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Folk recipes for the treatment of worms in children at home


Parasitic infection can significantly affect the health and development of the child. But most anthelmintic drugs are toxic.

And therefore, in simple cases, experts advise to resort to popular methods of treatment.

How to carry out treatment at home?

The use of folk methods

An excellent alternative to drug treatment can be the use of folk remedies. They are considered safe and gently fight against various infections. They rarely cause allergic reactions and do not have a toxic effect compared to drugs.

Treatment of worms in children folk remedies involves the use of infusions, decoctions, juices, vegetable oils and cleansing enemas. In order for such a process to bring the desired result, it is worth following a specialized diet throughout the entire course of treatment. It aims to improve the performance of the digestive system. Particular attention should be paid to those products that have a laxative effect.

Also during the treatment process it is necessary to observe hygienic measures and disinfect the house as often as possible. If these recommendations are not followed, reinfection is possible.

In many situations, a parasitic infection occurs in latent form for many years. But there are cases that require urgent medical advice and the implementation of traditional treatment.

The main symptoms of the presence of worms are usually attributed to the occurrence of itching in the anus, anorexia, disorder of the digestive function, diarrhea, the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, pain in the stomach.

Often in childhood, a signal of a parasitic infection is the development of an allergic reaction and persistent catarrhal diseases. Parents for months trying to find the cause, but most often it is hidden in the colonization of the body with helminths.

Folk remedies for worms in children can be used not only as a treatment, but also as a preventive measure.

If one family member is infected, then the prevention should be carried out to everyone else.

Effective ways

These funds were not tested by one generation. They are effective only if the patient observes a clear dosage and duration of treatment.

The process usually lasts seven to ten days. But a few weeks after the rest it should be repeated again.

Oiled cotton swabs

Treatment of folk remedies includes different methods. One of the most effective is to attach a cotton swab to the anal area. It allows you to display the child helminths in the form of pinworms.

Experts say that the female pinworm is chosen out of the rectum during sleep and lays eggs in the skin folds in the anus and perineum. To prevent this from happening, forty days should be applied to the anus with a cotton swab soaked in any vegetable oil.

Hemp and Linseed Oil

Some vegetable oils have antiparasitic properties. Apricot, grape, watermelon, cedar and sea buckthorn oils can be attributed to this group. But the most popular, effective and safe for the child's body are hemp and flaxseed oil.

To remove the worms in a child, you need to give him one teaspoon of oil up to two times a day, before meals each day. If the kid refuses to consume butter, then you can resort to a little trick: soak a piece of bread and let it eat.

Pumpkin seeds

Many parents think about how to remove the worms from the child. But no need to look for any unusual methods, it is enough to use pumpkin seed. It is sold in any store. And most importantly, available to everyone and is inexpensive.

Such a folk remedy has a good pro-helminth property, since it contains a rare amino acid in the form of cucurbitin.

Pumpkin seeds can be offered as a dessert. Their use is better to exercise on an empty stomach.