Galsten's preparation for newborns: reviews


Prescribing medications to infants is carried out only in the most extreme cases; therefore, it is of utmost concern to parents. Even Galstena for newborns on the background of a light yellow jaundice provokes many questions. Despite the homeopathic nature of the product and the possibility of its use from the first days of the life of children, many moms doubt the correctness of this treatment and try to ignore the recommendations of a specialist.

With a similar attitude to therapy or non-compliance with the wishes that the instruction contains, it is possible to inflict irreparable harm to the infant. In order not to worry about the "aggressiveness" of treatment, it is necessary to become familiar with the peculiarities of the composition, its principle of operation and the risk of side effects.

Galstena - composition, purpose and mechanism of action of the drug

Galstena is a phyto product from the group of homeopathic medicines that has the properties of a hepatoprotector (protects liver cells). According to pharmacists, the natural ingredients in the composition of the medicament are absolutely safe, but do not forget that not everyone perceives the same substances the same way. Positive reviews often overlap with the opinion that the tool is useless, so even today many are skeptical about the properties of Galstena.

The safety and conditional effectiveness of the drug is due to the presence of the following substances:

  • Extracts from plants (dandelion, milk thistle, greater celandine).
  • Phosphorus and sodium sulfate.
  • Ethanol.

Infants often develop physiological jaundice caused by elevated bilirubin due to the breakdown of red blood cells. An immature liver is not always able to cope with such a volume of cells and process all decay products. This leads to yellowing of the skin and mucous membranes, which can pass on its own for 10-14 days of condition.

There are also more serious situations in which an increase in bilirubin occurs on the background of fetal hypoxia. Galstena for newborns is designed to prevent the development of negative consequences in both cases.

Tip: It is strictly prohibited to use Galstena as a preventive measure. In the body of a small child, everything should go according to the schedule set by nature. If the baby is destined to survive jaundice, it is only to improve the functions of the liver. The use of drugs is shown only with an obvious shift in the process in the pathological direction.

In addition to these situations, Galstena can be prescribed to a newborn with congenital or acquired diseases of the liver and gallbladder, pancreatitis, undergoing treatment that provokes an increased load on the liver.

Rules for the use of the composition for the treatment of infants

Galstena for newborns is available in drops, for the treatment of children over five years old they use tablets that are crushed and dissolved in boiled water. Despite the fact that there is a detailed instruction on the use of the drug, you need to act according to the recommendations of the doctor. Dosages and schedule are based on the condition and age of the baby, the degree of organ damage.

Traditionally, treatment of Galstenoy is as follows:

  • A drop of the drug is dissolved in a teaspoon of boiled water or breast milk, give the baby between feedings.
  • It is forbidden to use the composition more often 3 times a day.
  • If the child’s health condition requires it, the instruction is changed and the baby’s product is given two drops three times a day.
  • The optimal result is achieved if you take a therapeutic composition one hour before meals and not earlier than one hour after feeding. It happens that the appetite of the baby makes its own adjustments to the process, then just try to choose the period of time as far as possible from both feedings.
  • The duration of the drug is determined by a specialist and the decision to cancel it also takes a doctor. Given the natural composition of Galstena and its safety for the child's body, it will not harm even with a long reception - over 3 months.

Many parents are afraid of the presence of alcohol in the composition of the product, even though its dose is scanty. If the doctor's arguments do not calm down, then a drop of the drug can first be applied to a hot spoon, evaporated alcohol, and only then add the liquid used to dilute the concentrate.

Possible side effects of treatment

Galstena, like other homeopathic preparations based on natural herbal ingredients, is contraindicated only if you are hypersensitive to the components. Side effects from its use are not registered. Although some skeptical parents complain about the appearance of signs of constipation or colic against the background of a therapeutic approach, experts argue that this is not related to the drug.

Usually the reason lies in the increased care, due to which all the signs of immaturity of the digestive system are exacerbated. Galsthen even facilitates these conditions, since it contains products that relieve spasm and pain.

Despite the naturalness and purity of the composition, Galstena is a repeatedly proven modern medicine that has proven itself in the treatment of jaundice in newborns only from the positive side. Of course, it happens that the product has no effect, but these cases are isolated.

Galstena for newborns

Unfortunately, there are a huge number of different diseases, for the treatment of which you need to take various medications. And sometimes drugs can be very serious and unsafe for children's health. However, Galsten drops is a safe, natural phyto-homeopathic medicine that has hepatoprotective properties.

Despite the fact that liver diseases today are highly controversial, Galsthena still very effectively copes with its tasks and is suitable for people of any age, including infants.

The composition of the tool

Many parents are very interested in the question of what the drug Galstena consists of for newborns. Reviews of doctors confirm that the tool is really natural and safe, so parents can not worry.

As part of the droplets you can find such components: thistled milk thistle, medicinal dandelion, celandine. Also in the composition is phosphorus, ethyl alcohol and sodium sulfate.

In what cases you can apply

Galstena for newborns is a hepatoprotector, that is, a drug that is used to repair and treat the liver. Also, this drug is able to ensure the proper operation of the gallbladder and pancreas.

This tool is very often used in pediatrics. This tool copes with jaundice, because with its help it is possible to reduce the increased bilirubin in the blood, as well as reduce the intoxication of the child's body. The medicine can be safely used from the first days of a baby’s life.

Why is it prescribed?

Galstena for newborns from zheltushki is a tool that almost all pediatricians recommend for treating this disease. You can read reviews about it at the end of the article.

Physiological jaundice of newborns is a very common childhood disease, which leads to an excessively large amount of bilirubin in the blood. This component is formed in the children's body during the breakdown of red blood cells. So in children, red blood cells break down, and the liver is still so immature that it cannot cope with the decay products. Thus, in infants, the skin and mucous membranes become yellow. This condition is considered quite normal and most often takes place two weeks after birth.

However, there are completely different situations. For example, if the child was premature or during childbirth, problems with lack of oxygen arose, then the condition may worsen significantly, and it is already impossible to do without a drug like Galsten with jaundice of newborns.

Instructions for use of this tool

The drug "Galstena" has two forms of release: drops and tablets. So, the best way for newborn babies is to give drops. The pills are suitable for older children. In this case, the pill will need to be dissolved in a small amount of boiled water.

Usually the dosage is determined by the attending physician individually. However, there is a standard treatment regimen, which is described in the instructions for use: dissolve one drop of this drug in one teaspoon of boiled water. You can also use expressed breast milk.

Proper will be to apply the medicine between feedings. At the same time the maximum daily dose should be three teaspoons. If the condition of the baby is severe, then the pediatrician may prescribe to take two drops at a time. However, it is impossible to increase the dosage on your own.

Also, the instructions for use recommends following these rules: give the medicine to the baby one hour before meals or one hour after. But if you do not comply with such a schedule, then you need to take medicine just in the intervals between feeding.

The course of treatment is also determined by the individual physician. In some cases, two weeks will be enough. However, sometimes treatment can last for several months, or even longer.

Are there any side effects?

The only contraindication that Galstan's drops may have for newborns is the individual intolerance of some components of the drug. If the correct dosages are observed, the side effects will not disturb your baby. According to parents, very often babies are suffering from constipation and colic. However, in fact, such phenomena do not occur on the background of the medication, but by themselves, since the organs of the digestive system of the infant have not yet formed.

According to doctors, most often this is just a coincidence. After all, drops of “Galsten” for newborns, reviews of which confirm the effectiveness of this medicine, also have an antispasmodic effect, as well as reduce pain in colic and constipation.

If your baby can not take the drug "Galsthen", consult with your doctor about his replacement. But in no case do not self-medicate, because you risk harming the health of your baby.

Doctors reviews

Very often, doctors prescribe drops Galsten for newborns from yellow. Reviews of doctors confirm that this tool is very effective and contributes to the normalization of the liver. However, the tool will have a good result only when properly applied. Also, the maximum therapeutic effect can be achieved if you immediately identify the disease and immediately begin treatment.

According to experts, Galstena is one of the best drugs for the treatment of jaundice in infants. This tool is very safe because it contains only natural ingredients and does not have side effects. Therefore, it can be used without fear for the proper functioning of the organs and organ systems of the baby.

Parent reviews

Unfortunately, many parents believe that you can cope with jaundice with the help of infusions of rose hips and sunbathing. And of course, they are right. But only if we are talking only about the physiological stage of the disease, which usually disappears on its own within a couple of weeks. But if the baby has too high bilirubin level, then such methods do not seem to have the desired effect. That is why you should not postpone treatment to avoid all sorts of health complications.

Note that use of dogrose infusions is not always safe. This ingredient may cause allergic reactions.

However, there are also negative reviews about Galsten drops. Some parents did not notice the proper effect of using this drug, as well as infants drink it very reluctantly. Also, do not worry about the fact that the composition of the drug includes alcohol. Such a small amount will not have a negative effect on the health of the child, and the benefits can be invaluable.

Do not forget that any disease is easiest to cure at the earliest stage, so start treatment on time.

general information

The tool is available in tablets and in liquid form. For the treatment of newborns use drops. Tablets are recommended to give to children older than 5 years, previously dissolved in water. Galstena is a homeopathic drug of plant origin, has a hepatoprotective effect:

  • Restores damaged liver cells,
  • Provides normal pancreatic function,
  • Improves gallbladder function
  • Eliminates cramps
  • Relieves inflammation.

The main component is milk thistle, complement dandelion and celandine. Auxiliary substances in the composition: phosphorus, ethanol and sodium sulfate.

Many parents are skeptical of the drug because of the alcohol content. Doctors assure that Galstena is safe for the body, since babies are prescribed the drug in minimal doses.


Galsthena is used in the following conditions:

  • Alcohol intoxication, increased loads on the liver,
  • Violation of the liver, gallbladder,
  • Pancreatic disease,
  • Drug therapy drugs suppressing the work of the liver.

For infants, the drug is more often prescribed in the treatment of jaundice to eliminate intoxication.

During prenatal development, the baby’s cell supplies with oxygen a special type of hemoglobin - fetal. After birth, the need for it disappears, the remaining amount begins to disintegrate, bilirubin is formed. It accumulates in the tissues, giving a yellow tint to the skin and mucous membrane of the eye. Liver is responsible for the elimination of decay products, if the body fails to cope with the load, there is a danger of bilirubin encephalopathy affecting brain cells.

Physiological jaundice occurs in 80% of premature babies and in 60% of those born on time. In most cases, it passes on its own within 7-14 days.

If necessary, the doctor may prescribe Galsten drops to support the liver with a condition longer than two weeks and general weakness of the body. The level of bilirubin in the blood is preliminarily checked, and the degree of yellow color of the skin is taken into account.

In case of serious diseases of the liver, Galsten's biliary system for newborns is used as part of complex therapy, which, in addition to homeopathic remedies, includes medications.


The dosage of the drug is determined by the doctor, taking into account the clinical picture of the disease, the condition of the child, the degree of liver cell damage. The instruction indicates the following admission rules:

  • The drug to give the baby for 30 minutes. before or one hour after meals, three times a day. If it is not possible to adhere to time constraints (especially in infants), you need to take the remedy in between feedings,
  • The recommended amount is 1 drop of product. It must be dissolved in 1 tsp of boiled, slightly warm water or breast milk, mixture,
  • If you are prescribed several medicines, you need to take them at different times, separately from each other.

The doctor may prescribe another treatment regimen, for example, 2 drops, twice a day. The course duration is determined by the pediatrician, given the homeopathic effect, usually it is not less than 4 weeks. In some cases, 14-20 days is enough. If necessary, the application is extended for several months.

Store the drug in the form of drops for 5 years, at room temperature. Due to the herbal components in the composition, the solution may become slightly cloudy, which is not a sign of a decrease in its effectiveness.

Side effects, contraindications

The tool can not be used with individual intolerance to the components.

Of the side effects, an increase in salivation can rarely be observed. If this causes severe discomfort, you need to consult a specialist. No cases of overdose have been identified.

Due to intolerance of the components can be observed:

  • Rash,
  • Irritation, redness of the skin.

If an allergic reaction occurs, the reception should be stopped and in the near future see a doctor. He will adjust the treatment regimen, select another drug with a similar effect, for example, Allohol, Hofitol.

Composition of Galstena

The drug consists of the following active ingredients: milk thistle extract, dandelion, celandine. Auxiliary components: phosphorus, sodium sulfate, ethyl alcohol as the basis. In tablet form, excipients - starch, lactose and magnesium stearate. The selling form of the drug is oral solution in drops. Milk thistle is the main component, is a powerful hepatoprotector. Из этого растения изготавливается силимарин – вещество, используемое в составе большинства гепатопротекторов, так как оно имеет выраженные мембраностабилизирующие эффекты (помогает восстанавливать гепатоциты, печеночные клетки).

Одуванчик и чистотел усиливают эффективность расторопши, обладают не только гепатопротекторными, но и очищающими, детоксицирующими свойствами, помогают предупредить желчный застой. The remaining components are excipients or extractants. Among the components of the drug is not prohibited by the infant. It is recommended to give the drug after a meal. Perhaps the use of the tablet form only in the case of later age.

Apply or not

Alas, but there are such diseases, for the treatment of which it is mandatory to take medication. Galstenu is not classified as a hazardous drug, because it is a phytogenesis made from natural ingredients. It is homeopathic and has hepatoprotective properties.

To date, homeopathic medicines are perceived quite critically, causing controversy and discussion, but Galstena has proven its effectiveness and is actively used to treat patients of all ages.

Indications for use

Galstenu is used to treat damaged liver cells, to normalize the activity of the gallbladder and pancreas.

It is also prescribed in those situations where the administration of drugs that adversely affect the liver.

The drug is effective in hepatitis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis and hepastosis. It is taken in case of intoxication and alcohol poisoning.

At the pediatrician Galstena is actively used as a drug for jaundice, which actively reduces the level of bilirubin in the blood of the infant, starting from the first days of life.

What for with jaundice apply Galstenu

Babies often have a condition of the body, which is called "physiological jaundice." This is due to the presence of an excess amount of bilirubin in the blood, which is formed due to the breakdown of red blood cells. In a baby, red blood cells are broken down, and the liver is not yet able to process decay products. As a result, there is yellowing of the skin and mucous membranes in the child.

Physiological jaundice is the norm for the crumbs, which is manifested due to the incomplete formation of all vital systems of the body, and is able to pass on its own in 10–15 days.

But it's not always the case. If the baby was born prematurely or during childbirth, hypoxia occurred, then an increase in the level of bilirubin in the blood can trigger the development of bilirubin encephalopathy (damage to the cerebral cortex). These negative effects will help avoid the drug Galstena.

How to use the drug

Galstenu produced in the form of tablets and drops. The newborn is better to give a drop form of medication. Tablets dissolved in hot water should be given to children not earlier than the age of five.

Deciding on the dosage, it is necessary to consult with a specialist who prescribed the drug.

The standard treatment regimen is as follows: 1 drop of the drug is dissolved in a teaspoon of water (or breast milk). Take the tool 2-3 times a day, in between feedings. In rare cases, the dosage may be increased by a doctor.

The instructions indicate that the best effect can be achieved if you take the drug for 40-50 minutes before a meal, or within an hour after feeding. If you can not stick to this scheme, then adopt the schedule that is most convenient for the child.

The duration of the course of treatment is determined by the doctor. Galstenu can take a long period of time - 3-4 months. To get the first positive results in therapy, a drop of the drug, diluted in a spoonful of milk or water, taken at intervals determined by the doctor will be enough for the child.

Drug reviews

When deciding whether to take Galstena, it is necessary to take into account the opinion of those moms and dads who have already encountered the problem of jaundice in newborns.

In many forums and sites you can find a large number of positive reviews about the drug. Even ardent opponents of treating newborns with medicines speak well of this homeopathic remedy. Mention that, against the background of taking Galstena, the skin of the baby brightened noticeably, the yellowness began to disappear.

Accordingly, the drug works. But not everything is so perfect. Most parents focused on not particularly pleasant taste of the drug, as well as the high price. In hotel cases there were complaints about a weak therapeutic effect after the course of treatment.

Another nuance - the presence in the composition of ethyl alcohol. Of course, this fact is alarming for parents. But doctors are convinced that the dose of alcohol is so small that you can easily get rid of it by adding a drop of Galstena to hot water.

Galstena is a modern drug for the treatment of jaundice in newborns. It has no contraindications and side effects, so it is actively used by pediatricians. But in any case, before starting treatment, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Be healthy and take care of your children!

Galsthene for newborns

Unfortunately, there are such illnesses that require medication. Sometimes the drugs are serious, even antibiotics. However, we hasten to reassure you: Galsthena is not a dangerous medication. Moreover, it is a natural herbal remedy with hepatoprotective properties.

Despite the fact that homeopathy is today perceived by many skeptics, Galstena is quite effective, so it is widely prescribed for patients of any age.

The composition of the drug

The drug is safe (including for babies) due to its combined composition.

The drops include: milk thistle, dandelion and greater celandine, also contains phosphorus, sodium sulfate and ethyl alcohol.

In addition to the above composition, lozenges also include excipients: lactose monohydrate, magnesium stearate, and potato starch.

Why is Galstena prescribed for jaundice?

Newborns very often have a condition called “physiological jaundice of newborns”. It is caused by excess bilirubin in the blood, which, in turn, is formed during the breakdown of red blood cells. In infants, erythrocytes disintegrate, and the liver is not yet mature and cannot process decay products. As a result, the skin and mucous membranes of the baby turn yellow. Physiological jaundice is normal in infants, due to the immaturity of life support systems, and can pass on its own within 10-14 days.

But there are other situations. When the baby is premature, there was a lack of oxygen during delivery, hypoxia, then an increase in bilirubin is associated with pathology, which often leads to damage of the cerebral cortex (bilirubin encephalopathy). In this case, there may be unpleasant consequences, which Galstan will help to avoid.

Galstena: reviews

Responding to the above question, is Galsthen effective and should she be prescribed to newborns with jaundice, the opinion and experience of those parents who have already tried this medicine in action cannot be ignored.

Most of the popular sites where people share their experience are full of positive reviews about Galsthena. Even those parents who have always believed that “there is nothing better than sunbathing and herbal infusions,” write with surprise about the effectiveness of “this homeopathic remedy.”

“I entrusted the child to this drug and am very happy about it,” “Galstena“ raised ”my baby in 15 days. Otherwise, the droppers would shine for us ”,“ The effect of Galstena became visible in a couple of days. The skin brightened, became less yellow ”,“ Galstenu was discharged from us zheltushki. I didn’t really believe that it would help, since I was not a fan of homeopathy, but, surprisingly, the problem was solved very quickly, ”etc.

All these reviews suggest that the drug works. But the fly in the ointment is in this barrel with honey. Most people have noted the unpleasant bitter taste of the medicine and the high price, some have a subtle effect.

Another disadvantage is the presence of alcohol in the composition. This moment is especially alarming for parents of newborn children. On this occasion, the doctors answer that in 1 drop the dose of alcohol is microscopic, but if in doubt, the alcohol can be “boiled out” by dropping the medicine on a hot spoon.

So, Galstena - a modern drug, which really helps, has no side effects and contraindications. In pediatrics, he is considered the best of its kind. But if you still have a prejudice against him, you should consult with your doctor about what analogue he can offer you.

Does this drug definitely contain no harmful substances?

The composition of Galstena includes milk thistle, celandine, dandelion and sodium sulfate with phosphorus. This tool is well tolerated by patients of all age groups, and the only contraindication for its use is the intolerance of substances in the composition. This is one of the rare drugs that are allowed to take from the first days of life.

What do parents say?

If you thoroughly delve into the parent sites and forums, you can see a variety of reviews about Galstene for newborns. Some parents avidly assert that their little ones got rid of the yellow one with the help of Galstheny. According to them, children's health quickly returned to normal, and no side effects were observed during treatment.

Other mommies report that after taking this remedy, their children lost their appetite, began to cry from attacks of colic, and the yellow one only intensified.

It turns out the whole thing is what kind of jaundice is noted in the newborn. Premature babies often have bilirubin encephalopathy. Of course, in such difficult cases, Galstenoy treatment will be practically useless. Another thing is when the yellowing of the skin of the child is physiological in nature and is manifested due to the immaturity of the body. Then Galstena will be the best remedy for jaundice of newborns.