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We answer the question: is it possible to have sex with cystitis?


Sex is not recommended for cystitis in both men and women, due to the high risk of complications from the pelvic organs.

Both oral and anal sex can cause a worsening of the condition, which will be accompanied by a more intense pain syndrome.

What are the features of sex life during cystitis?

Inflammation of the bladder causes spasmodic pain in the lower abdomen, so sexual intercourse is rarely enjoyable.

After sex during cystitis, positive dynamics of clinical symptoms are not observed, as many people mistakenly believe.

Intimacy contributes to the normalization of hormonal background, but sexual intercourse during the course of an infectious disease does not benefit, even if we are talking about mild symptoms.

With cystitis in men

There are a number of such features:

  1. The appearance of painful sensations is due to the fact that the urethra in men is also the deferent duct. With the defeat of the urethra by pathogenic agents, the man feels pain not only during urination, but also during sexual intercourse, especially when it comes to oral-genital contact.
  2. If a young man feels pain in the lower abdomen after ejaculation, then we are talking about the spread of infection in the pelvic organs.
  3. The urologist does not prohibit men to have sex with inflammation of the bladder. Cystitis is not sexually transmitted. But doctors warn of the impossibility of having fun.
  4. In case of severe disease, it is better not to engage in sex, because the patient is shown not only medication treatment, but also adherence to bed rest (rest and rest).

With cystitis in women

Pain during sex due to the anatomical structure of the genitourinary system:

  1. The uterus puts pressure on the bladder during sexual contact.
  2. Friction during intercourse causes swelling of the vulvar mucosa. Damage to the urethra causes discomfort when urinating after sex.

Increased intra-abdominal pressure also provokes increased pain.

Sexual intercourse with cystitis during pregnancy

There are a number of such features:

  1. Difficulties arise in the treatment of bladder inflammation in any trimester of pregnancy, so sex during the period of illness will only aggravate the problem.
  2. The increasing uterus puts pressure on the diseased organ, and having sex will cause additional fluctuations in the bladder.
  3. The risk of transmission of urogenital infection increases, because the body is weakened by the disease.

Sex during chronic cystitis

In most cases, the chronic form of the disease does not prevent sexual intercourse, since symptoms are not pronounced. But if a woman or her partner has frequent recurrences of the inflammatory process, then sexual rest is necessary.

Sex can act as a disease provoking factor. Therefore, it is important to consult a doctor for advice, and not to focus only on the physiological needs of the body and overall well-being.

It is forbidden to have sex during cystitis in the presence of co-infections of the genitals.

What to do if you really want

Sex life should be fun. Sex during cystitis can cause severe discomfort. But if an irresistible desire arises, then follow a number of such rules:

  1. It is important to wash both partners before sex. Women hygiene intimate areas is best done using gels, which include lactic acid.
  2. From oral-genital contact is better to refuse.
  3. Before sex, do not drink plenty of water.
  4. After intimate closeness, the vagina must be immediately rinsed with running water.
  5. If the male bladder is infected by pathogens, there is a risk of infection of the vagina during sex, so you must use a condom in this case.

When can I have sex after cystitis?

In order to avoid unpleasant sensations during sex, it is better to treat the disease:

  1. Possible recurrence of the disease at the final stage of therapy.
  2. When treating cystitis with antibiotics, you must first restore the microflora of the vagina and intestines.
  3. It is important to make sure that the inflammation of the bladder is an independent disease, and not a symptomatic sign of another disease. Therefore, one should refrain from sexual intercourse before making an accurate diagnosis. Intimacy is permissible when clinical indicators are normal.

Precautionary measures

Having sex with cystitis means following these rules:

  1. Use a condom because Adding the conditionally pathogenic microorganisms of your sexual partner during sexual intercourse can cause deterioration.
  2. You can not enter into intimate relationships in the presence of elevated body temperature.
  3. Cystitis may be accompanied by pain during intercourse, so you should refuse to have genital contact if it gives you discomfort.

It is important to understand that intimacy during inflammation of the bladder can cause various psychological problems in both men and women.

Definition of disease

First of all, you need to understand what constitutes the disease. And after that, go to the answer to the question of whether sex is possible with cystitis. So, it is important to know that the disease is an inflammation of the urethra and the bladder mucosa. The following symptoms can suggest what exactly this disease is in a person: cutting unpleasant pain in the lower abdomen, there will also be quite frequent urination. These are the symptoms that will manifest in every sick person. It should also be noted that, according to statistics, this disease is more common in women than in men.

Is it possible to have sex with cystitis in women?

Not everyone understands why you can not have sex when the bladder is inflamed. The reasons for this prohibition are as follows:

  1. Strong pain during intercourse.
  2. The likelihood of complications, as there is pressure on the bladder. It can be expressed in hematuria.
  3. Even at the end of treatment there is a chance of recurrence.
  4. There is a risk of joining a genital infection.

Professionals are divided in opinions about can you have sex with cystitis. Most of the unpleasant symptoms are present in women throughout the treatment. That is why during the exacerbation changes the attitude of women to sex. Even if sexual intercourse is completed, it will give the woman enormous discomfort, and she is unlikely to enjoy it. Therefore, many doctors do not recommend sex with cystitis.

Although it is known that cystitis is not transmitted sexually, its cause in the form of a bacterial or fungal infection during unprotected contact can be transferred to a partner. Protected cystitis sex with a condom allowed. However, permission must be asked from a specialist, because he knows the symptoms of the disease and will be able to give an answer for a particular case.

If cystitis is present in a man, then it can develop as a result of prostatitis. In this case, the man also experiences painful feelings during sex. Thus, regardless of which partner suffers from cystitis, it is recommended to delay sexual intercourse with cystitis until recovery.

Sex with cystitis

Of course, you can have sex with cystitis, but in the acute phase of the disease it will bring discomfort. In girls, this is manifested in the appearance of pain in the lower abdomen. In men, there is pain when ejaculating. In addition, other symptoms appear:

  • hematuria, which often scares a woman,
  • in miniature girls, bleeding can be intense, which causes dizziness, weakness, in severe cases there is a risk of loss of consciousness,
  • the sensitivity of the walls of the bladder increases, and friction of the penis causes muscle spasm. It causes pain, and the girl can't relax,
  • pain syndrome does not allow a girl to get aroused, and having sex does not give her pleasure.

In the period of acute cystitis is to refrain from sexual intercourse. Chronic form of cystitis is usually detected by chance, and is not accompanied by serious symptoms. Having sex in the treatment of chronic cystitis is permitted. This is not a reason to abandon intimate life.

In addition, there are positive moments of sex in chronic cystitis:

  • massaging movements of the bladder improve blood circulation,
  • leukocytes and immunoglobulins penetrate into the bladder with the bloodstream, which destroy bacteria,
  • damaged mucous membranes recover faster,
  • a woman's mood improves. The treatment becomes more effective as the immune defense becomes stronger.

You can have sex during cystitis, if it is in a chronic form. But at the same time, if the cause of the disease is not eliminated, you can get cystitis, i.e. pick up its pathogen. If you do not use barrier contraception, the infectious agent penetrates the genital tract of a healthy partner. There it can cause inflammation, which in a small percentage of cases spreads to the bladder.

Sex life with cystitis

Some people can not live for a long time without sex. Sex life with cystitis It is allowed, but it is necessary to follow a few rules:

  1. Before sexual intercourse you need to take a hygienic shower.
  2. Be sure to use a condom.
  3. After anal sex before the vaginal need to change the condom, since anal sex and cystitis are closely related. If this is not done, E. coli from the rectum enters the vagina, and from there into the woman's urethra. If this rule is not followed, cystitis after anal sex is more likely to worsen.
  4. It is necessary to exclude stimulation of the clitoris, as additional irritation can increase pain.
  5. Before sex, do not drink plenty of fluids. Pressure on the bladder for cystitis adversely affects.
  6. It is necessary to exclude the use of various lubricants and other products for sex.
  7. After sex, both partners need to take a shower. Soaps, shower gel and other products should not be used; they may contain irritating substances.

Violation of the rules can provoke not only deterioration, but also cystitis after intercourse, if the girl was healthy before. Observing these rules, it is likely that sex even with acute cystitis will not be so dangerous for the body. It is recommended to follow these rules during the absence of cystitis. Failure to follow the rules of hygiene can cause postcoital cystitis in women, which appears after sexual intercourse.

Yet there are contraindications. Sex during cystitis is strictly prohibited if:

  1. Active treatment of cystitis with the use of drugs.
  2. Patient worried about severe pain.
  3. There are untreated diseases of the genital organs.
  4. Cystitis is complicated by concomitant infections or sexually transmitted diseases.
  5. The patient received hypothermia.
  6. There is no condom.
  7. Crowded bladder.

If there is at least one of the above items, then having sex should be postponed until complete recovery. Girls are interested in: after how much after cystitis you can have sex. First you need to undergo a course of therapy, and then assess your well-being. Some embark on sexual activity while improving well-being. There are no definite limits when you can have sex after cystitis. However, it is usually allowed to have sex immediately after full recovery.

Sex contact

Already knowing whether it is possible to have sex with cystitis, it is also important to remember that sexual contact is good, which is protected by a condom. Thanks to this simple contraception, many diseases can be avoided, including the development or recurrence of cystitis. It is also worth knowing that not only boys, but also girls should carry a condom, because there are often situations when a lady can have an unplanned connection. There are several comments on the most sexual intercourse. So, it is better not to move from vaginal caresses to anal, the same applies to sex itself. This behavior can cause many different diseases, including recurrence of cystitis.

Looking for the answer to the question of whether you can engage in sex with cystitis, a person may stumble upon the idea that regular sex is the key to human health. And this is quite true. However, this rule works if the body is all right and the person is completely healthy. Otherwise, for example, in diseases of the genitourinary system, it is better to refuse sex for a while. And, of course, it is important for each lady to remember that every six months, even if there are no problems and complaints, it is necessary to contact a gynecologist. This behavior is the key to women's health! Doctors should not be afraid of venereologists either; at a certain time they can save not only health, but sometimes even human life.

What can cause inflammation of the bladder mucosa?

  • Improper personal hygiene (pads, tampons). Many girls forget about the rule of changing pillows every 5 hours. Tampons and pads, if they do not change for a long time, become an excellent source of bacterial growth that can penetrate the urinary system and provoke cystitis. It is not recommended to use tampons if you have inflammation of the bladder.
  • Constant stress, physical and emotional pressure, malnutrition, and vitamin deficiency weaken the immune system. Impaired immunity is often the cause of inflammatory diseases, including cystitis.
  • Inconvenient and too narrow underwear, jeans and pants reduce blood flow to the pelvic region. Consequently, the metabolism in the tissues is disturbed, and there is a higher likelihood of developing cystitis. Women who lead a sedentary lifestyle and are forced to sit for a long time are also at risk because hypodynamia also reduces blood flow to the pelvic area.
  • Hot sauces and spices. After eating hot foods, our urine contains many substances that irritate the lining of the bladder and provoke its inflammation.
  • Anal sex can cause acute cystitis. The intestinal fleet enters the urinary tract and causes a strong inflammatory process. Disease after sex is exacerbated, so it is not recommended to have vaginal and anal sex during one sexual intercourse.
  • Oral sex. Even small problems in the oral cavity and larynx in combination with vaginal intercourse can significantly affect cystitis after oral sex.
  • Pregnancy. During pregnancy, the body is vulnerable to all inflammations of the mucous membrane. In the last trimester, the child turns over and presses his head against the bladder, resulting in stagnant urine and the multiplication of bacteria.
  • Climax. When menopause occurs, the extinction of the function of the reproductive system occurs, hormonal failure occurs and, as a result, stress and irritability.
  • Cystitis from a partner. Cystitis is sexually transmitted, so it is important to know whether your man has urological diseases that can cause infection of your vaginal mucosa during unprotected sex.

All these causes can trigger the onset of cystitis, and in most cases go into an acute chronic form.

Symptoms and first signs of cystitis

Depending on the reasons caused by inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bladder, the symptoms of cystitis can manifest themselves in different forms. In acute cystitis, there is pain in the lower abdomen, which is characteristic of the premenstrual cycle, cutting at the end of urination, increased urge to several times in 1 hour and a rise in temperature.

Chronic cystitis occurs with less severe symptoms and only frequent urges and minor cramps at the end of urination are noted.

The causes of such unpleasant pain are due to the swollen tissues that, in the process of inflammation, put pressure on the nerve endings and cause itching and irritation.

You may suspect cystitis if:

  1. Burning and pain during urination (cramps at the end of urination, extending into the suprapubic area),
  2. Fever and shivering (in some cases weakness and fever are observed)
  3. There is an admixture of blood in the urine,
  4. Discomfort and aching pain in the bladder,
  5. You have more frequent, than usual, need to urinate (the interval between urging can be reduced to 5-10 minutes).

If you experience at least one of these factors, you should refrain from sexual intimacy with your husband, conduct a diagnosis and conduct a course of treatment with your partner.

Why does cystitis start after sex?

Примерно, у половины женского населения после секса возникает воспаление слизистой оболочки мочевого пузыря. Even if you previously did not encounter this problem and did not have a partner, the disease may suddenly catch up. In order to prevent chronic or acute inflammation of the mucous membrane, it is necessary to know the precautions and the list of reasons why cystitis begins after sex.

The source after which cystitis can be observed after the first sex is scarring of the mucous membrane in the vagina at the place where the hymen had previously been present. Pathogenic microflora, in other words, the microorganisms of the vagina during sex can get along the paths into the bladder and provoke the inflammation of cystitis. To avoid cystitis after sex, you need to follow the standard rules of intimate hygiene, to be confident in your

partner and used remedies. After having sex with a condom, you can be sure that the risk of getting cystitis is minimized.

Cystitis after sexual intercourse can also develop due to rough sex, vaginal dryness, which leads to damage on the mucous membrane and the rapid reproduction of microorganisms. It is recommended to use a natural lubricant and ask your partner to be careful and careful when you are close to you.

Cystitis after anal sex is a frequent complaint among the female half of the population related to the introduction of bacteria living in the rectum into the vaginal mucosa. To avoid inflammation after intercourse, do not make frequent and rapid transition from anal sex to vaginal. After having sex with a condom, the condom should be replaced with a new one; in this case, when combining anal and classic sex, microorganisms will not be able to penetrate from the intestine into the vagina. Do not forget about personal hygiene, use special means to care for the intimate area before and after anal sex with a partner.

Unfortunately, few people wonder whether cystitis can occur after oral sex. The most vulnerable microorganisms that attack not only the larynx, but also the teeth accumulate in the oral cavity, so the risk that you will develop cystitis after oral sex is as great as after anal sex. To protect yourself from the disease, follow the rules of oral hygiene, refrain from oral sex during colds and do not combine oral with vaginal sex.

If you adhere to all the rules described above, but cystitis after oral sex or anal combined with vaginal does occur, it is advisable to ask your partner for a diagnosis, it may have been a carrier of cystitis, in which case cystitis is always transmitted to the partner.

How to treat cystitis after intercourse?

If you have noticed cystitis after sex with a partner, immediately begin to treat it. The fact is that inflammatory processes in the body quickly spread and can move to the neighboring tissues, passing into an acute form of inflammation, penetrate the kidneys and cause a serious disease - pyelonephritis.

Chronic cystitis after sex treatment

Chronic cystitis after sex treatment is aimed primarily at restoring urination. Drink more water, it contributes to the rapid removal of infection from the body, observe bed rest and do not eat spicy food and alcohol. If you suffer from pains at the end of urination that extend to the suprapubic area, pour hot water into the bottle and hold between 10 and 15 minutes between your legs. The procedure is repeated every 2-3 hours.

It is important to know that chronic cystitis after sex treatment should be carried out to the end and be accompanied by a monthly course of phytopreparations - tablets Canephron or Cystone, otherwise, the disease may recur.

Acute cystitis after sex treatment

If chronic cystitis has passed into an acute form of the inflammatory process, then you should start taking antibiotics such as Monural, Nolicin, Palin, Rulid, Nitroxolin, etc. or anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs based on ibuprofen. Together with

drug treatment carried out the same measures as chronic cystitis after sex treatment.

Chronic cystitis can be cured literally in 1-2 days, in acute form - up to 5 days.

When is it not allowed to have sex during cystitis and is sexually transmitted cystitis?

Many women who suspect that they have inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bladder, doubt whether it is possible to have sex with cystitis and whether sexually transmitted cystitis is transmitted.

Cystitis does not belong to the group of sexually transmitted diseases from woman to man. However, doctors say that cystitis is sexually transmitted from a man to a woman, so sex with cystitis is not safe. If your doctor has diagnosed cystitis with you or your partner and indicated a course of treatment, you should be well aware of situations in which it is forbidden to have sex during cystitis. Otherwise, it can only aggravate your condition, cause an exacerbation of cystitis after perfect sexual intercourse and harm your health:

• Avoid sex if you are undergoing treatment for cystitis. Firstly, acute inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bladder is accompanied by painful sensations, during sex pressure on the bladder wall increases, pain increases and becomes even more serious. Secondly, the process of recovery slows down from sex and the effectiveness of treatment of cystitis decreases,

• Do not make love without a condom. Condoms will protect you and your partner from infection and prevent other bacteria from entering the vagina, which can cause inflammation of the cervix or appendages,

• Anal sex is not allowed. Even a small amount of bacteria when injected from the rectum into the urethra and bladder can aggravate the symptoms and lead to complications,

• It is not allowed to have sex immediately after stopping the course of antibiotics. Your immune system is not fully restored, and there is a high risk of recurrent cystitis from having sex with a partner,

• If you have recently had a cold-related illness, it’s best to avoid sex,

• Any discomfort and even minor pain during sex is a signal to stop sexual intercourse. Never suffer pain during sex, because mechanical damage to the inflamed bladder can greatly aggravate the disease,

• Do not have sex on the street. Many couples want to diversify their sex life, choosing for this romantic place in the open, without thinking about the consequences. In many cases, it has been noted that in most couples, due to the loss of heat after sex, inflammation of the bladder mucosa occurs.

Chronic cystitis and sex

Many women who experience chronic cystitis worry that cystitis and sex are not compatible. If your disease is in remission, then sex with you and your

partner will not cause inconvenience. However, do not forget that chronic cystitis and sex is possible only if the rules of hygiene are observed.

If during sexual intercourse you feel uncomfortable, pain or discomfort has appeared, you should stop sexual intercourse and begin treatment.

Cystitis after sex how to protect:

  1. Before sex, you and your partner should wash their hands and genitals to prevent infection and exacerbation of chronic cystitis,
  2. Ask your partner not to touch your anus if later he touches your vagina,
  3. Stimulation of the clitoris can cause irritation of the urethra, which is accompanied by discomfort,
  4. Pee before sex and try not to drink a lot of water. It is necessary to prevent a strong mechanical effect on the bladder wall,
  5. After sex, take a shower, wash your genitals with warm water. Avoid using soap and shower gels because they contain a lot of dyes and fragrances. Buy special products for intimate care at the pharmacy,
  6. Always use a condom for sex if you have cystitis. This will protect you and your partner from bacteria,
  7. It is not recommended to use lubricants and contraceptive creams or suppositories, since they disrupt the healthy balance of microflora and weaken local immunity,
  8. Experts recommend avoiding the missionary sexual position, because it promotes active stimulation of the clitoris and urethra, which facilitates the penetration of bacteria into the body. Choose a position in which contact with the urethra will be minimal.

Cystitis tends to develop into a chronic form, and attacks of the disease occur several times a year.

It may take several years to completely get rid of this disease. Thus, we can conclude that you can have sex if you have chronic cystitis, but not a state of attack.

What are the symptoms after infection?

Most often, the pathology manifests itself through pronounced symptoms. There are several clear signs that cystitis is sexually transmitted to a partner. In this case, you need to pay attention to the following deviations:

  • the urge to the toilet appear every 20 minutes. In this case, the person has difficulty in urinating and the inability to completely empty the bladder,
  • an admixture of blood appears in the urine and turbidity is observed,
  • in the area of ​​the urethra there are minor pains, which may be progressive,
  • chills and fever up to 37.5 degrees.

Note! If the above symptoms manifest themselves, you should immediately consult a doctor, as the disease requires immediate treatment. In this case, having sex with cystitis with your sexual partner is not recommended.

What could be the causes of cystitis?

To the disease did not affect both partners, you must adhere to all rules of personal hygiene. Since the disease most often affects the female body, representatives of the weaker sex must not forget about the regular change of pads or tampons during menstruation, as this leads to an increased activity of the pathogenic flora.

The likelihood of infecting a partner with an infection increases in the following cases:

  1. A person often eats spicy, spicy or salty foods. This is due to the fact that such products will increase the amount of toxins in the urine, it is they that cause irritation of the walls of the urea.
  2. Cystitis after intercourse can go to a partner if he has irregularities in the process of blood circulation. Basically, this applies to people with sedentary work. It provokes stagnation of blood in the pelvic zone. To prevent this from happening, you need to get out of your chair every hour, warm up a little, or walk. Also do not forget about comfortable clothes. If it will hamper movement, it will also increase the risk of infection.
  3. Poor immunity is one of the most common causes of cystitis after sex. In order not to provoke a weakening of the protective functions of the body, it is enough to avoid lack of sleep, stress and increased fatigue. If immunity is normal, he will be able to resist all the bacteria that cause this deviation.
  4. Frequent constipation. This situation is typical for those people who are malnourished. This includes the constant intake of too fatty foods, fast food and carbonated drinks with dyes. To prevent this, it is recommended to use only clean water and dairy products.

Sex in the acute form of pathology

Each question, after asking whether you can have sex with cystitis, will give a negative answer. This is especially true of the acute form of the disease. During this period it is necessary to exclude the possibility of sexual contact with a partner. Of course, not all patients listen to this advice. But, to make a final decision, both partners should consider the following:

  • if the disease is observed in a woman, sex for her will not be as pleasant as in a normal situation. This provokes increased pain and cramps in the bladder,
  • sexual contact can not only become unpleasant, but also contribute to the infection of a partner and the rapid transition of the inflammatory process from the bladder to the kidneys. In this case, patients experience a sharp rise in temperature,
  • After sex, the partner can become much worse, because during the process of intercourse, there is a constant load on the bladder, which means that the disease will worsen,
  • It is very important to cure cystitis until the end, and only then have sex. This is due to the fact that even at the final stages of therapy, the disease can worsen relapse.

How to have sex with cystitis?

For those people who can not stand and live for some time without sex, there are certain rules that help reduce the risk of infecting a partner and aggravate the condition. Sexual intercourse is acceptable in the following cases:

  1. Partners should engage in protected sex using condoms.
  2. Before intercourse, a man and a woman should take a shower.
  3. Anal sex is completely excluded. But if it happens, you should not touch the vaginal organs after it. This almost in all cases causes infection.
  4. It is forbidden to drink alcohol or a lot of water before sex, this will cause pressure on the bladder and exacerbation of the pathology.
  5. It is necessary to exclude stimulation of the clitoris, as this will cause irritation of the urethra.
  6. Sex along with cystitis is permissible only if all the rules of personal hygiene are observed. Immediately after intercourse, you need to take a shower using special gels for intimate hygiene.
  7. It is strictly forbidden to use such means as lubrication, suppositories or oral contraceptives.


In order not to have to think about whether sexual cystitis is transmitted, it is better to refuse from such connections for the period of treatment, especially for the acute form of pyelonephritis. This is dangerous because a woman or a man will not be able to get rid of the disease for a very long time, which will lead to infection of other organs of the urogenital tract and more serious complications.

The manifestation of cystitis in women

In most cases, the causes of the disease is a violation of the microflora of the vagina, so during intercourse, you can put an infection in the urethra.
Symptoms bring great discomfort. One of them will be frequent urination. A woman can visit the toilet every half hour, while the urine will be allocated in small portions.

Involuntary urination often happens. It happens during physical exertion, even the lightest, during sneezing. In severe cases, such desires can be observed in a woman even in a state of complete rest, she can wake up because of this at night. Because of the inflammation of the bladder, there is pain, but because of them there is a weakness of the muscles of the bladder and urine involuntarily flows out. This condition is temporary and after recovery passes with all the symptoms.

If you have sex, urine can involuntarily stand out, especially if the posture is such that the bladder is squeezed. To avoid such a symptom, it is better not to use liquid for a couple of hours so that the bladder is empty.
Pain first appears only during visits to the toilet, but gradually become permanent. Even lying down a woman can have discomfort in the urethra.

Cystitis may be accompanied by fever. And naturally, the general state of health of the woman worsens. The appearance of weakness, loss of strength, fatigue. In some cases, the temperature rises to 38 ° C, nausea, vomiting, and blood may appear in the urine.

Cystitis treatment can take several weeks. Partners naturally have a question, is it possible to have sex with cystitis? First you need to figure out whether a man can become infected with cystitis while practicing love.

Is there a danger for men?

My grandmother treated cystitis the only way.

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Unprotected sex with cystitis in women is dangerous for men. The disease has a bacterial basis. Therefore, during sex without a condom, the pathogen can enter the male bladder and cause inflammation.
Infection to the stronger sex does not threaten if during sex to use barrier methods of contraception.
As for women, sex with cystitis can contribute to the development of vulvovaginitis, vaginitis. The urethra is located close to the vagina, so the infection can be carried to the genital tract.
The process of infection can occur from the urethra to the genitals, and vice versa.

Bladder inflammation sex

A doctor from Moscow: “With cystitis, antibiotics will not help! Take in the morning and evening known to all. "

On the question of whether you can have sex with cystitis, many doctors will answer that there is not, justifying it with many points.
First, the treatment of cystitis may be delayed. There is pressure on the bladder, which is not good. In addition, along with cystitis, you can additionally purchase diseases, at which sex life certainly stops.
Secondly, it brings strong discomfort to the woman. Цистит даже в состоянии покоя вызывает неприятные ощущения у женщины. Можно конечно попробовать подобрать удобную позу, но лучше лишний раз воздержаться, чем усложнять лечение.
Секс при цистите даже на заключительных этапах лечения не рекомендуется. This disease has a tendency to relapse, so it is better to wait for a full recovery. Recovery can be considered not when all the symptoms of the disease disappear, but when there are no traces of the pathogen in the analyzes.

If not, but really want?

If a woman does not have a regular partner, then you can wait a little with sex. But if there is an insatiable desire, then what to do? Having sex during cystitis will bring pleasure only to a man. But the point is to meet the needs of both.

In this case, you can say the following, there is not one type of sex, there is still oral, this is everyone’s business. But at least it will not affect the disease, but will only bring pleasure to both partners. Under oral sex is meant the satisfaction of a man, for a woman it is almost as uncomfortable as vaginal sex. It is better to refuse to stimulate the clitoris, so as not to irritate the urethra once again.

Nevertheless, the question whether it is possible to have sex with cystitis can be answered that it is not worth it. The treatment of cystitis is also aimed at restoring the normal microflora of the vagina, it is an integral part of recovery.
With the refusal of intimacy and compliance with all points of therapy, it is possible to get rid of cystitis after 5-6 days.

Preventive measures

You can engage in sex and even need it, but in good health, preferably. So that henceforth there were no complaints from the urinogenital system and there was no recurrence of cystitis, it is better to be safe and try to follow a number of simple rules.
It is necessary to monitor personal hygiene, this applies to both men and women. Before you make love, it is advisable to go to the shower. After that, it is also better to wash.

If a woman has diseases of the organs of the reproductive system, there should be a temporary ban on intimate life. The infection may be carried to the bladder. In addition, you need to treat all diseases in a timely manner and not to run in a chronic form.
If a woman gets hurt during lovemaking, you need to change your posture or stop physical contact.
It is necessary to avoid overcooling the body, sitting on a cold surface, be sure to dress for the weather.

If you have any complaints from the urogenital system, you should contact your urologist.
In the treatment of cystitis, abstinence from intimacy is of great importance. If only because without this the female body will cope with the disease twice as fast.

Sex life plays an important role in the relationship of man and woman. But this does not mean that you need to sacrifice for the sake of this health. With cystitis, sex brings not only discomfort to the woman, but also delays recovery time. So why not wait a bit, limiting yourself to that.

Cystitis and sex life

Cystitis is an inflammatory pathology of the bladder caused by bacterial agents. In most cases, E. coli and cocci are the cause. Since they enter into the natural microflora, conditions are required for the development of pathology with their participation. These include:

  • general hypothermia,
  • reduction of local immunity,
  • violation of hygiene rules
  • exacerbation of hormonal diseases.

In acute cystitis, symptoms manifest themselves as increased urging and cutting sensations when urinating, severe pain in the lower abdomen, and the appearance of bloody or purulent impurities in the urine. Women suffering from cystitis are forced to restrict vital activity during the acute phases of the disease. Sometimes the pain reaches such a level that even sleep becomes impossible. To have sex with this disease is too painful for many. This is due to the fact that during active movements irritation of the bladder wall occurs with its contents. Inflamed mucosa can not protect against the action of urine. The pain intensifies and having sex exacerbates the discomfort. In order to get rid of the acute manifestations of the disease as soon as possible, it is necessary to consult a gynecologist or a urologist. The doctor will select the correct treatment tactics and help the resumption of intimate life. Only then can cystitis and sex be present in the life of a woman at the same time.

Features of sex life with cystitis

In women with acute cystitis, the damaged mucosa is sensitive to any bacteria. Therefore, having sex with exacerbation of symptoms is recommended only with a husband or a regular partner. But even with a strong belief in the safety of sexual contact, it is worth using a condom. The pose should be comfortable for the woman in order to avoid injury to the vaginal mucosa and urethra. When planning sexual intercourse with cystitis, it is better to limit the amount of fluid consumed the day before. To avoid excessive pressure on the walls, it is necessary to empty the bladder.

During the treatment of cystitis is better to choose an alternative way of having sex. That is, do not limit yourself to vaginal sex, but think about other options (oral, anal, masturbation).

Having oral sex is allowed in any phase of the disease, since contacts of the genitals are excluded. It can bring pleasure to both partners, even during an exacerbation. The only advice is thorough hygiene before and after intercourse.

Anal sex can not be alternated with vaginal. Here, too, should pay increased attention to the hygiene of the genitals.

Extreme types of intercourse such as beach sex, coitus in the water or open water should also be avoided. Contamination of the environment is not available for protected intercourse, but rather provokes worsening of symptoms of cystitis. General hypothermia, water contamination by a variety of microorganisms will contribute to the development of inflammation of the bladder.

An important criterion is psychological comfort and natural sexual desire. Maximum relaxation and confidence in the partner will help to get maximum pleasure. If the pain is too pronounced, it is better to postpone the closeness until the symptoms subside.

In what cases you can not have sex?

Intimate relationships during any infectious pathology of the urogenital area have their limitations and recommendations. Doctors often forbid sex during exacerbations of cystitis. Active movements and uncomfortable postures can cause increased pain, which will prolong the treatment for several days. Therefore, doctors advise to interrupt sex at the time of treatment of cystitis.

In acute form

In acute form, always recommend refusal from sex and heavy physical exercise. Excess load on the body does not contribute to recovery. Especially it is worth taking care of those who have concomitant gynecological diseases. A prolonged form of cystitis may trigger the appearance of additional inflammation of the genital organs in women. Pronounced pain and pain in the lower abdomen are also a contraindication to the conduct of sexual relations. Sexual rest during the treatment of the acute stage of the disease will help speed recovery.

With chronic form

Chronic form in itself is not a contraindication to a full intimate life. Only periods of aggravation impose restrictions. In chronic form it is forbidden to have sex during the treatment of co-infections, sexually transmitted infections. It is necessary to observe the hygiene of the urinary tract and use protective contraceptives during sex with a new partner.

When can you have sex?

Having sex during cystitis is desirable only at the final stage of therapy. Having completed the entire course of antibiotic treatment, intimate life can be renewed. Otherwise, the disease may be delayed. If there are common symptoms of malaise, it is better to postpone sex until they subside. Only by achieving a stable remission, you can afford any kind of intimate relationship.

Masturbation during exacerbations of cystitis is the most painless option for a woman. But it is best to talk with your doctor, who knows about each individual case. Only he can decide whether it is this woman who can have sex during the treatment of cystitis.