31 weeks of pregnancy


It should be immediately noted that the 31 week of pregnancy is special, in terms of your physiology. The uterus will no longer grow upwards; the changes now concern only increases in volume and weight. And the latter will be added quite actively, at least 20 grams per day.

There is less than 10 weeks left until the birth, so the preparatory processes should go at full speed. It's time to take care of the dowry for your baby.

Child development at week 31

At 31 weeks of pregnancy, what happens to a baby, what mood he has, you can find out by analyzing his jolts:

  • A hungry child will violently express their discontent,
  • But your dances will surely please him, the main thing is to move smoothly,
  • The kid and your singing talents will appreciate, after her mother's lullaby, he, even while living in the tummy, usually subsides and falls asleep.

What does the baby look like at the 31st week of pregnancy and what develops at this time:

  1. Appearance,
  • The fetus at 31 weeks of gestation reaches 40 centimeters in height and more than 1.5 kilograms in weight,
  • The baby is quite strong and with legs, it just gets to your ribs, which, perhaps, is not quite pleasant in sensations,
  • But after a few weeks, the tummy begins to fall, so you just have to suffer temporary inconvenience, although not only the legs go, but also the fists,
  • The skin of the peanut is no longer translucent, the folds are not as noticeable as before, as the subcutaneous fat gradually accumulates,
  • The face of the baby is already expressive, on the head you can already see the hair color,
  • On small fingers marigolds already reach the edge of the finger.
  1. Sense organs
  • the child is already opening and closing his eyes
  • reacts to light
  • well distinguishes sounds, with loud claps frightening him and he shudders,
  • if the baby accidentally touches an open eye, it will squeeze it immediately. This feature is called the corneal reflex,
  • of new qualities: the ability to hold the gaze, for example, in the light translucent through the tummy.
  1. Internal organs,
  • The respiratory system is being improved: for example, the alveoli are filled with surfactant, which prevents the still empty walls of the lung tissue from sticking together,
  • The pancreas actively produces insulin and is ready to secrete enzymes for digesting food, but the need for them will appear only after birth,
  • The liver also begins to produce bile, and can already filter the baby’s blood from toxins.
  1. Mental development,

At this stage, brain cells are actively developing, the nerve fibers are enveloped in a protective sheath.

  1. Baby's location
  • At this time, there is not enough space in the tummy, so the child takes a comfortable position inside, crossing the arms and legs and correctly, if he lies head down,
  • Pelvic presentation of the baby in the 31st week of pregnancy is a reason for additional control from specialists. Perhaps you will be assigned special exercises for the revolution of the fetus (read in detail in the article Pelvic presentation of the fetus >>>).
  1. Stirring
  • By the 31st week of pregnancy, the baby already has its own daily regimen. You can note at what time the child is sleeping, and when actively moving,

Note! Up to 10 perturbations in 12 hours are considered normal, in the 31st week of pregnancy the absence of shocks may be a sign of a missed abortion, and a larger number of them indicate anxiety about the fetus, for example, in the case of oxygen starvation or cord umbilical.

  • At 31 weeks of pregnancy, the weight of the fetus and the growth can be more or less than the norm and it is already possible to make predictions regarding the weight of the newborn, which is influenced, of course, by genetics, but the mom's diet also plays an important role.

You will receive detailed information on nutrition in the book Secrets of proper nutrition for the expectant mother >>>

Mom's well-being

It is not by chance that after 30 weeks, moms are recommended to go on maternity leave, as there is no reason to talk about increased activity at this stage.

You may experience shortness of breath, dizziness, pain in the back and abdomen, heartburn and hemorrhoids. And this is not a complete list of the charms of 31 weeks of pregnancy, what happens to mom during this period.

Uterus size

The height of the uterus at the 31st week of pregnancy will increase for the last time, then it will be in place, and will decrease before birth. Now it measures up to 31 centimeters in height or 11 centimeters above the navel. You may be disturbed by training contractions, when for a period of up to 2 minutes the lower abdomen seems to harden and ache. If contractions are not systematic and rare, you should not be afraid, another thing is increasing frequency and pain, there is a danger of premature birth.

The cervix during pregnancy 31 weeks also should not be modified, its walls ideally smooth and compressed, the approximate length of the cervix - 35-40 millimeters.

Pain in week 31

At the 31st week of pregnancy, there is no need to talk about the total absence of pain, since the load on your body increases with every gram of weight gain in the baby. But in order to reassure you, it is worth noting that all this is temporary, and will pass after childbirth.

The displacement of the center of gravity and gradually increasing abdomen at the 31st week of pregnancy can cause pain in the back, especially the sacrum. Partially, painful sensations will help remove the bandage to support the abdomen (read the article on the topic: Bandage during pregnancy >>>), as well as back massage.

It is important to control exactly how and when the stomach hurts at the 31st week of pregnancy. If unpleasant sensations appear after a long walk or a hearty lunch, then such pains are situational in nature and do not pose a threat.

Another thing - the constant aching pain, accompanied by a feeling of fossil of the abdomen. This is a signal of possible preterm labor. It is necessary to consult a doctor

It's time to take an online course on preparing for childbirth “Easy delivery” so that you can correctly distinguish false contractions from generic ones.

Dizziness, pain in the temples or migraines are common during pregnancy. The reason may be a long stay in a stuffy room, stress and unhealthy diet,

One of the first remedies for this ailment is calm, relaxation and walks in the fresh air. Keep control pressure, which can also cause headaches.

Another likely cause is a decrease in hemoglobin, which is accompanied by dizziness and nausea.

At the 31st week of pregnancy, you may be worried about swelling, which can cause a feeling of heaviness and even pain. If the swelling appears in the evening or the field of long sitting, then this is a predicted phenomenon for your period (read the article: Edema in pregnancy >>>).

As a rule, the swelling should go after a rest, massage or water bath.

If the swelling is visible in the morning, you can’t put on your shoes, you also have high blood pressure or protein in your urine, there is a risk of developing a dangerous disease in your condition - preeclampsia (for more information, see the article Gestosis during pregnancy> >>).

In addition to edema, veins in your legs may disturb you. As a preventive measure, you can do a relaxing massage, do not forget about evening walks and wear slimming stockings.

Physiological problem that can occur at any time during pregnancy. Squeezing your internal organs with a growing fetus affects the work of the digestive system and results in constipation.

In this case, hemorrhoids are a frequent consequence of problems with emptying. This phenomenon can not be left without attention, because in addition to the painful sensations, hemorrhoids can be accompanied by bloody cracks.

Treatment must be comprehensive, attention is paid, both to food for the improvement of digestion, and local application of safe ointments or medicines of traditional medicine.

During pregnancy, you may also be disturbed by convulsions caused by the lack of trace elements in the body. Dyspnea and heartburn are another frequent companion of women in the position. The latter will recede, if you adhere to the correct and fractional power. Read more about heartburn during pregnancy >>>

Bleeding Allotment

Normal are the discharge at 31 weeks of pregnancy transparent color without pronounced odor. All other options are signals about pathology.

  • White curd discharge - speaks of thrush (article on the topic: Thrush during pregnancy >>>),
  • Abundant transparent discharge sweetish smell - indicate the leakage of amniotic fluid,
  • A yellow or greenish tint of discharge appears during purulent processes accompanying inflammation of organs or their infection,
  • Bloody clots give brown secretions. They may appear after a visit to the gynecologist with a diagnosis of erosion, a possible option - hemorrhoids with blood cracks. However, if the blood in the discharge is constant, then it is a dangerous signal, the cause may be both a missed abortion and the onset of premature labor.

Any of the listed cases is a reason to additionally visit a specialist.

Feelings at week 31

The closer to childbirth, the more diverse your feelings. You are at the same time afraid of childbirth and want to embrace the baby as soon as possible.

  1. Every week you become heavier and your weight gain, ideally, at 31 weeks gestation - plus 8 pounds of initial body weight,
  2. Along with clumsiness and shortness of breath, you do not leave the desire to twist a nest for the unborn child and wander through the children's boutiques for hours. And most importantly, half an hour of rest is enough for you to recuperate and go for a walk (read the helpful article Walking in Pregnancy >>>),
  3. Variable sensations in the 31st week of pregnancy also apply to your sleep. The bed stiffness, posture, and even the temperature of the room also affect its quality, often at night the baby makes itself felt, banging on the stomach. But all your worries are reflected in dreams,
  4. At this stage, you may be bothered by the gums, just a little pressure, as they begin to bleed. The reason for this may be physiological, namely: an increase in blood volume and changes in hormonal levels, as well as inadequate oral hygiene and a lack of vitamins,
  5. At 31 weeks of pregnancy, you may have problems with urination. Frequent urges during the day or, conversely, urinary stagnation should be controlled. In the latter case, the posture helps, with the torso slightly inclined forward.


Do not panic when the thermometer is hard-nosed shows 37 and above. From the first weeks of pregnancy, such indicators are considered the norm. And the temperature of 37 at 31 weeks of pregnancy is quite normal.

However, it is important to keep an eye on general well-being: if, in addition to an increase in temperature, you have a runny nose or a sore throat, a cold is not excluded (read the article on the topic: Runny nose during pregnancy >>>).

Cold in the 31st week of pregnancy

First of all, you need to know that a cold or any other disease is dangerous with its complications, it is necessary to be treated, but it is important to know what and how.

It is important to prevent high fever, as the baby will suffer from this. You can take paracetamol, but in extreme cases, it is great to reduce the temperature with plenty of warm drink. It is necessary to pay attention to fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C, raspberries, rosehips.

A compulsory condition for treating a cold in the 31st week of pregnancy is bed rest, it is impossible to tolerate the disease on the legs. Details about what procedures can and should be carried out, and what should refrain from, read the article Cold during pregnancy >>>.

On the variety of poses in sex at 31 weeks of pregnancy can not speak, as the overall tummy will be a clear obstacle. But if there is a desire and there is no feeling of discomfort, sexual relations at this time are only welcome. The ideal posture is a man from behind, the movements are smooth and not sharp.

If you have a pulling stomach at the 31st week of pregnancy, there is a spotting after the act, you must give up sexual relations.

Alcohol at week 31

Before you pour yourself a glass of red wine, which is called a good way to raise hemoglobin, it is not a bad idea to find out the other side of the coin:

  • The permeability of the placenta at the 31st week of pregnancy increases and, practically all of the ethanol, will enter the baby’s body and its weak liver and kidneys will have to fight with toxic substances,
  • In addition, alcohol directly affects the vessels, causing spasms of the placenta and obstruction of the umbilical cord,
  • Child expects oxygen and nutritional starvation,
  • Ethanol can even lead to miscarriage and bleeding.

Examination of mother and child

In the third trimester, you still go to an appointment with a specialist twice a month, bringing to the reception the results of urine analysis.

  1. A doctor may take a swab, as in the 31st week of pregnancy, due to a decrease in immunity, thrush often progresses, and before giving birth it must be removed,
  2. Be sure you measure the weight, pressure, abdominal circumference and the height of the uterus,
  3. Wherever you go, you should always have an exchange card in your hands, where the doctor brings the latest inspection data at each appointment.

Ultrasound in the 31st week of pregnancy

31-32 week is, as a matter of fact, the obligatory time for passing the third ultrasound scan. Focuses on the examination of 31 weeks of pregnancy to the development of the fetus.

  • The specialist assesses the size of the child and the compliance of all organs with the developmental period, observes the baby’s behavior, is interested in the activity of his movements, draws attention to the rhythm of the heart, and, of course, the location of the fetus. By the 31st week of pregnancy, the baby should take a pose with his head down,
  • The degree of maturity of the placenta is also assessed, at 31 weeks it should remain zero,
  • With the diagnosis of low placenta, delivered earlier, during pregnancy 31 weeks additional measurements are made, if there are positive changes, then the usual delivery is planned. If the placenta is critically low, you will most likely be recommended a cesarean section.
  • More information about this diagnosis can be found in the article Low placentation in pregnant women >>>

Lifestyle in the 31st week of pregnancy

Pregnancy, no matter how hard it may seem to you, is an exciting time, a new life is born inside you and there is less and less time before meeting with the baby.

Spend this time for the benefit of yourself and your unborn baby:

  1. walk more
  2. attend exhibitions and theater,
  3. make the necessary purchases (by the way, about whether you need to prepare a dowry for a child? >>>),
  4. Be sure to start practicing according to the “Five steps to successful childbirth” method, where you will master breathing exercises and get the basics of preparing the body for childbirth >>>

Your well-being is directly affected by the way you eat.

  • Fruits, vegetables, cereals, meat and fish not only provide you with essential vitamins and minerals, but also energize, raise your spirits, give strength (read the article: What fruits are useful in pregnancy >>>)
  • In order not to suffer from heartburn and colic, discard harmful products, soda, empty carbohydrates and preservatives. Fatty and fried foods, smoked foods will be too heavy for your digestive system,
  • Do not forget that you need to eat a little, but often. Always take small snacks with you, quench your hunger with an apple or a banana, and before the main meal, drink a glass of pure water,
  • By the way, about the liquid, do not limit yourself to drinking, only you need to drink clean water without gas, green or herbal tea, fresh juices, compotes.

Remember, about any diet in the 31st week of pregnancy is out of the question, you will think about those extra pounds later, after giving birth, walking around the park with a stroller for hours. In the meantime, instead of rolls lean on the fruit, and sweets, replace the dried fruit or nuts (useful article on the topic: Nuts during pregnancy >>>).

You can read about proper and healthy nutrition in the book Secrets of proper nutrition for the future mother >>>

Useful tips

Do not forget to monitor your appearance even during pregnancy, especially since skin and hair need extra care.

  1. Refuse to visit salons, all the necessary manipulations can be carried out at home, where the air is not saturated with chemicals,
  2. Hair can be dyed during pregnancy, only special tools are needed. A good solution is folk remedies. So, a little lighten the hair, help decoction of chamomile, you can strengthen the curls with the help of nettle, and the henna, familiar to everyone, can give the braids a golden sheen,
  3. You may be bothered by itching in the abdomen - the skin is tight and itchy. Excellent help baby oil, douche, light massage. You can purchase special cosmetics against stretch marks (read the useful article: Itchy belly during pregnancy >>>),
  4. To slightly reduce skin pigmentation, you can use lemon, cucumber mask, oatmeal-based mask,
  5. Pay attention to your feet, take time for a cool bath at the height of the working day or grab a cooling spray for your feet with you.

Already quite a bit left before meeting with the baby! Devote this time to creating a cozy nest and procedures that set you up for peace and tranquility.

Плод на 31 неделе беременности: шевеления, развитие, вес и размеры

Глазки масика уже достаточно хорошо развиты: он различает свет и темень, может фокусировать свой взгляд, открывать и закрывать веки, жмуриться. At the 31st week of pregnancy, the child can observe a “corneal reflex”: if it hits the open eye, it will immediately blink.

This week, the nails almost reach the end of the fingers.

Brain convolutions continue to form, nerve cells are very active, pulmonary tissue is being improved, further isolating surfactants. Thanks to this, the baby will be able to breathe in his first air - this substance does not allow empty alveoli to stick together.

The liver is also actively developing: it is already secreting bile, and from the 31st week of pregnancy it is preparing to purify the blood of the unborn baby from toxins. The pancreas of the crumbs already produces its own insulin, which the enzymes necessary for digesting food will begin to be produced only after birth.

Most of the babies at this time turn their heads upside down, and from this position, at the appointed time, they will begin their journey to a new world. However, a certain percentage of babies never occupies this most physiological position for childbirth. But you shouldn't get upset right away: it is quite possible that in the following week the crumb will move to the correct position.

In general, the child quickly increases its weight: at 31 weeks, it weighs an average of 1,500 g and has grown to 41 cm. The skin is pinking, but capillaries are still visible through it - the subcutaneous tissue is not enough.

Your baby has already managed to develop its own sleep and wakefulness mode: now you can note that the baby reminds of itself at a certain time of day. Moreover, he can even “remind” him very actively, sometimes delivering pain to his mother with his strong jolts and kicks. Each subsequent movement of the baby can bring the woman noticeable discomfort in the ribs, in the intestines or bladder, in the groin, in the back - depends on where the crumb rests, pulling the leg or handle.

The number and nature of the movements should be monitored further: too frequent, painful movements of the baby can be a signal of lack of oxygen, indicate an uncomfortable position, adopted by the mother. Should be alarmed if the movements of the crumbs are not felt for several hours, in this case it is advisable to go as soon as possible to the doctor who will listen to the baby's heartbeat and determine whether everything is all right with him.

In general, at 31 weeks, Mommy feels about 10 movements of the baby for 12 hours, or up to 4 movements per hour.

Future mom

Baby grows and gains weight very intensively. But you should be heavy on no more than 300 g per week - watch your gain. Now, the future mother fully feels the burden of pregnancy: it is awkward to walk, to breathe heavily, to sleep uncomfortable ... If you have not suffered from heartburn before or they have disturbed you only occasionally, now there is a high probability that you will face this trouble more tightly.

Watch for swelling, pressure and general well-being. If by the morning the swelling of the legs does not go away, and you feel tired, and also, if your eyes are dazzled, your legs cramp, your head aches and you are beaten around the bends - you should visit the doctor earlier.
However, now you will visit the polyclinic quite often. It will be necessary to take repeated tests, and if you have a negative Rh factor, then even more than others.

Vaginal smears are surely taken from you, because of the reduced immunity, the thrush can develop or resume, and it must be cured by birth. You should also get your hands on an exchange card: now this is your most important document. You should carry it with you all the time, because it is in accordance with the records in the exchange card that the doctor will coordinate his actions in the event of your admission to the hospital.

Be sure to ask your doctor how your baby is located. The correct is the previa down head. In this case, it will be useful to wear a bandage. If the baby lay down differently, ask about exercises that will help you remedy the situation. In this case, do not use the bandage yet.

Do not forget that the baby feels your mood and condition. Communicate with him daily, indulge yourself and his pleasant activities, enjoy the last weeks of peace: very soon you will have a lot of pleasant worries.

Fetal development in the 31st week of pregnancy

At the 31st week of gestation, the work of the placenta and uterus, which drive no less than 500 ml of blood in 1 day, increases. However, the child’s blood and the mother’s blood do not mix with each other.

The fruit continues to actively grow and develop, in parallel accumulates subcutaneous fatty tissue. The kidneys, which are now working quite intensively, finished forming, taking about 500 ml of urine into the amniotic fluid every day.

This week, the child continues to grow nails, improving visual function. The weight of the baby is now 1.5-1.6 kg, height - 40-42 cm. At the same time, the woman herself gained an average of 8-10 kg since the beginning of the pregnancy. At this time, the child becomes cramped in the uterus, so he tries to adapt to slightly changed conditions around him. He curls up, crossing his arms and legs.

The baby develops its own day regimen, which can be completely different from the mother's day regimen. For some time the fetus is asleep, and at some time it is actively awake. Baby continues to move a lot. Sometimes parents manage to notice the outlines of his body during movements.

The face of the child acquires individuality: ear shells grow, the neck lengthens, the nose becomes thinner, etc. The skin is still slightly wrinkled and has a reddish tint. However, as subcutaneous fat accumulates, the skin folds will smooth out.

The child’s liver is actively preparing for work, its lobules are formed, its structure is being improved. Almost all digestive organs undergo changes. Growth of the pancreas continues, which will be included in the work immediately after the birth of the baby. Already, it produces insulin.

The respiratory system also continues to improve, but the surfactant in the lungs is still not enough for the baby to breathe independently. The brain increases in size, new nerve connections are established, the speed of transmission of nerve impulses increases. Thanks to this, the child gives a reaction to the light, to loud sounds, to touching her mother's belly. At this time, you can observe the so-called "corneal reflex": when you touch the eye, the baby squeezes it tight.

Already in the womb, the child can distinguish the voices of native people. The health of the baby depends largely on her mother's mood, so you need to avoid stressful situations.

What can disturb a woman in the 31st week of pregnancy?

At 31 weeks gestation, a woman may begin to disturb blood pressure surges. At the same time, it can rise and fall. It should be understood that blood pressure depends largely on the work of other organs, including the heart and kidneys. Therefore, if a woman independently discovered that her blood pressure level is outside the normal range, you must inform the doctor. Perhaps the problems can be eliminated thanks to the revision of the menu. Contribute to the increase in blood pressure components such as salt, strong tea, coffee. Reduce blood pressure diuretic drugs and sedatives.

In parallel with the increase in the abdomen increases the load on the joints, spine and pelvic bones. Therefore, a woman needs to rest as much as possible, to sit on chairs that have at least a small back, not to take long walks, but at the same time it is necessary to spend time in the fresh air.

A woman may experience pain in the pelvic region due to the softening of the pelvic bones. This process starts a special hormone - relaxin. Thanks to his work, the child will be easier to pass through the birth canal.

What are the feelings of a woman in the 31st week of pregnancy

30-31 week is extremely important for the expectant mother. After all, they translate it into the category of dekretnits. Now she officially cannot be overworked - a woman should stay at home and enjoy her position. Such a gestation period is a time for beauty. A woman has both time and opportunities to walk around museums, theaters, visit concerts, etc. It is advisable to communicate more often with the child, who already perfectly distinguishes the voice of the mother.

Begins at 30, and then pain continues in the 31st week in the area of ​​the pelvic organs. It is important to understand that this is a joyful sensation, because so the body prepares for what should happen soon - for childbirth. The bones soften and begin to disperse. They are quite enough for this 10 weeks, starting with 30.

31 weeks of pregnancy is a period when the baby pushes quite clearly, while he is satisfied with his mother a real test of strength. After all, the place is not enough for him, so he can often beat her elbows and legs on the liver, bladder, prop up the diaphragm. In this regard, during pregnancy for 31 weeks a woman may experience a lot of unpleasant symptoms, including:

  • Frequent urination (often infertile)
  • Pain in the sides of the abdomen
  • Heartburn
  • Dyspnea
  • Cramps

All this is due to physiological processes and has a natural basis. Thus, hormonal changes cause weakening of muscle tone. This often leads to the development of constipation, because the intestine cannot develop sufficient peristalsis. However, this situation can occur at 15, and at 20, and at 30 weeks.

Many women are interested in 31 weeks of pregnancy, what happens to them - why they become less enduring. The answer is simple: they have an enlarged abdomen, and quite significantly, they receive a larger volume of blood, which causes an overload of the cardiovascular system, they begin to retain fluid in the tissues, which becomes the cause of edema. A woman is already given physical exertion, even such standard ones as floor washing. Therefore, experts advise to seek help more often. So, the husband may take some of the responsibilities, and in some situations the mother of the woman.

That 31 week gestation is important in the development of the crumbs. The waist of the woman at this time adds 1 cm per week, the stomach is growing rapidly. This increases the mass and the very future mother. Doctors say that, ideally, it should gain no more than 300 g per week. At the same time, by this period it should weigh no more than 10 kg more than its initial weight.

Due to the fact that the development of the fetus is rapidly, he begins to push the internal organs and put pressure on others. As a result, malfunctions of the gastrointestinal tract, urinary system, etc. begin. Because of this, the woman gets acquainted with the feeling when baking in the chest. To deal with it you need proven methods that are approved by the doctor.

A woman's breasts swell and require special support underwear. On the skin itself is seen vascular mesh. The strip that goes from the navel to the lower abdomen may darken.

The gait of a woman changes - she becomes more awkward. During this period, she can no longer walk in heels, because there is a risk of not holding on and falling, and this will have a very negative effect on the condition of the crumbs.

What should be considered a woman

Due to the active stretching of the skin, stretch marks may appear on it. It should be more lubricate the skin with moisturizers, and can be simple olive oil, to carry out effective preventive measures. Treat the skin of the chest, abdomen and hips. It is these areas of the body that increase markedly in size when carrying a baby.

Pain in the 31st week of pregnancy may well manifest. But for the most part these are just unpleasant feelings that pass away as soon as any influence is exerted on them. For example, if it hurts in the lower abdomen, but not much, and when you change the position of the body, the pain goes away, they speak of stretching ligaments that do not cope with the growing weight and size of the uterus.

It can also hurt the back and lower back, but it is also caused by sprains under the influence of an enlarging fetus. In this case, you can help yourself by using a bandage. This device is sized and used temporarily, i.e. you can not walk in it all day. Such a device can be used to go for a walk, to the clinic, etc.

The abdomen at 31 weeks of gestation is markedly enlarged. At the same time, it continues to grow. The skin does not have time to follow and may respond to such an increase in different ways. So, itching and irritation often occur, and, at times, extreme dryness.

Toward the end of pregnancy, training bouts, called Braxton-Hicks, can develop in women. These are simple uterine contractions that are not painful and do not lead to the opening of the cervix.

Doctors' actions

At this time, a woman is given an exchange card, which she should now carry with her always. All data on the examinations completed are included in such a document, the weight of the woman and the dynamics of changes in her body are also prescribed in it. All deviations that were in the process are also reflected here. Such a document will be required at admission to the hospital, so that doctors can quickly navigate to the condition of the woman in labor.

Now I have to visit my local obstetrician-gynecologist more often. Some doctors prefer to meet with pregnant women at such times every two weeks, other doctors choose the format once a week. In this case, before each admission woman should undergo basic tests - blood and urine. This will track the development of anemia and the appearance of protein in the urine. Also, at each reception, the woman will measure the pressure and weigh it. In the complex of mandatory procedures at the reception measuring the height of the bottom of the uterus. This helps doctors understand if everything is going as it should. Indeed, the error in this parameter may indicate any pathological processes.

On request, you can do ultrasound. It will make sure that everything goes as it should.

What to fear

There are several situations that a woman needs to fear. For example, if she develops rhythmic pain, increasing constantly, as well as accompanied by bloody discharge, it is worth to see a doctor as soon as possible. Also should be scared and too watery discharge, because it may manifest itself leaking amniotic fluid. If they are not enough, the child will feel uncomfortable inside.

An unpleasant symptom is the feeling of a stone uterus. So manifests itself hypertonicity of the uterus. This spasm should try to remove, because a child in cramped conditions uncomfortable. He can easily develop hypoxia, because the walls of the uterus is pressed down.

A critical situation can be placental abruption. But it is similar to the symptoms of preterm labor. At the same time, such a pathological condition is accompanied by bleeding, incl. and internal, which translates the score into minutes.

What is a fetus at 31 weeks gestation

What happens to the baby in this period is a question that worries all women in an interesting position.

For the fetus at 31 weeks is characterized by fairly rapid development. At the 31st week of pregnancy, the weight of the fetus is 1600 g, while its growth is slightly more than 40 cm. From this period, the increase in its weight begins to be about 200 g per week. It is possible that now he has taken the necessary position for childbirth. He has not much time for that. After all, then it will become quite large and will not be able to easily turn in the uterus.

Now he has already formed his daily routine. He sleeps quite a lot - up to 20 hours a day. But on the other hand, in the wakefulness phase, he behaves quite actively - the mother feels it well.

Doctors begin to track the amount of movement of the crumbs - it helps them to get a complete picture of his condition. According to experts, the child should normally move at least 10 times in a 12-hour period. At the same time, excess activity is as bad as insufficient and signals hypoxia.

Now the child is even more like a normal baby. His features are already seen very well. Therefore, in this period, 3D or 4D ultrasound scans are often made. He himself continues to evolve, strengthening and thickening where it is needed.

Mother needs to communicate more and more with him. So, the woman herself will be able to understand the preferences of her baby - what he likes and what causes a negative response.

Catering for women

Nutrition of the future mother at this time meets the whole range of requirements. For example, a woman should abandon refined sweets in favor of natural. This is due to the fact that an excess of sweet leads to a sharp weight gain, which negatively affects the condition of the crumbs, and the figure of a woman.

The ideal diet of a pregnant woman during this period should resemble a child’s one — more fruits, mashed potatoes, vegetables, lean meats, fish, etc. Then the child will form the correct habits. After all, now he, swallowing amniotic fluid, is an idea of ​​what his mother eats, and gets used to such food.

What happens to the uterus?

The uterus rises higher, now it is located 12 cm above the navel. Periodically, a woman may experience her cuts, which are sometimes slightly painful. Это так называемые тренировочные схватки или схватки Брекстона-Хиггса. Они впервые могут манифестировать еще на 20 неделе беременности. С их помощью матка готовится к предстоящим родам.

Продолжительность тренировочных схваток редко превышает 2 минуты. If a woman at this time is experiencing discomfort, then you can walk around the room, try changing body position or perform breathing exercises. If the fights are really training, then they will stop. When contractions, on the contrary, intensify and become painful, it is necessary to call an ambulance.

Intimate life

As for intimacy, then by this late date, many couples refuse sex. It is difficult to give an unequivocal recommendation, since in this matter much depends on the course of a particular pregnancy and on the woman’s well-being. If there are any doubts, then it is necessary to consult about this with the doctor.

When the future mother feels well and the doctor does not see any obstacles to sexual relations, sex at the 31st week of pregnancy is allowed. However, partners need to be careful: you should not make sharp movements, put pressure on your stomach, take uncomfortable poses, it is equally important to control the depth of penetration.

What should be the allocation of 31 week of pregnancy?

At 31 weeks of gestation, a woman may find that there is more discharge, this is quite normal. It is important that they are milky or transparent, odorless, mucus, foam, pus and cheesy inclusions. In addition, a woman needs to be able to distinguish vaginal discharge from the amniotic fluid, which can leak in small portions. To help resolve this issue can special pharmacy tests for the determination of amniotic fluid. The fact is that the leakage of amniotic fluid is a dangerous condition and requires the hospitalization of a woman. Delay the treatment to the doctor can not.

This week the doctor will take a swab from the vagina on the pathogenic flora from the woman. And in many future mothers found thrush. It can not be ignored, especially since the time for the treatment of candidiasis is still enough. The causes of thrush in pregnant women can be very diverse, ranging from errors in nutrition and ending with too long wearing daily pads. Therefore, doctors strongly recommend to abandon their use and simply change the underwear more often. If thrush does develop, it is necessary to inform the doctor without hesitation. Candidiasis is easily treated with the help of special candles that are used topically. However, only a doctor can prescribe them.

Spotting from the rectum is a cause for concern. The cause of their occurrence may be anal fissure or inflamed hemorrhoids. Both of these conditions also require local therapy. When bloody discharge comes out of the vagina, you need to call an ambulance and go to the hospital. Vaginal bleeding may indicate the onset of preterm labor, placental abruption. In any case, professional medical care is necessary for a woman.

Can childbirth begin at the 31st week of pregnancy?

Childbirth can start late in pregnancy at any time, so the woman should always have a bag and documents that she needs for registration at the maternity hospital. It is especially important to have an exchange card, passport and medical insurance with you. About where the package of documents is located, the husband or other close relatives must know.

Births at the 31st week of pregnancy are considered premature, so the expectant mother should make every effort to extend the child's time in the abdomen. This will allow his lungs to accumulate surfactant and independently carry out respiratory activity.

However, if childbirth begins, you need not panic and call the medical team. With timely medical care, children born in the 31st week of pregnancy survive in almost 100% of cases. Of course, the baby will be placed in a special incubator after birth, and the woman in the hospital will have to spend more time compared to other mothers. You should not despair - the long-awaited day of discharge will surely come.

The dangers that a woman can face during the 31st week of pregnancy

    It is important to ensure that you do not gain extra pounds. It threatens such complications of pregnancy as blood pressure surges, headaches, increased edema.

    If at the 31st week of pregnancy there is a threat of premature birth, if you have abdominal pain, you should always consult a doctor.

    At this time, there is a risk of placental abruption, therefore, when blood appears from the genital tract, an ambulance should be called.

    Gestosis is a dangerous complication of pregnancy, which is always accompanied by the appearance of pronounced edema and protein in the urine. If you ignore the signs of preeclampsia, it can turn into preeclampsia and eclampsia. This is an extremely serious condition that threatens not only the health, but also the life of the mother and child.

    Important recommendations for a woman at the 31st week of pregnancy

    In order to prevent a set of extra pounds, you must abandon the use of fatty, fried and spicy foods. The best weight gain per week is considered to be 300 g.

    It is necessary to control the volume of fluid that has been drunk and that was excreted during urination. If the difference is more than 300 g, then you need to see a doctor as soon as possible. It is possible that hospitalization will be required.

    Article author: Lapikova Valentina Vladimirovna | Gynecologist, fertility specialist

    Education: The diploma “Obstetrics and Gynecology” was obtained at the Russian State Medical University of the Federal Agency for Healthcare and Social Development (2010). In 2013, graduate school in NIMU them. N.I. Pirogov.

    Feelings of future mothers

    The thirty-first obstetric week of pregnancy is quite a difficult period for most women. You are very tired, because at the 31st week of pregnancy the baby's weight can reach 1800 grams - and this is very much. The uterus becomes large and tightens all internal organs.

    Many pregnant women are short of breath. Lung volume decreases. In addition, the woman becomes clumsy due to a shift in the center of gravity. Even a simple movement can cause a fall.

    Shortness of breath may disturb the future mommy, not only during physical exertion, but also at rest. Accelerated metabolic processes, so a pregnant woman can sweat a lot.

    The breast continues to be prepared for feeding the baby and in some women from the nipples the colostrum begins to flow involuntarily. This is the forerunner of breast milk. It is not necessary to strain it, but if the release of fluid is too active, then you need to use special absorbent liners.

    31st week of pregnancy - what can alarm a woman?

    • Increase / decrease in blood pressure. With the appearance of jumps in blood pressure, it is necessary to inform the gynecologist about this. The doctor will order tests, because the blood pressure of a person is affected by the work of the kidneys and the heart. You also need to remember that the increase in blood pressure can contribute to the active consumption of salinity and tonic drinks. Diuretic and sedative drugs, as well as some products, on the contrary, it is lowered.

    • Soreness in the lumbosacral spine, as well as joints. The reason is simple - a significant increase in weight. To reduce the pressure exerted by the pregnant uterus, for the seat you need to choose chairs with backs.
    • Discomfort and slight pain in the pelvic region. The cause is the production of a special hormone, relaxin, which causes softening and divergence of the pelvic bones. This is a kind of preparation of the body for the upcoming birth and passage of the child through the birth canal.

    Bearing twins

    31 weeks of pregnancy with twins is a difficult period for a woman. The stomach becomes huge, so expectant moms are strongly advised to give up household chores.

    Twins can weigh 1500 grams each. As a rule, they have already turned their heads down and are ready for birth. Ultrasound, appointed this week, will help the doctor choose the best option for childbirth. Quite often, twins are born by caesarean section.

    At this gestational week, the uterus rose 11 cm above the navel, and its bottom relative to the pubis is located at a height of 31 cm. Periodically, the woman feels her tension and relaxation. These are Braxton-Higgs training bouts, during which there is a gradual softening and shortening of the cervix.

    The duration of the fight from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. It is painless and can only cause a little discomfort. If a woman feels inconvenience at this moment, it is recommended to lie on your left side and get some rest.

    But if the strength of contractions increases, periodicity appeared in them, then it is urgent to go to the hospital. The recommendation is especially relevant if a woman has bleeding or has withdrawn water.

    The volume of the abdomen continues to increase. Problems can be caused by itchy, overstretched skin. To alleviate the condition, it can be lubricated with baby cream or olive oil.

    At 31 weeks, many pregnant women feel rhythmic pushes in the lower abdomen - the baby hiccups.

    Ultrasound procedure

    Ultrasound examination at the 31st week of pregnancy is a planned procedure. For a woman, an ultrasound method of research is the opportunity to see her child, for a doctor, a way to get the necessary information. Medic will be able to determine:

    • the number of fetuses in the uterus,
    • their position
    • fetometric indicators,
    • location of the placenta and its condition.

    Ultrasound allows you to know exactly how much the baby weighs.

    A certain danger is the situation when the baby seat is located too low relative to the internal gullet of the uterus - less than 4 cm. This can cause the discovery of bleeding both during labor and at any gestation period.

    Ultrasound examination allows to determine the thickness of the placenta. A shortage or excess thickness - in comparison with averages - can be a sign of placental insufficiency.

    The degree of aging of a child’s place is also of diagnostic interest. For a period of 31 weeks is the first degree. If premature aging of the child site is detected, a woman is hospitalized and a specific treatment is prescribed.

    During the study, the amount of amniotic fluid is determined, and Doppler sonography is performed. The 31st week of pregnancy is the period when an ultrasound scan allows to detect whether the child has a cord entanglement. This is important information that will be used when conducting childbirth. Among other things, the specialist will be able to assess the development of the child and its compliance with the terms of gestation.

    Wiggling baby

    At the 31st week of pregnancy, fetal movement is felt particularly strongly, since there is less and less space left inside the uterus. The earlier periods of wakefulness and sleep in a child are preserved. But if the movements at 31 weeks of pregnancy are reduced - in comparison with the usual number - then it is urgent to inform your gynecologist about this.

    Pain sensation

    The woman's weight continues to increase, which adversely affects the spine, pelvic bones, and knee joints. They can be quite sick, adding problems to the woman.

    Wearing a bandage will help ease the soreness and discomfort in the back. But first you need to consult with the gynecologist. If the buttock or transverse presentation was diagnosed, the bandage will not allow the child to perform an independent coup.

    Pregnancy at 31 weeks may be complicated by the development of hemorrhoids. Many women complain of pain felt directly in the perineum. This is an acceptable norm, but if the pain is formed in the pubic bone, then you need to get qualified medical advice.

    Headaches are frequent companions of pregnant women. But if they are accompanied by convulsions, persistent edema and clouding of the eyes, then we are talking about the development of preeclampsia - late toxicosis of pregnancy.

    An alarming symptom can also be abdominal pain. If you have a stomach ache, and there are no objective reasons for this, then you should inform the doctor as soon as possible.

    Vaginal discharge

    On the 31st week of pregnancy, the discharge should remain transparent. Any changes in color, consistency or smell - a reason to consult a gynecologist. In this gestational week, thrush is often diagnosed. Symptoms are:

    • white cheesy discharge
    • presence of sour smell,
    • swelling of the perineum,
    • itch
    • redness of the mucosa.

    The disease must be completely treated before the onset of labor. Otherwise, the baby will be infected when passing through the birth canal. A bad sign is the appearance of bloody daub. She may be the harbinger of the onset of labor.

    Especially if it is joined by a aching abdomen, pulling pain, giving in the lumbar. It is possible that a clear discharge at the 31st week of pregnancy is a leaking amniotic fluid. The condition requires treatment and, as a rule, a woman is hospitalized.

    Allowable weight gain

    To avoid a set of unwanted kilograms, you must carefully monitor your diet. Appetite is recommended to control and eat only the right foods. Permissible weekly increase - 350 grams.

    If a woman's weight is significantly different from the average norms, then she will be recommended to hold fasting days. The menu will prompt the gynecologist. The presence of extra pounds in combination with edema and high blood pressure may indicate the development of late toxicosis - preeclampsia.

    A very dangerous condition requiring urgent hospitalization. There is not much time left before the birth. A woman is recommended to relax, walk and enjoy her position as much as possible.