Online test for your shyness and shyness


Everyone should be a little shy. A normal level of shyness makes a person more acceptable in communication, gives him a charm that “people without complexes” do not have. But how, interestingly, are you shy?

Answer yes or no.

1. If my outfit at the party is very different from the clothes of the others, I will feel uncomfortable.

2. It will be unpleasant for me if someone wants to read my diary or personal correspondence.

3. It is difficult for me to decide to invite someone to dinner, as I am afraid to hear the refusal.

4. If I am invited to take part in an unfamiliar game, I will most likely refuse.

5. Being late for the meeting, I do not dare to enter the room, because the views of all those present will rush at me.

6. Speaking to the audience, I cannot take my eyes off the text prepared in advance, even if I am well aware of the subject of the report.

7. In the gym or at the dance, I usually stand modestly against the wall, ashamed of my own awkwardness.

8. I avoid telling jokes or funny stories. Having noticed that they listen to me attentively, I usually get embarrassed and lose the thread of the story.

9. When I am evil at someone, I always let him understand that.

10. It gives me pleasure to appear in public places in new fashionable clothes.

11. Disappointment take part in competitions, regardless of the level of my training.

12. If after the lecture something is still not clear, I will ask the teacher to explain again.

13. On the beach or in the pool, I do not hesitate to put on a bathing suit.

14. When in a dance lesson or in a sports club, the coach chooses a partner to demonstrate the exercise, I always hope that he will pay attention to me.

15. I enjoy listening to feedback from others about my work.

16. Having become the object of a joke, I always laugh with everyone and will not be offended in the least.

Count the number of positive answers from block A and negative ones from block B. Add up the numbers - this is an indicator of the level of your shyness.

From 14 to 16. You are terribly shy. You pay too much attention to what others think about your appearance, shape, intelligence, or ability to communicate with people. It's time to become more independent and learn to defend your own opinion!

From 10 to 13. The opinion of others is important to you, and sometimes this dependence can cause trouble. You should learn to feel more relaxed, and then you will get rid of the fear of being unrecognized by society.

From 7 to 9. Shyness is one of your personality traits, but you successfully fight it. Review the list of questions to determine your most vulnerable spot: intelligence (answers “yes” to 2 and 6, “no” to 12 and 15), appearance (“yes” to 1 and 5, “no” to 10 and 13), social position (“yes” at 3 and 8, “no” at 9 and 16) or sportswear (“yes” at 4 and 7, “no” at 11 and 14).

From 3 to 6. In of life you go on your own way, taking into account the opinions of others. Optimal balance!

From 0 to 2. The opinion of others about your person does not interest you at all. You are swimming in your own way, but with respect to those around you, stay too cold and indifferent. A little attention to people will make your life easier and more interesting.


Carefully read the questions, and give the answer by choosing one of the options, only A, B or C, depending on which of them more reflects your life situation. At the end, you can get an interpretation of the overall test results.

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You practically do not know what embarrassment or shyness is.because you are a person “without complexes”, and you think that attention cannot be superfluous. You "bathe" in it, and are completely unable to do without it. You are interesting, familiar with a large number of people, some of whom help to realize your goals and aspirations. This is all fine, if it were not for one thing - you sometimes get too much, and you are not always able to notice other people, which does not particularly well influence the establishment of close or professional relationships. I recommend reading the recommendations from the article “What is active listening and what are the techniques for its development?” In order to establish deeper connections.

For women, I recommend watching this free course.

Men You have to be attainers and you have no time to be shy. I recommend to study, here is this material.

Do you know when to keep silent, so as not to discredit themselves, and when to manifest itself in all its glory. Attention does not scare you, yes, you are anxious, but, despite it, are able to move forward, as you know, the fear subsides, you just have to start talking, and then disappear altogether. Why get recognition not only colleagues, but also close people. Despite the fact that you are accustomed to achieve your own, I would like to recommend that you familiarize yourself with the article “15 rules that rich and successful people use”, because it is never too late to learn new things!

For women, I recommend watching this free course.

Men You have to be attainers and you have no time to be shy. I recommend to study, here is this material.

You used to be guided by other people's opinions., even if you do not always agree with him, you will never declare it. You are a talented person, and you could well achieve tremendous success if you were not afraid of the public and in general, declare yourself. Permanent residence stress does not very well affect your health, which is why you often feel unwell. It is time to declare a fight of their shyness, and finally, to begin to advance both in their careers and in social life. Practical advice on how to do this, you will learn from the article "How to deal with shyness methods available to everyone."

For women, I recommend watching this free course, he will tell you how to turn from a gray mouse into a queen.

Men You have to be attainers and you have no time to be shy. I recommend to study, here is this material.

Test to determine the level of shyness

Read the following statements and note the number of the most suitable for you:

  1. The society of strangers is unpleasant to me and makes me tense.
  2. I always feel uncomfortable when I communicate with people.
  3. I feel uncomfortable in the presence of strangers. With them, I feel helpless.
  4. During festive events and corporate events I feel terribly uncomfortable and can not relax.
  5. During conversations with colleagues and acquaintances, I am constantly afraid to say something stupid.
  6. I experience jitters when I have to talk with a famous or reputable person.
  7. The presence of representatives of the opposite sex in my usual company or environment knocks me out of a rut.
  8. I try to avoid direct eye contact with other people.
  9. I always try to avoid conflicts, avoid quarrels and disputes.
  10. I constantly think about what I could say or do in a certain situation, although in that situation no ideas came to my mind.

If you came to the conclusion that six or more statements corresponds to your behavior, in this case it can be argued that Your level of shyness is pretty high. If you choose only two or three answers, you can be sure that you have a completely normal level of shyness, which is common to almost all people.

How to get rid of shyness?

  1. Watch how your shyness manifests. Think about what became the main reason for its appearance: features of education, frequent criticism, ugly appearance, failure in actions and deeds. Objectively assess whether you can eliminate the causes of shyness on your own or you need the help of specialists.
  2. Think about how you should be a confident person who has no signs of shyness. Try to try on his image and fix the feeling of confidence in your memory.
  3. Look at yourself in the mirror. What in yourself you can not accept? What do you just hate in yourself? Analyze whether this trait is really worth the hatred and rejection that you feel? Engage in self-training or visualization, forcing yourself to accept the way you are.
  4. Learn to look at yourself and your behavior from the side. Be objective. Do not take yourself too seriously. Learn to laugh at yourself.
  5. Keep a journal of your own achievements, where write down all your victories, all moments in life, when you, without shyness, with confidence in yourself achieved the desired result.
  6. Watch confident people: how they behave, how they walk, how they look, how they talk. Copy their behavior, gestures, gait, style of conversation.

If our advice is not enough to reduce your level of shyness, take a course on developing communication skills.