11 best pillows for pregnant women


Good day to all! Let's talk about the troubles overshadowing such a bright event as pregnancy. Around the second half, most women feel great inconvenience. Especially hard when still working. You are no longer on the orders of the head. There is only one desire, rather to come home and lie down. Is there such a thing?

And so, you come, you get to your favorite bed, you lie down. But not that again. Discomfort and pain. Someone reduces the legs. How to get settled? Do you know that an uncomfortable posture disrupts the flow of oxygen to the baby?

You start to put different rollers, own production. Only not all this helps. At this stage, many are thinking about how to choose a pillow for pregnant women. Have you heard of such an invention? Today I will tell you what it is, how to choose such an assistant correctly.

I did not have a huge tummy, like most pregnant women. But it still became extremely uncomfortable when in the third trimester the stomach starts to grow rapidly, and you are finalizing the last weeks. The work was sedentary, so I counted the minutes when I could get up and go home. During this period, the usual pad of 30 * 30 from holofiber was a great help. I didn’t buy a special one, because at rest I needed support only for the stomach, sometimes for the legs. And I was quite satisfied with this method. Lightweight, compact!

But what about those who have reduced legs, aching lower back, osteochondrosis torments? Fully pillowed around is absolutely bleak. You can spend half the night on this, as a result you wake up broken and sad. But modern manufacturers have taken care of future mothers, creating special pillows. We are accustomed to the fact that such a product is used only under the head. And for pregnant women, it is possible to enclose it under various parts of the body where there is discomfort. This will ensure a comfortable sleep and rest. You just have to choose the right one.

How to choose?

There are general selection criteria, and there are those that are individual. I will ask you a few questions, and after that I will give a list of items you need to pay attention to when buying.

  1. How often do you toss and turn in your sleep?
  2. How big is your bed?
  3. Would you like to use the acquisition after delivery?
  4. What is your height?
  5. Do you often walk or visit the guests?

Answers to these questions will be fundamental in the selection. Here is what you need to pay attention to:

  1. The form. For lovers to turn around in a dream, the product is suitable for pregnant women, which supports both the tummy and the back at the same time. But be guided by the size of the bed, on the small-sized modelka you like may not fit. Especially if the spouse is sleeping nearby.
  2. Versatility. There are models that are then used for feeding the crumbs. If you think that after giving birth, immediately unload your back, you are mistaken. One feeding in 2 - 3 hours is worth something! This is a procedure in which it is important to find a comfortable posture. Therefore, the pillow you have to match.
  3. Materials It is a filler and fabric outside. Who likes natural basics. Others give preference to the artificial one so that no bugs start there.
  4. Compactness. If you like to travel, just visit the guests, then the product should be small. You want to sit, maybe lie down.
  5. Be guided by growth! For tall moms, there are sizes up to 320 cm. With a low growth you can find a meter pad. And more often produced models of medium size - 170 cm in length.

Based on this, I will describe 3 fundamental characteristics: form fillers and fabrics.

If you have already begun to look for a suitable model, then you are faced with a variety of configurations. Honestly, you get lost the first time. The question arises, which one will be convenient and good? Somehow I do not want to give money, so that later the goods are not useful. I will talk about the most popular types, so that you understand what to prefer.

  • U-shaped (horseshoe). More than others earned the trust of pregnant women. On such a good sleep, with his head on the top of the bend. A pillow does not have to drag in a dream when you turn from side to side. It is completely used when feeding lying and sitting. Of the minuses only bulkiness.

  • I-shaped. The most budget option. But under the stomach such rarely put, if only the width allows. More often used under the waist.

  • L-shaped. Due to the small tail, this configuration is used under the head. Very compact, but provides only one-sided support.

  • C-shaped (banana). This is possible to put under the tummy, head, and between the legs, so as not to pinch the veins. Completely compact for small beds.

  • G-shaped. The only addition to the previous version is the tail. According to pregnant women, this tail often creates discomfort in a dream. But it helps a lot with the feeding procedure!

  • Transformers. In conjunction, it is a "horseshoe". Disassembled - 3 parts: "banana", I and G configuration (or two I).

What muscle groups do you want to support? If the body aches, the back does not give rest, tortured legs, definitely, you need to take a supporting one from all sides. If, like mine, I was only worried about the volume of the abdomen (before the birth, my legs still hurt), maybe G shape will be enough?

But choosing the right configuration is not enough. Suppose you tried on a product in the store, you liked it, your size. And at home you can not sleep. The filler rustles, it becomes hot. Be sure to check before purchase what kind of material is used inside and how the product is sheathed outside.


I already wrote that I used an ordinary small pad with a holofiber. Putting under the growing belly. In the last terms, one more between the knees. On personal feelings, I can say it suited me. Perhaps due to the small size of the product, it was not hot. Although the end of pregnancy came in the summer. But here, who, what you like. In special pillows use such fillers:

  • Styrofoam. Better known as small balls. It is completely safe, does not emit anything. To touch the fabric stuffed with such a foundation is a pleasure! Anti-stress option, only rustling. But in the case of poor-quality goods, it can be hot. It is believed that this provides not so much styrofoam as fabric. Of the minuses noted the impossibility of washing.

  • Holofiber Soft, comfortable and light. No bugs and worms will start here either. But a little worse shape holds than polystyrene balls.

  • Pooh Basically swan. This is a natural product! And soft, and good, and warm. But it is necessary to wash the entire product and steam. You understand that fluff is a great environment for microorganisms.

  • Artificial swan's down. The best way to comfort and protect against microorganisms. This is often combined in combination with balls. Without stirring! Just from one end stuffed polystyrene foam, from the other down.

  • Buckwheat husk. My friend had just such a basic one. Adjusts to the body, very comfortable. But a minus, do not wash and can someone start.

Is the filler clear? It now remains to place it somewhere. What matter to choose?

Here is the best naturalness. So that there is a good air exchange and nothing sweats. Stop picking cotton, linen or knitwear. And immediately look at the pillowcase. Believe is useful. Easier to wash the cover than the whole pad! Especially if you plan to feed the crumbs, washing will have to be carried out regularly. From time to time he will muddy the bedside with unexpected surprises. Take care of this in advance.

Tell us, why do you need such a pillow? Which option did you like? Do you plan to feed the baby with her later? Really looking forward to comment. And I invite you to follow the blog. Until!

Choosing a pillow shape

There are several types:

U-shaped - one of the most popular models. Evenly supports the stomach and back while resting. Especially suitable for women who love to wrap up in a blanket. Takes any position, and it is not necessary to turn it over due to the existing form. True, such a pillow is comfortable only in spacious beds.

"Bagel" - also almost completely covers the body of a pregnant woman. With its help, you can support the abdomen, back or head, depending on the situation. Perfect for small beds.

G-shaped - similar to the bagel. Helps in relieving muscle tension. With it, it is easy to accept any desired posture: you can wrap your legs, put your head, lean on your back. Usually has a medium size.

C-shaped - ideal for sleeping on the side. Well supports the belly of a pregnant woman. In half-prone and half-sitting postures is also convenient. Small dimensions make it possible to take a pillow with you on trips.

I-shaped - compact, excellent supporting spine. Pillows with this shape are usually inexpensive.

J shaped - is a roller where the top is rounded. It is convenient to lay the head on this rounded part, wrapping its legs around the elongated part, or supporting it with a growing belly. Does not take much space in bed.


There are two types: holofiber and polystyrene foam. Both are fully synthetic and hypoallergenic. Well kept shape, resistant to moisture. More information about the pros and cons can be found at the end of the rating, in a special table.

Consider your height and bed size. If the expectant mother sleeps alone, she can choose any pillow, even of a large size. But if there is a husband nearby, then you should prefer something more compact, so as not to interfere with him, taking up a lot of space. For travel and travel should purchase special small models.

Advantages and disadvantages of pillow fillers









Body pillow

In the first place in the ranking is a holofiber-filled pillow. Multifunctional, large and comfortable. Covers the whole body, so when turning from side to side, there is no need to change its position. The side rollers on one side support the back, and on the other - the stomach. Suitable for daytime rest and sleep, and can also serve as a chair while sitting and a cozy place for the baby when feeding. The pillowcase is made of polyester.

Espera Comfort-U Standart

In second place is a pillow for pregnant women, specially created for comfortable rest and support of the body of the future mother. The model covers from head to toe, providing rest to all parts: the spine, abdomen, neck and shoulder section. Suitable for both sleep and daytime rest. After the birth of the baby will serve as a cradle for the baby when feeding. Holofiber is used as a filler, which perfectly preserves its shape. Sleeping with such a pillow allows you to completely relax your muscles. Recommended not only for pregnant women, but also for children over 12 years old. Therefore, after pregnancy, it can be saved until the moment when the baby grows up.


  • relatively expensive.

Espera Comfort-U Standart

In second place is a pillow for pregnant women, specially created for comfortable rest and support of the body of the future mother. The model covers from head to toe, providing rest to all parts: the spine, abdomen, neck and shoulder section. Suitable for both sleep and daytime rest. After the birth of the baby will serve as a cradle for the baby when feeding. Holofiber is used as a filler, which perfectly preserves its shape. Sleeping with such a pillow allows you to completely relax your muscles. Recommended not only for pregnant women, but also for children over 12 years old. Therefore, after pregnancy, it can be saved until the moment when the baby grows up.


100% cotton pillow case

a filler that retains its properties for a long time,

medium soft provides the right support

machine wash allowed


recommended exclusively for spacious beds,

Health and Comfort U340

The third line goes to the cushion for pregnant women, with a holofiber filling and a pillowcase made of calico (100% cotton). Like the previous ones, thanks to the horseshoe shape, it guarantees support to all parts of the body. In the process of sleep, when turning from one side to another, does not require a change of position. Allows you to comfortably lay a growing belly. While sitting, rollers can be placed under the back in order to relieve the spine. It is easy to care for the model, as machine wash and spin spinning are allowed. After washing does not fade and does not sit down. The height of the pillow can be changed independently. To do this, simply unzip the zipper, removing part of the filler.

Mama's helper

In the fourth position of the rating pillow with a mixed filler of polystyrene and holofiber. Provides support for the pelvis, lower back, neck, abdomen, spine and head. Allows during relaxation to completely relax the muscles and remove the load from them. It has a rather elastic rollers of medium softness, which is mandatory for a comfortable sleep, while not losing the main functions of the product. Conveniently folded, giving the opportunity to build the desired design, so that the pregnant woman was comfortable to sit. After the birth of the baby will serve as a cradle when feeding. The model has a convenient pocket for small items, for example, you can put a nipple or a bottle in it. Alignment stitches are located along the edges, allowing the pillow rollers to be fixed around the abdomen.

Esspero grainy

In the fifth place of the rating is a horseshoe-shaped maternity pillow with expanded polystyrene filler. It is a great helper in providing a convenient and comfortable rest, both during sleep, and in the process of reading, watching movies and so on. Reduces the load on different departments, including the internal organs, relaxes muscles, improves blood circulation. The model has a removable cover of one hundred percent cotton. After birth, you can continue to use, using a pillow for feeding or playing with the baby. Medium size (140 x 25 cm) allows you to save space in bed.

Health and comfort Bagel G360

The second place is occupied by the bagel-shaped pillow, which has almost closed ends. The popularity of the form is high, it comes in second place after the "horseshoe". Every pregnant woman will find a comfortable position to rest with such a pillow. Holofiber was used as a filler. The outer cover and the inner pillowcase are made of 100% cotton, corresponding to GOST. Especially well the model is suitable for supporting the lumbar and cervical. It is convenient to use a pillow for feeding the baby, for this it is enough to arrange it around the waist, putting the baby on the roller. The product has a zipper, with which you can independently change the amount of filler, respectively, elasticity and stiffness. The color edging enhances the strength of the pillow.

Red Castle Big Flopsy

In the third position in the rating is a large pillow for pregnant women, thanks to which the expectant mother will be comfortable with her in the spacious bed during the day and night rest. The model tightly fits the body and has sufficient elasticity to provide support to the stomach, spine and other parts of the body. With it, you can relax all muscle groups. When folded, the model serves as an excellent support for the legs, removing puffiness, a feeling of heaviness and fatigue. After childbirth, during feeding, it reduces the load on the back of the mother, and also allows the hands to rest, as it supports the baby. Holofiber was used as a filler, and the pillowcase is made of 100% cotton, which does not fade or shrink after washing.

Trelax banana

At the last place is a multifunctional pillow for pregnant and lactating mothers, allowing you to find the most comfortable position for rest. Provides healthy sleep and relaxation for the expectant mother. It has an anatomical shape, which ideally supports the thoracic and lumbar sections, as well as the growing belly. The model relieves the lower back and provides convenience when feeding a baby after delivery. It also helps to remove puffiness and improve blood supply, eliminates tension from the upper limbs, neck and thoracic girdle, normalizes muscle tone, improves sleep quality. Expanded polystyrene was used as a filler. The pillowcase is made of 100% cotton.

Amama "Traveler"

Best in the category recognized pillow for pregnant women, which will be an assistant in any journey, providing rest. You can take it with you on a plane, in a car, on a train, on the nature. Suitable also for home use. The model is I-shaped, so you can construct from it what is best suited for each specific situation. It is easily transformed into an ottoman (roll a pillow with a snail, placing it in a waterproof case), a bagel, and so on. It is convenient to put under your back, stomach, legs, neck, head. It is easiest for nursing moms to wrap the product around the waist, providing the baby with a cozy place. At the ends there are strings that allow to fasten them together. Polyester fiber in the form of balls is used as a filler, and the pillowcase is made of 100% cotton double diagonal weaving. Ткань не боится загрязнений, поэтому испачкается нескоро. Внутренний чехол изготовлен из ПЭ (35%) и хлопка (65%).

Для чего необходима подушка

У будущих мам проблемы со сном возникают уже на втором триместре беременности, когда спать мешает буквально все. Experiences about the upcoming changes, anxiety, disturbing thoughts are quite frequent their companions. Abdominal distention, indigestion and other physiological factors are added to this.

Taking into account how the abdomen increases, it becomes more and more difficult to find a comfortable position for sleeping and rest. As a result, the woman becomes irritable, quickly tired during the day, does not get enough sleep. This condition is very harmful for the unborn child and the mother herself.

With insomnia, pillows that are specifically designed for pregnant women can solve the problem. Such an important subject simultaneously pursues several tasks:

  • allows the expectant mother to choose the most comfortable position during a night's sleep or a day rest,
  • distributes correctly the load on the spine and, in general, the entire body,
  • suitable for use at any time during pregnancy
  • gives you the opportunity to relax tired legs after long walks,
  • and after the birth of the baby, it is indispensable - it is convenient to rest on the pillow while the baby is nursing, and also as a kind of playpen for the baby.

Most women during the period of pregnancy so accustomed to their pillows that they do not part with and after, using for a night's sleep. How safe are they? When the pillow is made of high-quality materials, this product brings only one benefit.

In stores there is a huge selection of pillows for pregnant women, different in size, shape, composition of the filler and price. Certain of them support the entire body during rest, and some relax only certain areas that are experiencing particular discomfort.

How to choose

Any models have their advantages and disadvantages that must be considered during the selection:

    The most popular form is U-shaped pillow for pregnant women in the form of a long "horseshoe". This product envelops like a cocoon, and the woman herself feels cozy and comfortable in it. At the same time, this soft "horseshoe" supports both the tummy and the back. Turning over to the other side, do not shift it from place to place. In addition, the pillow is easily transformed into a comfortable chair, where it is very convenient to feed the child. In U-shaped form, there is one drawback - this product takes up quite a lot of space. Although during the presence of a wide bed this problem disappears.

Pillow for pregnant women "bagel". This model is quite popular, it also completely covers the whole body, however, it has smaller dimensions and is quite suitable for a not very large bed. This type of product is quite comfortable head. The shape is comfortable for both the abdomen and the back.

Pillow for pregnant women C-shaped. Compact model that does not take up much space. With a day or night rest supports the stomach or back. Due to the small size of this pillow is good to take with you on the road. But she may not be suitable for lovers to turn around during sleep. Turning to the other side, it will be necessary to shift it to the other side of the bed.

G-shaped. The gorgeous pillow, which looks like a bagel, however, is slightly modified. This product helps in sleep to take any comfortable posture and takes into account the curves of the body. You can lean your back on the pillow, clasp it around your legs, and also put a tummy on it. Relieves the spine and is quite compact, however, does not support the stomach. Most suitable for a short rest day.

Pillow for pregnant women L-shaped. This is an elongated roller with a soft and rounded part, it is convenient to put it under your feet or head. The product is small and fits perfectly on a narrow bed, however, it can support only one side of the body. Turn on the other side at the same time with the "roller".

Also, manufacturers produce cushions in the shape of a crescent, banana, donut, boomerang and other configurations for pregnant women that suit all tastes. You can choose them, given the preferences of women.

All of these products are able to a certain extent, facilitate the passage of pregnancy.

Any pillow is equipped cover or pillow case. The quality of the material from which both the cover and the pillow are made is also of no small importance. Many manufacturers prefer natural materials. This is possible cotton in the form of poplin, sateen or calico, as well as bamboo or flax. In some cases, natural silk is used, it is not very practical and capricious in the care.

Probably the best and classic option is cotton. This is not very expensive material that does not cause allergies, is well washed and pleasant to the touch. Bamboo has shown itself to be excellent. It is an affordable and beautiful canvas that has anti-bacterial properties.

Linen cloth characterized by the fact that a positive effect on the skin of a person. However, she has one drawback - she crumples.

How to choose a filler

Also an important element of the pillow is a filler, which is obliged to provide a feeling of comfort and safety during sleep. What is the best filler to choose for pregnant women? As a rule, the following materials are used:

  • Comforel. One type of holofiber in the form of fibers, which are twisted into balls approximately 8 mm in size. The material retains its shape well, does not absorb odors, is resistant to microorganisms, does not fall down and does not roll. Comforel easily erased and easy to clean. This is a great filler for a comfortable night rest.
  • Holofiberis quite popular for pillows for pregnant women - practical and inexpensive. It has a shape of spiral fibers that have a springy structure. Due to this property, during compression, the holofiber can immediately restore its shape. It has hypoallergenic qualities and is easy to wash, not exposed to mites and fungi. The disadvantages of this material include its fragility.
  • Tinsuleyt, saying differently swan artificial down. Modern, almost weightless and lightweight filler, which is particularly soft. It is a very thin siliconized fiber. The properties are not inferior comfort.
  • Polystyrene balls. A popular filler from balls of very small size. It partially absorbs moisture and keeps its shape well. The price of this filler is slightly higher than that of holofiber. These products have two major drawbacks. It is forbidden to wash this pillow (only the cover is washable) and women should not choose it with an alarming sleep - the balls rustle very strongly. Also in reviews about pillows for pregnant women with this filler there is information that expanded polystyrene can sometimes cause allergies. In addition, if unsuccessful use of the scattered balls can be accidentally inhaled, and it is unsafe for health.
  • Natural fillers. These fillers include feather, cotton wool, grass, buckwheat hulls, real swan's down, sheep wool. Despite the fact that natural materials have a positive effect on the child and mother, they are not always recommended as a filler, since they have one significant drawback. They can cause an allergic reaction because they are home to fungi, ticks and other microorganisms. Some manufacturers claim that their natural filler is completely safe. This may actually be the case when it is saturated with chemicals. But in this embodiment, the naturalness of this product is doubtful.

Practical advice on choosing

During the acquisition of pillows future moms are lost among a wide variety of models. To make the choice not to be mistaken, you must adhere to the following criteria:

  • Multifunctionality. Many pillows for future mothers can easily be transformed and versatile. Due to this product can serve after the birth of the baby. They are quite convenient to use when feeding a child and even to share sleep with him. The pillow can also be used as a soft barrier for an older child.
  • Product safety. The pillowcase must be made of hypoallergenic and natural materials that are practical and hygroscopic in the care. The filler, as we have already determined, must be selected artificial. In addition, it is necessary that the product retains its elasticity and shape for a long time.
  • Right size. Pillows can be made in various sizes. You can choose a product for absolutely any growth. It is not necessary to pick up small pads of meter length for sleep. These products are suitable only for short-term rest or feeding the child. Attention must also be paid to the width of the desired acquisition so that it can fit on the bed.
  • Convenience. A quality pillow is required to optimally support the changed body shape of a pregnant woman and be as comfortable as possible. Since this is its main purpose. It is necessary that the pillow serves as long as possible and is easy to wash.

Pillow for pregnant women: consumer reviews

Do not rush to buy, having decided on the size and shape. It is necessary to evaluate the entire range. Try to find out as much as possible about the manufacturers. Many of them sew pillows at home when there is no control over their quality. Because you need to trust only well-known manufacturers who have proven themselves in the market.

Choosing a product, press the pillow to your cheek, touch it. It is necessary that it was very pleasant to the touch and light. The color of the product is also very important. Screaming and bright colors have a negative effect on the nervous system. For a good night’s rest, pick cool colors. Blue and green shades have a calming effect. You also need to look at the Internet and read reviews of consumers who have already bought this product.

Of course, a pillow for pregnant women is a product that has a wide range of uses. Unloading the back and restful sleep of the future mother, as well as the use for feeding newborns or even for sleeping people with a sore back - this is what this miracle pillow can do.

“I first bought a boomerang pillow. And everything would be fine, but at night it is inconvenient to unfold with her side by side. Then she acquired U, and was very pleased, the loins stopped hurting, I sleep like in a cradle. It is only necessary to take into account the size of the bed, as this pillow takes up a lot of space. ”

“I have two pillows of various shapes. At first they bought a crescent, Form C - polystyrene balls filler, to be honest, this is an amateur. Pleasant to the touch but, as it turned out, it is impossible to sleep on this pillow, it is quite hard. My husband and I decided to purchase another one, in the form of a U with holofiber. Very comfortable. The size and shape make it possible to do anything with it, a very necessary and irreplaceable thing. ”

“I used a pillow with balls - it turned out to be quite a useful thing. You can between the legs, under the tummy, under the head. Directly distribute the balls as necessary. It is convenient to sit on the couch, if the pillow is under the belt. Then used just as a restraint, as well as for feeding the child. Up to one year of age of a child, this pillow served me faithfully. Now it's just like a toy, but I really like it. ”

Purpose pillows for pregnant women

From the second trimester of pregnancy, when the tummy begins to grow actively, it becomes more difficult to take a comfortable position during sleep or rest. For sleeping, you can use the mattress with a hole for the abdomen, and in order so that a woman can sit comfortably not only at home, but also during a walk or at the workplace, special orthopedic pillows for pregnant women were created.

Putting a pillow under one or another part of the body - lower back, knees, hips, neck, whole body - Mommy can easily relax, relieve tension from the spine and muscles, improve blood circulation, prevent puffiness.

Types of pillows for pregnant women

Most models for those who are carrying a child are universal. Such Orthopedic pillows for nursing and pregnant women are used before birth, and in the first months of care for the baby..

A distinctive feature of pillows is their shape. Manufacturers do not get tired of inventing new versions, but the most popular are the following configurations of pillows for pregnant women.

Another name for this model is horseshoe. Small products can be used when feeding a child, on models of slightly larger sizes, it is comfortable to sleep, passing between the legs.

A universal option that turns out to be convenient for most women.. Having fixed the U-pillow on the waist, you can put the baby on it while feeding, and during pregnancy it is placed under the waist when watching TV or while resting in the supine position. It is irreplaceable during sleep at night: a pillow surrounds the body from all sides, therefore it allows you to occupy the most comfortable position.

A relatively new model that looks like a deformed horseshoe - one end is not twisted to the end. Usually Available in small sizes and used as a travel option..

Made in the form of Cyrillic "G". It is compact, but its disadvantage is the need to shift the pillow when changing positions.

Otherwise called a "banana." Made in the form of a soft roller. It can have different sizes and lengths up to 2.5 meters.

What filler for pillows for pregnant women is better

“Natural!” - the majority of buyers will declare in one voice. But we allow ourselves to disagree with this. Natural fillers often cause allergies, and care for them is often quite complicated, so it is better to choose models with modern synthetic fillers.

The following requirements are imposed on the “filling” of pillows for pregnant women:

  • absolute environmental safety, confirmed by relevant certificates,
  • must not absorb moisture and odors,
  • high antibacterial effect
  • hypoallergenic,
  • ease of care (preferably washing in a typewriter, because it is difficult to wash a large pillow while in an “interesting position” with your hands),
  • keep a good shape, regardless of the load and options for the addition of the pillow.

Most often, two components are used in pillows for pregnant women - holofiber and polystyrene foam..

Models with holofiber are light, easy to wash, dry quickly enough. Their cost is available to everyone. However, the new pillow may slightly bounce, which will create some inconvenience.

Models with tiny balls of expanded polystyrene are tighter, but they perfectly follow the contours of the body. Such pillows do not spring, so they are comfortable even with a very large belly. If quality expanded polystyrene, the product will last much longer than that filled with holofiber.

The cheapest ones are models with a padding polyester, but they quickly become useless: the filler cracks, lumps and irregularities form on the surface. Therefore, if you plan to use a pillow during pregnancy and after childbirth, it is better to invest in a more expensive option.

You can find a natural filling pillows for pregnant women, for example, buckwheat husk. Such models have a pleasant aroma, but emit a slight rustling during use. In addition, any natural filler can cause allergies - and this should not be forgotten.

How to use a pillow for pregnant women

Whatever form the pillow for pregnant women has, it is easy to “customize” it to your own preferences.. For example, if your neck gets very tired, you can take a small pillow and place it under the cervical region, or use a long “banana”, sitting on it with your whole body: from the hips to the crown.

Here are some tips on sleeping on a pillow for pregnant women.

  • U-pillow - is used in various ways depending on the size: small ones are put on the stomach during sleep on the side, large ones can be “saddled” by skipping one part behind and the other in front of the whole body.
  • G-pillow - put the straight end of the pillow under the head, and skip the rest in front of the body so that the belly is located on the soft part. Optionally, you can throw one foot on the pillow.
  • G-pillow - put your head on the short part and skip the long part along the body, putting the tummy on it.
  • I-pillow - depending on the size can be enclosed under certain areas (lower back, neck, back, knees) or under the whole body. From it is easy to design a cozy seat on a chair or sofa.

At the time of purchase, pay attention to the extra pillowcases for pregnant women.. They will help maintain the necessary level of hygiene, and you will not often have to wash the pillow itself. Covers can also be purchased separately by selecting products with various impregnations, such as relaxing lavender, which has beneficial effects on aloe vera skin or antibacterial bamboo.

Reviews of pillows for pregnant women

During pregnancy, the main problem was a normal sleep. Well, I couldn’t manage to take a normal position - I didn’t always know where to put my stomach. Those giving birth to friends in one voice advised to buy a special pillow. Долго выбирала, но решила шикануть и купила самую дорогую из тех, что мне попались, - «Theraline». Стоила самая большая 190х35 см в 2013 году 4 тысячи рублей – деньги, надо сказать, приличные.

Заказала по интернету и еле дождалась посылки. Открыла – полный восторг! Внутри у подушки шарики из полистирола размером 1 мм, поэтому она точно подстраивается под форму живота, спины, поясницы. Короче, куда ее ни подложи, в любом случае удобно. The cover is removed, so it can be washed.

But my joy was not to last for a long time - a pillow was enough for about 3 months. By that time, I had the time, however, came up, but I wanted to apply it even after giving birth. In terms of volume, it decreased by half, it became not so airy. For such a price I would like to get a more durable product.

A wonderful husband decided that I definitely needed a special pillow during pregnancy and made a gift. Unfortunately, there was not much choice in the store, and I had to take this pillow in the form of "C". Arranged quality and very pleasant cover material. Inside the pillow is a holofiber that does not cause allergies, which is valuable for an adult, and even more so for a child. Sleeping with her really became more convenient. And you can put it on a chair so that you can sit more gently. You can wear the lower back and get comfortable on the couch. It was useful when feeding the baby. From it, I also constructed something like a playpen, so that my little tot would not crawl away far away or end up on the floor, playing. In general, there are obvious “advantages” from using the “Grace” pillow from the Russian factory “Smart Textiles”.

And now about the "cons". Firstly, I could not find an extra pillowcase (perhaps I just had no luck). I had to sew to order for 800 rubles. Secondly, a year later the pillow was not strong, but it was crumpled - the filler was slightly compressed. Thirdly, it is quite large and takes up space. But with all the shortcomings, the cushion of sane money is worth it (2.5 thousand rubles for 2014), and it fully performs its functions, and the quality does not lose for a long time. In general, I'm happy with my husband's gift.

How much information I had on the Internet I shoveled, until I found the ideal pillow for pregnant women. Each manufacturer was evaluated according to many criteria: so that the price would not be broken, to offer a large selection of shapes and colors, and to have convenient delivery. For a long time I learned about which cushion filler is better. As a result, my choice fell on the Russian firm "Mammy", from which I bought a bagel-pillow in a bamboo case. The pillow is small, so it does not take up much space and, if necessary, easily folds back into the packaging bag. At the same time it is very comfortable to sleep on it. Inside the pillow is a holofiber. There were also models with a synthetic winterizer, artificial down and balls, but I chose holofiber because it does not cause allergies, the parasites do not start up in it, and it almost does not absorb odors. My little pillow is light, but rather elastic: after you stop pushing with your hand, it returns to its former form.

For washing, you need to remove the filler from the pillow and wash the cover in a typewriter on a careful mode. It is made from 100% cotton and has a zipper that does not cling to the laundry and does not leave puffs, which is also a huge plus. The pillow itself is very well made, there is nothing to complain about. There is a tight edging around the perimeter, so that the pillow does not tear at the seams. Bribed and the cost - only 1000 rubles. True, you can buy an extra pillowcase for almost the price of a pillow - 700-1000 rubles. I sleep with my pad in different ways: I put something under my stomach (one tip - under the pug, the other - between the knees), then I will lie on my back. I used to wake up sometimes with a headache, apparently because of an uncomfortable position in my sleep, but the pillow helped to eliminate this problem. I am very pleased - such quality at a similar price is rare now.

During pregnancy, complications occurred regularly, so bed rest was often observed. When I was constantly lying on my back, my legs were numb, and when I turned on my side, my stomach was pulling so that I was afraid of trouble. It was not possible to accept the normal situation until I was presented with a girlfriend from work by a pillow. But first, they brought their two on trial. It seemed to me harsh with balls - it was pressing on my stomach and I was uncomfortable. But with holofiber I appreciated.

Received her gift and the rest of the pregnancy did not leave him. The length is 190 cm, so a pillow is enough to put under everything. A part can be under the head, the rest is under the body and the stomach, and the rest is wrapped around the legs. In the afternoon, I folded it like a chair and unloaded my back perfectly - sitting or reclining on it. It is also convenient to place it under the knees to relax the legs. In my opinion, such a pillow is simply universal. You can use it as you please. By the way, this manufacturer has pillows of any shapes and sizes and the cost is quite good. Recommend!

Product description

Often, a pillow for pregnant women is perceived as an extra waste of money or an additional whim of a woman. In fact, sleeping on a regular product can be not only uncomfortable, but also dangerous. According to experts, in the most crucial period of life, the body needs the most convenient and comfortable conditions. In addition, a special pillow design will not allow to turn over on the stomach, and this is very important.

This product can perform several functions:

  1. The future mother will easily choose a comfortable position for rest both day and night.
  2. Reduces the load on the body. This is especially important from the beginning of the second trimester.
  3. With the help of a pillow, you can relieve leg fatigue after a long, hard walk.
  4. The pillow can also be put under the belly. Unlike a standard product, it will not cause discomfort.
  5. Special technology allows you to properly distribute the load on the spine.
  6. The product can be used regardless of the duration of pregnancy.

The advantage of pillows for pregnant women

We will try to deal with the main positives of the goods:

  1. The body of a pregnant woman is experiencing many physiological changes. The enlarged abdomen exerts strong pressure on the muscles of the neck and spine. The maternity pillow is specially designed to support the back. With it, you can sleep or just lean on while watching your favorite TV show.
  2. Minimizes the risk of an allergic reaction. Manufacturers often use hypoallergenic material for filler and pillow coverings. Such a product also helps to eliminate breathing problems.
  3. Removed tension. A pregnant woman can have a better rest in a short time.
  4. Pillows can also be used for other purposes, for example, for breastfeeding. Women sometimes get used to comfortable sleep that they use it in the future.
There are several forms of goods.

Pillow for pregnant women and nursing Comfy Small

Brand - Plantex. The company uses polystyrene as a filler. Case included. Made from organic cotton. Comes in a plastic bag. It has the shape of an arc. The length is 1480 millimeters. Package weight - 645 grams. Zip fastener. Polystyrene balls are not deformed. The shape of the product is maintained for a long time.

The average price in online stores is 806 rubles.

  1. The product is also known as a horseshoe pillow. Excellent support the stomach and back.
  2. Suitable for women who prefer to wrap in a blanket at night.
  3. Can be used for daytime sleep.

  1. For such a product will need a large bed.
  2. Uncomfortable to rest with her husband.

Pillow "Boomerang"

Includes a pillow and carrying bag. The price in the Internet offices is about 1,150 rubles. The Dreamcatcher manufacturer uses fiber balls (holofiber) as a filler. The size of the product is 220 * 35 cm. It has an average degree of elasticity. The set also includes a bedtick with a zipper. With it, you can adjust the height of the product. The weight of the pillow is 1.4 kilograms.

  1. Compact size.
  2. The possibility of changing the form.
  3. The back rests and the stomach is in the correct position.

If you want to roll over, you will need to take a pillow with you to the opposite side.

Pillow for pregnant AlViTek company

The filler is artificial swan's down. The price for one pillow is 1650 rubles. The bag also includes a carrying bag. Soft degree of elasticity. The weight of the set is 2.6 kg. The napernik is made of polyester. The size is 340 * 35.

  1. The symmetry of the product.
  2. In the pillow you can lie down, as in an inflatable boat.
  3. Can be used later for sleeping baby.

  1. Not suitable for summer use. Sleep in it is very hot.
  2. Artificial material for napernika.

Pillow for pregnant women in the form of a roller

Made of polystyrene foam. The average price is 2080 rubles. Balls are no larger than one millimeter. According to the degree of elasticity - loose, elastic. For sewing cover using one hundred percent cotton. Manufacturer - the company "Smart Textiles".

  1. Compact size.
  2. Relieves tension of the neck joints and spine.
  3. Provides muscle relaxation.
  4. Relatively low price.

It is necessary to strictly select the size grid. Otherwise it may cause inconvenience.

Pillow "Seven"

The kit includes the product and bag for transportation. The average price is 1290 rubles. Filler - polyester "Holfitx". The cover is made of microfiber (one hundred percent polyester). Width - 23 centimeters. The size is 140 * 70. Manufacturer - the company "Agro-Don". Brand - “Light dreams”.

  1. Well supported belly.
  2. Not deformed.
  3. Can be used for feeding.

  1. High price.
  2. The cover is made of artificial material.

Pillow "Standard"

The average price is 1319 rubles. Manufacturer - "Bio-pillow." The filler is made of holofiber. Cover - microfiber. It has an elongated shape. Packed in a plastic carrying case. Weight is 1845 grams.

  1. The long form provides comfort even with high growth.
  2. Can also be used for the head of the bed.
  3. It will help create a barrier if the husband is sleeping very sensitively.
  4. This pillow does not take up much space.

It will not provide the same comfort as the "horseshoe" or "bagel".

Pillow for the feeding and pregnant Chambray

The average price is 5250 rubles. Manufacturer in Germany - the company Theraline. The product is packed in a plastic bag. The size is 170 * 40. Will help to relax in late pregnancy. Also suitable for feeding. The cover is made of one hundred percent cotton. The filler is made of EPS-Microperlen (polystyrene balls).

  1. Hypoallergenic filler.
  2. The cover is made of natural materials.
  3. Multifunctional use.

Pillow with buckwheat husk "Comfortable sleep"

The average price is 830 rubles. Designed for feet. Filled with polyurethane foam and buckwheat husks. It has an average elasticity. The cover is made of one hundred percent cotton. Packed in a bag. Manufacturer - "Smart Textiles".

  1. Eliminates sleep disorders associated with an uncomfortable leg position.
  2. It warms in winter, and in summer it relieves sweating.
  3. Can be fixed with Velcro.

  1. Only suitable for full or medium legs.
  2. In the filler there is a natural material - buckwheat husk. May cause an allergic reaction.

Universal cushion for feeding and rest

Manufacturer - Selby. Size 57 * 80 cm. The average price of the product is 959 rubles. Suitable for both pregnant and nursing. As the package used package. The filler is made of polystyrene. The cover includes one hundred percent cotton. Package weight - 480 grams. Can be used during pregnancy, breastfeeding, as well as for sleeping baby. Pillow perfectly supports the child on the tummy. Promotes the development of the muscles of the hands and back. During pregnancy provides an opportunity to take a comfortable position for rest and sleep. Reduces the load on the spine.

  1. The clasp is made in the form of a zipper. Therefore, it can be easily replaced and washed.
  2. Can be used for several purposes.
  3. Hypoallergenic filling and napernika.

  1. Users note discomfort in the neck joints with the habit.
  2. Special care - only delicate wash.
The product can be used for different positions.

Often, negative reviews are associated with improper use of the product. Before buying, contact your gynecologist. It will help you choose the optimal shape and elasticity of the filler. Do not be afraid to experiment with a pillow. Choose new poses. Put it under different parts of the body. Change the cover periodically to avoid unpleasant smell from the product. Compliance with simple rules of care will help to preserve the beneficial properties of the pillow for many years.

4 Ceba Baby Duo

The pillow for pregnant Ceba Baby Duo has an important feature - its length is equal to 3 meters. This means that the girl can assume any position and at the same time will feel the maximum lightness of the whole body. The model is presented in a variety of bright colors and their combinations, on some there are beautiful prints (butterflies, etc.).

The cover is made of knitwear and equipped with a comfortable zipper-buckle. It is easy to remove if necessary. The increased size creates additional comfort. Advantages: useful after the birth of the child, creates the most comfortable feeling during sleep for a pregnant woman, stylish colors and prints, the cover is conveniently removed, great reviews. Disadvantages: takes up a lot of space.

3 theraline

The next pillow model from Theraline is different in its design. It is available in 8 beautiful shades to choose from, each of which corresponds to a specific pattern. Theraline is C-shaped, 170 cm long. Pregnant girls like it a lot because supports the back, abdomen and provides complete rest, even for a long time. The filler is the most popular material - polystyrene foam. Many small balls create a feeling of unreal softness.

Cotton cover is easy to remove, is erased in the machine. The pillow is also useful during the feeding of the baby - it will relieve from the tension in the back and the shoulders of the mother, and the baby will get only comfortable sensations. The advantages include a wide palette of shades, beautiful appearance, optimal length, good quality. Deficiencies not found.