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Review MaxSize cream with instructions for videos, reviews and prices for the drug


In search of information about whether truth or deception reviews about the effectiveness of MaxSize, men are interested in the composition of the tool. All active ingredients are detailed in the annotation to the drug, and their influence on the cells of the penis is described by the doctor. The list of active ingredients of the cream include:

  • A mixture of proteins and amino acids.
  • Triethanolamine.
  • Elastin and collagen.

The manufacturer guarantees a successful result.

Proteins play a huge role in the body of a man. They are a kind of “building blocks” from which all cells are built, including epidermal, muscle cells, which is important for increasing the size of the penis. MaxSize cream also contains a complex of amino acids, which belong to the group of so-called essential, as they are not synthesized in the body. Therefore, due to improper diet men suffer from their deficiency. The composition includes the following amino acids:

  • Leucine, which promotes regeneration and regeneration of the skin and muscles.
  • Lysine, participating in the synthesis of collagen.
  • Threonine, necessary for the formation of elastin and collagen.
  • Valine, accelerating metabolic processes in muscles and the speed of cell division.

Real reviews of doctors confirm that these amino acids accelerate tissue regeneration and contribute to an increase in penis size. The effectiveness of protein compounds increases triethanolamine, which promotes the penetration of biologically active components into the tissues of the penis. And elastin and collagen stimulate the regeneration of the epidermis and muscle fibers.

Rendered effect

According to the manufacturer, if you regularly smear the skin of the penis with MaxSize Gel cream, after two weeks of use the member increases by at least 2 cm, and after a month of use - by 4-5 cm. At the same time, applying the gel affects not only the length of the sexual organ. Those who used it, argue that increased the diameter of the penis, improved penis shape. If used correctly, the manufacturer guarantees this effect:

  • Penis sensitization.
  • Improved erection.
  • The rapid onset of sexual arousal.
  • A brighter and longer lasting orgasm.

Compared to other products for men, Maxi Size contains only safe ingredients. They are very quickly absorbed, but even if a small amount of gel remains on the skin of the penis, you can safely engage in oral sex, as it is harmless. MaxSize can replace the lubricant lubricant, it is used before the use of a condom.

How to apply a remedy

At various forums, you can find reviews of men with the words "I have been smearing for a week, no results" or "I have been using it for a month, I have not noticed anything." But the manufacturer stresses that the effectiveness of the cream is revealed only if the method of using MaxSize gel is precisely followed. Experts recommend applying the drug on the skin of the penis, avoiding the head area, twice a day. You can use the tool for half an hour before sexual intercourse to further stimulate erection.

Duration of application is 1 month. If necessary, the use of the cream man can be repeated in a few weeks. MaxSize gel has no contraindications, with the exception of hypersensitivity to any ingredient of the product. The drug does not cause side effects.

It is important to apply the cream in accordance with the instructions.

It is possible to order means on the official site of the manufacturer. There are also expert opinions on the use of the gel, video with a detailed description of the composition and principle of action. Today the price of MaxSize is 990 rubles. You can also find out how much the delivery to the regions costs and if there is a discount when you order several packs at once.

Experts agree that the use of MaxSize cream is a good way to safely increase the length and diameter of the penis. In addition, the gel improves the male erection, increases the tactile susceptibility of the nerve cells of the penis. The absence of contraindications and the ability to indulge in oral sex as a prelude to sex are also undoubted advantages of the cream.

What's in the magic drug?

The composition of Maxisis is unique, it includes substances that in no way cause allergic reactions or side effects. These include:

  • Triethanolamine contributes to prolonging sexual contact and increasing the sensitivity of skin receptors.
  • Restoration of the skin, increasing its turgor and, as a result, the amino acids and vitamin complexes, which are a large part of the preparation, help cell rejuvenation.
  • Elasticity and active cell regeneration cause elastin and collagen.
  • Viagra substitute in this symbiosis is a unique extract of the Thai plant Butea Superb.

The most important advantage of MaxiSize cream is that if men smear their sexual organ throughout the recovery course, it is not addictive, and the effect lasts for a long time.

What makes a drug for a man?

In addition to the main purpose, Maxisize cream (MaxSize) can have the following effects on a man’s body:

The cream has many positive effects.

  • Stimulates active blood flow to the pelvic area, which contributes to a strong erection.
  • Begins to act literally a couple of minutes after application to the penis.
  • It works even when using a condom.
  • Provides bright sensations not only to the man, but also to the woman thanks to stimulation of skin receptors of a vagina. Numerous reviews of the fair sex confirm this.
  • It can be used before oral sex, as it has no taste, smell and does not have the appearance of allergic reactions.

As a result of regular use, the penis is increased by 5 centimeters, susceptibility to pleasure derived from sexual contact is exacerbated. Sexual intercourse can last several times longer than usual. Many men note that the penis returns to its normal form in the presence of minor curvatures.

The method and characteristics of the application of the drug

The main effect of cream Maxisize (MaxSize) has to improve blood circulation in the penis. This contributes to the normalization of the functions of the cavernous bodies, their saturation with blood, and accordingly - an increase in body size. This effect persists for a long time, and in most cases forever. The result will be noticeable after the first use of the tool, but with the full course of recovery, the effect promises to be one hundred percent and permanent.

Instructions for use means in each package. The method of use of the drug is simple. It is necessary to thoroughly wash the genitals so that the creamy structure is easily absorbed into the skin. Apply MaxSize cream on the genital organ (excluding the head) and lightly massage over the skin surface. The layer of cream should be quite dense. The procedure should be carried out for 20-30 minutes before intercourse. The minimum recovery rate is 3 weeks, the minimum is a month.

Truth or lie?

The real reviews of those men who used this cream MaxSize (MaxSize) to increase the member, extremely enthusiastic. However, it is quite clear that in the wake of the popularity of the funds in the market for these drugs, a lot of fakes have appeared. And it is extremely difficult to figure out which of them is true, and which is deception, for an inexperienced user. Therefore, cream or gel Maxisize should be ordered exclusively on the official website of the seller. The price of a jar of funds varies around 1000 rubles. In this case, the buyer is guaranteed the quality of the drug and 100% effect. More information about how to use the tool, you can learn from the video posted on the same site. The drug, which is much more expensive or much cheaper, is a notorious fake and trick of fraudsters.

Tested cream men confirm its effectiveness.

Taking into account how much Maksis costs, and the fact that the package should be enough for the entire course of treatment, it must be said that this magic drug is also a bargain for every man. For a small amount, buying the MaxSize tool, which simply needs to smear the penis and create a new, vibrant sex life, is the dream of many representatives of the stronger sex. This cream is used only by those who really want to enjoy all the pleasures of bright sex again.

What is capable of

MaxSize cream is positioned by the manufacturer as a drug for external use to increase the volume of the male sexual organ. In addition to the ability to "grow up" a member, the following actions are attributed to him:

  1. Erection enhancement.
  2. Increase the duration of sexual intercourse.
  3. Increased sensitivity of the body.
  4. Penis shape correction.
  5. Increase the level of comfort during intercourse.

The manufacturer explains such properties with a unique plant composition, which has a mild irritant effect on the tissues of the penis, and increases blood flow to it. This causes stretching and increased blood filling of the cavernous body, and the volume of the penis increases, and according to the manufacturer forever.

Real facts

MaxSize gel is an American lubricant that promotes an increase in the size of man's dignity and enhances the pleasant sensations of both partners during sexual intercourse. Distributed by means only through the Internet. The price is about 1000 rubles. Is it true that a cream that costs so little can permanently enlarge a man's penis? The real state of affairs becomes clear if we carefully consider the composition of the product:

  • Butea Superb - Thai plant, traditionally used as a plant aphrodisiac. Indirectly increases potency by stimulating the work of the genitals by increasing blood flow.
  • Peppermint oil - has a relaxing effect. Proper preparation of the cavernous body of the penis to increased blood supply allows you to achieve the effect of increasing.
  • Menthol is a local irritant, stimulates the receptors of the skin, causing an increase in blood flow.
  • Aloe extract - has a softening effect on the epidermis, soothes and heals minor injuries on the mucous membrane.
  • Dimethicone is a substance that is a conductor for active ingredients. Contributes to their rapid penetration into the deeper layers of the skin.
  • Propylene glycol - has lubricating properties, is the basis of the gel substance. Keeps active ingredients.

The composition of the drug includes the plant Butea Superb

The mechanism of action of the plant composition is as follows: aphrodisiacs contribute to the rapid onset of arousal, which triggers the natural processes in the man’s body in preparation for coitus (the production of lubricants, the activation of testosterone). Menthol, acting on a still relaxed sexual organ, provides enhanced blood flow from the deep tissues to the skin surface. Increased blood volume causes stretching of the penis tissue, causing an increase effect. Soft irritating components enhance the sensitivity of erogenous zones, giving a pleasant feeling to partners. Within an hour, the substances are inactivated, their effectiveness is gradually fading away. The proximity ends and everything returns to normal.

To say that the manufacturer's promises are a deception is impossible. Since all the promised effects are manifested in the process of using MaxSize cream. The only caveat - the effects are temporary, and their intensity depends on the individual characteristics of the male body. In some of the stronger sex, increased blood flow will cause a noticeable increase in the penis, while in others it will not. Everything is very individual.

Rules of application

The method of using the MaxSize tool should be situational. It is better to smear the cream immediately before intimacy to enjoy intimate contact longer. The release form is gel in a tube or in disposable sachets. The dose per use is approximately 10 ml. It is this volume of cream that will allow you to fully feel its effectiveness.

Reviews of the drug confirm its effectiveness.

Only man should use the cream. The lady feels the effect of lubrication during intercourse. To get the effect of increasing the penis, smear the gel only on its trunk. Application to the head helps to increase its sensitivity and provokes premature ejaculation.

Are buyers satisfied?

The real reviews about MaxSize cream speak about its effectiveness for an hour, after which the action disappears. A positive impact on the quality of erection and sexual intercourse itself is observed in 100% of cases of use.

Negative reviews are caused by too high expectations of buyers. The cream can not cause cell division to grow a member by 5 cm. This is a brazen deception used by other manufacturers of similar products.

Reviews about MaxSize can be different, as each person understands the information in his own way. The manufacturer calls things by their own names: MaxSize is a lubricant for improving the quality of intimate life, and not a fertilizer for a member. Considering how much gel costs, its effectiveness can be called very decent.

Georgy Dmitrievich, urologist:

This remedy caused too much excitement. In fact - just a quality lubricant with a good composition, but even if smeared with tons of it, 5 cm in length - these are fairy tales. Maximum 2 cm and for a while.

Yana Alexandrovna, sexologist:

You know, sometimes the magic pill is simply vital for men, which helps to get rid of the complexes in the head. It is better to let it be a safe plant gel, than powerful chemicals.

Ignat Anatolievich, andrologist:

Responsibly declare, this tool really increases the penis. The effect of puffiness lasts just over an hour, does not cause discomfort, does not pose any danger in itself.

Maxsize (Maksisiz) cream: a doctor's opinion

Small penis? No erection? Orgasm comes in half a minute? All these problems today are easily solved on the Internet. Enough to buy one of the many tools to solve sexual problems. Some of them can be solved simultaneously with a single drug. For example, Maxsize cream (Maksise) promises not only to improve the erection, but also to grow the penis by 6 cm in length and by 1.5 cm in diameter.

Who needs it and why

Maxi Size, according to the manufacturer, is the newest tool for increasing the size of sexual dignity. This cream stimulates the natural processes of cell division, due to which the term increases in length without losing elasticity and volume, as is the case with the use of an extender. In addition, enhanced blood circulation provides the stretching of the cells of the cavernous body, because of what the penis adds to the girth, and the erection becomes stone.

The guaranteed effect is a gain of up to 5 cm per month, as well as an improvement in blood flow inside the penis, increased sensations during intercourse and orgasm, an increase in the quality of erection, as well as its duration. The main thing - these results will remain with a man for life.

Such actions suggest that Maxi Size can be used not only by men who are not satisfied with the size of their own members, but also by the representatives of the stronger sex with the following sexual disorders:

  • Erectile dysfunction in all forms.
  • Difficulty reaching orgasm.
  • Age-related decrease in penis sensitivity.
  • Premature ejaculation.

The manufacturer recommends using Gel Maxi Size for intima and for vaginal dryness with a female partner. At the same time, it provides not only a sufficient level of moisturizing in contacting mucous membranes, but also an increase in both male and female sensations during sexual intercourse and orgasm.

Proof of effectiveness

The manufacturer focuses the attention of consumers on the guaranteed effect of increasing member, as well as the fact that Maxi Cream cream has a positive effect on all aspects of the intimate life of a man. This is justified by the unique composition of the tool, which does not have a single analogue on the modern market:

  • Hydrolyzed proteins and amino acids - are the building blocks for the formation of new cells.
  • Enzyme substances - are a natural activator of chemical reactions in the human body, as a result of this growth and division of cells occur more intensively. It is the action of enzymes is the key to increasing the term in a short time.
  • Triethanolamine is a substance that prolongs sexual intercourse not by reducing the sensitivity of the penis, but by increasing its blood supply.
  • Collagen, as well as elastin - substances that are indispensable for the normal condition of the skin of the growing penis. Thanks to them, intensive growth does not affect the condition of the skin, it occurs without the appearance of stretch marks or discoloration of the skin of the penis.

The rush of blood to the genitals ensures the presence in the Maxi Size of natural substances of the auxiliary series, which, due to local irritation, expand the blood vessels, stimulate blood circulation, and provide increased sensitivity of the receptors of the genitals.

The result depends on the originality of the product.

Поскольку новый гель Maxi Size пользуется огромным спросом, возрастает активность лиц, желающих подделать продукт. Производитель может гарантировать эффект только в том случае, если покупатель будет использовать оригинальный препарат, приобретенный на официальном сайте.

On the manufacturer’s website, Maxi Sai Gel costs from 990 to 1,200 rubles. There are promotional offers that allow you to buy a lubricant at a lower price. It is categorically impossible to buy the gel in questionable points of sale or from the hands, since the effect of the application may be unpredictable, and the manufacturer cannot be responsible for the effect of a fake.

Recommendations for use

Instructions for use of the Maxi Size gel indicates the need for its double application per day. If an intimacy is planned in the evening, then it is better to apply the remedy half an hour before it. Prolonged arousal improves the performance of the cream, and also allows you to achieve the effect of penis growth faster. Andrologists advise to use the drug Maxi Sayz in conjunction with the Kegel exercises and jelling. Such a combination allows to achieve the most amazing results.

You can use the tool during sexual intercourse. Gel Maxi Size grease will provide its special comfort, as well as improve the sensitivity of the genitals.

The cream not only increases the size, but also increases the sensitivity of the penis.

Despite the natural composition and safety, there are some contraindications for the use of the cream, prescribed instructions:

  • Thrombosis of the vessels of the penis.
  • Venereal diseases.
  • Varicocele.
  • Hypersensitivity reaction.

Judging by the reviews of customers using Maxi Cai gel, allergic reactions to it are extremely rare. After the first application, it is necessary to check the absence of an allergic reaction, and for allergy sufferers - to make an elbow test.

Arguments of the manufacturer about the effectiveness of Maxi Ces cream and its special composition can be called reasonable. The buyer must understand that 5 cm per month is the upper limit of growth. Depending on the individual characteristics of the organism, the indicator may be less, but the manufacturer guarantees a noticeable result to absolutely everyone. Such promises confirm the positive reviews of men who have already used Maxi Size Gel.

Nikolay, 32 years:

I always thought that my penis was too small for my girlfriend. I got this cream and it turned out to be good. Used exactly one month, after which the beloved herself noticed changes for the better. I found their official website, and then there are too many fakes, here is the link

All the girls say that size is not the main thing, but we know that this is a sweet lie. Thanks to this tool, my dick grew noticeably, and the girls began to give compliments after sex.

I thought that a small dick is for life and only plastic will help. Very grateful to this tool. Now I have not a small penis, but a real manhood. In addition, after a month of treatment, sex has become brighter and longer.

Cream for member

  • increase in penis by 35%
  • prolonging the erection time by 80%,
  • 100% increased ejaculation.

Maxsize contains some kind of super-innovative formula that allows you to increase penis size and sperm count. And also improved erection and prolonged sexual intercourse.

  • dick gets up faster
  • looks more courageous
  • recovers quickly after ejaculation (multiple repeated sexual intercourse is possible).

Most Maxsize effects are implemented after the first application. But some are only possible with coursework. If you pass the full course, then you cream vendors guarantee an increase in sexual desire to the level that was in adolescence.

What makes the penis bigger? Maxsize is supposed to increase testosterone levels in the body. This hormone is responsible for the growth of the penis.

Instructions for use

To enhance sexual desire and increase the duration of orgasm, Maxsize is applied in a similar course. Only not 2 times a day, but 1 time. The first effect is felt after the first application.

On third-party sites information about the composition is controversial. Different information resources give different composition. For example:

  • Butea Superba,
  • aloe,
  • menthol,
  • peppermint,
  • dimethicone,
  • propylene glycol.

There is such an option:

As you can see, neither in the first nor in the second version of the composition there is no arginine. But it is listed on the official site. So it is not known whether at least one of these options is correct, or both are invented.

Doctor's review

Composition. He is not known for certain. If there is only arginine in the composition, it is obvious that the effect will be the same as if you rubbed a member with nut paste or boiled peas. Because in these products arginine knife is quite a lot. But it does not lead to an increase in the member, nor to an increase in erectile function. Other variants of the composition also do not allow to count on success when using the cream.

Impossible mechanism of action. The principle of action Maksisayz, designated by sellers, can be stated as follows:

1. You apply the cream on the penis.
2. Inside it gets arginine contained in Maksisayz.
3. Arginine releases nitric oxide, which dilates blood vessels.
4. Expansion of blood vessels leads to an erection.
5. Increased sexual desire.
6. As a result of increased libido, testosterone production increases.
7. By improving blood flow and testosterone release, the member gradually grows.

Of course, this mechanism is impossible. Flaws are present at every step set forth by the sellers. Let's start with the fact that arginine does not dilate the vessels of the penis. And if expanded, it would not lead to an erection. Because vasodilators do not cause sexual arousal. They only make an erection possible if there is a sexual object and a saved libido.

Sellers confuse cause and effect. They claim that at first the vessels dilate and an erection occurs, and after that the sexual attraction rises. This is not true. At first, the man is excited, and only after that the penis is filled with blood. But let's assume that we are all wrong, and sellers know the truth. Will this lead to penis growth and testosterone overproduction?

In fact, the onset of erection and sexual arousal do not significantly affect the production of androgens. On the contrary, the production of androgens occurs primarily, and after that a person has a desire for sex and the onset of erection becomes possible. Testosterone in adulthood does not affect penis size. Proved by athletes who build muscle by giving themselves injections of anabolic steroids. Their muscles grow from this, but the penis does not. With the expansion of blood vessels member is also not increased. Proven by grandparents who have used Viagra or other phosphodiesterase inhibitors for years. These drugs just eliminate the vascular component of erectile dysfunction due to vasodilator action.

Impossible effects. Penis can not be increased by any drugs. Point. This effect is often promised on the Internet. But so far, the story does not know of a single person whose penis would increase from some kind of cream or pill.

Thus, Maksisayz - a useless tool. From it you will not get any effect, except for lubrication. With her, sex may be more enjoyable. But for a lubricant to give that kind of money does not make sense.

The composition of the tool

The manufacturer honestly declares that the cream contains substances of different origin: vegetable and synthetic, however, a certain balance was observed, which will bring penis enlargement in any situation and will not have a negative effect on the body.

The composition of the unique cream:

  • Triethanolamine.
  • Hydrolyzate of proteins and amino acids.
  • Elastin.
  • Hood Butea Superba.

Triethanolamine has long been successfully used in various cosmetic products, but it has a significant disadvantage - with prolonged use, it can provoke serious allergic reactions with subsequent unpleasant symptoms.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not indicate which proteins and amino acids it includes, leaving this item a commercial secret. Therefore, it is difficult to say how these elements can provoke the growth of the sexual organ, and the principles of action remain a mystery.

Elastin belongs to the protein elements, is widely used in cosmetology practice. Reviews of some cosmetologists say that the component is able to protect the skin from the negative impact, accelerates the process of repairing skin damage.

Due to this component, the skin of the penis becomes more elastic and susceptible to various stretching with the help of special exercises.

Butea Super - a plant that grows in Thailand, is considered a natural Viagra, provides high potency, strong and resistant erection, provokes an increase in manhood in size.