in children (and adults as well), it is enough to follow two basic rules:

  1. Do not overheat. The child tolerates a bathing temperature of 26-37 ° C, the optimum air temperature is 18-20 ° C. In the heat of the baby should be lightly dressed.
  2. Do not overfeed. The optimal portion is determined by the only criterion - the appetite of the child, of course, if he is not already taught to overeat.

Recommendations pediatrician Komarovsky

Evgeny Komarovsky is a pediatrician well known throughout the post-Soviet space. He is a committed supporter of evidence-based medicine (any postulates must be confirmed by credible research) and parental (and medical) common sense in the diagnosis and treatment of children.

Tips E.O. Komarovsky associated with helminth infections in general and enterobiasis in particular:

  • You should not give up drug treatment because of its notorious toxicity - the harm from the effects of worms on the body is much more significant,
  • neither in pharmacology, nor in nature there are universal remedies against all worms, so it’s foolish to trust charlatans who promise safe disposal of any worms using miracle remedies,
  • the proportion of the active substance in folk anthelmintic drugs is much lower than in drugs from the pharmacy, so you should not rely on their high efficiency,
  • prophylactic treatment of any helminthiasis is unacceptable - first diagnosis, then medication,
  • Enterobiasis should be treated according to indications - based on the results of a scraping or a clear clinical picture, which the doctor defines as pinworm infestation.

Enterobiasis is the most common human helminthiasis, but the disease is well treatable and, with proper safety measures, is not so often repeated.

Video about enterobiasis from Dr. Komarovsky:

Clinical picture of enterobiasis

Enterobiasis clinic in children is typical, it allows you to quickly suspect infection with pinworms of the child.

  • itching at the anus,
  • abdominal pain in the navel,
  • drowsiness, circles under the eyes,
  • difficulty falling asleep
  • restless sleep
  • decreased appetite, weight loss, nausea,

Dr. Komarovsky notes the most specific symptom of enterobiosis, which is itching in the anus.

Female pinworms usually crawl out at night to lay their eggs in the folds of the anus, watering around with isovaleric acid, which causes severe itching. That is why the child scratches his ass. When scratching the crotch, the eggs get under the nails of the baby (which is why you should shortly cut the nails), and then into the oral cavity. This process is called self-infection. The child does not get enough sleep, it becomes capricious. According to Komarovsky, worms in infants can cause a rash on the skin. She provoked an allergy to waste products of parasites.

If these symptoms are detected, Dr. Komarovsky advises to go to the pediatrician immediately to confirm the diagnosis.

How to confirm the presence of helminthiasis?

If an pinworm infection is suspected, the pediatrician will prescribe an enterobiosis swab or swab. Scraping is considered the most convenient. It can be held with a stick or with adhesive tape..

In preschool and school institutions more often apply the adhesive tape test.

To do this, take adhesive tape, touch its sticky side to the anus, then paste it on a glass slide. The assay is delivered to the laboratory within 2 hours. These manipulations are performed by a nurse attached to a kindergarten or school.

Smear taken with a cotton swab dipped in petroleum jelly. After the procedure, the analysis is also sent to the laboratory at the same time.

Komarovsky draws attention to the fact that the analysis of feces on pinworm eggs is not informative, as they are on the skin of the perineum. Therefore, it is pointless to take it.

Therapeutic measures for enterobiasis

Komarovsky for the treatment of pinworms in children suggests the use of drugs, rather than traditional medicine.

There are many antihelminthic safe drugs for the treatment of pinworms in children, and they all work effectively, for example:

Komarovsky advises to use traditional methods of treatment as ancillary measures. The doctor does not consider effective treatment of helminthiasis pumpkin seeds, but allows the use of chamomile decoction as an anti-inflammatory agent. The use of garlic for the treatment of enterobiosis in children is also not acceptable, especially in the form of garlic solution for enemas.

It is impossible to self-medicate, as in children, in the absence of timely treatment of enterobiasis, complications can occur (vaginitis, damage to the liver, kidneys, penetration of pinworms into the abdominal cavity).

Komarovsky advises taking antihelminthic drugs with all the family members together with the child.

As symptomatic therapy, enterosorbents are prescribed, especially for infants who have an allergic reaction.

If pinworms are found in pregnant women, it is best not to take any medication before giving birth.

Treatment of pinworms in children at home involves the prevention of re-infection. To do this, you must strictly observe hygiene, wash pets, wear tight underwear (pants with elastic bands), use anti-bacterial soap in the shower, carry out wet cleaning, iron bedding and clothes. Komarovsky also offers to disinfect with frost in winter, hanging carpets on the street, or to carry out solar sanitation.

Pinworm eggs in a house or apartment can survive outside the human body for about 40 days, then they die. But, unfortunately, the probability of re-infection is extremely high.

Symptoms and treatment of ascaris in children

Ascariasis is a disease caused by the penetration of human ascaris into the body. The length of the female individual is 35 cm, the male - 20 cm. The male tail is twisted in the form of a hook. The disease often affects children, since roundworm eggs are well preserved in the external environment, especially in the soil. The source of infection can serve as a sandbox. Eggs enter the body of the child through unwashed hands. Of them, larvae mature in the intestine, and then adults.

  • cough,
  • chest pains
  • dyspnea,
  • weakness,
  • swollen lymph nodes.

The child has an intolerance to dairy products, rapid digestion of food. The kid loses weight, becomes irritable and capricious.

Komarovsky believes that the combination of these clinical manifestations may suggest the presence of ascariasis in a child. In this case, an urgent need to consult a doctor.

Diagnosis of the disease

It is possible to confirm ascariasis when collecting stool analysis. During laboratory testing, helminth eggs are detected.

To obtain a reliable result, feces must be stored in the refrigerator for no more than 18 hours.

If the eggs are not detected in the analysis, an X-ray examination or bioresonance tomography can be performed.

Therapy for Ascariasis

Komarovsky, in his series of programs, says that ascariasis does not pass on its own.

Late treatment can lead to serious damage to internal organs (liver, lungs, brain, as the larvae and mature individuals migrate throughout the body).

In advanced cases, death is possible. Drug therapy depends on the stage of the disease.

During the migration stage, children are prescribed such remedies for worms as Vermoxes, at the intestinal stage - Pirantel or Piperazin.

Pulmonary symptoms are suppressed by bronchodilators and glucocorticosteroid hormonal drugs. The child is prescribed vitamins of group B, A.

Prevention of helminth infections

On the video transmission of Komarovsky, the doctor puts the prevention of helminth infections in the first place.

Parents need to teach their children to wash their hands with soap after playing in the sandbox. You should use your personal hygiene products in kindergartens. If there are pets after walking, they must be washed.

At the stage of treatment of enterobiosis, you need:

  • wash hands before each meal
  • take a shower every day using antibacterial soap,
  • wear underwear with tight elastic bands at the feet and at the waist,
  • cut short nails,
  • thoroughly wash the dishes from which the sick child ate,
  • Insert a tampon with petroleum jelly into the anus for the night.

As a preventive measure for ascariasis, Dr. Komarovsky suggests washing his hands after walking, washing fruits and vegetables well. It is necessary to clean playgrounds, summer cottages, loosen sand in sandboxes.

Prophylaxis of worms in children under 2 years of age provides for parents to monitor the cleanliness of the child. You can not allow the baby to take in his mouth dirty hands, as well as sand. Outdoor and homemade toys should be washed with soap.


Komarovsky adheres to the traditional methods of treatment of worms in children. The main methods of treatment of parasitic diseases, in his opinion, are anti-helminth drugs. Before using them, the doctor recommends contacting a specialist. Komarovsky does not recommend neglecting drug therapy, since it is dangerous for the health of the child.