Why does the belly swell before menstruation?


Each girl has its own set of signs, by which she knows for sure that her period is approaching. One of the most common phenomena is bloating. Critical days on the nose, and your favorite jeans do not converge at the waist. The situation is unnerving, causes dissatisfaction with his own figure. However, not all of the fair sex observe this sign before menstruation. Why does the stomach swell before menstruation? What is the cause of this phenomenon? Is it possible to avoid it?

Why the stomach is inflated before menstruation

The change in the size and shape of the abdomen is influenced by several factors:

  • body type,
  • press availability
  • elasticity of the muscles of the uterus.

In girls with a developed muscular system, bloating before menstruation can be extremely rare. But in the case of full-bodied women, the stomach is swollen very noticeably. In addition, on the eve of menstruation, the uterus also undergoes a change. With a weak elasticity of the muscles of the body increases in size, leading to bloating.

The change in the shape of the abdomen before menstruation occurs for several reasons.

  1. Hormonal transformation

After ovulation, the girl's body begins to prepare for the adoption of a fertilized egg, the onset of pregnancy, even if this did not happen. Under the influence of hormones, the uterus increases in size, becomes soft. An additional layer of the endometrium is formed. The modified uterus affects the nearby internal organ - the intestines. If the muscles are poorly developed, abdominal distention may occur. In addition, hormones affect the body's fat cells. Their number increases significantly throughout the second phase of the monthly cycle. Accordingly, changing the shape of the abdomen.

  1. Intestinal peristalsis

When preparing the body for menstruation, there is a rush of blood to the organs of the small pelvis - the ovaries, the uterus, and also to the vessels of the intestines. For this reason, a slight indigestion may occur before menstruation, bloating, gas formation, rumbling are observed.

On the eve of the monthly there is an accumulation of fluid in the body of a girl. In the process of menstruation, a relatively large amount of blood and micronutrients is lost. The body takes care of that this process does not damage women's health, namely, it is stored in liquid. By and large, it doesn’t matter to him where to accumulate it. Some girls have swollen legs, others have face, arms, and others have belly swelling. When your period ends, everything will return to normal.

The release of a ripe egg from the follicle is accompanied by a hormonal surge, some painful sensations. The onset of ovulation is felt by women with high sensitivity. After that, the stomach begins to swell gradually, and by the beginning of the month it will visually increase in size. A feeling of discomfort begins to arise.

  1. Neoplasms and pathological processes

Monthly entails many changes within the body. The load gets almost every body. If there are problems with the gastrointestinal tract, it is highly likely that the intestines will be sensitive. It will cause gas, rumbling, an increase in the size of the lower abdomen. In addition, the stomach is inflated and in the presence of gynecological diseases. Namely, with uterine myoma, a tumor of a different nature. If this premenstrual syndrome began to occur unexpectedly and is accompanied by other pain symptoms, it is necessary to undergo an examination.

Do not forget that the stomach increases with the onset of pregnancy. In the body, hormonal transformations, accumulation of fluid and fat cells begin, the blood flow changes, the uterus increases significantly in size. On the eve of menstruation, pregnancy is considered as a usual delay, however, it is not worthwhile to postpone the pregnancy test for a long time.

How to prevent bloating before menstruation

You can avoid unpleasant phenomena. To do this, you must follow certain rules:

  • In the second phase of the menstrual cycle, you need to change the power. Food should facilitate the process of digestion, without loading the intestines. Light food cooked or steamed. Avoid foods that cause gas formation. For example, cabbage, beans, coffee, fresh cucumbers, milk.
  • It will be necessary to limit the use of salt. This component contributes to the accumulation of fluid in the body. Refuse should salty food, smoked.
  • Carbonated drinks, alcohol in the form of wine, beer will have to be excluded.
  • Vitamins B, as well as potassium, magnesium, have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the digestive organs. Reception of a complex of vitamins will not only relieve the stomach, but also improve the condition before menstruation. Soothe the nervous system.
  • To reduce flatulence before menstruation allow decoctions of herbs - chamomile, mint, lemon balm. To 1 cup boiling water for 0.5 teaspoons of each ingredient. Infused 15-20 minutes. You can add a spoonful of honey. To drink in a heat, as usual tea.

Will help get rid of the unpleasant phenomenon of sex. Sexual intercourse affects blood flow, improves the functioning of the digestive organs, psychologically distracts from the exciting issue. And when the monthly period ends, the woman will again fall in love with her tummy.

Why does the belly swell before menstruation?

  1. Before menstruation, the abdomen increases as a result of the body's production of elevated levels of progesterone, which is designed to relax smooth muscles: the uterus in a woman becomes swollen, soft, prepared for embryo adoption, with possible conception.
  2. Also, under the influence of hormones in a woman, as a rule, fluid is retained in the body before menstruation: it can increase in the volume of the limb, there can be internal edema, including an increase in the abdomen during menstruation. Then the woman feels her belly swell. It is believed that during menstruation, the woman is worse excreted water from the body, but at the end of menstruation the abdomen takes its usual size.
  3. It happens that a woman has a pouting abdomen, but there are no menses. This may be one of the signs of having a pregnancy. In the case of a positive pregnancy test, it is necessary to consult a doctor as soon as possible, since this may indicate the presence of uterine tone, as a result of which a miscarriage may occur.
  4. However, if the pregnancy test is negative, and the stomach is inflated and pain is noted, this is an alarming signal and requires the advice of a gynecologist.
  5. If the abdomen is inflated in the middle of the menstrual cycle and pain is felt, then this may be the so-called ovulatory pain that occurs in a woman as a result of a follicle rupture. Such abdominal distension and pain is not a pathology and does not require intervention from the medical staff. However, in order to exclude possible pathological conditions of the uterus and pelvic organs, it is necessary to conduct an ultrasound study in addition to visiting a doctor.
  6. With uterine myoma, a woman may also feel bloating, pain, absence of menstruation, swelling of the entire body. In this case, medical assistance is also necessary to prevent the development of tumor diseases.

Abdominal bloating before menstruation is a sign that a woman has premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

In addition to the physiological changes occurring in the body of a woman during the onset of menstruation, she may experience psychological discomfort:

  • feeling unattractive as a result of the increased lower abdomen,
  • there is often a bad mood caused by the influence of hormones during the onset of menstruation,
  • general weakness, weakness.

What to do if a woman has a stomach swelling before menstruation?

Initially, you need to determine the cause of bloating on the threshold of menstruation. If this is a physiological feature of the body, a sign of PMS, then you just need to adjust the woman’s diet two weeks before the menstruation: reduce the amount of carbohydrates consumed, excessively salty foods and increase the amount of protein foods. You should also exclude from the diet of legumes, cabbage, over-calorie food (flour and sweet).

To get rid of edema and as a result, reduce bloating before menstruation, you can use folk remedies: make diuretic decoctions of lingonberries, cranberries.

Many women have a distended stomach before menstruation. But what exactly is it - a feature of the body or the pathological condition of a woman - can only be told by a gynecologist after the examination and obtaining data on the results of an ultrasound diagnosis.

Hormonal changes

After a successful ovulation occurring every month, the female body prepares for the adoption of the fertilized female germ cell, its consolidation and growth in the uterine cavity. In order for the fertilized cell to develop as needed, the uterus must be properly prepared. To this end, in the female body there is a huge release of hormones that affect the increase in the uterus and its softening during pregnancy. Even if the baby was not conceived, hormonal release still occurs and causes changes in the uterus.

Also, the vasopressin hormone produced in a woman's body affects bloating during menstruation. Its main function is to reduce the amount of urination in a woman to a minimum. Together with the parallel hormones - progesterone, prolactin and the hormone estrogen, the body achieves the effect of fluid retention on the eve of the onset of critical days. Such a mechanism in the female body laid by nature and its main goal is to avoid a stressful situation for the body with the loss of significant amounts of blood.

A greater amount of fluid in the female body accumulates before menstruation in the cells of adipose tissue. This process can also contribute to the development of edema in the lower and upper extremities, as well as in the pelvic area.


As a rule, a woman learns about her pregnancy only after a significant delay in menstruation. Up to this point, they are not aware of the presence in the body of a new life. And the uterus prepared by hormones gradually increases more and more. Such a process may, at an early stage of pregnancy, contribute to pushing the intestines up slightly. This small push-up is enough to cause swelling in this position of the intestine.

But if a woman is pregnant, the lower abdomen can swell for a more serious reason. Often it is hypertonicity of the uterus, which means that the muscles of the uterus are over-stressed. Such a situation can provoke a miscarriage. Its main symptom is a sharp, sharp pain that accompanies the inflation of the abdomen in a woman, often while he aches.

Therefore, if a woman has any suspicions about pregnancy before menstruation, or there is a delay for only a couple of days, and the lower abdomen is inflated, it is necessary to immediately take a pregnancy test and, in the event of a positive result, do not delay to consult a gynecologist.

Ovulation is another of the many reasons that cause bloating during menstruation. It represents the release of a fully mature egg cell from the follicle. If a woman is particularly sensitive, she can even feel this process (there is an unpleasant, aching, but not a little pain in the lower abdomen) and thus calculate the day the menstruation begins.

Ovulation is accompanied by the release of hormones into the female body, the purpose of which is to prepare the latter for pregnancy. The work of hormones in the body leads to a gradual increase in the size of the abdomen by increasing the uterus. A woman's abdominal distention begins to be felt and noticed on the day before menstruation or on the first day of the cycle. Such a process may be the cause of delivering serious discomfort to a woman and affect her well-being.

Why does the belly swell before menstruation? A couple of weeks before the onset of menstruation, a woman’s body significantly reduces the formation of a hormone, whose function is to maintain a good mood. This process stimulates the development of depression, nervousness and severe irritability in girls.

In order to at least somehow improve their mood, women resort to eating sweets and other goodies, without worrying about whether they are useful or not. Such actions provoke flatulence, constipation and excessive gas formation, therefore, in the run-up to menstruation, the stomach may increase and become hard. It can also inflate, whine and puff. You can get rid of this problem by maintaining proper nutrition and eating foods that contain a large amount of nutrients and vitamins.

To avoid unwanted gas formation and bloating, it is recommended:

  1. Control the amount of water consumed - it should not be less than 2.5 liters per day.
  2. Avoid smoked foods, chocolate, seasonings and pickles 2 weeks before your period.
  3. Reduce the amount of salt consumed to a minimum.
  4. Increase the consumption of foods containing B vitamins (buckwheat, nuts, broccoli, liver, etc.).
  5. Do not consume foods that cause gas.
  6. Do not drink carbonated drinks, sweet water, energy and alcohol.
  7. Get a complex of vitamins - it is important that it contains potassium, magnesium, zinc and calcium. They will help keep intestinal motility normal.

Intestinal problems

In addition to the fact that hormones, which are thrown out by the female organism at stake on critical days, also affect bloating, during this period of time the problems with a bowel can affect it:

  • dysbacteriosis - the intestine that is free from the necessary amount of beneficial bacteria suffers and often begins to malfunction in full function, which can cause bloating,
  • diseases of the abdominal organs - adversely affect the work of the intestine and pancreas. As a result, food entering the body is worse digested and absorbed,
  • intestinal obstruction, which prevents the removal of gases in the body,
  • the presence in the woman's body of worms,
  • existing intestinal infections - may be accompanied by severe vomiting and fever.

How to get rid of bloating

Why the stomach is inflated before menstruation - we found out.

But how to get rid of such unpleasant menstrual syndrome? What to do to help yourself get rid of gases and prevent their occurrence? The use of decoctions of the following herbs can help:

A woman can also reduce an enlarged belly with the help of regularly performed exercises:

  1. The original sitting position. Strain your stomach as much as possible, and then relax it as much as possible. In each position, linger just 2-3 seconds. Exercise is performed up to 4 times a day, 10-12 times.
  2. Starting position lying on its side. Bend your legs at the knees and in this position clasp them with both hands. Tighten your legs to the stomach as if trying to reach the chest. The number of repetitions is 15.
  3. Lying on your back, bend both lower limbs at the knee joints. Place your hands on the stomach with your palms. Slowly exhaling, press with palms on the lower abdomen, holding the breath at the end point for up to 4 seconds. Then inhaling slowly, iron the stomach in a clockwise direction.

How many days do you need to use these exercises in order to get the desired effect?

It is better to start 2 weeks before the onset of critical days and stop exercising on the first day of menstruation.

Alexey Razuvaev

Psychologist, online consultant. Specialist from the website

hmmm I have the same thing happening. just trying to eat less

Just the body fluid accumulates before menstruation, so it should be.

I have the same pancake: (((

unfortunately, eating less does not help!: (now I go to interviews I have to pull my belly in so much that I don’t think that I’m pregnant.

unfortunately, eating less does not help!: (now I go to interviews I have to pull my belly in so much that I don’t think that I’m pregnant.

I, too, like this: (and still chest pains is unbearable: (

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And in general I swell all over and my face swells up and the stomach the more painful the days the worse the gray face.

Same stuff ! And there is at least something not very good, especially before M! Just what that pig))))))).

This accumulation of fluid as a result of hormonal imbalance! Here is the link - how to avoid it -

I used to have it this way, I didn’t eat heavy food these days and drank kefir for the night, it seemed to be getting better, but now everything went by itself, but my chest aches 2-3 days before menstruation and increases))

I have the same. all of a sudden, the belly becomes pregnant, and as the menses begin to deflate immediately. I eat a little, nothing helps, it also constantly inflates it from the inside, puts pressure on all organs, it hurts a lot, it makes me sick. ощущение что внутри насосом накачивают и раздувает аж до горла, т.е. раздувает где живот и до груди, просто сил нет.

Девчонки, я с вами) У меня аж за неделю до "красных дней" живот становится огромным, так у кого за 3 дня - это еще ничего, терпимо. У меня на эти дни спецодежда приготовлена - широкий свитер (или кофточка), брюки "на резинке". Ненавижу это время, чувствую себя толстушкой, даже наклоняться тяжело.
The doctor advised Remens, saw 2 months - no changes.

oo as i understand you. my stomach is also enlarged as if for 6 months ((.
And the chest aches.
and on the first day of menstruation begins to feel sick and vomit (((so nasty ((((((((

Damn and I have the same problem.

here is your message

+4 kg. the stomach is swollen as if it were pregnant, and it persists constantly.
I have it stable for a week and a half to M

I did not try to drink anything because as soon as they start. the stomach subsides immediately and you feel straight out that the swelling is subsiding the water is gone

Damn, I felt like my stomach began to grow five days before M. And the truth is, it feels like pregnant -_-. Huge belly, lean hard, just like a ball in the stomach of some kind! >

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Why does the stomach swell?

The reasons for this phenomenon may be different. They are explained:

  1. Features of intestinal motility. In preparation for the monthly work of the body is concentrated in the pelvis. The genital organs and intestines close to them are affected by the blood flow to the uterus and appendages. The period of PMS and menstruation is characterized by slight digestive disorders, including increased gas formation.
  2. Hormones.They help prepare the body for pregnancy. The endometrium, saturated with blood vessels, grows in the uterus. The uterus softens and swells. The abdominal musculature responds accordingly. If there is no physical fitness, it increases.
  3. Puffiness.Abdominal distension may be caused by fluid retention in the body. This is because during menstruation blood loss and loss of salts, trace elements are expected. They need something to compensate. Some girls begin to swell the legs, others - the fingers on the hands, the third lower abdomen swells.
  4. Ovulation If the stomach aches and swollen, and there is still enough time before the menstrual period, then this may be a sign of ovulation, because when the egg leaves the ovary, a small but trauma occurs.
  5. Pregnancy. If the time of menstruation comes, but they do not start, and the stomach increases, you can do a pregnancy test. If it is confirmed, but there are pains in the stomach, you may have an ectopic pregnancy or the threat of miscarriage.
  6. New growths. Abdominal distention combined with swelling and pain may indicate uterine myoma and other tumors.

What to do with bloating?

Why does the belly swell before menstruation? If this happens to you, you can use these tips:

  • A couple of weeks before menstruation, follow a sparing diet, eat simple foods to facilitate the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Eliminate legumes, cabbage, sweet, flour, foods rich in carbohydrates, increase the intake of protein foods.
  • It is necessary to reduce the use of pickles and smoked foods that are harmful to the gastrointestinal tract, retain water in the body, increase puffiness.
  • Do not drink coffee, alcohol or carbonated drinks.
  • Drink decoction of chamomile, which will improve intestinal motility, will serve as a weak diuretic. Useful also broths from lingonberries, cranberries.
  • On the eve of menstruation, you can eat a banana, a little chocolate, and have sex to improve your health and mood.
  • Take B vitamins, potassium, magnesium. This will help the bowels, relieve irritability.
  • Wear loose clothing that does not constrict the abdomen and appendages.

When should I see a doctor immediately?

Sometimes it happens that you recover significantly before menstruation, but it does not occur. However, the stomach aches and swells, headaches and mood swings appear, as in PMS. What is the reason?

If the abdomen is enlarged and sore, and the periods have not come on time, this should be a reason for going to a gynecologist. Such violations may indicate the occurrence of inflammatory processes in the uterus, or the development of myomatosis. Sometimes the deterioration of health is associated with the onset of pregnancy, so you need to check in anyway!

So, when you get better before menstruation, it's not scary - it is absolutely normal. If there are no problems with the menstrual cycle, and the state of health does not deteriorate sharply, then there should be no reason for panic. The main thing is to follow the simple rules described above, which will come to the rescue not only in "these", but in all other days of a woman's life!

Causes of bloating before menstruation

Every woman's body is individual and therefore all women endure the menstruation period differently. But besides “these days” female organisms behave differently and are preparing for the offensive of the latter.

At the same time, bloating before menstruation is often a symptom of approaching critical days in a larger number of women. But the reasons provoking such a condition in girls are also individual.

In this article you will find answers to such questions:

  • What can cause bloating
  • Is it possible to avoid such an unpleasant pre-monthly symptom?
  • How to try to prevent the occurrence of bloated belly syndrome

Why does the belly increase before menstruation?

Why does the belly swell before menstruation? This is a question that concerns girls not only from an aesthetic point of view. An increase in the abdomen before the onset of menstruation is a common phenomenon that can push a woman to the idea that she has serious health problems.

Surely, every second representative of the fair sex is familiar with the situation when, 7-14 days before menstruation, you recover by 1.2, and sometimes even 3 kilograms! But you should not be afraid of such an “anomaly” - it is often absolutely safe, but to make sure of this, let's look at its most basic reasons.

We find out the reasons

So, why does the belly increase shortly before the onset of menstruation? First of all, we note that for every woman the period of PMS is different, therefore not everyone can experience such an “anomaly”. It all depends on several factors:

  • the physique of a woman
  • abdominal muscles training,
  • elasticity of the uterine muscles.

We now turn to a direct consideration of the reasons why the stomach is inflated before the menstruation. The most common factors that contribute to this include:

  1. Changes in intestinal motility. Before the onset of menstruation, the body concentrates on the functioning of the pelvic organs. A copious amount of blood begins to flow to the uterus, its appendages and the intestine adjacent to them, which can even lead to minor disorders of the digestive process. As a result, women complain that they are puffy, their stomach hurts and their abdomen increases, and even nausea can occur.
  2. Hormonal changes - one of the most common reasons why the lower abdomen is inflated shortly before the onset of menstruation. But this happens often in women with weak muscles.
  3. The accumulation of fluid in the tissues. Monthly - a period of moderately profuse blood loss, also accompanied by the removal of a certain amount of vitamins and minerals. Trying to compensate for them, 1-2 weeks before the onset of menstruation, the body begins to actively store water. As a result, not only the stomach increases - swelling on the arms, legs, face can also form.
  4. Ovulation. Maturation and release of the egg in each woman occurs at different times of the cycle. But sometimes the fact that the stomach hurts and swells a little is caused by this process. If there is still a lot of time before menstruation, but such ailments have already appeared, it means that ovulation has occurred.

These are the main reasons why the stomach swells before the onset of menstruation. They do not require medical intervention, because at the end of the menstruation pass themselves.

If the stomach is inflated before menstruation, what to do?

Having understood the reasons why the belly increases before the onset of menstruation, let us try to understand how to prevent this trouble. To reduce discomfort, you should follow these recommendations:

  • 1-2 weeks before “these days” one cannot overfill the intestines: due to overeating, a woman during menstruation can not only become swollen - it can also cause stomach pain and nausea,
  • shortly before menstruation, you should avoid eating fatty, spicy, salty, smoked (such products lead to the retention of a large amount of fluid in body tissues, which causes weight gain),
  • It should be excluded from the diet of raw vegetables and fruits, chips and legumes, especially if before the menstruation or during their length a woman is severely puffed up and her stomach hurts,
  • you need to take vitamin complexes containing vitamin E and folic acid.

These are measures that help prevent an increase in the abdomen before the onset of menstruation. If it is inflated during "these" days, you need:

  • eliminate coffee or reduce the amount of its use,
  • to feed fractionally (when the stomach is severely puffy and the stomach hurts, this prevents an additional load on the intestines),
  • do a light massage of the lower back and abdomen,
  • take magnesium based drugs.

These simple but effective tips will help relieve discomfort and bloating during menstruation, as well as contribute to improving the overall condition of the woman.

What are the reasons for swelling of the stomach before menstruation?

Unique creatures - women. Often appearances betray more value than their own health.

As it happens - the menstruation is approaching and the stomach is again inflated! Again, your favorite jeans are beginning to crush unbearably. It seems that this tum can see everything and poke his fingers! Horrible!

There are 3 questions - who is to blame, why is this happening and what to do? Let's try to deal with the physiology.

It should be noted that not all of the fair sex before menstruation increases belly. Premenstrual syndrome in all manifests itself in different ways.

Symptoms, in particular, an increase in the abdomen have an effect:

  • body features,
  • physical training - muscle corset,
  • elasticity of the muscles of the uterus.

Why is the stomach swollen - who is to blame?

The reasons why the stomach is inflated may be several:

  1. Intestinal peristalsis.
    When the body prepares for menstruation, it focuses its work on the pelvic area. Inflow of blood to the uterus and appendages affects not only the genitals, but also the intestines adjacent to them. Mild digestive disorders, including increased gas formation, are characteristic of the PMS and menstruation periods.
  2. Hormones.
    Thanks to these biologically active substances undergo the process of preparation for pregnancy. In the uterus, the endometrial layer grows, saturated with blood vessels. The uterus before menstruation becomes soft, swollen. The abdominal musculature responds accordingly. If there is no hard-trained muscle corset, the tum will visually increase.
  3. PuffinessThe second reason for bloating before menstruation is fluid retention. This is logical - there will be a loss of blood, and with it a loss of salts, microelements, and it needs to be replenished with something.

The body does not care in which part of the body to make a strategic supply of water during premenstrual syndrome. Some women have swollen legs, others have their fingers, while others have lower abdomen.

  • Ovulation.
    Before the monthly time is more than enough, and the stomach pouted and whines? This may be a sign of ovulation. The release of an egg from the ovary is a small, but still trauma. Some women experience ovulatory pain, others do not. But if this sensation arose for the first time or is accompanied by additional symptoms, it is better to be examined.
  • Pregnancy.
    If it is time for menstruation, but there is still no bleeding, it makes sense to do a pregnancy test. Especially if there are additional signs - bloating, heaviness in the chest, nausea. The test showed two strips, congratulations, you can not worry about menstruation. But if this causes pain in the lower abdomen, then you should definitely visit a doctor. Pain syndrome occurs with the threat of miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy. Therefore, you should definitely be examined.
  • Neoplasm.
    Puffiness, tenderness, bloating - these can be symptoms of uterine fibroids and other neoplastic processes. If the symptoms are increasing, then you need to visit a gynecologist.
  • Attention! If the temperature rises abruptly before the menstrual period, the abdomen swells, the pain increases, vomiting begins, the legs become swollen - consult a doctor immediately. Do not delay the time, do not ask questions on the Internet "what and why" - you only worsen the situation.

    Bloating - what to do?

    If, before menstruation, you swell or have a distended stomach, and you are not pregnant, the question arises - how to avoid an unpleasant condition?

    There are several tips:

    1. A week or two before menstruation should follow a sparing diet, eat healthy and easy to digest food, to facilitate the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Avoid bloating (cabbage, beans).
    2. Reduce your intake of salted and smoked food. Chips, crackers, salted and smoked fish - this is harmful for the digestive tract, in addition, salt retains water, greatly increasing puffiness. As a result, your favorite jeans didn’t come together before the menstruations.
    3. Exclude carbonated beverages, coffee, alcohol, especially those that lead to fermentation (beer, wine)
    4. Improve intestinal motility will help decoction of chamomile. This same grass has a weak diuretic effect.
    5. Before your monthly allow yourself some pleasures - eat a banana, a piece of chocolate, have sex. This will improve your mood and a slightly swollen tummy will not upset you.
    6. Reception of vitamins of group B, potassium and magnesium can be of substantial help. These vitamins not only favorably affect the work of the intestine, but also relieve such symptoms of PMS as nervousness, irritability, tearfulness.

    In general, do not get too upset that the waist has increased by several centimeters. And, as a result, to suffer their own inferiority.

    Swelling and puffiness will pass literally in a few days, along with menstrual periods.

    In the meantime, wear comfortable clothes that do not press on the stomach and the area of ​​the appendages and give up the tight fitting things. Not only will you not suffer from the pain, such clothes will also hide your temporary "life preserver"!

    puchitis before menstruation or pregnancy

    Help girls, I read almost the entire branch, but I didn’t find my problem, I’m after IVF, now the early stage of pregnancy (if you believe the tests, and I made a lot of them), the baby is welcome, I have a question: so that I don’t eat my stomach and I do not understand what a stomach ache hurts or pulls the lower abdomen. can from tablets (folic, magne b6, detsinon, vitamin *****)? Although I tried not to drink Magne but the difference is not what ((.

    but nothing can be done, so it will be periods :) I won the whole pregnancy. the intestines are generally quite affected. Move more, it will be easier.

    What did you get immediately after IVF? They left the doctor to constantly monitor you, well, for a month exactly, for any questions (at any time).

    Somewhere I met a twig on this issue. Maybe under the heading "Health". But the fact that in the early stages the stomach will swell up and flatulence (gas formation) is increased - this is a fact.

    eat fiber), cereals, dried apricots, etc.) before eating drink a spoon of vegetable oil) most pregnant women have such a problem) this is normal)

    I also have such a problem. eating less gas. such as cabbage, milk, try smaller, legumes and all that.

    Answer Q: My doctor is observing me after IVF, she has prescribed a cocktail (protein), but you cannot find them, she says you need to exclude vegetables and fruits, but Masik needs this ....

    For example, I did not eat anything gas-forming, I tried not to eat at all, but ... shit, and that was the tone, the doctor said that the body was rebuilt. Unfortunately it was all hard, but finished safely.

    Marischek, swelling in the case of pregnancy after IVF may be due to progesterone support (espumizan can indeed), or due to ovarian hyperstimulation - then proteins (protein cocktail is very helpful) and

    Menstruation may be accompanied by dizziness, pain in the lower abdomen and chest, general malaise. And why puchit before menstruation and what it can be connected with?

    Some girls and women in front of their monthly notice a slight increase in weight. This is due to the accumulation of large amounts of fluid, but not fat, as many mistakenly believe.

    Before menstruation, fluid accumulates in the body as a result of changes in the level of hormones, namely, progesterone and estrogen.

    Therefore, many women notice that a few days before the onset of menstruation they began to go to the toilet less often.

    Partial weight gain before menstruation may be due to constipation - a fairly common problem for women during this period.

    Constipation arises from the fact that increasing the level of hormones relaxes the muscles of the colon, because of which it is not cleaned as effectively as in normal days. But not only fecal masses accumulate in the intestines, but also gases, which cause discomfort and bloating.

    When menstruation ends, the body returns to normal, the fluid is effectively excreted in the urine, gases and constipation pass, the bowels work is normalized.

    If it is very puffy before menstruation, it is recommended to adjust the nutrition and even for this period exclude some products that contribute to the formation of gas and the accumulation of excess fluid. Eat less foods containing refined sugar and starch, for example, cookies and cakes.

    Avoid salty, sugary foods and drinks, as they are not rich in nutrients and can only increase the premenstrual symptoms. Reduce the number of products for which exactly you have a similar reaction.

    Potassium-rich foods, fresh fruits and vegetables can help the bowels work.

    Now you know what comes before menstruation, and what actions should be taken to eliminate

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    Each girl has its own set of signs, by which she knows for sure that her period is approaching. One of the most common phenomena is bloating.

    Critical days on the nose, and your favorite jeans do not converge at the waist. The situation is unnerving, causes dissatisfaction with his own figure. However, not all of the fair sex observe this sign before menstruation.

    Why does the stomach swell before menstruation? What is the cause of this phenomenon? Is it possible to avoid it?

    12 basic signs of an “interesting position” before a delay

    Many ladies who hear the doctor's conclusion that they are pregnant, claim that they felt it practically from the very first days after conception. Some clues served as a clue.

    About 70% of pregnant women experience this symptom. However, it can signal not only the onset of pregnancy, but also the approach of the next menstruation. In this case, you should focus on your feelings.

    Some women in the position say that before pregnancy discomfort is more acute than before the critical days.

    It is also worth noting that the enlargement of the glands can be caused by birth control pills.

    The number of signs of pregnancy to menstruation include fever. It is much easier for women who keep an appropriate schedule to find out if they are pregnant or not. Before the delay, the temperature may rise to the level of 37.0 degrees. This may be an indication that a pregnancy has occurred. Above 37.2-37.3 the temperature does not rise. This symptom may signal

    Why does the stomach swell before menstruation, and how to fight it? The reasons for this phenomenon are changes in the hormonal background of a woman before the next menstruation. However, this unpleasant symptom during menstruation is not observed at all.

    Most often the stomach is swollen in women with an underdeveloped muscular system. Also, the presence of this unpleasant symptom affects the physique, lifestyle and characteristics of the body of the fair sex.

    Sometimes this is an alarming symptom indicating the presence of certain pathologies of the reproductive system.

    Progesterone effect

    Why does the whole belly grow before menstruation? Menstruation occurs due to certain hormonal changes in a woman’s body. They occur to prepare the uterus and other organs for successful pregnancy and for carrying the fetus throughout the entire required period.

    Approximately one week to the anticipated menstruation, there is a significant increase in the concentration of progesterone in the blood. He is responsible for preparing the body for a possible pregnancy. Progesterone provokes the following changes:

    contributes to the growth of the endometrium in the inner layer of the uterus. It becomes looser and softer, which allows the fertilized egg to gain a foothold during pregnancy,

    reduces the contraction of the smooth muscles of the uterus, which prevents rejection of the fetus. Progesterone also affects the intestines, which consist of similar tissues. Because of this, the stomach may swell a little, especially in the presence of hormonal disorders. Also various intestinal disorders often occur. With menstruation, diarrhea, discomfort in the lower abdomen, cramps,

    delay of menstruation due to low pressure
    Moreover, jumps in blood pressure can be observed even in those patients who do not face similar problems on other days.

    Why the belly is inflated before the menstruation - possible causes and ways to solve the problem

    The cycle of each woman is different - its duration varies from 21 to 35 days. In the middle of the cycle, the egg matures and begins to move toward the uterus.

    That is, if its duration is twenty-eight days, conception is possible on the fourteenth day from the beginning of menstruation.

    It is at this point that the stomach increases, this process is often complemented by other symptoms: pain, heaviness, impaired stool and other symptoms.

    Many women have swelling of the legs. In some cases, bloating that occurs before and during menstruation is considered normal, but sometimes it is a sign of dangerous diseases. Therefore, it is not necessary to engage in self-treatment, it is better to contact the doctor who will determine the cause of the problems.

    Not all women will have a stomach before menstruation. Each woman has premenstrual syndrome in its own way. The factors provoking are the physique and elasticity of the uterine muscles.

    • The first sign of pregnancy

    One of the causes of bloating observed before menstruation is pregnancy. Slim figure depends on progesterone, the main task of which is to prepare the reproductive organs and the whole body for the possible conception or bearing of a child. And he performs it every month, regardless of whether a pregnancy is planned or not.

    After fertilization, the egg must attach to the wall of the uterus, which in order to hold it becomes softer and thicker. In addition, for successful childbearing, the uterine stack must contain many useful elements. Progesterone causes loosening and thickening of the female organ, fills it with vitamins, as well as fluid. That is why during menstruation is marked bloating.

    When the body understands that there was no conception, the endometrium begins to exfoliate and comes out - this is the period. Within twelve hours, the uterus assumes its former size, and the abdomen is reduced in size. If fertilization occurs, the woman will notice a growth of the abdomen before the estimated monthly period, and it becomes hard - this is a sign of the successful development of the unborn child.

    To understand why the belly grows before and during menstruation, it is important to know the physiology. Hormones have a great influence on the body. In women, all processes occur differently than in men. the reason is precisely the reproductive function. A slight increase in body weight before menstrual bleeding is a natural physiological phenomenon.

    In the second phase of the cycle, the level of progesterone increases dramatically, as a result of which the work of all organs, including the stomach, intestines and nervous system, changes.

    As a result, girls constantly eat and become irritable for no apparent reason. The abdomen changes only before the menstruation, and when it comes, everything is normal.

    In the absence of any violations or diseases, it suffices to suffer for several days, and the unpleasant phenomenon will pass.

    In addition, female hormones violate the water-salt balance and keep the liquid inside. This increases the production of vasopressin - a hormone that reduces the frequency of urination. Liquid is designed to compensate for the upcoming blood loss, for this it accumulates in fat cells. This is another reason why the stomach is inflated before and during menstruation.

    With an unbalanced diet before menstruation, gas formation is possible. Two weeks before menstruation, the amount of a hormone that provides a good mood is reduced. Because of this, the girl becomes nervous and irritable. One option to solve the problem is to eat sweets. In this case, hormones affect all smooth muscles, including the intestines.

    Unhealthy diet inevitably causes constipation, fermentation and gas, as a result of which, before menstruation, the stomach becomes puffy and swells. A balanced diet that includes foods rich in minerals and vitamins will solve the problem.

    All previous cases are considered normal. But in some situations, the question of why the stomach is swollen before and during menstruation should be alarming. The development of pathologies contribute to:

    • pathology of the kidneys and liver,
    • diseases of the stomach and intestines,
    • gynecological diseases
    • malignant and benign tumors.

    As a rule, an unhealthy increase in the abdomen is possible with tumors in the pelvic organs. In gynecology, fibroids are most often diagnosed. In addition, even a small tumor in the urogenital system can provoke swelling. Therefore, it is desirable to undergo a comprehensive examination several times a year in order to prevent the development of serious pathologies.

    Also, a specialist should be consulted if bloating is accompanied by pain, high fever, nausea.

    Knowing why during menstruation the abdomen swells, with the help of certain measures, you can eliminate unpleasant symptoms. But to get rid of them is completely impossible, since it is a natural process associated with physiology. Basic preventive measures:

    1. A couple of weeks before the menstruation, include foods containing B vitamins — nuts, yeast, beans, cheese, fish, milk, buckwheat, potatoes, eggs, etc., in the diet.
    2. Refuse to ferment foods - confectionery, grapes, kvass.
    3. Avoid spicy, salted and smoked products.
    4. Limit chocolate and coffee.
    5. Drink up to two and a half liters of water daily.
    6. Reduce the amount of salt consumed.

    Prevent gassing and bloating will help decoction of medicinal plants. You can use supplements, in which there are many valuable trace elements and vitamins. Often, gynecologists prescribe medications to normalize hormonal levels.

    To establish the reasons why the stomach swells, can only an experienced gynecologist. Therefore, contacting a specialist is required.