Weak-positive test result - both yes and no


To quickly determine whether pregnancy is at home, the vast majority of women use rapid tests. It would seem that the very structure of such a test implies only 2 possible answers, which with 97% probability correspond to the truth. However, from time to time there is a third option: a weakly positive pregnancy test. Can it be considered negative, or is there still a chance that a woman is pregnant? And what if your test turned out to be weakly positive?

The principle of the test

Before understanding the reasons for a weakly positive result, let's see how the test works. The most commonly used is a simple test strip. It is a small paper strip, in the right place soaked in a special substance that reacts with the hormone of pregnant women - hCG. The result of this reaction is a change in the color of the reagent. If the reaction has occurred - the coveted second strip appears.

The first one is a control one, it monitors the quality of the test. That is, if control strip it did not appear, it doesn’t matter whether the second one appeared, such as a defective test and its result is unreliable.

Normally, with a positive result, both strips should be painted evenly. However, in some cases, the second may be painted weaker, this is called the weakly positive pregnancy test.

Why the test can give a weakly positive result?

We remind you that hCG is produced by the chorion, which appears in the body only after the implantation of the ovum. From this point on, the chorion begins to develop, and the more it gets, the more hormone it produces. Accordingly, the amount of hCG is different at different stages of pregnancy.

This is the main reason for the weakly positive results. When a woman acquires a low sensitivity test, or doing a test in the early stages - on the first day of the delay, or even not waiting for it - the amount of hCG may be insufficient for full staining. It is recommended to repeat the test a few days later. The amount of hCG during this time will increase, and the test should give a positive result. Regardless of the outcome of the retest, it makes sense to consult a doctor for a more accurate interpretation.

However, the reason may be more prosaic: failure to follow instructionsoffered to the test. Most of them offer to keep the test strip in a container with urine for a few seconds and lower it only to a certain level. However, many women believe that more is better. They say I’ll lower it, hold it longer, and the result will be more accurate. As a result, the strip is impregnated with urine more than necessary, under the influence of excess moisture and partial staining occurs.

Any medical research is based on strict adherence to instructions, and they are written for a reason, and to ensure the most reliable result.

There may be a weakly positive result in the case of menopause. The fact is that with menopause, a certain amount of hCG is constantly present in a woman’s body, though it’s very, very small. However, some particularly sensitive tests may well catch him.

Do not forget about overdue and defective tests. If a strip is impregnated with a reagent weakly, or under the action of time, its action is weakened, instead of positive, it can give a slightly positive result. Keep track of the expiration date of the test.

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Did your pregnancy test show a slightly positive result? Can you be pregnant? In principle, it is likely. Weak strip of pregnancy test may be due to the fact that the concentration of the hormone hCG is still too low.

In general, the result of a home pregnancy test depends on a lot. In order for the result to be positive, a certain amount of the hormone HCG (chorionic gonadotropin) must be present in your body. But not all pregnancy tests are able to detect low amounts of hCG. Only a very sensitive test gives a positive result even with a low level of presence of this hormone! And the higher the sensitivity of the test, the earlier it can be carried out and hope for an accurate result.

A weakly positive pregnancy test result may be due to the low sensitivity of the test. For example, a test with a sensitivity of 20 IU / L will show a positive result if you are pregnant, much earlier than a test with a sensitivity of 50 IU / L. As a rule, cheaper tests are less sensitive, and vice versa. Most test makers indicate their sensitivity on the box. Therefore, before you buy a test, do not be lazy to carefully examine the box and read what is written on it.

Many women get a weakly positive test result if they perform it on the first day of the delay of the next menstruation. Usually, if you repeat the test after two or three days, the result becomes more accurate, and the strip in the control zone becomes brighter.

But if weak strip on pregnancy test does not appear stronger for several days, and then the test becomes completely negative, it may indicate that you had a very early miscarriage. According to medical research, from 20 to 30% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage in the early stages, so this phenomenon, unfortunately, is very common.

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Maya I was online 21 july 2014, 14:32 Ukraine, Odessa

When I nursed my first child (more precisely, before I learned that I would have one), almost always there were weakly positive pregnancy tests. The second strip was barely noticeable. But I was sick of this uncertainty. I went to the doctor and he said that it was time to buy children's goods. I explained this test result by saying that my hormonal level was slightly disturbed.

Lyuberchanka I was online 28 October 2014, 14:56 Russia, Lyubertsy

Well, if you believe this, then in the last 2 years I have been B 5-6 times, no less.))))))) And after such weakly positive tests, after 2-3 days M began ((((((

Natalya I was on the site December 15, 2014, 11:09 Russia, Izhevsk

girls))) I even had 156 hg. I was sure that b. And she came to the ultrasound - they even said O was not there!

Ksusha I was online 9 hours ago Russia, Volgodonsk

It was recently such. there was a delay of 10 days did a test put, so did further but did not brighten up on day 21 of the delay came M, did the ultrasound on day 13 B no. d says there was a failure. B wasn’t because the term obstetric at the time of the ultrasound would be 5-6! weeks, and the test was done on the 20th day in the evening was laid and in the morning the days passed and crystal clear at once. Now again, the delay but the PA was not 1.5 months so it clearly failed

Anna Russia, Moscow

I myself am concerned about this issue. In the months when I planned. before the menstrual period, before the delay (from among those who start doing tests after the PA) there were decent ghosts. and now, after a while, it again returned to the question of planning, and so on. tests are crystal clear. And hence the question. B, perhaps comes, but why breaks down.

Ksenia I was online 30 minutes ago Russia, Magnitogorsk

I also heard about this, that supposedly the second strip, even a weak one, cannot just appear, it turns out that something caused it

Julia I was on the site May 13, 19:13 Ukraine, Kiev

I had a weak postoperative delay - but they went to M (((my T said that it was B, but it collapsed. and that's it! I passed the hCG on the first day when we went to M - bl 1.5 (the norm is at 1) until they ended - after 4 days the level was 2.2 - but then apparently the fruit came out and the hCG fell. Now I think that maybe it was worth it and start pit table and keep B - but my T claimed that it was probably not so shared cells - which is exactly I don’t have to leave something wrong. Of course I’m sorry now - half a year has passed since then and it’sn’t (((((everything has its time

The reasons for the poor color test scores

The number of hCG has a significant difference in performance at different periods of pregnancy. The longer the term - the higher the rate. The reasons for the weak color of the active substance of the test can be several:

  • Low sensitivity test or his marriage.
  • Testing at a very early pregnancy. For example, this may be the first day of the delay, when the amount of hCG is not enough to obtain a complete reaction of the active substance of the reagent.
  • Elementary failure to comply with the instructions for use of the test. The action from the position “the more - the better” does not always lead to the true result. When the test strip is soaked with a large amount of excess moisture, as a rule, it only leads to partial staining of the reagent.
  • Weakly positive test score may occur when menopause occurs in a woman’s body. The climacteric period is always accompanied by a small amount of hCG, constantly residing in the body. True, the amount of hCG is negligible, but sensitive tests can give a reaction to its presence.

As a conclusion. Do not forget about defective and expired goods. Carefully check the date of manufacture on the package and always require a certificate of quality of the goods offered.

Hello girls! Tell me, who was the same? On August 16, on the second bottom of the delay, the test gave a very weak second lane (see photo - 25 mU sensitivity test), called the doctor, she referred to hCG and progesterone. On the same day, she received the results - HCG - 19.74, Progesterone - 21.51. According to the doctor, my pregnancy is 4 weeks (obstetric) or 2 (or less) weeks from conception. At this time, HCG usually should be at least 100-200 (if you look at the table), but not at all 19, like mine ... On August 17, in the morning I redid the test - the strip became a little darker. Today, August 18, the fourth day of the delay, the tests are striped, but the second strip is very pale, appears after five minutes. On Saturday and Sunday, I can’t pass ultrasound or re-hCG, only tomorrow, although I need to look at the hCG dynamics every two days. Very disturbing thoughts about ectopic or frozen .... He started to pull his stomach a little, for 2 weeks he was significantly pulling the lower back, the temperature was 37-37.4. In the morning nausea, drowsiness, weakness, tearfulness .... Already all the eyes wept .... Pregnancy is very desirable, waited 5 years. Held and future mommies, tell me, can anyone come across such a thing, and what can such a low hCG level mean - is something wrong with pregnancy or the timing may be incorrect, because ovulation is sometimes unpredictable? Thank you in advance! Test for the second day of the delay Best answerOracle (95117) 1 year ago I had a similar situation. Just ovulation came later, apparently before the most monthly, and therefore there were discrepancies with the doctor's calculations. According to the ultrasound, the size of the ovum at first was less than the expected time, the doctor tried to force me to think about the frozen one, but damn it, which was frozen during the heartbeat. The fifth year of my frozen))) The remaining answers

What does a weakly positive pregnancy test mean?

With a small delay, each woman has her own plans for life. Some hope that they are not pregnant, others see in the weakly positive pregnancy test after a delay a barely visible sign of conception. But few of those who can answer are still “yes” or “no”?

Is it possible that the test passed incorrectly? Yes, our women are often inattentive, they do not regret reading the instructions, they do it “like everyone else”. But in pharmacies different types of test systems are sold, only ultra sensitive ones can react to the presence of the hormone HCG. It is produced by the chorion - the forming placenta of the ovum after implantation into the uterus wall. It is his number that increases daily in the blood, therefore, in the urine.

Increased gestational age - more accuracy in testing. There is even a special table of the amount of hCG on a specific date. But the cheap test does not have such capabilities. For example, the 5th week of pregnancy, the test is weakly positive - it shows a “striped guide”. An electronic test may say:

  1. pregnon (pregnant)
  2. non pregnon.
But what does a weakly positive pregnancy test mean? Any gynecologist will confirm that a weakly positive test is rather a positive than a false positive answer. More precisely, it can be said at a later date or after an examination by a doctor, who will offer:

  • undergo ultrasound,
  • to pass a laboratory blood test for hCG.
Weakly positive results (unexpressed strip) show rapid tests in the short term of pregnancy or hormonal imbalance. Hormone-like substances are often confused answers, but only about 95% can be considered true.

Low positive pregnancy test, most likely causes

Women tend to save on everything, even on tests with low sensitivity. You should not expect an accuracy of 100% of a strip of paper or fabric impregnated with a reagent that has a fast expiration date. On the purchase of pharmacy goods on the stock, discounted or markdown should not be considered.

  1. For greater sensitivity test need optimal storage conditions. But in the warehouses in the winter, no issuing company can vouch for the observance of optimal storage conditions. This is one of the answers to the question why the pregnancy test is weakly positive, but other signs of pregnancy are expressed.
  2. The amount of hormone chorion may not be enough to fully dye the test strips. Its concentration increases daily, but on the first days of the delay (this is 7-10 days of the conception field), only expensive ultrasensitive tests react to its minimum number. The classic "whales" give a weakly positive response to pregnancy in the early stages.
  3. Ectopic pregnancy is another cause of a weakly visible mark on the tester. If there are other symptoms of pregnancy with bloody or brown discharge, you should contact the antenatal clinic.
  4. After treatment of infertility with complex drugs, including hormones and plant hormone-like compounds, the test also shows “yes”. At the same time there will be a weakly positive pregnancy test and menstruation - there is no pregnancy, but the body is ready for it, the blood is filled with hormones.
  5. There may be hormone-like compounds in the blood for another reason - growing benign and malignant tumors, cysts and abnormally expanding tissues. Please note - there are no other symptoms of pregnancy.
In all doubtful cases you should not look for answers in women's forums, ask your doctor who will answer all questions. He will refute the assumptions or say: “Congratulations! You are pregnant!"

Low positive pregnancy test and miscarriage

A few words about miscarriage. According to statistics, about 30% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage in the early stages. Accordingly, after a miscarriage, the level of hCG begins to decrease, and if a test is performed during this period, it will most likely be weakly positive. The dynamics of the test change after a miscarriage is the opposite of that characteristic of pregnancy: a couple of days after the weakly positive pregnancy test, a repeated test will give a negative result.

A weakly positive test is also characteristic of the threat of miscarriage, especially if the reason for this is chorion detachment. In this case, the dubious result will be accompanied by bleeding from the vagina and (or) pulling pains in the lower abdomen.

Actually, it is precisely because of a miscarriage and his threat that it is very important, even with a weakly positive test, to consult a gynecologist in time. With timely intervention, pregnancy can often be saved. And if you failed to stop the miscarriage, the woman does not interfere with the examination to establish the causes.

To summarize: the interpretation of the weakly positive test is difficult. But such a test, in any case, requires attention. It is a mistake to consider the weakly positive test as negative.

Lusha to entrust this difficult matter - the interpretation of the weakly positive pregnancy test - to a specialist. The doctor will necessarily take into account all the features of your particular situation, and make the right conclusions about the presence or absence of pregnancy.

Natalia Evgenievna Pokhodilova

Psychologist, Kinesiologist Online consultant. Specialist from the website

[3083038158] - December 16, 2013, 14:47

[544048624] - December 16, 2013, 14:55

It is very possible that yes. Go to the doctor there they will tell you for sure.

[2812061419] - December 16, 2013, 15:16

[3192604652] - December 16, 2013, 15:22

Nooooo! This strip, which is visible barely visible in the same test, just when the test gets wet it becomes slightly more noticeable, the author, when there really is // you have no doubts, you can’t be a little pregnant.

[3124319604] - December 16, 2013, 15:22

how did you get with your bitch and waste!
"I am not pregnant," "Is pregnancy possible," "interrupted pa"?
all do not care how you urinate and on your decaying life! gynecologists have long been available and information on these intimate topics on the Internet.
how soon would create a theme about your de "p" mo? and ask whether your turd is normal in color or not?
limited women! у вас что-нибудь в башке имеется, кроме спермы?!

[3291846133] – 16 декабря 2013 г., 15:35

Задержка около 3-4 дня, сделала тест и вот такой результат: Помогите пожалуйста, скажите, возможна ли беременность?

Судя по результатам, есть необходимость в удалении матки, к сожалению..

[1311563845] – 16 декабря 2013 г., 15:48

Вы не туда обратились. Идите на беби.ру или что-то такое. Тут известный серпентарий, хэйтчилдерн форум.

[3279459591] - December 16, 2013, 16:02

You did not go there. Go to or something like that. There is a famous serpentarium, hachtchildern forum.

+100000 and in the case, but pregnant

[4205905986] - December 16, 2013, 16:03

you are pregnant with such "stripes" all my children were born

[2926062667] - December 16, 2013, 16:25

yes, you are pregnant for sure

[1566176203] - December 16, 2013, 17:51

Depending on which company the test is, it looks like Bishur, and they are noble liars. do another firm test again

[1628280155] - December 16, 2013, 17:59

Yes, I had the same strip first, now on the 6th month

[836785246] - December 16, 2013, 18:12

And the second for accuracy can not be done?

[1687467061] - December 16, 2013, 18:49

The second strip is often weak. I did tests for pregnancy 5 and it was also barely visible.

[3297800816] - December 20, 2013, 09:27

The delay is about 3-4 days, made the test and here is the result: Help please tell me if pregnancy is possible?

Honestly it seems to me yes !! you check one more time just take a good test, this one just looks like some kind of Chinese)))
good luck to you.

[3093848032] - December 20, 2013, 15:14

Girl, take the HCG test. Immediately everyone will know. And judging by the test, it may be a short term pregnancy. And not necessarily ectopic.

[3459225821] - October 18, 2014, 13:21

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[756692574] - January 4, 2016, 06:43

In my week delay, the second strip was sooo weak, I still thought that it was ectopic. (Now the second week has gone and the test strip comes out faster and brighter than the control one. I have not yet gone to the gynecologist because of the holidays .. I hope everything is fine.

[1107836789] - November 6, 2018 12:23

Celebruti's test can weak + give out 2 days before m

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How does a pregnancy test work?

There are several types of tests, but they all have one principle of operation. The strip is soaked with a reagent, which stains upon contact with the hormone hCG, which begins to be produced after implantation of the embryo in the uterus and is contained in the blood of pregnant women and in a lower concentration in the urine.

According to the instructions, the test is immersed in a container with urine up to the mark and after a short time specified in the instructions for this test, the result is interpreted.

And although the principle of the test is only two answers - is pregnant or not pregnant, and if there is a pregnancy, the test strip should be clearly visible, but a weakly positive result is also often encountered - the test strip is slightly colored.

Causes of a weakly positive pregnancy test

  • Many impatient women think that by holding the test in a container with urine longer - the result will be more accurate. Also, the test is not lowered to the mark, but deeper. In this case, the test is impregnated with urine unnecessarily and, under the influence of strong moisture, may exfoliate or partially stain. Read the instructions for how many seconds to keep the test wet.
  • Interpretation of the result after the time specified in the instructions. On the dried dough, evaporation lines may appear - weak, uncolored, but they can be seen, so you should not dry the test and peer again and again.

- Carrying out the test too early, without waiting for the delay. You need to repeat the test after a couple of days.

- The use of the test with low sensitivity with a small period of pregnancy. If you don’t have the patience to wait for a delay, buy super-sensitive tests.

- Test expired or defective.

- After an abortion or miscarriage, the test may show a positive or weakly positive result for some time, hCG is not quickly excreted from the body.

- After injection of the hCG drug to induce ovulation, the test may show a weak second strip in the absence of pregnancy for 7-14 days.

- In some diseases, the tests can be weakly positive, while there is no pregnancy.

If the test showed a weakly positive result - repeat it after a few days, the level of hCG in pregnancy increases every day, and the following analysis is likely to show a bright strip.

Or need to do hCG blood test - The most accurate in this situation, because on a short term ultrasound may not show pregnancy.

If the test is dubious, and you have a pulling pain in the lower abdomen, general malaise - consult a doctor, you may be pregnant, but there is a threat of miscarriage.

Every woman has her own reasons for making a pregnancy test. Someone wants to make sure that there is no pregnancy, and someone wants to see on the test even the slightest sign of hope of becoming a mother. Only long-planning women know how it is - to look out for the second strip or its “ghost”, to look at the test from different angles, by the window or under the lamp. Therefore, we wish you a bright positive tests without a doubt.

Weakly positive pregnancy test result - what is it

Most often, girls who suspect they are pregnant use test strips from a pharmacy (Eviteste, Clear Blue, etc.). This strip is treated with a special reagent that reacts to hCG already in 1 day of delay, and sometimes even before it. Upon contact with the urine, the test changes color and it becomes clear whether there is a pregnancy or not.

It is important that the first bar appears in the place indicated by the instruction. If it is not there or it is displayed in another part of the test, then it is defective and it is worth buying another.

Usually tests show a positive or negative result. But there are exceptions.

In the case when one strip is bright and the second is pale, the test is called weakly positive. In most cases, this means that the girl is pregnant. But there may be other reasons for this result.

Why such a result is possible - the main reasons

Weakly positive result on the pregnancy test is manifested in the following cases:

  1. The girl did not follow the method of application, did not remove the strip from the urine for too long, or vice versa - too little time passed. There is also a restrictive strip on the test, below which the test cannot be immersed. If this requirement is violated, the strip is too saturated with urine and the test will partially stain.
  2. The test has expired or it is defective. The strips appear under the influence of the reagent, which becomes insufficient after the expiration date. Therefore, the second strip appears weakly. Before testing it is necessary to check the expiration date of the test.
  3. The onset of menopause. At this time, the woman’s body still contains hCG, but in a small amount. Highly sensitive tests respond to his presence.
  4. The term of pregnancy is small. When conducting a test on the first day of a planned start of menstruation or earlier, the result may be weak. Testing is best done after 5-7 days after a monthly delay.

How to use the test correctly, see in this video:

How to perceive a weakly positive test result

So, we found out that the causes of a weakly positive result are different. When the test shows a weak second bar, you do not need to draw your own conclusions and make a diagnosis. The probability of pregnancy does exist. Therefore, be sure to contact your gynecologist. He will conduct all the necessary research and will tell you exactly what is the reason for this result.

Since, with a weakly positive test, a girl may easily be pregnant, before visiting the doctor, you should behave as if you really are in a position to minimize possible threats.

Try to relax more and be less nervous. Sleep must be long and full. Pregnant women need to get enough sleep. You can not lift more than 3-4 kg. If there is pain in the lower abdomen, it is permissible to take No-Shpu. About drugs and contraindicated during pregnancy is worth forgetting. It is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol and take drugs.

Even if you find yourself not pregnant, caution will not hurt anyone. Moreover, with the majority of diseases of the female genital organs, the requirements for behavior are exactly the same.

In situations where the weakly positive test is combined with blood from the vagina and abdominal pain, there is a risk of miscarriage. Therefore, the day when there is a free entry to the doctor, you should not wait. It is necessary to urgently visit the gynecologist.

There are many examples where such situations ended well. With the author of the article, this is exactly what happened. My husband and I planned the child, so I did the first testing before the expected onset of menstruation.

I showed one strip, and after a couple of minutes the pale second. We decided that this meant a positive result. After 2 days, I repeated the procedure and the strip had already become brighter.

Naturally, I did not postpone the visit to the gynecologist. Pregnancy went well, the child was born without deviations and in time. Therefore, when detecting any symptoms, it is best to immediately contact a specialist, because each organism is individual.

How are weakly positive test and miscarriage

According to statistics, about a third of pregnancies end in miscarriage at 1-4 weeks. After it, the level of hCG decreases, and a pregnancy test at this time is likely to show a slightly positive result. And when you re-test after a few days, the test will be completely negative.

The manifestation of the second pale strip on the test sometimes indicates the threat of miscarriage and chorion detachment. In this situation, the girl will have bloody discharge from the vagina, accompanied by a pulling pain in the lower abdomen, or one of these symptoms.

The risk of miscarriage - this is the main reason for which, with a weakly positive test, it is necessary to visit a gynecologist, and for severe pain, you should call an ambulance at all. With the timely detection of the threat of a loss of a child can be prevented.

If the termination of pregnancy did occur, then you should definitely be examined to understand the cause of the miscarriage.

What to do next

As mentioned above, with a weakly positive result on a pregnancy test, first of all you need to contact your gynecologist. If the cause of this result was a miscarriage, the doctor will prescribe all necessary procedures to restore the body.

In order for the body to recover more quickly after abortion, you should observe some rules:

  1. Eliminate all bad habits. Nicotine and alcohol reduce the activity of eggs and sperm, which leads to a decrease in the probability of conception.
  2. Do not take strong medicines.
  3. Try to be less nervous and worried. If you yourself can not overcome stress due to the loss of a child, you should seek help from a psychologist.
  4. Eliminate hard physical labor and intense sport.
  5. Keep your body from various diseases, do not contact with patients.
  6. Eat right, to saturate your body with all the necessary substances.
  7. Drink vitamins that the doctor prescribes.

If you comply with all the above requirements, you can become pregnant in six months or a year. If a miscarriage was on a long term, then you need to wait 2 years. A more accurate date will tell the doctor after the examination of your body.

A deferred miscarriage is not the only reason why a gynecologist should be visited while planning a child.

They also include:

  • age over 35 years
  • pregnancy after long treatment of infertility,
  • postponed abortions,
  • the threat of termination during past pregnancies,
  • female genital surgery.


Understanding for yourself why the test showed a weakly positive result is difficult. But it is necessary to pay attention to this process. After all, the second weak strip can mean both the presence of pregnancy and problems with it.

The most correct solution would be to entrust the decoding of test results to a specialist. Therefore, you should visit a gynecologist. It will accurately determine the cause, taking into account the characteristics of your body.