Tea tree oil


From the leaves of malaleuca (tea tree), having a smell a bit like camphor, they produce an essential oil called tea tree. By the way, by the way, neither wood nor oil have anything to do with tea. Tea tree essential oil has many useful properties that allow it to be used as an antiseptic in official and traditional medicine, in aromatherapy, in cosmetology to improve the properties of creams and shampoos. It is produced in many countries, but the highest quality oil is considered to be produced in Australia, fully complying with Australian quality standards.

The oil is liquid, transparent, with a light pale green tint, has a very strong aroma, with spicy, tart, bitter woody-fruity notes.

Medicinal properties

Tea tree oil is used in both traditional and traditional medicine. It combines antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal properties, and is also a powerful immunostimulating agent. The uniqueness of the properties allows us to consider aroma oil as a natural antibiotic and immunostimulant.

Indications for use

Tea tree essential oil is used externally for:

  • irritation, swelling, itching and redness of the skin,
  • insect bites,
  • burns
  • eczema, dermatitis (except allergic),
  • psoriasis,
  • dandruff
  • fungal diseases of the skin and nails,
  • herpes
  • warts, papillomas,
  • pustular skin diseases
  • acne,
  • ARVI, flu, sore throat (as rubbing, rinsing),
  • gingivitis, stomatitis, periodontal disease,
  • caries prevention (lubrication, rinsing),
  • bronchitis (rubbing, inhalation),
  • otitis (burial in the ear),
  • wounds, cuts, abrasions,
  • sprains, sprains,
  • colpitis, vaginitis, prevention of viral, bacterial or fungal infections of the vagina (douching),
  • hemorrhoids (suppositories, enemas).

How to use tea tree oil for treatment

• In case of angina, nasopharyngeal diseases, inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity, in case of gum pain from dentures or braces, rinsing the mouth and throat with warm water will help (5 drops of oil per 200 g of water).

• Adding an agent to the solution for inhalation is recommended for bronchitis, cough, flu, acute respiratory infections, SARS (no more than 5 drops for one inhalation).

• For ear pain, tea tree oil is diluted in heated olive oil at a ratio of 1: 2 and buried in the ear (2 drops). Repeat if necessary.

• At a cold, 3 drops of the product are rubbed into the skin of the nose and forehead.

• To relieve sore throat, add 4 drops of aroma oil to 200 g of water and rinse the throat 3 r. in a day.

• For the treatment of barley: 3 cap. Add oil to 200g of hot water, hold face over steam for 5 minutes.

• For toothache, rinsing helps (5 drops of essential oil per 250 g of water), applying a cotton wool moistened with oil on a sore spot.

What else does oil help

• The use of natural essential oil of tea tree in aromatherapy promotes faster healing and recovery after various diseases. During the period of seasonal flu epidemics, the oil used in the aroma lamp will help to cope with the infection faster.

• In aromatherapy it is also used for stress, fatigue, weakness. Aromatherapy session will help improve attentiveness and efficiency, will relieve anxiety.

• Due to its healing, soothing, disinfecting properties, the oil is used to treat serious skin injuries, injuries, and burns.

• The tool also helps to cope with inflammatory processes in the oral cavity (periodontitis, periodontal disease), to eliminate unpleasant odor from the mouth.

• Pain in the muscles can be reduced by taking the aroma bath (20–30 drops per regular bath).

• Tea tree essential oil is used in the treatment of herpes, dermatitis, eczema. It removes puffiness well in places of injuries, thickening of the skin, helps to get rid of warts.

• For shingles, rubbing with the following composition helps: 1 part tea tree oil + 10 parts any oil. Heat the mixture slightly and then apply to the painful area. Apply 3 p. a day before the pain subsides.

• The properties of tea tree oil also allow it to be used in the treatment of psoriasis and dandruff removal.

• Drug treatment of inflammatory gynecological and urological diseases will be more effective in combination with essential oil. Douching with its addition (10 drops of the drug per 500 g of water) will help to heal from thrush, candidiasis, vaginitis.

Application of oil inside

For colds of the upper respiratory tract, intestinal infections, helminthic invasions, oil can be used inside. Of course, a consultation with a doctor is advisable before taking a remedy. For the reception inside use only 100% essential oil of tea tree CAA Iris. Take the drug in 1-2 drops, adding honey to the spoon. Repeat intake 3 times a day for no more than five days.

Children ingestion of essential oil is prohibited!

For teeth whitening

The instructions for tea tree oil do not say that it is able to whiten teeth, but according to numerous reviews of people who have tried to do this, it copes with it perfectly. After a normal tooth brushing, rinse out your mouth, wash your toothbrush and put just 1 drop of oil on it, brush your teeth again and rinse your mouth thoroughly. The effect of bleaching will be noticeable after several uses, and sometimes immediately. In addition, after this procedure, the gums are significantly strengthened.

Nail fungus treatment

According to many people, tea tree oil can cure the fungus on the nails of the feet and skin of the feet. It is used for nails by smearing the nail plate after steaming or by applying compresses: cut small pieces of matter slightly larger than the size of the nails, soak them in oil and apply on the nail plates for 20 minutes.

For the treatment of foot fungus, baths are made: 20 drops of tea oil and 1 hour spoon of liquid soap are added to a liter of warm water. Keep feet 30 minutes.

Both procedures are done daily until complete disposal of the fungus.

The benefits of tea tree oil for hair and scalp

Tea tree oil is suitable for all types of hair. Feeding the hair roots and scalp, it makes hair thicker, gives them shine and volume, eliminates itching, tightness of the skin, relieves dandruff. Essential oil is an excellent preventive measure against pediculosis - lice and nits do not tolerate the smell of tea tree.

Popular face mask

To normalize the condition of the skin of the face, from acne, from greasy shine and peeling, apply a mask with clay: 4 tablespoons of natural sour cream mix with 2 hours spoon of white or blue clay and add 3-4 drops of tea tree oil. Mix thoroughly and apply on face for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse with warm water. You will get a powerful anti-inflammatory effect and beautiful pleasant to the touch skin.

Hair loss wraps

To strengthen the hair are recommended to carry out wraps with oil. A small amount of funds rubbed into the scalp, then wrap the hair with a towel or close the shower cap for two hours. After that, rinse hair thoroughly. If during the procedure there is a burning sensation, you should not wait two hours, it is better to wash your hair. The next time before use, dilute the oil with distilled water in a 1: 1 ratio.

- 2 drops of oil added to a regular shampoo (single dose) will add shine and silkiness to hair, strengthen it.

- 2 drops of oil added to a regular aftershave cream (single dose) will relieve irritation and dry skin.


  • In the case of individual intolerance, you will have to abandon the use of oil or make its composition less concentrated by diluting with distilled water.
  • If you are allergic to celery and thyme, you should not use aromatic oils because of the likelihood of cross-allergy, since the product contains the same substances as these plants.
  • Pregnant women and children under 1.5 years old are not recommended to use tea tree oil.

Watch a short video about how easy it is to use this wonderful oil at home:

The process of obtaining tea tree oil

When processing leaves of a plant, it is important to preserve all their medicinal properties. In this regard, the method that involves steam distillation was chosen as the main method of producing tea tree essential oil. Experiments have shown that it is the most effective and gentle.

The crushed leaves of tea tree are treated with water vapor. The whole process takes place under great pressure. At the same time, the essential oil is captured along with the water vapor. When the steam has cooled, it can be separated and filtered. Thus obtained tea tree oil is packaged in separate containers, and it goes on sale.

The duration of distillation affects the quality of the oil produced. Volatiles will be able to save the more, the longer will be the treatment of water vapor leaves. However, such a duration entails significant costs, which means that the resulting oil will have to be sold at a high price. For this reason, retail stores often offer tea tree oil, which was obtained as a result of using the accelerated method. Although the product is also of high quality. Inexpensive and useful tea tree oil today has been widely used in various fields of human activity both in Russia and abroad.

Useful properties of tea tree oil

Tea tree leaves and oil derived from them, have a tart and invigorating smell. It contains bitter and spicy notes. When the oil is inhaled, at first there is a slight scent of freshly sawn wood. After that, sharp and bitter notes become noticeable. Although the basis of the smell is completely fruity. At first glance, such a combination may seem somewhat strange. Thanks to this unusual and mysterious smell, tea tree oil is used for aromatherapy. In addition, it is part of many perfume blends. The aroma of tea tree successfully complement the spicy scents.

The use of tea tree in aromatherapy allows you to get rid of fears, depression and obsessive ideas. Patients after the sessions feel much calmer. Such aromatherapy is necessary for those who would like to increase their working capacity and overcome a stressful state. Tea tree oil will help activate thought processes, strengthen memory and improve the perception of reality.

It has a unique anti-bacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties. All these qualities make it one of the most effective antibiotic immunostimulants of natural origin. This tool can be a worthy alternative to artificially produced drugs. Tea tree oil helps with various infections, and also accelerates the process of recovery after illness. Colds and flu in children will recede faster if used for aromatherapy.

Before applying tea tree oil, you should find out what concentration it has: 5 or 10%. It is necessary to pay special attention to this characteristic, since its choice is determined by the goals in which the means will be used.

Tea tree oil

This natural remedy may be useful in the following cases:

For asepsis and antiseptics of wounds, scratches of cuts, skin rash during allergic reactions,

An aqueous solution of the oil helps to cope with gastric and intestinal infections. According to Austrian doctors, such a natural remedy is much more effective than pharmaceutical preparations of a similar effect,

The oil will be useful for patients suffering from acute respiratory viral diseases,

It also helps maintain immunity and gain strength with depression,

With the help of oil, it will be possible to recover faster after a recent severe operation or a serious illness,

The tool is effective for gynecological problems. It is used to treat various STDs, fungal infections, microflora imbalances,

Aromatherapy is recommended for patients with suspected oncology. Oil slows the growth of both malignant and benign tumors. Due to this property, oil is used by proctologists and gynecologists,

Exudative diathesis and chicken pox can be treated with oil. It is often used in pediatric pediatrics, as the child’s body is much better perceived by drugs of natural origin,

The oil is used by dentists in order to heal wounds after tooth extraction and other operations for the treatment of gums.

Widely used oil in cosmetology due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to get rid of the rash, improving the overall condition of the skin, stimulates hair growth and gives them shine. With its help it is possible to cope with puffiness in a short time. It also allows you to level the skin, eliminating damage, thickening, and neoplasms formed in the upper layer of the epidermis. Those who suffer from warts should also use tea tree oil.

For women with oily and problem skin, it is recommended to include cosmetics based on such oil in her daily care. A few drops of it can be added to intimate hygiene products to enhance their antibacterial properties. Tea tree oil is often used to flavor rooms. Thus, you can not only spread a pleasant bitter smell, but also disinfect the air. Aromatherapy with tea tree oil is also an excellent prevention of disease-causing bacteria and viruses.

A wide range of applications of this natural remedy is due to the fact that it rarely causes irritation of the skin, even if its dosage is exceeded. To avoid the use of tea tree oil should be only if it is individual intolerance. It also greatly affects the immune system, so you should not use it for the treatment of various diseases in young children.

Aromatic bath will require only a few drops of this essential oil. It can also be combined with lavender oil. In this case, you will need 4 drops of each ingredient. Compresses, inhalations and dressings are made on the basis of a solution, for the preparation of which a glass of water and 4 drops of oil are used. With colds, inhalations are performed. This procedure lasts 8-10 minutes and involves the inhalation of steam over a container with hot water or herbal extract, in which 5 drops of essential oil were added.

Quickly cope with cough and sore throat helps rinsing. They can be carried out using a solution from one glass of water and essential oil (10 drops). It is added not only to intimate hygiene products, but also to shampoos and shower gels. It takes only a few drops, so essential oil is consumed sparingly. It is also combined with other oils, for example, with lavender. It can also be used with rosemary or nutmeg oil. Together they will give an amazing flavor, and the benefits of them will only increase.

Tea tree oil has an analgesic and antiseptic effect, so they can be treated with insect bites (mosquitoes, wasps). At a cold or antritis it is recommended to lightly lubricate the wings of the nose. This treatment method allows you to quickly cope with congestion. With antritis, a positive effect can be achieved with regular use. At the same time, precautions should be taken, as too frequent use causes excessive skin dryness.

During an epidemic of influenza or colds, a drop of oil should be applied to the back of the hand or neck to protect against viruses. However, if the infection could not be avoided, it is worthwhile to put a compress on the chest. To do this, add tea tree oil (2 drops) to preheated vegetable oil (2 tablespoons), and then wet the resulting mixture with a clean cloth or towel. This compress should be placed strictly on the chest, avoiding the heart area. On a towel the film and a warm scarf or a scarf keeps within. Compress need to keep 1-1.5 hours.

Well help with colds aromavannas. In a glass of milk you need to add 10 drops of tea tree oil. The resulting mixture should be poured into a bath filled with warm water. You can take it no more than 10 minutes. Such a bath will be useful not only to patients suffering from colds or viral diseases, but also to those who have acne or other types of irritation on the skin. By evening, many people get tired and swollen legs. To get rid of the discomfort, you can hold them in a bath with warm water and three drops of tea tree oil. After the procedure, the legs feel light, the feeling of fatigue will disappear.

Tea Tree Oil Acne

Антисептические и антибактериальные свойства масла чайного дерева делают его очень эффективным средством против прыщей. Оно хорошо подсушивает акне и препятствует их распространению по всему лицу. Кроме того, масло чайного дерева практически не имеет побочных эффектов, поэтому оно безопасно для кожи, даже если применяется в чистом виде. На его основе также можно готовить лосьон и маску.

In its pure form, tea tree oil should be applied with a cotton pad or stick to acne in the morning and evening on thoroughly cleansed skin. A positive result is usually visible after only a few days. Most changes are noticeable after 2-3 weeks. It is important to apply tea tree oil every day. Only with regular use can you improve your skin.

If you add 5 drops of tea tree oil to 3 tablespoons of boiled water, it is easy to get an effective face lotion. It is suitable for both oily and combination skin. Use the lotion after washing in the morning and evening. It can also be prepared on the basis of herbal decoction. 2 tablespoons of calendula, sage or pharmaceutical chamomile pour a glass of boiling water and let it brew. The resulting decoction must be filtered, add 9 drops of tea tree oil, and natural and healthy lotion for acne is ready. If the product is intended for oily skin, a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice is added to it.

To prepare the mask, beat the egg white and add to it: tea tree oil (4 drops), lavender oil (2 drops), rosemary oil (2 drops), olive oil (2 drops). Apply the mixture evenly on the face. Wash it off after 15 minutes. This mask is most effective in combating acne on oily or combination skin.

Means for dry skin is prepared on the basis of one yolk, one teaspoon of olive oil, rosemary oil (2 drops), tea tree oil (4 drops). All ingredients must be carefully moved, and then apply the resulting mixture of dotted on the affected areas of the face. After 20 minutes, the mask should be washed off.

Before using any cosmetic product that contains tea tree oil, check the body's response to it. To do this, apply a small amount of mask or lotion on the elbow bend. If after half an hour there is no irritation, then the product can be used to treat acne on the face.

Tea tree oil from nail fungus

Nail fungus is an unpleasant disease, due to which not only the nails look ugly, but also endure constant discomfort. To cope with the causes and symptoms of infection allows tea tree oil. The easiest way to use this tool in such cases is its application to the affected nail plates in a pure form.

Tea tree oil should be carefully rubbed so that it penetrates deeply. It is necessary to avoid contact with the skin around the nails. After processing, each finger should be sealed with adhesive tape or bandaged. Compress need to keep at least 6 hours. Perform the procedure in the morning and evening for 3 months in order to achieve a positive effect. For sensitive skin, on which the use of tea tree oil provokes irritation, you can mix it with olive oil.

Effective with nail fungus and foot bath with the addition of honey, sea salt and soda. A teaspoon of each ingredient should be dissolved in a liter of hot water along with 20 drops of tea tree oil. Keep your feet in the bath is necessary until the water has cooled. Conduct such procedures should be daily for a month. Even if the symptoms of the disease pass earlier, it is necessary to conduct a full course of treatment.

When nail fungus is useful to rub into the nail plate means of olive, thyme oil and tea tree oil. All ingredients are mixed in equal proportions. The finished product is applied to each nail affected by the fungus and rubbed into it. After that, a few more drops of oil are added to the top again. After 15 minutes, you need to apply the tool on the nail plate for the third time and rub it well with a toothbrush. Perform the procedure daily until the symptoms of nail fungus pass.

Useful properties of tea tree essential oil

What is the reason for the demand for this essential oil in the field of cosmetology, as well as alternative and official medicine? Besides the fact that this oil contains more than 40 useful organic components, the tea tree has a bactericidal and antiviral effect and helps to cope with yeast and fungal infections (it was not without reason that the Australian National Council for Medical Research and the American and European Pharmacopoeias characterized it). In fact, it has the properties of an antibiotic with a strong immune stimulating effect.

Being a strong anti-inflammatory agent, tea tree oil disinfects and heals wounds, lowers body temperature with ARVI or flu, has analgesic properties, increases energy abilities, and relieves swelling. With skillful use, the oil will help to normalize the state of the nervous system and improves mental activity.

What is tea tree oil used for today?

It may seem unthinkable, but the indigenous people of Australia a few thousand years ago used the leaves of tea tree for the preparation of tinctures or compresses. To do this, they pre soaked the leaves and used for the treatment of colds and treatment of skin wounds.

After a long period of time, nothing has changed significantly. Oil also continues to be treated for viral diseases of the throat, nasopharynx, and is used to heal injuries on the skin of different nature. True, drops of essential oil are increasingly being used for aromatherapy purposes: they are added to inhalers, aroma lamps, into a bath for inhalation of therapeutic vapors, and even into the water during room cleaning. And the spectrum of all sorts of ailments and other problems that tea tree oil helps to fight effectively is becoming more and more widespread. Here is a list of some of them:

but) Cold with a runny nose and cough, infectious and viral diseases: bronchitis, tracheitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, flu, tonsillitis. Tea tree essential oil has a soothing and expectorant property, therefore it helps cleanse the mucus of the respiratory tract.

b) Parasitic (caused by scabies and whether lice) and fungal diseases skin and nail plates.

at) Skin damage and skin infections: incised wounds, burns, insect bites, etc. People who use to get rid of eczema, chicken pox, herpes, tea tree oil usually give positive feedback.

d) Oral hygiene and dental problems . It is no longer a wonder to use this oil to treat inflammation in the oral cavity, to get rid of unpleasant odor or plaque and stone, to strengthen the gums.

d) Disorders of the nervous system. Judging by what is happening on our roads, many people sometimes need to treat shaky nerves. The soothing properties of the aroma of tea tree oil have a beneficial effect on the condition of a person who is plagued by obsessive ideas, unreasonable anxiety, delusions, overcome panic attacks and hysteria.

In addition, someone completely unsure of their abilities may find themselves making bold decisions and many independent actions. And those who are clearly tired, will certainly notice the desire to work again and again. And the whole secret lies in the fact that the tea tree activates mental activity and stimulates memory.

e) Digestive problems. It may seem strange that inhaling the vapors of this aroma oil neutralizes the symptoms of food poisoning, optimizes the functioning of the digestive system, but it actually works.

g) Cystitis and other inflammations urinary system.

h) Recovery after suffering a debilitating illness with tea tree essential oil, the pace rises.

Therapeutic uses and dosages

Bath. While taking a bath in water, add up to 10 drops of oil and bask in it for no more than 10 minutes. For a more relaxing effect, use 4 drops of essential oil of tea tree and lavender. A bath with a small amount of water is taken to treat vaginal and urethral infections.

Baths for arms and legs. Up to 8 drops of oil are added to a small amount of water and hold palms or feet in it for 5-10 minutes. These baths are well relieve swelling of the legs. You can add sea salt to the water. Another way to care for your feet is effective: up to 10 drops of the oil is mixed with 1 teaspoon of shower gel, salt, soda or honey and diluted in ½ liter of hot water. This bath is good at fighting fungus.

Compresses, poultices, dressings, washing skin lesions for disinfection. Use about 4 drops of oil per cup of warm water. Flannel fabric or cotton wool is impregnated with water and applied to the affected area.

When coughing and lung diseases, pour 2 drops of tea tree oil into 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, moisten gauze cutout and attach it to the chest on the right side, cover with a film and then a warm scarf. This compress should be kept up to an hour. The solution can also be used for grinding the breast.

The clay or kaolin base used for poultice, with a few drops of oil, is capable of pulling pus out of an infected wound.

Mouth and throat rinses for viral infections and dental problems. In a glass of warm water should add 1-2 drops of essential oil and rinse 2-3 times a day.

Steam inhalation for the treatment of diseases of the nasopharynx and respiratory tract and enhance immunity.

Tea tree oil for the face is used in inhalation to clean the skin from acne and pimples. Water vapor with 5 drops of aroma oil (or 2 drops of oil and 2 drops of lemon juice) is inhaled for 5-10 minutes under a veil.

Cold inhalation. On a handkerchief or other piece of cloth, up to 8 drops of oil are applied and often inhale the scent throughout the day. Before going to bed at night, oil is also dripping onto the surface of the pillow.

Massage Up to 50 drops of essential oil are added to 100 ml of massage base oil.

For aroma lamps use 2-4 drops of tea tree oil with 5 drops of lemon oil, and for individual pendants - a couple of drops will be enough.

As a means of intimate hygiene, they beat the lather in their hands and, adding 5 drops of oil, they inject the intimate places. You can also use half of a teaspoon of soda and a glass of warm boiled water to use the same amount of essential oil for rinsing.

For douching use warm boiled water with 5 drops of essential oil or mix a glass of warm boiled water, 5 drops of oil and 0.5 teaspoon of soda.

The use of oil in its pure form by rubbing a few drops on the surface of inflamed skin is recommended for the treatment of burns, wounds from splinters, minor cuts, herpes lesions on the skin of the face, insect bites, and in the presence of warts.

For respiratory tract infections, 1 drop of essential oil is added to boiled potatoes and they breathe with a towel.

The toenail fungus is treated by taking a hot foot bath, cleansing the skin from the stumps, carefully cutting the nails and daily oiling the nails.

When nasal congestion, runny nose, or sinus with one drop of oil on a cotton swab smear the wings of the nose and the areas around the nose.

1 drop of oil can be dripped directly onto the toothpaste to eliminate gingivitis, bleeding gums and prevent tooth decay.

Ingestion in the amount of 2-3 drops, diluted in a glass of herbal tea, helps to cope with intestinal infections and respiratory diseases, has a diaphoretic and bactericidal action. However, oral intake of oil is not recommended, and its ingestion in the child’s stomach is considered to be a toxic effect on its body.

Medical and cosmetic procedures

Thanks to the antiseptic and tonic properties of tea tree oil, home use of this substance will help solve many skin problems. You can add it to all types of cosmetics. What kind of skin imperfections give in to such treatment and how to carry out the procedures?

To eliminate cosmetic skin imperfections (warts, acne, acne, calluses), you need to lubricate the problem area with oil every day 1-2 times. To get rid of acne, you can add a couple of drops of oil in a face cream.

Masks with the addition of a few drops of tea tree oil can revive lifeless hair, add volume and save you from dandruff.

To strengthen the hair you need to add essential oil to the shampoo from the calculation: up to 10 drops per 250 ml of shampoo. For healthy hair does not hurt to rub a few drops of oil into the scalp.

To supply dry hair and easy combing, you can prepare a spray that is sprayed with wet clean hair and rubbed into the roots: mix up to 30 drops of oil, 50 ml of alcohol and 5 ml of water.

For oily hair, 3 tablespoons of dried grass (St. John's wort, lavender, lemon balm, or peppermint) is poured with a liter of boiling water, infused, filtered and added up to 10 drops of essential oil. This infusion rinsed with washed hair.

Effectively deal with dandruff by adding oil to the shampoo. Applying shampoo on your hair, you need to wait five minutes and then rinse everything thoroughly.

Features of use

Tea tree oil affects the body's immune system, so it is not recommended for children under 3 years.

The only contraindication to the use of tea oil is its individual intolerance. Therefore, before the first use of oil should be a test: put some oil on the wrist on the back side and wait for an hour. If there is no irritation, feel free to use the oil for preventive, therapeutic or cosmetic purposes. A slight burning and redness of the skin is acceptable. To avoid an allergic reaction to the substance, put a couple of drops of oil on your handkerchief and inhale the scent during the day.

Important: when using oil it is impossible to allow its hit in eyes, on open wounds, and also mucous membranes. In case of overdose, a feeling of nausea and digestive disturbance may occur.

If the possibility of using tea tree oil at home has become a discovery for you, try using it according to the instructions if you are not well or if you want to try new items in the care of your appearance. Be healthy!

Where can one buy?

As we wrote above, you can buy oil in pharmacies or specialty stores. If you do not really trust local pharmacies, you can order a proven and high-quality product in foreign online stores: after analyzing customer reviews, we can recommend you 2 options - first and second. And the price is favorable, and in quality you can be sure.

The use of tea tree essential oil

This oil is loved by many for its amazing properties and qualities. Its versatility allows you to cook aromabahnas with it, to apply it in aroma coils and aroma lamps. It is added to your favorite creams and shampoos, homemade soap is prepared for washing, struggling with fungus and strengthen hair, and even drip into the water for cleaning.

Bronchitis, cough, sore throat, otitis media is perfectly treated by inhalation with tea tree oil. A couple of drops added to the oil burner, serves as an excellent prevention of the development of colds. To remove the heat at high temperature, prepare hot tea with 3 drops of essential oil. It increases sweating and increases the body's resistance.

The healing properties of tea tree oil are used when antibiotics fail to fight infection or are contraindicated.

The purpose and effectiveness of therapeutic use depends on the concentration of oil. Pure 100% tea tree oil is applied from the nail fungus, and the content in the base oil only 10% - eliminates heavy sweating feet. For treating acne, a 5% tea tree oil content is sufficient. By rubbing oil into the skin, papillomas and warts are treated.

The aroma of tea tree eliminates anxiety, emotional overload, increases resistance to emotional disorders. A person, inhaling the invigorating smell of oil, concentrates more easily, gets tired less, recovers faster after illness.

Women love tea tree essential oil for its property to improve the condition of oily skin, prevent hair loss and make them fluffy. A fragrance with a camphor odor is used to combat dandruff, when some drugs are not able to defeat it. By the way, according to reviews of the wart, it also displays without a trace.

Recipe for mouth and teeth

Treat gums and remove the smell from the mouth can be added to the water to rinse your teeth a couple of droplets of tea tree oil. This composition fights plaque on the teeth, so that a snow-white smile and fresh breath are provided to you - tea tree oil for the teeth.

This magnificent essential oil has earned an honorable place in your first-aid kit. It will help to be not only healthy, cheerful and collected, but also increase your attractiveness.

When should you not use BH oil?

Не рекомендуется применять неразведенное масло ч.д. на слизистые и открытые раны. Также если у вас индивидуальная непереносимость. В основном на масла аллергии не бывает, это не аллергенные продукты, аллергия бывает на крупномолекулярные белки, собственно аллергическая реакция.

В этом случае может быть только индивидуальная реакция. Если у вас вдруг пошло сильное раздражение или сыпь после применения масла ч.д. then this is not a reaction to the product itself, this is the reaction of the death of fungi, parasites, bacteria, which poison their toxins, thereby causing such a reaction.

Therefore, starting to drink tea tree oil inwards is very good against the background of the detox program, or minimally take a sorbent, a product of alfalfa or fiber (Hi-Fiber). And a large amount of water: 1 cup per 1 drop to remove toxins and not to burden the liver.

And last, friends, Now there are a lot of different companies and pharmacies on the market offering various oils, asserting that this is a 100% product. Yes, the product can be 100% oil, but what quality ...

Do not forget that the quality is influenced by the raw materials from which the oil was prepared, its methods of collecting, cleaning, storing, transporting, etc. Buying cheap oil with the inscription 100% product, you are unlikely to get the properties that this oil should have.

Therefore, do not be surprised if you buy an inexpensive oil, start using it for various diseases and it will not help you. Because with such “100% oil” you need to smear the same pimple for at least half a year to see the result.

Cheap oils or those that left spots during testing can be used in an aroma lamp to flavor the room.

If the oil is cheap, but did not leave a stain, it is natural, but low-grade, there is little sense from such oil. Also suitable for the aroma lamp.

Oil p.d. Coral Club checked personally more than once. Used in various situations. I am completely sure of its quality and therefore it can be safely applied inside. Personally, I have already drunk two jars against the background of anti-parasitic programs :).

The composition and therapeutic properties of tea tree oil

Tea tree essential oil is one of the most publicized tools used in cosmetology, as well as in traditional and traditional medicine. And not just this: the composition of the oil makes it really useful. Tea tree contains the following components:

  • 30–50% monoterpenes,
  • 20–40% of diterpenes,
  • up to 15% cineole.

The effectiveness of the product determines the high content of terpenes, which enclose antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial and immunostimulating properties of the oil. But there is also a minus: cineol has an irritant effect. It is this which causes the tingling and burning sensation characteristic of tea tree oil.

The consistency of the oil must be fluid, and the color must be transparent or yellowish. A characteristic feature of the essential oil is a rich spicy aroma with notes of pine sawdust and camphor. Because of the sharpness, not everyone will like it, and one should know the measure: excessive inhalation can cause dizziness, migraine, drowsiness or nausea. At the same time, aromatherapy using tea tree oil disinfects the air well and repels insects.

Other beneficial properties of the oil are:

  • strengthening immunity
  • stimulation of skin regeneration
  • treatment of cough, flu and cold,
  • improved performance and memory
  • increased attention span
  • eliminating bad breath,
  • teeth whitening and preventing gingivitis,
  • treatment of gynecological problems
  • reduction of puffiness
  • relieving muscle tension
  • treatment of acne and skin diseases
  • fungus elimination.

Application in cosmetology

Industrial cosmetology adds extracts, husks and tea tree oil in the care of oily, combination and problematic skin. Manufacturers have entire lines of products that stop inflammation and narrow pores.

For home care, it is preferable to buy 100% tea tree oil. However, it should not be used in its pure form, it is desirable to dilute the concentrate in a ratio of not less than 1: 4. The second ingredient is base oil or preferred cream. It is permissible to add 1–2 drops of ether to the cleanser.

As a preventive measure, you can pamper oily or problem skin 1–3 times a week with homemade masks. There are several options for such masks.

To prepare the first mask you need:

  1. Mix 2 tsp. sour cream with 0.5 tbsp. l cosmetic clay (it is better to take white or blue).
  2. Add 2 drops of tea tree essential oil to the resulting mass.

10–15 minutes after application, wash off the mask with water.

For the second mask you need:

  1. Mix 1 tbsp. l milk Thistle, 1 tbsp. l grape seed, 1 tsp. black cumin and 2–3 drops of tea tree ether.
  2. In order for the mask to acquire a convenient consistency for the application, gently add any flour to the mixture.

To maintain a mask on the face for about half an hour, then rinse.

To get a third mask, follow the recipe:

  1. Dilute 1 tbsp. l ground oatmeal pre-brewed green tea.
  2. Add to the resulting mixture 1 tsp. lemon juice and 1-2 drops of tea tree oil.
  3. Give oatmeal a little insistence that it becomes viscous and absorb the remaining components.

Apply the composition to clean skin, rinse off after 15–20 minutes.

In gynecology

In gynecology, tea tree oil is used to eliminate unpleasant symptoms and treat thrush, cystitis, urethritis, vaginitis, or colpitis.

Usually use one of three methods:

  • syringing (washing the vagina): add 1 tsp to a glass of warm water. soda and 2-3 drops of tea tree oil, the procedure is performed no more than 2 times a day,
  • washing out: add 1-2 drops of ether to a small amount of intimate hygiene, the resulting composition should be used in the morning and evening,
  • oiling for the night: for 15–20 drops of base oil, add 1–3 essential oils, you can also soak the tampon with the resulting mixture for further use.

The use of tea tree oil with the use of a tampon will help those who are unlucky to face cervical erosion.

Pregnant women will be able to improve their health with the help of this ether only after permission of the gynecologist. The use of tea tree oil orally, for massage or aroma baths during pregnancy is prohibited. However, if the expectant mother is worried about sinusitis or thrush, then the tea tree is able to replace contraindicated medicines.

For treating colds

Tea tree oil is one of the most effective remedies that has proven itself in treating colds and flu. The components of the oil actively resist infections and fight against the unpleasant manifestations of ARI and ARVI diseases:

  • to cope with a cold and remove edema mucous will help homemade drops. For their preparation it is necessary to mix sea buckthorn or vegetable oil with essential oil of tea tree in the ratio of 5: 1. Use the composition before bedtime for 3-5 days. The tool is suitable for the treatment of sinusitis or sinusitis in adults and children over 7 years old,
  • anti-cough and tonsillitis use rinsing. To obtain the composition in a glass of warm water dilute 10 drops of tea tree oil. It is necessary to gargle the resulting solution 4–5 times a day.

When the disease forms are neglected, tea tree oil can be ingested inside, but not more than 1 drop at a time, previously dissolved in a large amount of vegetable oil - this mixture is filled with salad.

From herpes and rosacea

If the cause of concern was the appearance of herpes or boils (abscess), it is worth putting quite a bit of tea tree oil at the site of inflammation with a cotton swab. Repeat this procedure in the morning and evening until the complete recovery of the skin.

A similar method is applicable to couperose or post-acne, but then the tea tree will need to be diluted with base oil - this will minimize the irritant effect of the ether.

Burns and lichen

For frostbite, burns, lichen or other dermatological problems, base oils of peach and apricot are used with the addition of 1–2 drops of tea tree. As an emollient used baths or local baths.

From fungal diseases

For the treatment of fungal diseases and infections, essential oil is used in two ways:

  • point application: 2 drops of the product are applied to the nail with a pipette or dispenser and gently rubbed over a period of time,
  • Compress: Apply a small amount of oil on a cotton pad and apply it to a fungal site for 3–10 minutes.

Each of the procedures must be repeated 2-3 times a day, until the full growth of the nail plate. To prevent the fungus from spreading, the skin on the fingers and between them should be smeared with a mixture of olive and tea oils, combined in equal proportions.

As a means of preventing fungus and skin diseases, a bath of the following composition will be suitable:

  • 1 liter of hot water
  • 1 tsp. sea ​​salt,
  • 1 tsp. soda,
  • 1 tsp. honey
  • 10-15 drops of tea tree oil.

The duration of the procedure should not exceed 15 minutes. After its completion, the treated area must be dried with a towel.

From seborrhea

But with a fungal disease of the scalp somewhat easier. Homemade hair masks with tea tree are able to cope not only with dandruff and itching, but also with seborrhea. There are several options for this mask:

  • recipe number 1: mix 250 ml of yogurt, 1 tbsp. l olive oil and 7 drops of tea tree essential oil,
  • recipe number 2: in 130 ml of kefir add 2 drops of tea tree,
  • Recipe number 3: Pour 1 bag of henna water and add 4-6 drops of oil.

If there is no time or desire to mess with recipes and buy the necessary ingredients, simply add 1-3 drops of tea tree per serving of shampoo, balm or conditioner and use the product as intended.

Sweat and feet odor

You can eliminate excessive sweating and get rid of unpleasant foot odor using the following mixture:

  • 1 drop of rosemary oil,
  • 2 drops of sage oil,
  • 5 drops of tea tree oil.

If this recipe irritates the skin, then the mixture should be diluted with any base oil.

With hemorrhoids

Effectively tea tree and with such a delicate problem as hemorrhoids:

  • relieve symptoms of the disease can aromavannaya. To do this, dissolve 5–8 drops of oil in 50 ml of cream and pour the liquid into a filled bath. The duration of the procedure is 10 minutes, and the frequency - 1-2 times a day,
  • Tea tree oil should be applied directly to the sore spot, previously diluted with olive or almond oil in a ratio of 1: 5. Such caution will help avoid irritation or burns of the mucous membranes. After 10-30 minutes, the product should be washed off.

To remove warts and papillomas

Another unexpected method of applying this essential oil is to remove warts, papillomas, or warts. Of course, we are talking only about the uniquely benign neoplasms. In the process of treatment, they gradually die off, dry out and eventually disappear on their own. Compresses with a tea tree are used for this:

  1. The problem area must be clean and dry. It is carefully lubricated with 1-3 drops of concentrated or diluted essential oil.
  2. For a period of 4 to 7 hours, the treated area is taped or fixed with a gauze bandage.

The procedure is carried out no more than 2 times a day, the full course consists of 1-2 weeks.

Slimming with tea tree

Tea tree essential oil helps with weight loss. Its use contributes to:

  • speeding up the metabolism
  • cheer up
  • strengthen blood vessels and increase their tone,
  • cellulite removal.

Options for external use of tea tree oil are varied:

  • aromatherapy using special lamps and pendants: inhaling the aroma at the right time will help overcome cravings for sweet and forbidden,
  • Massage agent: 5 drops of ether are added to 50 ml of almond or coconut oil. Use to study the problem areas: the abdomen, buttocks and thighs,
  • an aromatic bath with a tea tree can also save a few extra pounds, although this is rather a pleasant bonus,
  • homemade cellulite wraps.

There are a large number of recipes mixtures for wrapping, which contain tea tree oil. Here are some of them:

  • recipe number 1: mix 2 tbsp. l almond or peach oil, 5 drops of rosemary oil, 4 drops of cypress oil and 5–8 drops of tea tree,
  • Recipe # 2: 1 cup of sea salt dissolve in 2 cups of hot water and add 50 g of cosmetic clay, 1 cup of crushed kelp, 10–15 drops of tea tree and cypress oils,
  • Recipe number 3: 2 tbsp. l Apricot oil mixed with 5 drops of citrus, 4 - cypress and 5–8 - tea tree.

It is desirable to carry out the procedure in the evening - 2 hours after the last meal. Apply the selected composition to problem areas that need to be wrapped with food film and put on warm clothes over them for 20–40 minutes. After the time the tool must be washed off. The full course consists of 2 weeks, while the wrap can be done 1 time in 2 days.

In extreme cases, you can try to take essential oil as an active nutritional supplement:

  • add in a glass of morning tea no more than 2 drops of essential oil,
  • use tea tree oil on an empty stomach with honey: 1 drop per 2 tbsp. l.,
  • make a bread "capsule" with ether:
    • crush a small amount of the pulp of any bread,
    • make a recess in it
    • drop some oil
    • close the opening. Take in the morning on an empty stomach.

Reasonable intake of essential oil reduces the appetite and increases perspiration. The latter helps to rid the body of toxins and excess water, which is important for losing weight.

Adding essential oil to food is unsafe. Doctors do not recommend to get involved in this method. Before use, be sure to consult with a specialist. And best of all - stop your choice on outdoor use of the tool.

Tea tree oil. Application.

Methods of using and applying the oil: you can use tea tree oil, as I already said in aroma lamps, aromatic oil, you can make inhalations with it, add it to a bath, creams and shampoos, add it to water when cleaning the premises. You can also use it for massage, adding to massage oil. In the summer it is great to use this oil to scare away insects, as well as after mosquito bites, bees and wasps.

Oil can also be used in combination with other oils. Especially good to combine it with rosemary oil, cinnamon, lavender, nutmeg.

It is very important to know: Tea oil is used only externally! If you use oil for bathing, it is best to dissolve a few drops in a small amount of milk and then pour everything into the bath. Keep out of the reach of children.

Store oil in a cool dark place.

Tea tree oil. Contraindications.

Where can one buy tea tree oil? Many network companies produce it. Also, oil can always be bought at the pharmacy. I strongly advise you to buy only high-quality oil. There are just things that can not be saved. Essential oils - including. I always buy Austrian oil. Or buy from Neways.

Oil price Austrian tea tree production costs about 500 rubles. There is also oil from our manufacturers. The price is about 70 rubles. The difference in price is due to the way it is received. Austrian oil is prepared by cold pressing the oil, and our manufacturers - by evaporation. I buy Austrian tea tree oil, which you see in the photo.

Oil lasts for a very long time. For six months, you just have enough, and maybe longer. Just looking for what you will use it for. And only for yourself to apply. I have enough for almost a year of it.

I always say that quality things can not be cheap. Savings then just turn sideways. After all, we are ready to pay money for pharmaceutical preparations for treatment.

Tea tree oil. Treatment.

Tea tree oil from cold, with nasal congestion, antritis .

Just grease the wings of the nose and near the nose itself. Inside the nasal passages can also be very carefully lubricated. One drop is enough. Nasal congestion is very fast. If you do everything regularly on sinus, everything will go away. Look only to not dry out the skin.

To enhance the therapeutic effect of the oil, it is very good to put an aroma lamp, dripping 1 drop of oil into the water and light a candle below the lamp.

During epidemics, also use the oil as described above in previous recipes. Children are also great to use everything. Just do not forget to check for allergies. Also clean by adding 5 - 7 drops of oil to a bucket of water.

Tea tree oil for inhalation.

You can boil the potatoes in a uniform and put oil on it (1 drop). Breathe, wrapped, as during normal inhalation. It is possible to breathe without potatoes, adding 1 - 2 drops of oil to the water.

When coughing, pulmonary diseases (tracheitis, bronchitis, etc.) this recipe helps very well: heat up a little 2 table oil of vegetable oil, add 2 drops of tea tree oil to it. This composition moisten gauze and napkin on the chest, bypassing the heart area to put a compress. Put a transparent film on top, wrap with a woolen scarf or a scarf. Hold for half an hour - an hour. For both children and adults, this recipe is suitable. You can simply rub the breast with the same compound. Also do additional inhalation.

For sore throat and sore throat gargle well with oil. Add 1-2 drops of oil to a glass of warm water and gargle several times a day. You can add half a spoonful of soda to the water.

For any wounds , abrasions, apply oil. Just process all 100% oil.

Bathtubs with tea tree oil.

Если вы чувствуете, что заболеваете, приготовьте себе ванну — к небольшому количеству молока добавьте 5 — 7 капель масла чайного дерева, вылейте в наполненную ванну. Принимайте ванну 10 минут (не очень горячую). После это нужно тщательно насухо растереться полотенцем. It is also good to apply oil on the pulsating points at the temples, under the knees, on the wrist, under the nose. These baths are very good to use for anyone with skin problems - dermatitis, eczema, any inflammation. Add to the shower gel is oil. Calculation of oil (7-10 drops per 200ml gel).

To relieve swelling of the feet well in the bath add a few drops of oil and hold the legs. You can cook a bath with sea salt. In the bath 3 - 5 drops of oil.

Tea tree oil for teeth.

If you have gum problems, you can prepare a mouth rinse. 1-2 drops of oil per cup of warm water. Apply 2-3 times a day. It removes unpleasant odor, strengthens the gums, prevents the formation of plaque and tartar. You can also directly drip the oil on the toothpaste (1 drop is enough). If you have a toothache, this rinse is also good to apply, and also lubricate the aching tooth with oil.

For herpes Lubricate the sore itself with clean oil until it passes.