Types of bee products, their use by humans


For thousands of years, the bee lives next to a person and is closely associated with it. The beneficial properties of bee products have been studied since ancient times. Even healers of Egypt, Greece, China widely used them in the treatment of many ailments.

Bees deliver the most valuable products to humans. And this is not only honey, but also wax, propolis, pollen, royal jelly, etc., allowing to overcome almost any disease. Bee products a lot, and any of them finds its application. Medicine and pharmaceuticals, cooking and cosmetology do not do without them today.

So, today we will consider the main types of bee products, talk about their benefits and contraindications.

Word about honey

The chemical composition of the miraculous product suggests unequivocally that the value of honey in the amount of carbohydrates that help the human body to survive. And also in all those vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances contained in it.

It seems that a man knows everything about honey. But among the spheres of its application there are very unusual. Honey is a preservative in which the body of the famous commander Alexander of Macedon was immersed for delivery to the capital of Macedonia from another trip to the Middle East for burial.

Few people know that every kind of honey is useful in its own way and is always suitable for treatment. Handwritten texts and medical books from antiquity brought this knowledge to our contemporaries.

This product is unique, and is used in various fields of human activity. Honey has long been used by alternative medicine, based on it produced multiple cosmetic preparations. And cooking? Every hostess has several recipes using honey. And not only pastries, but also sauces for meat dishes, and salad dressings. In addition, honey - a delicious sweetener, and in many recipes, they can replace sugar.

Honey is a bee product derived from the nectar of honey flowers. It is called the product of longevity. Studies of sociologists have long established that the number of centenarians most beekeepers or their families.

The value of honey is difficult to overestimate. But it is possible to strengthen its benefits with a combination of vegetables, fruits, lean meat. After all, the body needs not only carbohydrates, but also proteins and fats.


Very often use bee products for treatment. But there are some contraindications to their use. They are individual, depend on some features of the organism. Taking honey, you need to know when to stop. For example, an adult needs 100 grams per day, and no more than 40 children per child.

Expectant mothers should be used with caution so as not to harm either themselves or the baby. And at the first sign of an allergic reaction, eliminate it from the diet.

Despite all of its healing properties, natural bee honey is intolerable by three percent of the population. But it happens that only a certain kind of it causes allergies.

We should not forget that adding honey to hot tea, you not only get a useless product, but also a drink equipped with toxic hydroxymethylfurfural. This product can be diluted in a liquid whose temperature is not more than 40 degrees.

Before using honey for health promotion, consult your doctor. Do not forget to monitor the reaction of your body.

Honey bee honeycomb

Perhaps you have met honey comb in markets or honey fairs - such small frames, sections, cut into pieces and wrapped in cellophane. It differs from ordinary honey, primarily because it does not undergo pumping. Its composition and caloric content are the same as that of pumped out, and it even surpasses it in useful properties. Honeycombs are a healthy and tasty product. The consumer receives it in its original form, produced by bees. Its bactericidal properties are many times greater than that of pumped honey. Such a product is extremely useful. It contains wax, which works as a sorbent, remaining in the intestine during chewing. So it is better to swallow it in small pieces and use rye bread while the wax is evenly distributed in the grain mass.

Chew honeycomb, and you will raise the tone of the body, improve the condition of the teeth, get rid of respiratory diseases, cleanse the body of toxins and toxins, etc.

The most important bee products

What is honey and what is its benefit is known to everyone. But there are other bee products that are actively used by man. You should certainly be aware of all the products you get from bees. Having full information, you can fully use everything that pleases these shaggy workers.


No less useful bee product is pollen. It settles on the legs of a bee, and so it enters the honey cells. Insects collect and harvest pollen (pollen) for the whole season, especially actively doing it from the last days of May to July inclusive.

It seems that the whole body of the insect is adapted to collect pollen. Pollen adheres to the bristles in large numbers. Decorated with a secret secreted by the salivary glands of bees and a small amount of nectar, it is peeled off from the body with special devices on the legs, lumps (polyskis) are formed, which are delivered to the hive.

Pollen is very rich in proteins, there are more of them here than in beef, several times. Draw conclusions. Meat can easily be replaced by pollen without harming the body.

Pollen is used as a remedy:

  • for atherosclerosis patients,
  • for healing wounds
  • in the treatment of hepatitis, anemia,
  • to normalize the bowels,
  • with early signs of aging and senile weakness,
  • for women in puberty and menopause,
  • with depression and exhaustion of the nervous system,
  • with sexual weakness in men,
  • for athletes with high loads.

And this is not a complete list of ailments and problems that obnoka saves.

Bee product: perga

This product is obtained from lumps of pollen brought to the hive, crushed, pressed into cells and filled with honey. Under the influence of enzymes occurs lactic fermentation. When the product is ready, the bees seal it with wax.

Perga use insects themselves to feed the larvae, it is consumed by young shoots, especially when the family is massively growing.

There are other names for perga - it is “bread” or “bee bread”. For the ancient Greeks, this product was ambrosia, even the food of the gods. And for some reason it was he who was undeservedly overlooked.

Why is this bee product so useful? Perga is sterile and nutritious. Her healing properties are unique and outstanding:

  • antibiotic
  • toning,
  • immunomodulatory,
  • stimulating
  • regeneration.

With its help the formula of blood is normalized, cholesterol level decreases. She is a natural antioxidant.

There are no analogues in the world capable of repeating all the healing properties of bee bread. Such a compound cannot be obtained artificially. And its mild effect allows children to take bread.

The elements that make up the pollen, a positive effect on the development of the fetus and reduce the likelihood of malformations. Yes, and toxicosis with it less intense. So future mothers will certainly appreciate it.

Men will note its effect on hormone levels. Perga use, if necessary, build muscle mass.

Bee products and their use by humans. What is pga?

Bee products have long been popular and are very much appreciated at the present time. That bees give so many useful substances that are actively used in medicine, cosmetology, cooking and other industries.

The most common are honey, propolis, pollen, royal jelly, and perga. Their beneficial properties are directly dependent on the composition. According to some reports, bee products include about 300 useful components.

That is why their use by man has gained such popularity.

What are bee products? How are they useful?

It is worth considering separately each bee product. Honey is widely used both in pure form and as food.

About 75% of honey is sugar, so you can safely preserve fruits and berries in it. They last longer, while not losing their nutrients, but thanks to honey, the recipe becomes more useful.

On the Internet you can find photos of honey of different shades. It depends on the time and also on the type of honey. For example, there is chestnut honey. Need honey for older people and young children.

If you add it to milk, you get a valuable nutritional drink. Other useful properties:

  • one of the most well-known antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral home remedies,
  • there is a noticeable relationship between the use of honey and the occurrence of diabetes. It is known that sometimes patients with diabetes are told to replace sugar with honey. However, in these cases it is better to consult with a specialist,
  • can be used as a sedative before bedtime. A teaspoon of honey helps to quickly fall asleep and calm down. Especially useful for small children
  • It fights well with intestinal disorders and stomach disorders,
  • a drink of honey, lemon and ginger gives strength and vigor,
  • helps to restore hemoglobin and is a good remedy in the fight against anemia,
  • effective remedy for wounds
  • helps relieve joint pain, fights arthritis.

Propolis. What is it popular with?

It is a sticky substance that is created in bee organisms during the processing of collected sticky substances from the buds of trees. In bee organisms, the product is fermented and is very useful.

It is difficult to understand what propolis looks like, since it is always different in the photo. By itself it is solid. At the same time the place where the hives were located is important. If there is a forest or a lot of trees nearby, propolis turns out to be very valuable and nutritious.

But if the hives are near the city, their substance accumulates industrial waste in itself, so it can even be dangerous.

Perga. Its use and healing properties

Special mention deserves pga. It is not as well known as propolis and honey, but it is no less useful. See it turns out much less, so you should see how it looks in the photo. From the Old Slavic perga translated as "bread."

Therefore, sometimes it is called bee bread. Perga is a pollen collected by bees and laid by them in honeycombs. If you look at the photo of perga, you can see that it is very similar to pollen.

It contains many useful vitamins and minerals, while its properties are fully absorbed by the body.
The exact composition is difficult to determine. However, any perga is very useful to the human body. It is used not only in medicine, but also in cosmetology and cooking.

Even the separate benefits of bee bread for women and men are highlighted.

What is good for women regga?

It is a good national medicine for women's health, with a huge impact on appearance:

  • cleaves accumulated fats well. Substances entering the body will break down and not be deposited in fats. At the same time, slags and toxins are removed from the body, they prevent them from settling with dead weight, contributing to weight gain,
  • bee bread is a good alternative to vitamin complexes. It is indicated for stress and exhaustion. Therefore, pga is good at avitinosis,
  • efficiently absorbed by the body
  • high iron content helps fight anemia. Can be used for prolonged and heavy menstruation. Potassium and magnesium, which are part of the pollen, normalize nervous activity, improve well-being and general condition,
  • The enzymes that make up the body, normalize hormones and the menstrual cycle. Women begin to feel better when breastfeeding, hormonal changes, menopause.

No less beneficial is bee bread for appearance:

  • promotes smoothing of wrinkles, skin rejuvenation, gives tone and elasticity,
  • It is one of the main ingredients for hair and skin masks. Hair becomes soft and silky, and skin - smooth and radiant.

Properties of perga for men

Unfortunately, the average life expectancy for men has been decreasing recently.

Bad habits, unhealthy lifestyles, untimely access to doctors often contribute to this. Most men suffer from high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases.

Bee bread also helps well here, it also provides important assistance to the male body:

  • the presence of potassium contributes to the resorption of cholesterol plaques, thereby clearing the walls of blood vessels,
  • strengthening the immune system
  • well helps with diseases of the stomach and intestines,
  • is a good antidepressant, strengthens the body and increases resistance to colds,
  • helps to increase potency,
  • stimulates nervous and brain activity, helps rejuvenate the body.

How to apply pergu?

To feel good, increase immunity and improve health, it is recommended to eat a teaspoon per day. It tastes like honey and toffee.

It is better to use it once a day. If bee bread is necessary for treatment, it is worth remembering that in each case there are different uses.

Here are some recipes.

1. Colds. Children need to apply 0.5 g three times a day, adults 2 g each. The recipe effectively helps with influenza and ARVI.

2. Strengthening immunity. To increase the body's defenses, you need to make a useful mixture of bee bread, royal jelly and honey. Take 1g, 15g and 200g respectively. Take them by teaspoon on an empty stomach for a month.

3. Anemia. It helps very well with low hemoglobin such a medicine: dissolve 50 g of bee bread and 200 g of honey in 0.5 l of boiled water. Then put insist for two days. Take a quarter of a glass half an hour before meals. If the drink is over, cook more.

Important features

If there are no contraindications, you can safely use bee bread. However, it is important not to abuse, otherwise you can harm your body. We need to remember:

  • Adults need to use no more than 2 hours of spoons, children no more than one,
  • All bee products contain a lot of sugar, so their excessive consumption can lead to diabetes,
  • too much and frequent use of perga makes it hard for the liver and kidneys,
  • an excess of vitamins is no less harmful than their lack. Hypervitaminosis may occur,
  • the product is very invigorating, so it is not recommended to use it before bedtime, it is better to do it 3-4 hours before bedtime.

With an overdose, you may notice the following symptoms: dizziness, nausea, pain in the joints. Immediately they can not notice, it can only bother itching. Therefore, you need to be very attentive. At the first signs should immediately abandon the use of prigi.

Bee products play an important role in the health and well-being of people. They are used from ancient times to this day. Many diseases are quickly and effectively treated with honey, propolis and pollen.

Probably, at least once in a life each person used honey with hot milk during cold. Known healing properties help to fight well with the problems of the male and female parts.

Various cosmetic masks for the face and hair are often made using honey.

8 bee products used in medicine

Bees are truly unique insects. Practically all products of their vital activity are used by man. Since ancient times, known medicinal properties of honey and other substances produced in the process of beekeeping.

Especially significant is the fact that the benefits of these products are recognized not only by folk, but also by official medicine.

The effect on the human body of bee "drugs" and the methods of their use (in other words, apitherapy) will be discussed in this article.

About 75% of the carbohydrates contained in honey, are glucose and fructose - energy sources that are most easily digested.

In addition, the product contains organic acids and enzymes that are beneficial for the digestive process, as well as vitamins and trace elements that strengthen the body.

In combination with decoctions and infusions of medicinal herbs, honey is widely used in the treatment of cough of any origin, acute respiratory diseases, pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract (in particular, for removing sand and stones from the kidneys and bladder), lungs and bronchi. Its aqueous solution helps against insomnia caused by neurosis or psycho-emotional arousal. Bactericidal properties of honey can successfully apply it to external and internal infections. It is indispensable in the period of recovery of the body after illness.

Recently, studies have emerged that prove the effectiveness of this product in the fight against malignant neoplasms.


Воск вырабатывается особыми железами, расположенными на брюшках рабочих пчел. Он является строительным материалом, из которого изготавливаются соты.

Состав воска чрезвычайно сложен: в нем обнаружено более 300 химических веществ (в числе прочего – эфиры, жирные кислоты, ароматические компоненты, каротиноиды).

Pure beeswax has a strong healing and anti-inflammatory effect. Since ancient times, it is considered one of the best tools used to treat skin ailments.

Warming up with wax is prescribed to alleviate the symptoms of ENT diseases, and applications and massage - during rehabilitation therapy (to accelerate the healing of bone fractures).

In addition, beeswax is the basis of many perfumes and cosmetics.

Polozhka and perga

Bees not only collect nectar from flowers, from which honey is subsequently obtained. They use for their food and pollen of flowering plants.

Freshly harvested pollen (“pollen”) is transported to the hive, where it matures for some time under the influence of the bees' saliva added to it and turns into perga (“bee bread”).

In the composition of perga more than 40 biologically active substances. It has a powerful tonic and tonic effect on the body.

Its reception leads to an increase in hemoglobin, contributes to the restoration of a person after past infectious diseases, neuro-emotional overstrain and physical fatigue.

Honeycombs for storing honey are made by pure bees from beeswax, but the substance with which each cell is sealed has its own composition and unique healing properties. Zabrus is obtained by mixing pollen, bee saliva, propolis and wax. It is removed from the hives during siphoning ripe honey.

We note two circumstances: first, unlike other beekeeping products, zabrus is a hypoallergenic substance, and secondly, pathogenic microorganisms do not develop addiction to it.

Given that the bactericidal properties of zabrus are very strong, it can and should be used for medical purposes.

It is used in the treatment of bacterial and viral infections, as well as to optimize metabolic processes in the body, improve the functioning of the digestive tract and circulatory system, improve overall tone and efficiency.

Experts say that regular chewing of pieces of zabrus leads to the improvement of the oral cavity and strengthening of the gums, that is, zavrus is an excellent natural substitute for chewing gum.

Propolis, or bee glue, is a product of the fermentation of resinous plant juices collected by bees. Insects use propolis as a building material: they cover the cracks in the hive, repair honeycombs.

The use of this substance for therapeutic purposes is based on its bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, regenerating and analgesic activity. Propolis preparations are recommended for both external and internal use.

They help to treat skin lesions, poorly healing wounds, diseases of the digestive tract (including peptic ulcer), hemorrhoids, diseases of the female genital tract, neuralgia and many other ailments.

There is information that propolis is effective for tuberculosis.

Royal jelly

Young worker bees secrete a special product necessary for maintaining a normal breeding cycle in the hive, royal jelly.

The complex of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, trace elements and enzymes contained in it helps to speed up the metabolic processes in the human body.

Taking medications, including milk, leads to increased tone, increased mental and physical activity, optimization of the cardiovascular system, normalization of blood pressure.

Treatment with royal jelly is indicated for hypertension, angina pectoris, bronchial asthma, and endocrine system pathologies.

Bee venom

It has long been observed that beekeepers extremely rarely suffer from inflammatory diseases of the joints and muscles, retain physical vitality and high mental activity for many years.

Some experts believe that the reason is their periodic contact with bee venom.

This substance has a beneficial effect on muscle and joint tissue, has a strong tonic and anti-inflammatory effect.

Unfortunately, for the treatment of bee venom there are many contraindications.

It is dangerous for patients suffering from tuberculosis, diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular insufficiency, pathologies of the kidneys and liver, any purulent processes, malfunctions of the central nervous system and pancreas, anemia, sexually transmitted diseases. Preparations containing bee venom can harm children, pregnant women, the elderly, and people who have recently had acute infections.

So experts call bees killed during the winter. Insect bodies (well preserved, dry and not yet decomposed) are also used for medicinal purposes.

This product of beekeeping is less demanded by medicine than the others, and is completely in vain.

It has been proven that infusions and decoctions of primor increase immunity, relieve pain in the joints and spine, have a beneficial effect on vascular tone (used for varicose veins), help cleanse the liver (for example, in giardiasis), improve blood composition. Podmor preparations are considered very effective in treating prostate adenoma.

In no case should apitherapy be allowed to take its course, since all beekeeping products (except zabrus) contain strong allergens and can cause the development of severe forms of intolerance.

Do not forget that most of the substances produced by bees are biologically active.

Their drugs have a powerful effect on the human body, and therefore the reception should be carried out under constant medical supervision.

with on topic articles:

The power of nature on guard of health ↑

Bee products have long ceased to be just a treat. Honey, pollen, royal jelly, propolis are used to treat many diseases.

All of them have a unique natural composition.

Not only traditional healers recognize the magical properties of bee products, but many doctors use elements of apitherapy in their practice.

The results of the life of bees ↑

  • pollen,
  • prig,
  • chitin,
  • honey,
  • Zabrus,
  • bee venom,
  • propolis,
  • Royal jelly,
  • wax.

Honey is the most universal medicine known since the Stone Age. Its useful properties are so diverse that you can talk about honey as a cure for all diseases. Properties of honey:

  • The product is rich in vitamins of group B, improves the condition of the nervous system and gastrointestinal tract.
  • Folic acid, contained in excess in honey, helps to increase hemoglobin.
  • Carotene (provitamin A) is a vitamin of skin beauty and good vision.
  • Glucose and fructose are sources of fast carbohydrates needed by adults and children.
  • Proven cardiotonic property of honey, it improves the functioning of the myocardium and helps to normalize the pulse.
  • Honey enhances immunity. It has antibacterial and antiviral properties. Creates bacteria and viruses in the body unfavorable for their existence flora.
  • In popular dietitian recipes there is a healing honey-lemon drink. A tablespoon of honey and a few drops of lemon juice, drunk in the morning on an empty stomach - gently cleanse the body, adjust the intestinal function, eliminate toxins. Their composition will fill the body with vitamin C, A. It will increase hemoglobin and will promote weight loss.
  • The vitamin and mineral composition of honey helps in the complex treatment of infertility.
  • Honey can increase the content of mucin, which makes it a valuable product for the treatment of gastric ulcers with high acidity.
  • Due to the high content of proteins, in particular proteins, honey contributes to the proper growth and development of the child.
  • With regular use of honey - increases immunity, and with the disease recovery occurs faster, less often complications occur.

Honey is good because it is allowed to apply even to small children (in the absence of allergy).

Wax is widely used in cosmetology, dermatology and neurology:

  • Pediatricians prescribe wax compresses with increased leg tonus in babies.
  • In cosmetology, wax is used for masks. When heated, the wax gives all the vitamins and minerals to the skin. This contributes to the correction of facial contours, rejuvenation and removal of inflammation. Wax is the basis of cosmetics. Many creams, lipsticks, mascara, famous wax strips for hair removal and other cosmetics contain a certain percentage of wax.
  • Dermatologists prescribe wax compresses for various skin diseases.
  • For the treatment of wounds, burns.

Bee obnozhka ↑

Pollen contains amino acids. Nutritionists argue that the vitamin-mineral composition of pollen can easily replace meat. Therefore, pollen is a real find for vegetarians.

  • Half a teaspoon of pollen, eaten in the morning - will strengthen the immune system and give energy to the whole day.
  • In folk medicine, pollen is taken to increase potency.
  • To strengthen the immune system.
  • Pollen has the property of a mild antidepressant, stimulates the nervous system, reduces apathy.
  • It is useful for the weakened patients and people engaged in heavy physical work.
  • Regulates the bowels, helps with diarrhea and constipation.
  • It improves blood formation and is used in oncology.
  • An indispensable product of beekeeping for people involved in weightlifting. Helps to transfer the overload with the least damage to the body.
  • It has an antioxidant effect, helps reduce cholesterol levels.

Since pollen has a very rich composition (more than 27 microelements), it often causes allergic reactions. Bee products are all strong allergens, excluding pergu. Their use, especially pollen, must be strictly metered.

A bee product with a pleasant peculiar smell. Its application:

  • In dentistry to strengthen the gums, to treat gingivitis, stomatitis.
  • In proctology for the local treatment of hemorrhoids.
  • For the treatment of angina, tonsillitis, pharyngitis in the form of rinses.
  • In cosmetology for the enrichment of creams with fading skin.
  • To improve immunity, 10% drink infusion 1 time a day. Starting with one drop and bringing up to 20 drops. Then in reverse order. The course drops 40 days.

Propolis has the strongest bactericidal and antiseptic properties. He is a natural antibiotic.

These are the top caps cut off by a strip with honeycombs. Beekeepers valued at times more than propolis. Zabrus is able to:

  • Ensure the strengthening of immunity, as it has antiviral properties.
  • Actively used in sports nutrition. It improves metabolism, promotes a set of muscle mass.
  • In dietology, it is used for metabolism, used for both mass gain and for its reduction.
  • To improve digestion, in gastroenterology used to treat hypoacid gastritis.
  • In the absence of allergy - allowed for use in young children.

Canned honey-bee fermentation method. Its composition is so diverse and balanced that it helps with many diseases:

  • Amino acids and enzymes perga have anabolic properties, they are used in sports nutrition.
  • The antimicrobial properties of perga allow it to be used for the treatment of various inflammatory diseases. In this prig is similar to propolis. It has the properties of a natural antibiotic.

These are the bodies of dead honey bees. They are processed to obtain ointments, rubbing. Apply:

  • For the treatment of inflammation and pain relief in neuralgia, myositis, radiculitis, sprains and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
  • For the treatment of burns, boils, neurodermatitis and acne.
  • Prevention and treatment of gum disease, with toothache.
  • Masked to strengthen hair.

A bit about folk recipes ↑

Bee products are widely used by apitherapists. Their properties are used, primarily for colds:

  • Honey inhalations. As you know, the beneficial properties of honey are lost when heated. Therefore, it is better to make them with a modern nebulizer, and not in the old fashioned way in a saucepan. Dissolve a few drops of honey in warm water, about 5 ml and inhalate using a tube for inhalation. This method will help remove mucus and pus from the sinuses, soften the throat and liquefy sputum. Helps to improve immunity.
  • In the baths using honey and salt scrub. Just mix the honey with sea salt and gently massage the skin. Scrub helps to “draw out” toxins. Regular use of this mask slows down the aging process of the skin.
  • Olive oil mixed with honey in equal proportions. Their mixture is drunk a tablespoon 3 times a day. Regular use of the mixture will adjust the work of the intestine. The mixture is used in oncology, in particular for cancer of the rectum.
  • Composition to stimulate the immune system. Aloe leaves (at least 7 years old, they contain more biologically active substances) squeeze, add melted honey to the resulting juice. Mix them with Cahors, add 10 ml of propolis tincture. Take start with a few drops, once a day. Within 10 days the volume is increased to a teaspoon.
  • Treatment of oncology with a margin. Dried psoric acid is poured with alcohol, at the rate of 1 tablespoon of porem on the floor of a glass of 95% alcohol. The mixture is infused in a dark cool place for 21 days, with daily shaking. Take 20 drops after a meal, a course of at least 60 days.
  • Bee products for the treatment of prostatitis. Melt pork fat, add 75 g of propolis, 4 g of pollen and royal jelly, 15 g of honey. Heat the mixture to a plastic state and form small suppositories. Candles apply at night.

Honey and bee products are a source of vitamins, amino acids and microelements. Their reception improves the quality of life. For strong immunity, for the beauty of hair and skin, for dealing with stress - bee products will be real helpers.

The value of bee products and their application

I chose my theme not in vain, in the winter, when my throat ached, my mother gave me warm milk with honey, rubbed my chest and back with honey so that I would not cough. And I quickly recovered!

I see the relevance of my work in the fact that in winter and spring, colds are ill for many people, and most often children, because they have weak immunity and do not have enough vitamins. Products that give a person a bee help him not only to cure diseases, but also to prevent them, as well as to remain young and energetic.

A lot of books have been written about the life of bees, because this insect will never cease to interest and amaze a person. Honeybees live in many thousands of families in which there is a division of labor and food.

There is only one queen in the bee colony, whose exceptional function is to lay eggs. The number of male drones is from 100 to 200 per family. Since they are not suitable for collecting nectar and pollen, by the winter they become a burden, and they are expelled from the nest (hive).

Most in the bee colony of working bees are toilers.

A honeybee lives only 4-6 weeks, and how much time it has to do during this time, how many professions it has managed to master! The first days of its life, the bee “works” as a cell cleaner, after four days it becomes a nurse, and on the eighth, as a nurse of the larvae: at this time the glands are well developed, producing so-called royal milk. Then she develops wax glands, and she becomes a builder - builds honeycombs, and in the meantime she takes nectar, processes and fills them with cells. She serves as a janitor - cleans and ventilates the hive, cleans friends arriving in the hive. But from the 20th day of his life and until his death, the bee is already at the most honorable position - honey picker. In good weather, the bee flies up to 60 times a day, bringing nectar to the goat. To fill the goiter, she needs to visit at least 1500 clover flowers. And to collect a tablespoon of honey, it is necessary to fly several million flowers.

People have long noticed: it is worth a bee to find the source of food, as soon hundreds of her friends fly to this place. It turns out that the bees speak the language of dance. By dancing, the bee tells its friends that food must be sought in one place or another.

The body of an adult bee (imago) is divided into 3 sections: the head, chest and abdomen.

Head. On the head there is a pair of antennae, called antennas, with which bees catch odors, even at a very large distance. The bee has five eyes.

Three simple eyes, which distinguish only the power of light and two complex eyes (one on each side), with which the bee sees objects, and especially clearly - moving ones.

The surface of the compound eye is divided into small sections of the facet, each of which contains a lens that builds its part of the visible image independently of the others. Therefore, the bees see the “picture” similar to a mosaic.

The oral apparatus consists of the upper and lower jaws, the upper and lower lips, which form a proboscis for sucking nectar.

Chest. Two pairs of wings and three pairs of legs are attached to the chest.

The wings interlock with each other by membranes and in flight act as a single whole, but they can be separated and slide one over the other.

This facilitates the movement of bees inside the flower during the collection of pollen and nectar, as well as in the cells of the combs, where they bring pollen and honey.

The legs of the bee (there are 6 of them) are adapted not only for movement on a solid surface, but also for performing various functions.

Ими она чистит тело, собирает и переносит пыльцу, строит гнездо. А еще ножками может пробовать на вкус нектар, воду и многое другое.

На ножках у рабочей пчелы есть корзиночка, в которую она собирает пыльцу.

Брюшко. В брюшке располагаются основные части пищеварительной системы и половые органы. It consists of six rings, and each ring consists of two half-rings. Thanks to such a device, the abdomen is easily stretched both in length and in width.

Outside, the entire body of the bee is covered with a thick layer of hairs, with which it collects pollen from buckwheat and other plants.

All the organs of the bee are adapted to collect nectar on flowering plants, part of which is later transformed into honey. Honey is the winter food of bees. After all, in the winter they do not sleep, and in December or in January the plants do not bloom. But not only bees need honey.

The composition of honey and its benefits for children.

Bee honey is a wonderful gift of nature, in the creation of which both bees and plants participate. This wonderful product contains more than one hundred components that are valuable to the human body. In composition, honey resembles human blood plasma!

Modern scientific studies have shown that ancient doctors and philosophers, not without reason, gave a high assessment to bee honey, considering it a longevity diet.

Bee honey is distinguished, above all, a pleasant, slightly sour taste. Natural honey in origin can be floral, mixed and padevogo.

The color of honey - from clear, like water, light yellow, lemon yellow, golden, dark yellow, brown green to black - depends on the coloring matter contained in nectar. Over time, the honey loses its original hue and crystallizes, brightens.

Honey of different types differs in aroma, it quickly and easily perceives the smells of the external environment, so it should not be stored next to products that have a strong smell.

Modern studies have shown that honey consists of water (16-21%) and dry matter, among which sugars predominate (up to 75%). These include glucose, fructose, sucrose, maltose, etc.

In addition to sugars, honey contains proteins (0. 04-0. 30%) of plant and animal origin, inorganic and organic acids (up to 0. 43%).

Of the minerals found in honey are salts of calcium, sodium, magnesium, iron, sulfur, chlorine, phosphorus. Calcium, for example, is an integral part of bone tissue, iron is part of the hemoglobin of the blood necessary for the transport of oxygen.

It has been established that honey contains almost all trace elements (aluminum, boron, iron, iodine, magnesium, sodium, sulfur, zinc, etc.) that are part of the blood and are actively involved in metabolic processes.

It contains vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, BC, carotene, catalase, invertase, lipase and other enzymes that actively influence the carbohydrate and protein metabolism of the human body, which act to strengthen and prevent the development of atherosclerosis.

In honey, there are also antibacterial, many other beneficial substances.

For the healing qualities of this natural product has no analogues.

Extremely useful honey growing body - children! After all, for growth and proper development, vitamins and other useful substances are necessarily needed.

With their help, it is possible to significantly improve the functional state of the central nervous system, nutrition of tissues and all organs, to ensure the full development of the body.

A healthy and cheerful child is always happiness for parents!

Went for honey bear.

On the cart was carrying a keg.

Only aunty bee

So much honey did not give.

Because many babies

Honey cure without pills!

In order for children not to get sick, study well at school, they must eat right. Often, children eat poorly - honey does not reduce appetite, which often happens when eating sweets that children eat before dinner, but on the contrary increases it.

Honey is the best friend of the stomach, popular wisdom says! In children who consume honey, there is an active activity of the digestive tract, increased appetite, they develop better and increase their growth faster.

As well as honey significantly increases vitality, delivering the necessary substances to it in the most convenient form.

Honey, in addition to proteins, which are the basis of our body, also contains folic acid, so necessary for children and adolescents. Folic acid is needed for cell division, growth and development of all organs and tissues, blood formation processes.

Children for excellent grades in school, as well as games need a lot of energy. Honey contains glucose and fructose, the splitting of which produces a large amount of energy.

Running and playing, children often fall and they get scratches, wounds, etc., honey has the ability to heal. This feature of honey is due to the content of substances possessing bactericidal properties, as well as anti-bacterial enzymes.

Honey is perfectly absorbed, without destroying the enamel of children's teeth. Therefore, dentists and other doctors recommend replacing sugar with honey as much as possible.

It is very useful to add it to dairy products: sour cream, cream, kefir, milk, cottage cheese.

It is good with chilled stewed fruit, jelly, cereals, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, grated carrots, fruits.

Honey is not only tasty, but also extremely healthy food. Regular use of honey helps to improve immunity, strengthen the nervous system, ensure deep and restful sleep.

The value of bee products and their application.

Bees give a person not only honey, but many other equally useful products. For example, propolis, royal jelly, bee venom, bee bread and pollen, beeswax, etc. A man began to use bee products as a remedy for a long time to get rid of diseases and ailments.

Propolis is a powerful remedy against diseases, possessing antimicrobial, antiseptic and antibacterial action. No wonder the bees are considered the cleanest insects on earth.

They process each cell before the uterus lays an egg with propolis, so that the larvae do not hurt.

It neutralizes bacterial and other toxins that enter our body, relieves vascular spasm, stimulates blood formation, gives a tonic and antitumor effects. There are many recipes for various diseases based on propolis.

Royal jelly bee is a highly nourishing substance produced by the pharyngeal glands of worker bees and it has truly fabulous beneficial effects.

It has a fairly pronounced bacteriostatic and bactericidal properties, increases vitality, especially in the elderly and children, improves appetite, normalizes metabolic processes in tissues, has anti-radiation properties, accelerates the excretion of various poisons, including heavy metals. Milk improves the activity of the cardiovascular system, has a positive effect on the work of the internal organs, retards the development of a number of tumors.

Bee venom is a clear liquid with a strong smell, somewhat reminiscent of the smell of honey, with a bitter and pungent taste. Despite the fact that beekeeping is the oldest industry, the chemical composition of bee venom has been studied relatively recently and not yet fully.

Modern medicine treatment with bee venom is most often carried out to reduce pain and inflammation in the joints and muscles of rheumatic and other origin, with neuralgia, sciatica, bronchial asthma, hypertension, migraine, poorly healing wounds and ulcers, thrombosis, etc.

Pollen and perga - is a bee product, they contain vital nutrients, vitamins, trace elements.

The main effect of pollen and pollen is a general tonic effect.

When they are taken, muscular strength increases, mental activity is stimulated, appetite improves, mood improves, and exhausted patients recover faster.

That is why pollen and pollen can be used not only as therapeutic agents, but also as dietary products rich in protein substances, carbohydrates, vitamins and trace elements.

Plant pollen can be an excellent source for producing large amounts of carotene (provitamin A).

Exceptionally rich in pollen and rutin (vitamin P), which is called the vitamin of youth.

One gram of it contains so many daily doses of this vitamin that it can protect several people from hemorrhages in the brain, retina and heart.

Bee products are used not only in medicine. They are widely used in the cosmetic industry.

If the eyes are the mirror of the soul, as they say in the people, then the skin is the mirror of health. Over the years, the skin loses its freshness and attractiveness.

But do not despair. No one has managed to stop old age, but it is possible to postpone the period of skin withering if desired.

A good tool for this are bee products.

Since ancient times, people used honey in cosmetics as a rejuvenating agent. The ancient Greeks used lipstick made with honey.

Honey and wax serve as the basis for many cosmetics. These are various creams (nourishing, astringent, cleansing, bleaching), ointments, lipsticks, face masks.

Wax is well absorbed by the skin and gives it elasticity, freshness and attractiveness.

Recently, other bee products have also found widespread use in cosmetics: royal jelly and pollen.

On their basis, prepare a cream for normal and oily skin.

Due to its nourishing and regenerating properties, pollen acts well on the skin of the face, prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

The effectiveness of cosmetic preparations from bee products is surprisingly “immediate and often amazing”!

The use of honey in the confectionery industry is widely known. We all have tried honey candies, gingerbreads, cakes. Many recipes can be prepared at home. These are biscuits, gingerbreads, cakes and various jams, drinks, kvass, jellies and much more.

Honey not only gives a good taste, but due to its unique blend of fructose and glucose, which is easily absorbed by the human body, is a source of energy.

No matter how honey is used (in combination with other products, juices, mixtures), the food becomes more tasty, more nutritious, healthier.

From the literature I have read, I learned a lot of interesting things about bees and their lives.

I found out what honey is made of and that it is very useful for us - children! I also learned that bees give not only tasty and nutritious honey, but also many other products that help a person to preserve youth, beauty, be smart, and most importantly HEALTHY!

Guys, I myself have experienced the beneficial properties of honey. And I advise you - before drinking pills, try to get treated with honey.

Medicinal properties of honey

Honey - the most popular product of beekeeping. Its composition varies depending on the pollen of which plants it was collected. Nectar is rich in vitamins and minerals, natural sugars and organic acids. Antibacterial, antiviral, anti-toxic and immunomodulating are distinguished from therapeutic properties. Another honey normalizes the nervous system, providing a calming effect on the human body.

Use honey

Honey treats many diseases.

  • Laying nectar, collected by bees, under the lower eyelid, treat eye diseases. This procedure improves blood circulation and dilates blood vessels. It also helps to improve the trophism of eye tissue.
  • The use of honey helps to get rid of toxins. Bee products have a positive effect on the work of the liver, which contributes to the rapid disposal of the body from toxins.
  • To relieve inflammation, the product is ingested. It helps to improve blood flow and lymph flow, as a result, the tissues get nutrients faster.
  • The microelements contained in honey make it suitable for the treatment of colds. Bee products are added to tea or drunk with milk, inhaled and rinsed. The method of use depends on the nature of the disease.
  • A solution with honey helps cure stomatitis.
  • Honey with water helps to get rid of nervous disorders, which should be drunk in 30-40 minutes. before sleep. 200 ml of water take 1 tbsp. l honey Water temperature should not exceed 40 ° С. At higher temperatures, the beekeeping product loses a number of useful properties.
  • The use of honey in the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system is justified. It is consumed fresh or diluted with water. To lower blood pressure, honey is added to carrot juice. Sometimes insulin is added to honey. But this tool is taken as prescribed by the attending physician and under his control.
  • With hypotension, bee products are also consumed under the supervision of a physician.

Allergy is a contraindication to the use of bee products, in the composition of which there is pollen.

Healing properties of wax

Wax is valued for its bactericidal properties. It has found application in traditional medicine. It is used in the manufacture of ointments and some mixtures aimed at combating inflammatory processes. Ointments with wax stimulate tissue regeneration, which contributes to the healing of wounds of various kinds: burns, ulcers, lacerated wounds, etc.

Use wax

Beeswax, which contains essential oils, fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements, is widely used not only in modern medicine, but also in cosmetology.

  • Ointment from beeswax, honey, aloe juice and tinctures of lily flowers helps prevent premature aging of the skin, removes shallow wrinkles.
  • In medicine, ointments with wax are used to treat skin diseases: eczema, psoriasis, depriving, etc. There are recipes of folk remedies, but it is better to use medical preparations that are sold in pharmacies.
  • Found the use of wax in the treatment of joints and spine. In addition to wax, cedar oil, mummy, shungite, wheat germ oil, aloe juice and wormwood tincture are included in the ointment.
  • Wax-based ointments are made on the basis of wax, which help even with trophic ulcers.
  • Ointment with wax helps in oncology, purulent otitis, mastopathy and boils in the throat.
  • When angina produces inhalation with beeswax and propolis.
  • Arthritis and pyelonephritis are treated with wax applications.

Bee pollen

Pollen plants - A very fine powder contained in the anthers surrounding the pistil of a flower. The pollen collected by a honey bee and glued together with the secrets of its glands is called bee pollen. In order to obtain a bee pollen, beekeepers install a special device at the entrance to the hive and a part of the bee “prey” remains on it.

bee products, bee pollen, plant pollen, pollen properties

Bee pollen contains more nutrients than honey. It consists of all the essential amino acids, about 30 macro and trace elements, including copper, cobalt, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, iodine and others, vitamins B, C, E, K, P, as well as carotene. Thanks to the rutin, which is part of the pollen in large quantities, it is an excellent prophylactic agent of heart disease. The chemical composition varies depending on the type of source plant. By combining pollen of various origins, bees prepare an optimal protein-vitamin concentrate for the wintering period. The appearance of pollen is grains of various shades and shapes measuring approximately 1-3 mm2 and weighing 7-10 mg. The color of the grains depends on the plant from which the pollen was collected. Fresh pollen is lighter. The taste is spicy, the smell of flower and honey. Since the moisture content of bee pollen is high enough, in order to increase its shelf life after collection, it is additionally dried in the shade or in a dryer.

For better absorption of pollen useful substances, it must be held under the tongue, sucked to dissolve. Most often they prepare a mixture with honey, let it stand for a few days and start taking it 1-2 times a day 20-30 minutes before a meal, preferably in the morning.

  • contains all the essential amino acids and macro-and micronutrients necessary for the normal development of a living organism,
  • increases vitality, performance and endurance,
  • normalizes blood count,
  • slows down the aging process
  • normalizes the body's functions during overstrain, exhaustion,
  • relieves fatigue and increases the threshold of fatigue,
  • is a means of preventing heart disease,
  • improves the body's ability to adapt to external factors, helps people who are sensitive to changing weather conditions,
  • helps with psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, anemia, hypertension, dysbacteriosis,
  • in combination with other means of herbal medicine, improving the properties of some of them, contributes to postoperative recovery of the body,
  • - normalizes the gastrointestinal tract,
  • - contributes to the rejuvenation of the skin.

As an immunomodulatory agent, pollen is used before the beginning of the infection period, as well as during the spring period, to maintain the body 2 times a day for 3 weeks. The best time to receive pollen for immunity purposes is October-November and February-March. Adults take 1 teaspoonful, children under seven years old take ½ teaspoonful, up to three years old take ¼. This amount of pollen can be mixed with honey, it is desirable to dissolve it well, it is possible to drink water.

For liver diseases, pollen is mixed with honey 1: 1 and used 3 times a day before meals, mixed with warm water at the rate of 1 dessert spoon per cup of water. Через 1-2 недели дозировку увеличивают до 1 столовой ложки на прием. Курс лечения два раза по 4-6 недель с перерывом между курсами в 2-3 недели.

Для восстановления сил и для получения эффектов, описанных выше, как средство ослабленным и часто простужающимся людям пыльцу применяют по 1/3-1 чайной ложке 3 раза в день.

- аллергия на цветочную пыльцу. Здесь необходимо сделать пояснение. Bee pollen is a recycled product. In order to carry the pollen to the hive, the bees glue it with a special secret, which contributes to its fermentation. Due to this, pollen causes allergy in itself extremely rarely, since allergens are destroyed. Such pollen on the contrary helps cleanse the body, removes toxins. But since pollen cannot completely remove pollution, some of them begin to stand out as usual for the body, for example, through the skin, causing the formation of acne and irritation. Allergy symptoms are a sign indicating that the body is contaminated and needs to be cleansed. In order to check the body's response to pollen, the first 2-3 doses should be done in the minimum dosage.

- when taking pollen like other products, you must comply with the measure. Each course of pollen intake should alternate with a long break. Excessive use of pollen can disrupt the body's vitamin balance, damage the liver, reduce blood clotting.

Pollen is stored in a dark place for no more than two years, since during storage the useful properties are lost.

Bee bread or bee bread - product obtained from bee pollen by additional processing. The collected pollen is placed by the bees in the honeycomb, compacted, filled with a mixture of honey and nectar with the addition of secretions of the salivary glands, hermetically sealed. As a result of fermentation under the influence of various microorganisms, perga is obtained, a product of dark brown color with a pleasant sour-sweet taste.

bee products, bee bread, bee bread

Due to the special processing and addition of honey, the composition of the bee bread is different. It contains a higher amount of carbon than bee pollen, much more vitamins A, E and B, but in turn is inferior to it in the amount of vitamin C.

Perga is better absorbed by the body compared to bee pollen and can be used with the same indications as pollen, especially if you need a faster effect. This product is also a little allergenic, since bee saliva destroys substances that can cause allergies.

For the purposes of prophylaxis, it is good to use perga 10–15 grams 1-2 times a day in the morning. The course is 1-2 months.

With a cold, flu, or sore throat, it is good to take 1 teaspoon of è for adults and ½ children 2 times a day.

In case of gastritis, colitis, ulcers of the stomach and duodenum, the perga, taken 1-2 times a day, helps to restore the microflora and gastrointestinal mucosa.

Perga is found on sale in two formats - in the form of six-sided columns, or in the form of a paste, from twisted pepper cells, mixed with a small amount of honey. On the one hand, the purchase of perga in the form of columns will be able to protect you from fakes, since this form is difficult to falsify. On the other hand, such a product is less useful because it has been processed - usually it is a long freeze to minus 20 degrees, drying, during which some of the useful properties disappear. Perga in the form of pasta is better stored and retains a greater amount of nutritional value.

Other names - bee glue, usa.

An adhesive collected by bees from buds and other parts of plants, used by bees for preventive maintenance in hives and as a disinfectant. Propolis is a variety of shades - gray-green, yellow-green, brown, dark red. It tastes bitter, slightly hot. The structure of propolis is dense, heterogeneous. Smell - specific resinous.

bee products, propolis, ouza, bee glue

Propolis is stored in a hermetically sealed container in a well-ventilated area at a temperature of not more than 25 degrees away from direct sunlight.

Propolis is known to people from ancient times. It is known that Aristotle, wanting to observe the passing in the hive, made it transparent. But the bees, not wanting to reveal their secrets, covered the walls of the hive with dark matter, propolis. Propolis used Avicenna and other healers of the past. There is evidence that Stradivari used propolis for varnishing his string creations.

The chemical composition of propolis is quite complex, including more than 50 substances, depending on various factors such as the species composition of the plant, season, the physiological state of the bees, and other factors. Propolis contains minerals - magnesium, potassium, selenium, copper, sodium, iron, zinc, manganese, cobalt, phosphorus, sulfur, aluminum, fluorine, calcium, and also vitamins of group B, C, E and A, a large number of amino acids, many of which are indispensable for man.

Propolis has pronounced antiviral, antimicrobial, antifungal properties. It is significant that, unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics, propolis is not addictive and resistant to microbes, viruses and fungi. Due to this, propolis helps the body to maintain a high level of protective forces for a long time. It is also significant that propolis destroys and removes foreign cells, while preserving the native microflora of the host organism intact. Other properties of propolis are anti-inflammatory, wound-healing, tonic, capillary-strengthening, choleretic, analgesic, antioxidant. The analgesic property of propolis is 52 times higher than the same indicator of novocaine.

Unlike other bee products, propolis retains its properties even when boiled.

As a means of preventing respiratory diseases, water infusion of propolis is prepared. The term of reception is 1-1.5 months. Children 1 / 3-1 / 2 tsp, teens and adults on a teaspoon-spoon 3 times daily before meals. The method of preparation of the solution is to put a piece of propolis and grate in the freezer for several hours, then grate and pour clean water at the rate of 1:10. Cap the lid and soak in a water bath at 80 degrees for 2-3 hours, strain hot. The resulting solution can be stored in the refrigerator for up to three months.

With a cold, you can use a solution prepared according to the above recipe of 3-4 drops in each nostril, slightly diluted with water if necessary.

With varicose-trophic ulcers, ointment with propolis will help. For its preparation it is necessary to mix butter (50 g) and pre-crushed propolis (10-15 g). Bring the mixture to a boil, and then simmer on very low heat for 5 minutes, ensuring that propolis dissolves as much as possible. Cool the prepared ointment, and then strain through a frequent sieve or gauze.

In case of gastric and duodenal ulcers, the following remedy is prepared - melt one enameled dish and bring 1 kg of oil to a boil, then add 100 g of crushed propolis and continue cooking for 15 minutes at a temperature of 80 degrees. Filter through gauze and apply 1 teaspoon 3 times a day one hour before meals for 3 weeks.

With laryngitis, sore throat, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, you can chew a piece of propolis (3-4 g) for 20 minutes 2-3 times a day.

If a tooth aches and whines on a sore spot or a pea-sized propolis is applied to the sore tooth.

For the treatment of colitis and gastrointestinal diseases, a pea-sized (0.5 g) sized propolis chews for a long time 3-4 times a day for a month.

Bee products: propolis

Even in ancient Rome, the therapeutic properties of this product have received their scientific rationale. He is known to everyone who uses bee products for treatment. Propolis is also called bee glue or uzoy. The composition of propolis is unique and complex. This is a great antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory drug. It improves the composition of the blood, in the role of a radio projector provides the body exposed to background radiation, the necessary protection from the disastrous consequences.

Medicinal properties of propolis are being studied to this day. Recommendations for use are as follows:

  • eye injuries,
  • burns, frostbite and other skin damage,
  • oral diseases,
  • high cholesterol
  • inflammations
  • problems with heart.

Since ancient times, tinctures of bee products have been used to make physicians on the basis of propolis, dissolving it in alcohol. Also prepared a variety of ointments.

His ability to rejuvenate and moisturize problem skin has long been noted. So the cosmetic remedy out of it is beautiful. Also, propolis is a component of hair care products. It will accelerate their growth and prevent baldness.

The healing properties of pollen

Bee pollen, like all bee products, is rich in a number of elements. The number of essential amino acids in its composition, more than honey. It is also rich in vitamins, micro and macronutrients. Doctors recommend to use bee pollen in the recovery period of the body after injuries, serious diseases and surgical interventions.

Use of pollen

The healing properties of pollen are most often used to treat diseases of the cardiovascular system and increase potency in men.

  • This bee product is used in the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias. She also helps to normalize blood pressure and get rid of hypertension.
  • Pollen improves the well-being of patients suffering from vascular dystonia.
  • Doctors recommend regular use of pollen for people with coronary heart disease.
  • Pollen is prescribed to people who have had a heart attack. It is also a preventive measure against strokes.
  • In folk medicine, bee pollen is used to treat anemia.
  • With regular use of pollen improves the composition of the blood, increases the level of hemoglobin.
  • In combination with exercise, beekeeping helps to lose weight.
  • Thanks to its vitamins, pollen is used to strengthen the immune system. It helps in the treatment of viral diseases and normalizes the nervous system.

Medicinal properties of propolis

Propolis, or bee glue, is valued for its antiseptic properties. It is part of many drugs.

Propolis cleanses the body of toxins, prolongs youth and promotes healing of wounds. The elements that make up propolis make it possible to treat it as an antidepressant. Propolis makes the human body more resistant to radiation.

Use of propolis

Among all the products of beekeeping, propolis has the widest application.

  • Propolis is used in the treatment of a wide range of cardiovascular diseases, including hypertension, arrhythmia, atherosclerosis, cardiosclerosis, vascular dystonia, phlebitis and thrombophlebitis, pericarditis, myocarditis, myocardial dystrophy, and heart failure. It strengthens the blood vessels and is used to prevent heart attacks and strokes. In folk medicine, a means prescribed for varicose veins.
  • Bee glue normalizes the digestive tract. It is prescribed for ulcers, colitis, Helicobacter pylori, metiorism, dysbacteriosis, constipation, biliary and intestinal infections, gastric flu, food poisoning, diphtheria and hemorrhoids.
  • It also helps bee glue in the treatment of respiratory diseases, in particular, viral infections, colds, bronchitis and bronchial asthma, rhinitis, lung diseases, tuberculosis, pneumonia and infections of the sinuses.
  • Tinctures and ointments based on propolis are used to treat gynecological diseases: erosion, fibroids, fibromas, endometriosis, vulvovaginitis and vaginal herpes. Another bee glue is used to increase potency and treat diseases of the urogenital system: prostatitis, urethritis, bladder disease, prostate adenoma, impotence.
  • Bee glue helps with cancer of any nature, and in particular - cancer of the prostate gland, cervix, larynx and intestines. Treatment, which includes taking medication, should be monitored by a doctor.
  • The treatment of caries, stomatitis, gingvinitis and parodontosis is justified by this beekeeping product. Bee glue helps with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, treats skin diseases, diabetes, prevents the appearance of first wrinkles, relieves headaches and strengthens the immune system. It is recommended as a prophylactic against senile diseases.

Use of zabrus

  • Honey signet strengthens the immune system and helps to treat viral diseases: influenza, acute respiratory infections, ODS, etc. It removes inflammatory processes and helps in the treatment of diseases of the respiratory system: sinusitis, rhinitis, bronchitis, autumn fever.
  • Zabrus normalizes the digestive tract and improves appetite, lowers cholesterol in the blood and improves the composition of the blood.
  • Honey signet is used to treat diseases of the oral cavity and the musculoskeletal system.

Honey signet is consumed in its pure form, chewed 1 tsp. every 60 min. with viral diseases, 1 tsp. three times a day with autumn fever and 1 tsp. after eating in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Medicinal properties of perga

Perga is richer in potassium, iron and magnesium than other bee products. It contains more trace elements, amino acids and vitamins than honey. Prescriptions for the preparation of means of perga does not exist. It is taken in its pure form. It is a fermented pollen collected by bees.

Use of perga

Perga is often used in cosmetology. Cream based on it improves skin condition and removes wrinkles. Has found application perga and in medicine.

  • Perga helps to strengthen the immune system. It has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, relieves heart pain, which are the result of a lack of potassium in the body.
  • Perga is used to treat male and female diseases, benign tumors. The daily dose of perga should not exceed 10 g for adults, and 1 g for children.

Use Royal Jelly

The value of royal jelly is that it has a restorative effect on the body. The body of sick patients is filled with forces to combat any disease.

  • The homing milk is included in the composition of preparations intended for the treatment of the liver, thyroid gland, adrenal glands and kidneys, diseases of the cardiovascular system. It helps in the treatment of pancreatitis and ulcers, tumors, Addison's disease. It is also prescribed for infectious diseases.
  • Biologically active substances included in royal jelly, improve the condition of women during menopause.
  • The use of bee milk is invaluable in the treatment of skin diseases, wounds and burns.
  • The benefits of royal jelly with infertility and diabetic foot ulcer have not been proven to date, but in folk medicine it is widely used to treat these ailments.

Recipes for the preparation of folk remedies include only 2 elements: royal jelly and honey. The tool may include 1% or 2% of royal jelly of the total weight.


Honey, wax, perga, royal jelly - the most popular beekeeping products, but there are others. This, for example, is the merva, which remains after the honeycomb swelling. It is rich in wax, but the technology of wax production is difficult, and it is difficult to implement it at home, therefore the town is given to processing in special workshops, and only wax extracted from it is used.

It has healing properties and bee subsurus, which is a dry calf of dead bees. It improves the cardiovascular system, helps get rid of skin and gynecological diseases, prevents damage to brain vessels, helps restore men's health and eliminates problems with hearing and vision.

Bee venom also has beneficial properties, which helps with osteochondrosis and arthritis, atherosclerosis and rheumatism, and nervous and skin diseases. Among the beekeepers popular and tincture of the wax moth, which is a parasite in bee hives. She treats asthma and pneumonia, bronchitis, anemia and ischemia, myocardial infarction and atherosclerosis, liver disease, male and female diseases. Per 100 ml of alcohol take 10 g of larvae that have not yet turned into pupae.

All bee products are good for the human body and each has special properties.

Bee primor

Consider another bee product. Podmor is nothing but the bodies of dead bees. Chitin, which covers them, contains heparin and heparoids, which are able to stabilize blood pressure, suppress inflammation, and act in a healing way on blood vessels and blood vessels.

This product is also used for toothaches, dropsy or ulcers, lichen, rheumatism and eye diseases. It dissolves urinary stones.

Use bee primer as a dry powder, tincture, decoction or ointment.