Red root for potency - how to apply?


The forgotten kopeechnik or red root - a plant, presented to us by the nature of Altai, has long been known for its healing properties. Healers widely use herbaceous perennial extract for the general toning of the human body. It is also worth noting that the plant root is of particular value for men, because it can prevent many diseases of the reproductive system, including impotence and infertility.

It is for this reason that the red root tincture is a real elixir of health for men, but it must be taken very carefully. The peculiarities of the preparation and use of this medicinal plant will be discussed in this publication.

Copier: a unique creation of nature

The nature of the Altai Territory is widely known for its purity and purity, thanks to which medicinal plants have extraordinary healing power. One of these natural remedies is red root. The peculiarity of this herbaceous plant is that it can only be found on the slopes of the Altai Mountains. Belongs to the kopeck forgotten to the legume family.

Scientists consider it a real long-liver, as some specimens grow to 75-80 years old. Ground herbal part reaches 45-50 cm in height. A bare, resilient stem has many branches, to which the leaves are attached, shaped like an ellipse. The flowering period lasts for three summer months, during which the plant is covered with loose purple tassels. Later, in place of flowers, small pods appear, within which seeds resemble coins.

In folk medicine, most often use the root of the plant, which has a special healing value. Much less commonly used for the treatment of grassy ground part. Despite the fact that the root and stem belong to the same plant, the harvesting of natural raw materials is substantially cast. The grassy part is harvested at the end of spring, before flowering begins. Leaves and stems are dried in natural conditions in a shady place. Dry raw materials can be stored in glass containers or in cotton "breathable" bags.

There is a common opinion among healers that only by getting the whole root, you can prepare an effective drug. For these purposes, they invented special winch fixtures that help to get the whole rhizome of a plant that is quite elastic and razogim. In some places, the depth of the root system of the plant reaches 150 centimeters. The root is called red due to the natural brown color, which after drying really becomes reddish.

Interesting! In the people, this plant is often called kopeck. This name came from the seeds of the red root, which resemble small coins.

After extracting the rhizome, it is cleaned, crushed and dried. Properly harvested raw materials can be used for the preparation of medicines for several years.

The healing properties of the plant

On the healing properties of kopeck in the people go to whole legends. The rhizome of the plant is a real natural storehouse of nutrients and trace elements. Healers are convinced that the strength and power of this natural substance is due to the deep care of its root in the earth, which is saturated with useful trace elements, flavonoids and vitamins.

Studying the natural composition of this plant and its parts, you can make sure that it is a unique creation of nature, because in the root of the kopeck contains:

  • flavonoids,
  • coumarins
  • saponins,
  • tanning agents
  • vitamins and trace elements.

The peculiarity of the kopeck root is that he himself and the preparations made on his basis have a pronounced P-vitamin activity, due to which the wall of blood vessels is strengthened and the occurrence of hematomas and bleeding is prevented. Given the complex chemical composition of the plant, with regular use of its extract, the following positive changes occur in the human body:

  • the whole body is toned, physical endurance increases significantly,
  • the body gets rid of free radicals in a timely manner,
  • strengthens the cardiovascular system,
  • improves the function of the respiratory system,
  • the process of saturation of cells with hemoglobin improves,
  • Gut organs are normalized,
  • all functions of the reproductive system are restored.

This plant is particularly useful for the representatives of the stronger sex. Regular consumption of preparations prepared on the basis of kopeck root extract helps to significantly increase libido, as well as to improve the organs of the genitourinary system.

What is the benefit for the male body?

For the treatment of male diseases, you can use the red root, both in pure form and in the form of medicines prepared on its basis. The biologically active additive the Red root from the Evalar company enjoys special popularity. With regular use of this plant and its extract, the following positive changes occur in the body of a man:

  • vessels expand
  • relieves muscle spasm
  • has a slight anti-inflammatory effect,
  • potency increases,
  • the process of urination is normalized,
  • microcirculation of blood is activated, which is an excellent prophylaxis of prostate adenoma.

The rhizome of kopeechnik is a natural stimulant of potency, has a slight tonic and restorative effect on the whole organism. In folk medicine, tea, decoction and alcohol tincture of red root are most often used. Traditional medicine prefers pills and tinctures, which are manufactured by pharmaceutical companies.

Indications and contraindications for use

Before starting to use the red root, it is necessary to consult with your doctor, because, despite the natural origin of the active agent, it has a number of contraindications to use. The following diseases can be indications for the use of red root for medicinal purposes:

  • prostatitis and prostate adenoma in men
  • violation of sexual function, including impotence,
  • inflammatory and infectious diseases of the respiratory system,
  • pathology of the urinary system (nephritis, cystitis, urethritis),
  • uterine bleeding and mastopathy in women,
  • frequent headaches
  • anemia,
  • episindrom
  • frequent respiratory viral diseases and herpes.

It is not recommended to systematically take the red root and preparations with its extract, in such cases:

  • individual intolerance to the components of the drug,
  • period of pregnancy and lactation,
  • children up to 18 years old
  • severe pathology of the hepatobiliary system,
  • a history of thrombophlebitis
  • alcoholism,
  • brain pathology,
  • brain injury.

If the patient does not have the above pathologies in the patient’s history, then before starting the therapeutic course, it is recommended to contact the attending physician, who will prescribe the exact dosage of the agent, and determine the duration of the therapeutic course.

Varieties of medicines on the basis of kopeck and application features

Red root is available for use in several forms:

Powder or crushed natural raw materials can be purchased at the pharmacy for the preparation of healing remedies at home. For the preparation of infusion or decoction using 30 g of powder per 1 liter of boiling water. To obtain a high-quality medicinal product, it is recommended to prepare the infusion in a thermos, pouring boiling water over the powder, and infusing for 7-8 hours.

Broth can be prepared on the steam bath. To do this, take 10 g of red root powder and pour 250 ml of water on it, bring to a boil and leave for a water bath for 20-30 minutes. Ready broth is filtered and take 1 glass per day. To achieve a pronounced therapeutic effect, you must regularly take the drug for 30 days.

Note! Infusion can be used not only inside. Very often, doctors recommend using it for microclysters in the treatment of acute prostatitis in men and uterine fibroids in women.

When performing these procedures, it is necessary to monitor the temperature of the injected broth, which should not be below 37 0.

In the pharmacy network you can see tablets with the identical name "Red Root". This drug does not belong to the group of pharmaceuticals, it is a biologically active additive (BAA). This form of the drug has several advantages, because the pills are convenient to take, they can be used for the treatment of various diseases, and the dosage of the active substance is clearly maintained.

The standard scheme for the use of red root tablets is as follows:

  • dose - 1 tablet 2 times a day,
  • reception time - with meals,
  • course duration - 30 days,
  • a break - 60 days,
  • repeated course - 30 days.

Only by adhering to these recommendations can a pronounced therapeutic effect be achieved.

Despite the variety of pharmaceutical forms of the drug, most often patients take alcohol-based tincture. This drug can be prepared even at home.

At the pharmacy stalls you can see the dietary supplement called “Effex. Red Root "from TM Evalar. The instructions from the manufacturer, attached to the tincture of red root, for men given the following recommendations:

  • reception time - three times before meals,
  • dose - 1 tsp (about 45-50 drops),
  • course duration - 1 month.

Note! Before taking the tincture, it is recommended to pre-dissolve 50 drops of the product in 150 ml of water.

In the absence of this drug in the pharmacy, its analogue can be made at home. For this you will need:

  • alcohol base (vodka, alcohol, moonshine) - 500 ml,
  • crushed roots - about 1/3 liter jars.

In the glass liter jar at the bottom put the roots of kopeck, pour them with alcohol and leave in a dark place for 10-14 days. After that filter and store in a cool place, taking as recommended by the doctor.

Know This drug can be used to increase the body's defenses. Folk healers recommend taking 20 drops of tincture 30 minutes before meals, three times a day.

Duration of use should be at least 30 days, but can be extended for the entire season of the epidemic.

Reviews of doctors, traditional healers and the patients themselves argue that the tincture of the red root is indeed an excellent immunomodulatory, tonic and tonic of natural origin. This plant is of particular value for the male. Below are reviews of some patients taking the red root for the treatment of various diseases.

Artem, 48 years old, Kirov

After 40 years, I first encountered such a disease as prostatitis. Doctors prescribed a comprehensive treatment that was really effective. But after the therapeutic course, there were still symptoms of heaviness in the lower abdomen, frequent night urination. Grandma-Travnitsa recommended to drink the decoction of the red root. After a week of use, I noticed a significant improvement. Later I was advised to tincture of this plant on vodka. Now I am constantly going through 2-3 preventive courses in the autumn-winter period.

Nikolay, 56 years old, Kiev

My grandmother was a herbalist famous in the village. So she always made a spirit tincture of kopeck for the whole family, thanks to which we did not know what a cold is. Now I myself make this medicine and I drink it to them the whole family. In addition to strengthening the immune system, I notice a positive effect on the organs of the urogenital system.

The composition of the red root

The red root is the rhizome of the medicinal plant of kopeck. It grows in Altai and is a small herbaceous plant not more than half a meter in height.

In folk medicine, the rhizome is most often used, but you can use all other parts of the kopeck. After proper drying, the root acquires a characteristic brown or reddish tint, which is why it got its name.

The composition of the red root is a huge amount of nutrients that are well absorbed by the human body:

  • various vitamins, including almost all B vitamins, retinol, ascorbic and nicotinic acid, vitamin E and D,
  • trace elements including important for potency zinc, selenium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron,
  • alkaloids and flavonoids,
  • amino acids, some of which are not produced by the body themselves,
  • xanthones and coumarins
  • tannins,
  • essential oil.

Note! The name of the penny was due to the unusual shape of their seeds, like pennies.

Forms of production and recipes for cooking red root

Red root can be used in various forms:

  • in capsules and tablets for ingestion, which produce several manufacturers at once, including the popular company Evalar,
  • in the form of herbal tea,
  • in the form of powder for cooking decoctions,
  • in the form of alcohol or vodka tincture.

You can independently make funds on the basis of the red root. For example, to make a decoction, it is enough to take 30 g of powder or the same amount of crushed dried rhizome and pour it into a thermos with a liter of boiling water. After an hour or two, the tool will be ready for use.

You can also make alcohol tincture on the red root. Pour crushed red root (but not powder) with high-quality vodka or diluted with water alcohol. Enough 50-55 grams of root per half liter of vodka. Allow the agent to infuse for several days in a dark, cool place, after which it will be ready for use.

Tea with kopechnik is also very easy to cook. Tablespoon without a hill of dried and chopped root pour boiling water (250 ml), cover and let it brew for 10-15 minutes. Then the tool can be drunk as a tea in warm or cold form. To enhance the taste, you can add honey, a slice of lemon, milk, cinnamon or other suitable products to the drink.

Note! Apply to recovery health kopeechnik can be both men and women.

The effect of the red root on the potency of men

Like many other medicinal plants, the red root has a beneficial effect not only on the potency, but also on the work of all organs and systems. Among the main positive properties of the rhizome of kopeck, folk healers distinguish the following:

  • increase vitality and mood
  • acceleration of metabolism and toxins,
  • improvement of the nervous and endocrine systems,
  • normalization of the functioning of the heart and blood vessels, elimination of congestive processes in the pelvic organs,
  • strengthening immunity
  • normalization of hemoglobin and cholesterol levels in the blood.

On male potency, the red root, according to reviews of healers and many men, has an effect after several weeks of regular use, provided that there are no serious diseases.

The kopeck helps in the treatment of prostatitis and other inflammatory processes, relieves pain and spasms, promotes vasodilation. Drugs and drugs, which include a red root, help make an erection more complete and stable, increase libido, prolong sexual intercourse, make feelings during sex more vivid.

In folk medicine, red root is used not only to increase potency, but also as a tonic, to treat diseases of the respiratory, nervous and digestive systems, with frequent pains of various localizations and migraines.

How to take red root

How to take a red root, depends on the form of release of the funds or the prescription drug preparation. Moreover, the scheme of application and dosage is selected in each case individually, taking into account the peculiarities of the man and his state of health. Here are some standard ways to use red root to increase potency:

  1. Tea with a red root. Drink this drink can be no more than a cup (250 ml) per day. Traditional healers recommend drinking this dose in several doses. The kopeeksa broth is drunk in the same way.
  2. Tincture with kopechnikom. Typically, this tool is recommended for prostatitis and inflammatory processes. You need to drink no more than half a teaspoon per day, drinking water or milk of a comfortable temperature. The course of application is 4-5 weeks. Pharmacy tincture is used 10-30 drops before meals 1 time per day. It is advisable to dilute the product with water (about half a glass of 20 drops). The course of the use of pharmaceutical tinctures with a red root is the same as in the case of self-preparation means.
  3. Tablets and capsules with a red root. Detailed information on the use of drugs with kopeck can be found in the instructions attached to them. Usually, to obtain the maximum effect, it is required to drink a course, which usually lasts 1 month, after which you need to take a 10-day break. It is recommended to take 1-2 capsules or tablets daily.

Of course, replacing the use of a red root is not worth it. In the presence of serious diseases that adversely affect the potency, only one kopeck will not have the necessary therapeutic effect.

Использовать растение лучше в качестве профилактики развития нарушений, а также при сбоях в потенции, вызванных стрессами, неправильным образом жизни, переутомлением, нерегулярным сексом и некоторыми другими причинами.


Like any other medicinal plant, the red root has a number of contraindications. Experts do not recommend using it in the following cases:

  • women during pregnancy and breastfeeding,
  • with various diseases of the veins, including thrombophlebitis and varicose expansion,
  • in case of individual intolerance of the plant,
  • in childhood and adolescence
  • with serious diseases of the liver, kidneys and other internal organs,
  • with alcoholism (if necessary, use alcohol tinctures),
  • in diseases of the brain and spinal cord, as well as in the presence of certain mental diseases.

You can use the red root to increase potency for men of any age. The use of this agent is allowed in the presence of cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine, immune, oncological diseases. But before using any pharmacy drug or self-prepared drug with a red root, be sure to consult with your doctor.

Possible side effects

Red root, when properly applied in the right dosage, almost never causes side effects. However, their occurrence is possible. Among the negative reactions of the body are most often found such:

  • exacerbation of chronic diseases
  • allergic reactions, including itching, skin redness, rash,
  • failure to obtain the desired therapeutic effect
  • nausea, vomiting, indigestion.

If any of these side effects occur, it is recommended to stop consuming the red root. In most cases, the disturbing symptoms will pass on their own within 24 hours without any additional action.


Remember, although the reviews on the use of red root to increase potency are mostly positive, kopeck does not always help. And to enhance and extend the positive result from its use, traditional healers recommend to pay attention to your health and take all measures to strengthen it.

So, it is important to give up bad habits, to fully relax and eat a balanced diet, avoid stress and overwork. Hardening, walking, sports training and regular sex will also have a positive effect on potency.

Plant Roots: Useful Properties for Men

Talking about the benefits of plant roots in general is impractical - each representative of the flora has its own properties, as well as a set of useful substances and compounds.

However, the ancient healers were convinced that it was in the roots that the elements necessary for the male potency were concentrated, therefore making up the potions, they often turned to this part of the plants.

Root to increase potency: which one to choose?

Choose the root to restore erectile function should be according to the following criteria:

  • The cause of male weakness,
  • The presence of possible contraindications or hypersensitivity,
  • The susceptibility of an organism to a plant — the specificity of treatment with natural remedies is such that the same plant can be perceived in different ways by different organisms.

The kopeck, which is also the red root, contains in its composition a number of compounds necessary for a full-fledged erectile function.

Taking drugs based on it allows you to:

  • Intensify physical stamina,
  • Clear and expand the vessels
  • Strengthen libido,
  • Get rid of heavy metals,
  • Stimulate blood flow
  • Neutralize free radical damage.

On the basis of the red root are preparing various drugs. Recipes most effective:

  • Tincture. 50 g of kopeck root dry and finely chop. Place in a container, add 0.5 liters of vodka. Leave to infuse for 7 days. After readiness to pass through cheesecloth and drink ½ tsp, diluting in ½ cup of water. Take during the main meals for 1.5 months,
  • Decoction. 7-8 g pounded into powder root pour a mug of water. Mass put in a water bath and simmer for 20 minutes. Then leave for 2 hours and filter. Drink 3 times daily for 20 ml before meals.

Used in various fields of medicine and ginseng root.

For men, it is useful due to:

  • Increased testosterone production,
  • Normalization of the circulatory system and blood flow,
  • Enhance mobility and vitality of sperm,
  • Reducing signs of depression and general toning.

The most common way to treat impotence with ginseng is tinctures and blends with honey. Manufacturing methods:

  • Tincture. Large root placed in a large volume container. Top up with 4.5 liters of high quality vodka. Leave the workpiece in the dark for 24 hours. Take the "drug" until there is 1/20 of the mixture. Add the alcohol base again and leave the medicine cool for a day. Repeat the manipulation once more. The last tincture to drink to the end. Consumption rates - 50 g per day. The maximum amount is 3 times a day. Given the properties of tonic, herbal remedies should not be drunk before bedtime,
  • Mix with honey. Grind the root powder and take 25 g. Mix thoroughly with 700 g of flower honey. Leave for a week. Eat a tablespoon shortly before bedtime.

Effective for enhancing sexual arousal and restoration of sexual function ginger root.

In the presence of disorders in the intimate sphere, the plant helps:

  • Restore the natural production of male sex hormones,
  • Coping with prostate diseases,
  • Warn early ejaculate discharge,
  • Clear the vascular walls and improve blood circulation,
  • Get rid of depression and negative psychological state.

The horned root is effective in sexual dysfunction caused by:

  • Pathologies of the genitourinary system,
  • Endocrine dysfunctions,
  • Obese
  • Diseases of the heart and blood vessels
  • General weakness of the body.

On the basis of ginger, you can prepare various mixtures with lemon and honey, water infusions, teas and decoctions, wine and alcohol tinctures. Pickled ginger is also effective.

The most effective recipes:

  • Tea. Pour a tablespoon of grated root into a thermos. Add boiling water. Pour in some lemon juice, honey, pour in a pinch of cinnamon. Insist a few hours, drink instead of tea,
  • Mixture. Scroll through the grinder fresh and peeled root with lemon, from which you do not need to remove the zest. To the mixture add ½ cup of honey, stir until smooth and leave for a day. Take a teaspoon to sexual intercourse,
  • Ginger Vodka Grind in a convenient way 700 g of fresh ginger root. Mix with a bottle of vodka. Billet put on 2 weeks in the dark and cool. Shake every second day. After readiness to pass through cheesecloth, squeeze the liquid from the root, add honey. During treatment, keep the bottle clogged. Use 1/2 teaspoon of tincture diluted with water. Frequency - twice a day,
  • Powder. Mix 2 g of ginger, 8 g of miners and 1 g of licorice root. Crush to powder. Take 2-3 times a day.

One of the best products that activates the production of testosterone and stimulates sexual arousal is celery root. Drugs based on it strengthen erections and add new colors to the orgasm.

The additional effect of root-based drugs is a positive effect on male fertility by improving the quality of seminal fluid.

On the basis of the plant is prepared the following tools:

  • Tincture. Grind 2 roots and mix with a liter of alcohol base. Composition leave for 5 days. Take ready drink within a month. The dosage should be discussed with the doctor,
  • Infusion. Chop the root and take 2 tablespoons. 3 hours to insist on 3 cups of water. Drink 80 ml in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Pink Rhodiola is often used in sex-enhancing drugs.

Golden root to increase potency is useful due to:

Additional properties of the golden root, important for men:

  • Recovery of tone
  • Getting rid of androgen deficiency
  • Stimulation of blood circulation,
  • Getting rid of stress
  • Restoration of sleep and general emotional state.

The following effective recipes based on pink rhodiola are distinguished:

  • Decoction. Put 30 g of dry root in a saucepan and pour a liter of water. Boil, wait until half the liquid has evaporated. Take 100 ml half an hour before breakfast,
  • Tincture. Chop 50 g of dry raw material, pour 1 liter of liquid containing alcohol. Tara carefully closed and put for 3 weeks in a dark room. The regimen: pour 12 drops of tincture into a glass of water. Take before breakfast and lunch.

Calamus root marsh is widely used in the presence of such purely masculine problems as:

  • Prostatitis in chronic form
  • Low sexual desire
  • Inability to achieve an erection,
  • Negative indicators of semen.

The main properties of the plant are:

  • Strengthening the filling of blood cavernous bodies,
  • Stabilization of the psychological state,
  • Enhance healthy sperm growth.

The following drugs are prepared on the basis of the calamus:

  • Tincture on alcohol. Fill glass containers with наш finely chopped raw materials. It will take from 30 to 50 g of the root. Fill the container with alcohol to the brim. Tightly plug and clean for 2 weeks in a place where all the time is cool and dark. Method of application: dissolve 20 drops in a tablespoon of water and drink half an hour before each meal,
  • Tea. Rinse the teapot with boiling water and pour the brewed tea leaves of your favorite variety. To her fill a teaspoon of root powder. Kettle filled with boiling water completely, leave for 2 minutes. Drink 2-3 per day in a mug.

It is effective in the following cases:

  • Vascular pathologies adversely affect blood flow, and the cavernous bodies cannot fill with blood to cause an erection,
  • Inflammatory processes in the urogenital system affect the sexual viability,
  • Psychological overloads provoke psychogenic dysfunction.

There are a lot of recipes with Kalgan root, mainly tinctures on various alcohol bases, but you can also prepare decoctions based on the charges that include the plant.

Methods for the preparation of useful potions:

  • Tincture on moonshine. You will need a homemade drink prepared according to all the rules without adding harmful additives. Fresh root must be washed, cut and put in a dark bottle. There also add 250 ml of moonshine. Shake well and leave to cool for 3 weeks. Take a tablespoon before each main meal,
  • Broth with viburnum bark. Combine 1 tablespoon of crushed ingredients. Dry collection pour 3 cups of boiling water and put on minimal heat. Boil for 25 minutes, constantly interfering with the broth. Ready to leave the drink to insist for 3 hours. Drink 10 ml for 20 minutes before meals three times a day.

Another root that helps potency is the usual horseradish.

The main benefits of the plant:

  • Prevention of inflammation of the prostate gland, which often gives a complication in the form of impotence,
  • Infertility prevention
  • Restoration of blood circulation in the pelvis.

The most effective recipes:

  • Tincture. 0.5 kg of raw materials skip in a meat grinder. Put the mass in a 3 l container. Pour 1.5 liters of vodka and leave for a week. Over time, add 250 ml of fresh lemon juice and 500 g of honey. Insist another 7 days. Drink 15 ml 3 times a day,
  • Honey mixture. In equal proportions put in the thicket of a blender the roots of horseradish and honey. Beat, put in a jar and store in the refrigerator. Eat 5 g in the morning and before bedtime.

The parsnip root is used in medicine to treat a variety of dysfunctions. In case of a violation of potency, a decoction from it is also useful due to the tonic property and the elimination of the general breakdown.

Cooking tools at home:

  • Grate the root so that it turns out 60 g,
  • Mix the mass with 80 g of sugar,
  • Mix the mixture on low heat for 20 minutes,
  • Turn off the stove, cover the pan with a lid and leave the drug for 8 hours,
  • Drink a tablespoon before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Burdock has a positive effect on potency due to its ability to neutralize the negative manifestations of prostatitis, and speed up the healing process. Plant Root:

  • Accelerates the metabolic process in the prostate gland,
  • Preserves the elasticity of blood vessels
  • Prevents the growth and development of bacterial agents.

  • Infusion. 12 g mince finely chopped. Mix with 2 cups of boiling water and infuse for 2 hours. Drink 100 ml 4 times a day,
  • Infusion with parsley. Chop parsley greens and burdock root. Mix 10 g of components and brew in 500 ml of boiling water. After 2 hours, the infusion is ready. It is necessary to drink it warm, ½ cup, half an hour before meals. On the day you need to drink 3-4 servings.

Application features

Each rhizome has its own instructions and instructions for use, and yet you can select a few general rules that are recommended to follow:

  • Fresh or dry raw materials should not show signs of rot, mildew, other damage,
  • Acquisition of roots is possible both in a pharmacy and in professional herbalists. In addition, you can find the raw material yourself or grow the desired plant on the windowsill,
  • Of all the remedies, tinctures have the greatest effect - they preserve a maximum of useful substances,
  • A number of rhizomes can be added as a condiment to dishes - this will enhance the therapeutic effect,
  • Storing tinctures requires coolness and darkness.
  • The result is achievable, subject to the recommendations of specialists-naturopaths and careful follow the recipe.

What is the root that helps the potency?

The root is the part of the plant that serves to suck up useful substances dissolved in water from the soil and to strengthen the plant in the ground. In the roots are concentrated trace elements, vitamins and minerals.

Therefore, most of the roots for potency can not be consumed in large quantities.

The most effective for men are considered tinctures on useful roots. Folk healers know more than 50 species of plants, the roots of which have a positive effect on male power.

Ginger root for potency

Ginger refers to the first line of natural remedies for male power. If in ancient times, people did not know the basic mechanisms of action of ginger on the body, now science has investigated how the root affects the potency and how it happens.

The chemical composition of ginger contains:

  • Essential oils - zingiberen, terpenes
  • Camfen
  • Vitamins C, B1, B2
  • Amino acids that are not synthesized in the body, and get there only with food.
  • Gingerol - a substance that provides the pungent taste and spicy scent of ginger
  • Trace elements - magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, calcium, iron, zinc.

For men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, it is important that ginger is very rich in zinc. This element is involved in the reaction of testosterone synthesis in the testicles. Without zinc, this process does not occur at all.

Gingerol, in addition to taste, enriches ginger with useful properties - it increases blood supply in the genitals.

Tryptophan and arginine are the amino acids from which serotonin is produced - a neurotransmitter responsible for the sensation of pleasure and dopamine - the “happiness hormone”.

Essential oils act as antiseptics, prevent the development of prostatitis and infections of the urogenital system.

The advantage of ginger: it is very easy to buy, in any store at a reasonable price. Folk methods recommends taking ginger raw, pickled, in the form of tea or tincture.

Ginseng root

It is also called the "root of love."

Ginseng has received its potentiating male power due to saponins - substances that stimulate potency.

With regular use in the body of a man, the following changes are observed:

  1. blood testosterone concentration increases,
  2. increases the synthesis of gonadotropic hormones in the pituitary gland,
  3. potency is normalized,
  4. an erection becomes more pronounced and prolonged,
  5. sexual desire increases.

In addition, after two weeks of ginseng treatment, sperm profile values ​​normalize.

The root also stimulates the nervous system and brain activity.

There is an opinion: with a constant intake of ginseng life expectancy increases, without loss of quality.

It is useful in the form of tea, tincture, decoction.

Calamus root

Marsh Marsh is composed of vitamin C, gum, camphor.

This plant cures sexual impotence, male infertility.

Increases the resistance of an erection, prolongs sexual intercourse.

It is used in the form of tea, infusion, tincture.

Golden root

Or radiola pink, successfully used in order to:

  • therapy of weak potency
  • fertility treatments,
  • psychogenic disorders.

Golden root treats atherosclerotic vessels, prevents the formation of plaques on the vascular wall.

It has a powerful tonic effect.

It is not recommended to take a radiolou with other adaptogens

Successfully applied in the form of tincture, tea, infusion.

"For the best effect from the golden root, it should be collected in the summer, when the amount of nutrients is maximum," advise traditional healers

Kalgan Root

A beautiful legend associated with the Kalgan:

Satyr was very avid for love joys, often changed women.

Angry mistresses complained to Zeus himself, who took away his male power from Satire.

Subsequently, the subject of pride was divided into thousands of pieces and scattered on the ground.

In those places where the pieces fell, grew kalgan.

Ever since, any man has been able to experience the effects of a plant pathogen.

Корень, помогающий потенции, так же обладает антисептическим действием, что профилактирует развитие простатита и других воспалительных заболеваний гениталий.

Калган вызывает приток крови к половым органам, особенно при сексуальном возбуждении. It also has a soothing effect.

Effective for the potency of tincture, infusion of Kalgan.

Celery root

The main useful components of celery for potency:

In addition, celery is the only root that contains male hormone.

Antiseptics in celery help to prevent infectious - inflammatory diseases of the urinary organs.

Celery is used in any form.

Maral root

A plant that mainly grows in Siberia.

Locals have noticed that deer eat this root during the mating season, since then the maral root has been used to treat impotence, prostatitis and prostate adenoma.

Recipes with different roots to increase potency

Ginger Recipes

№1 Cut a slice 1-2 cm thick from the root, grind it with a knife. Put in the teapot, add lemon, pour boiling water. After 3-5 minutes of brewing, you can use it as tea with honey.

№2 Brewed leafy green tea. To it we add crushed ginger, a few slices. We drink freshly prepared.

№3 Ginger root clean, grind, pour half a liter of alcohol or vodka. Insist in a dark place for 14 days. We drink two tablespoons at night.

Ginseng Recipes

№1 At 1 kilogram of liquid honey will need about 50 grams of finely chopped ginseng. Mix in a homogeneous mass, put in a darker place for 14 days. After the expiration date, it is recommended to strain the honey, and take it 1 to 2 tablespoons once a day.

№2 Take 150 grams of ginseng and one liter of vodka. Grind the root, pour it into the bottle, pour it up to the edge with vodka. We put in a dark place for a month. Next, take 20 drops before meals several times a day.

Red Root Recipes

№1 Dry root chopped in the amount of 1 teaspoon. Fill a glass of boiling water. Leave for half an hour. We try to drink for 2-3 approaches.

№2 We will need about 3 tablespoons of crushed red root. Fill with half a liter of vodka, insist for 14 days. Piem a tablespoon 1 time per day.

Recipes from calamus swamp

№1 We take one spoonful of dried roots of calamus, fill with a glass of boiling water. Leave for 10-15 minutes. Prepared tea drink for three sets before meals.

№2 About one hundred grams of root is poured with one liter of vodka, leave for 14 days. Take 20-30 drops before bedtime.

Golden root for the treatment of potency

№1 Grind half a kilogram of golden root, pour half a liter of vodka. In a dark place insist for a month, occasionally stirring. Eat 20-30 drops before meals.

№2 We take the crushed golden root - 2 tablespoons. Fill with a glass of boiling water, cover with a lid for 20 minutes. Infusion drink for 3-4 approach.

Kalgan recipe

Take 150 grams of dried roots. Fill with half a liter of vodka or alcohol. We put in the fridge for a week. After this time we consume 10 drops before meals.

With celery

100 grams of celery root, 1-2 green apples. All mash grated, mix, add natural yogurt or kefir.

Maral root recipe

Grind a few tablespoons of the root, add 300 ml of boiling water. Leave under the lid for half an hour. Use 2 - 3 scoops several times a day.

The recipe of tincture of horseradish for men

Half a kilogram of horseradish roots rubbed on a grater or grind in a blender. We shift in a large jar, pour two liters of vodka. Insist within 7 days.

Next, add to the tincture half a liter of liquid honey, lemon juice from three lemons. We clean in the refrigerator for 7 days. After, we use several tablespoons 2 times a day.

Herbs, roots, fruits of plants - all this is used by traditional medicine in order to help men to cope with the problem of impotence with the least amount of side effects and with the greatest effect.

What is useful bear root

The positive effects of kopeechnik on the body due to the high content of trace elements, selenium, flavonoids, tannins. It contains alkaloids, catechins, coumarins, saponins, vitamins P, C and many other useful substances. Red root is very useful for potency, it significantly increases physical endurance, increases libido, tones the body as a whole.

These components contribute to the processes:

  • Strengthening and restoring damaged capillary walls,
  • Expansion vessels
  • Cleansing the body of heavy metals,
  • Free radicals neutralization
  • Blood supply of the genitourinary system, etc.

The plant not only affects the increase in potency, but also gives good results in the treatment of the central nervous system, diseases of the cardiovascular, respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract. Due to the strong antispasmodic action, the bear root is able to eliminate painful sensations during inflammations.

The effect of kopeck on men

Especially prized red root in the male part of the population. Sexologists and urologists put him on a par with synthetic medication drugs on the effectiveness of exposure. Since the product is of plant origin, the result of treatment is not achieved so quickly, but its advantage is a steady effect and a minimum of contraindications.

The red root is able to maintain a male sex life for a long time, providing a stimulating effect on the potency.

Traditional medicine has long used the red root in the treatment of prostatitis, adenoma, as well as their effects. The plant is successfully used both in therapeutic and prophylactic purposes with:

  • Pyelonephritis (infectious diseases of the kidneys),
  • Urethritis
  • Cystitis
  • Dropsy of the testicles,
  • Pain in the genital area,
  • Malignant neoplasms in the urogenital system,
  • Male infertility
  • Decreased libido (decrease in sexual activity),
  • Complete or partial loss of sexual function (impotence).

The presence of flavonoids in the composition of the red root promotes relaxation of the smooth muscles of the prostate ducts. It restores the process of outflow of prostatic secretions, and improves the blood supply to the organs of the urogenital system.

The plant activates the sexual capabilities of a man, restores his body after heavy physical exertion, eliminates fluid stasis in the prostate, increases blood circulation in the genital area and the entire reproductive system.


Ready tincture of kopeck. The main active ingredient is the red root itself, which insists on alcohol. To enhance the effect in the tincture add the grass of the highlander. The indications for the use of such a drug pharmacologists called prostate gland disease. Red root tincture has the following effects:

  • Relieves inflammation
  • Increases the rate of blood circulation in the prostate gland,
  • Eliminates swelling, swelling and pain,
  • Promotes increased potency.

Red root extract tablets are made with the addition of excipients such as zinc oxide, vitamin E, cellulose, zinc, etc. The permissible dose of each component is strictly observed.

Red root tablets are recommended as a dietary supplement for disorders in the work of the prostate gland associated with age-related changes and diseases of the urinary system. The drug normalizes the urinary organs, reduces inflammation, eliminates pain, swelling, and has a beneficial effect on the male sexual functions.

In addition, red root tablets have an antioxidant, tonic and firming effect on the body as a whole. Take the pills you need for a month, once a day for two pieces with a meal. After a 10 day break, it is advisable to repeat the treatment.

Means cooked by yourself

Tincture. To prepare the remedy for potency at home, you will need finely chopped dried red root in the amount of 50 grams and 500 ml of vodka. Vodka poured raw materials insist for at least seven days, then filter and drink half a teaspoon.

In some cases, the dose is increased to half a tablespoon, but only with the permission of the attending physician. The tincture is pre-diluted in one hundred grams of water. It is necessary to accept means for a potentiality during the day, during food, in two-three receptions. Treatment lasts from 1 to 3 months, depending on the degree of the disease.

Decoction. Cooking broth kopechnik requires more time and effort.

1⁄2 art. l chopped dry root pour water (250 ml). The resulting mixture is heated in a water bath for twenty minutes. Insist at least 2 hours and filter.

Broth to increase potency taken three times a day, before meals or with food, two tablespoons.

The use of broth helps purify the blood, normalize the water-salt metabolism, speed up metabolism.

Tea. Cooking this red root drink is as easy as brewing regular tea. One teaspoon of the root in powdered form is poured boiling water (1 cup). Make 15-20 minutes, then filter. A man with impaired potency takes healing tea of ​​250 mg at a time. During the day it is recommended to use two glasses.

Bear root tea to improve potency can be brewed in a thermos. For this, you will need chopped root and boiling water, at the rate of 4 tsp. raw materials per liter of water.

Cooking tincture

Tincture of the red root on vodka is easy to prepare, and does not have huge costs, so it will not hit the budget in any way.

In a half-liter jar add 50 g of dried red root, it can be prepared independently or purchased at a pharmacy. To fill in the root of 450 ml of vodka, while the vodka must be pure, without any additives and flavors - this is very important. Thus, you should get half a liter of tincture. The jar should be tightly closed with a lid and wrap with dark matter or wear a dark sock, but if you have a container of dark material for 0.5 liters, you can prepare the tincture in this container. It is very important that the sun rays do not get on the medicine, as this may lead to its uselessness, and it will not be effective. Then you should put it in a dark place, where they insist, it should be more than seven days, at room temperature. Throughout the life of the bank need to shake every other day. It is better that the medication will be infused for ten days - this will make it more effective. At the expiration of the term, it must be filtered through cheesecloth, after which the medicine is ready for use.

Do not rush to throw away the used roots of this tincture, you can re-prepare the same medicine, but you will have to insist for 14 days, and preferably 20.

There is another recipe for tincture of red root for alcohol. This remedy, which insists on alcohol, is used to treat male diseases associated with the genitals. It is more effective for the treatment of these diseases. For the preparation you will need 30 g of dry red root, 30 g of propolis and half a liter of medical alcohol. Mix it all in a liter jar or in a bottle, you must take a bottle of dark material or wrap a jar or medicine bottle in dark matter. The container should be tightly closed with a lid, then put in a dark place at room temperature. Such a means should be infused for exactly 12 days, every day or every other day you need to shake the container. After the expiration of the term, the agent must be drained through gauze, after which the medicine is ready for use.

When and how to apply tincture

The use of vodka infusion is recommended for colds, tuberculosis, for female diseases, for cleansing the vessel, for infertility, and other diseases of the reproductive system of men and women. Before use, the tincture should be constantly shaken, since all the useful substances are mainly in the sediment, which settles to the bottom of the tank. Drink the infusion half a teaspoon before meals three times a day for 20 days. If the taste of the drug is not pleasant, you can dilute half a teaspoon of the infusion in water or tea, but the water must be boiled or purified through a filter. After that, you need to take a break in ten days, after which you can repeat the medication, if necessary. For a full recovery, it is recommended to treat within three months, that is, 20 days taking the medicine, 10 days break, and so three times.

Infusion of this plant on propolis and alcohol should be taken by men who have problems with urination, prostatitis or any other male problems. It is important to remember that when taking the tincture should not take any antibiotics or reduce their use to a minimum, it is also recommended to treat the prostate in the complex, that is, a healthy diet, exercise plus infusion. After all, from a healthy lifestyle there are health problems. Give your health at least 20 minutes a day, and you will forget about the problems of your body. Another additional effect of this tincture will be increased sexual desire, potency will increase, the body's performance will improve. Thanks to this remedy, the vessels are cleaned, and the blood vessels begin to actively bring in the genitals useful substances. The metabolism improves, excess fats are burned.

Use the infusion of red root on propolis is as follows: in 1/3 cup pour purified or boiled water, then add 30 drops of the medicine. Drink half an hour before meals, three times a day for 30 days, after which you should take a break of 30 days. If there is a need, the course of treatment can be repeated.