Batat: what is it and who will be useful?


Recently, people have been actively wondering what is a sweet potato? Either heard somewhere about him, or read. Further we will answer this question and tell you everything we know about it.

Batat (Ipomoea batatas), also known as "sweet potato" in the Arawak language (Native American people of South America), is a plant that has nothing in common with potatoes.

But whether due to the fact that it also grows in the ground, or something that resembles potato tubers, or because of its high starch content, it is often called potato.

But sweet - due to the fact that the sweet potato tastes really sweet, especially its dessert varieties. Sweet yam because of the high content of glucose.

What is this plant?

This is a climbing plant (a grassy perennial vine), the stems of which are lined on the ground at a distance of 5 m and rooted at the site of the nodes. The height of the yam bush is from 15 cm. The leaves are small, more often heart-shaped, on rather long petioles.

Most sweet potato varieties bloom. Inflorescences "funnel" large, are in the axils of the leaves, they are often pink, white or slightly lilac.

Pollination cross, carried by insects, often bees. After flowering, the fruit is formed - the seed box, where there are black, small size (from 3 to 5 mm), seeds in the amount of 4 pieces.

Sweet potato pulp is also pink, white or even violet depending on the variety. Tubers have an elongated, round (less often) or ribbed shape, and the skin can be of different colors, smooth.

What sweet potato taste?

The taste of sweet potatoes depends on the variety, the place where it was grown, and the conditions. So, according to taste characteristics it is divided into dessert (very sweet and tasty), unsweetened (fodder) and vegetable (sweet or sweetish) varieties.

Sweet potato pulp is soft and juicy, and forage can be more dry and tough.

Its taste is very reminiscent of frozen boiled or fried potatoes. But there are varieties that are very similar to fruit, more precisely - melon, banana, some pumpkin or even chestnut. Probably because many love him so much.

Plant varieties

There are a lot of varieties of yams, so China is engaged in the cultivation of more than one hundred varieties. But since their official classification is not, then the names are unknown.

They are divided into three main types (vegetable, dessert, fodder). In Japan, there is a sweet potato, which does not form tubers, but an above-ground stalk with leaves and flowers is growing.

All varieties of sweet potatoes differ from each other in taste, the color of the pulp and rind, the shape of the tubers, the yield or the shape of the leaves and flowers. Here are some of the most famous: Salmon, Caramel, Pumpkin, Chestnut (Hedong), Hua Bay.

Beneficial features

Calaty sweet potatoes and a half times higher than that of potatoes. It contains starch, protein, mineral salts, carbohydrates, many different vitamins (groups B, PP, A), minerals, organic acids (ascorbic acid, folic acid), starch and disaccharides. Their number and composition differ depending on the variety, place and conditions in which the plant was grown.

Some varieties are rich in beta-carotene (much more than in carrots), they differ in the color of the pulp, most often it is yellow or orange.

Other varieties that have purple flesh contain anthocyanins (antioxidants). They are used in nutrition for the prevention of various diseases of the heart, blood vessels, vision. It is worth mentioning that these varieties of sweet potatoes are much richer in carbohydrates, calcium, fiber and iron.

Who will be useful and what?

The benefits of sweet potatoes for the figure.

  • Batata, as a food product, is very useful for people with heart and vascular diseases. Vitamin B6, which is in large quantities in the vegetable, improves the elasticity of the vessel walls. A large amount of another, equally important vitamin C helps the body stay young longer and stimulates the immune system,
  • Anyone who wants to lose weight, you can safely use the yam, it is rich in fiber, which helps clean the intestinal walls and thereby helps speed up metabolism and regulation of metabolic processes. It also well saturates the body for a long time, as it contains complex (very necessary and useful) carbohydrates. Batat is useful for people who want to improve the gastrointestinal tract, but unless it is contraindicated in a particular case (contraindications below),
  • Potassium, which is in the composition of the fetus, has a good effect on the entire nervous system of a person. Therefore, all those who suffer from insomnia, neurosis, and chronic fatigue can take a closer look at this wonderful vegetable. And it contributes to the relaxation of the muscular system and its recovery,
  • The plant contains a large amount of vitamin A, it is a godsend for anyone who cares about age-related changes in vision. They are rich varieties with the flesh of bright yellow and orange.

For more information about the properties of yam can be found in the video:


Though sweet potato is very useful, it can be contraindicated for people:

  • With ulcerative colitis,
  • With different types of stomach ulcers or other parts of the digestive system,
  • With individual intolerance to some components (starch, glucose),
  • With gastrointestinal diseases,
  • During pregnancy and feeding.

Growing Unusual Potatoes

Under natural conditions, the plant grows in tropical and subtropical climates, less often - in temperate. Homeland yam is considered to be Colombia and Peru. In Eurasia, was brought by Spanish navigators.

Today it is grown only as a cultivated plant in the Mediterranean and Eastern countries. It is possible to grow it in our latitudes, although the yield will be much lower.

But countries such as India, China and Indonesia, are considered leaders in the cultivation, consumption and export of sweet potatoes. In New Guinea, Uganda, Rwanda, it is considered one of the most important foods.

Sweet potatoes are also common in many states of North America. There in local stores you can see yam called "yams" (tubers of plants of the genus Dioscorea). Although in reality it is not him.

We have sweet potatoes - a rare product. Although here it can also be grown in more southerly areas in the open field. It is possible that over time the amount of its cultivation in these areas will increase significantly.

Tips for growing in our latitudes

In order to grow yams in our latitudes, you need to take 1 or 2 tubers (buy at the supermarket) and plant in January in a box for seedlings. To do this, take and mix in equal proportions of soil, sand and humus.

After planting, the tubers need regular watering. Later, as the sprouts appear (after 3 weeks), you need to wait for about 5 internodes to form on them, then they should be cut and planted in a growing pot. With one tuber can grow up to 7 shoots.

Subsequent care is a moderate watering of the soil. If the temperature is low and there is not enough watering, then the size of the tubers will be small. And vice versa.

In the autumn, two weeks before harvesting, it is desirable to stop watering so that the yam is dry and can be stored for a long time. It is dug out of the ground when the stems and leaves dry.

We offer to watch a video clip in which they will talk about growing yam seedlings:

Drinking sweet potato

Potatoes, unlike real potatoes, cook much faster. Often it is even eaten raw, just like that or as an ingredient in a salad. It is even considered a dietary product, because its popularity is only increasing.

It can be boiled, dried, fried, added to different dishes (soup, porridge, desserts, casseroles, mashed potatoes). Often, citrus peel and juice, pepper and curry are used as seasoning.

Useful Chips

Such chips are much more useful than purchased ones, and they are in no way inferior in taste. For those who want to pamper their relatives and themselves, of course, you should definitely try to cook them.


  • Batata - 3-4 pieces,
  • Vegetable oil,
  • Salt,
  • Curry,
  • Dried greens
  • Pepper red and black,
  • Sour cream.

  1. First you need to wash and clean the tubers,
  2. Dry them with a paper towel
  3. Cut into fairly thin round pieces (slices),
  4. Mix together with salt, pepper and curry. Make sure that the amount of spices does not spoil the whole taste,
  5. In the oven preheated to 230 °, place the deco with the slices laid out. Do not forget to lubricate the deco with this oil,
  6. Sprinkle with butter slices on top,
  7. Bake to crust on both sides (about 20-25min),
  8. Put the prepared chips on a plate and sprinkle with dried herbs,
  9. Serve with sour cream or any sauce that is tasty for you.

Delicious recipes for chicken stew with potatoes are here. Feed the whole family a delicious lunch!

And what can be cooked from turkey fillet? Here you will find interesting recipes and a lot of tips.

Unusual mashed potatoes

This is a very useful and beautiful dish, kids love to eat it.

Therefore, feeding them healthy and tasty food will now be easier.

  • Batata - 1 kg,
  • Butter - about 50 g,
  • Milk - 0.5 L,
  • Curry,
  • Dried greens
  • Salt.

  1. Peel the tubers,
  2. Rinse well and cut into pieces,
  3. Boil in water (can be salted) for about 15-20 minutes until cooked,
  4. Drain and knead thoroughly (blender, meat grinder, pusher),
  5. The resulting pureed mass is filled with oil and heated milk,
  6. Add a little curry or other spices to your taste,
  7. Serve in a plate, sprinkle with greens on top and pour with melted butter.

The video recipe for this puree is below:

Bright cream soup

Just like other dishes from this vegetable, the soup is extremely useful.

In addition, it has a very beautiful rich color and a mild pleasant taste.

  • Batata - 5 pcs. (small size)
  • Meat broth - about 1-1.5 cups,
  • Milk - 1 cup,
  • Nutmeg,
  • Butter - 1 tbsp. l.,
  • Salt,
  • Ginger.

  1. Pour the sweet potato with water (cold) and put on the fire to boil,
  2. Bring to the boil, drain the water,
  3. Pour warm meat (pre-cooked) broth,
  4. Boil and add all ingredients except milk,
  5. Bring to readiness and whip everything with a blender,
  6. Dissolve the pureed mass with milk and bring to the boil,
  7. Boil another 10 minutes,
  8. Serve hot.

Hearty salad

Any familiar salad with boiled potatoes can be "updated". To do this, it is enough to replace ordinary potatoes with a sweet one and you’ll have an old-new salad that everyone will love.

  • Batata - 4 pcs. medium size
  • Green onions (stalks) - 1 bunch,
  • Lemon juice - 2 tbsp. l.,
  • Oil (olive, but can be replaced) - 2 tbsp. l.,
  • Lemon peel,
  • Salt,
  • Pepper.

  1. Boil yam (do not cut) in salted water until tender,
  2. Cool and peel,
  3. Cut into sticks
  4. Chop the onion stalks,
  5. Mix lemon juice, butter, zest, salt and pepper,
  6. The resulting dressing lubricate yam and onions, mix everything well,
  7. Serve cold as a snack.

You can make many more delicious dishes from sweet potatoes. We offer you in the video one more of them - pancakes:

Interesting Facts

In the treatise of Thomas Maffeta (1595), it was stated that the sweet potato is able to increase sexual desire. To date, scientists explain this fact by the fact that it contains the natural hormone progesterone (female hormone). Therefore, this product is highly recommended for use by women after menopause.

In different countries, residents' preferences are divided. So, Americans choose fruits with yellow or orange flesh, and residents of Asian countries - with violet or white.

The plant can be used completely and without waste. Even stems and leaves, pre-boiled and soaked, can serve as one of the components of the salad. And the seeds are sometimes used as raw material for "coffee".

From very large tubers (10 kg and more), which are inconvenient to prepare, in the process of processing, molasses, sugar, flour or alcohol are obtained.

What is sweet potato and how does the composition affect the benefit of the sweet potato

In fact, the sweet potato is not any potatoes, they come from different families - potatoes from Solanaceae, sweet potatoes - from Vyunkovykh. But their similarity is evident in appearance, partly in taste and in ways of eating.

The grassy liana of a sweet potato bears fruit tubers very various in a form - from a ball to spindle-shaped, by the size and weight - from 200 g to several kg.

In the kitchen of South and Central America, yams even eat leaves, blanching them in boiling water to add to the salad.

The varieties of sweet potatoes also vary in color of the skin and pulp, and in taste:

• canteens almost without sweetness, dry and hard, remind of something like a zucchini or chestnut,

• dessert sweeter, softer and more juicy, vaguely resemble, for example, pumpkin, banana, melon.

Tubers with orange pulp are dessert and are better than carrots in beta-carotene content. Purple sweet potato is rich in anthocyanin, a pigment and a substance with the properties of a powerful antioxidant that can slow down the aging of the body, lower cholesterol levels, improve eyesight and improve immunity.

Vitamin A and C contained in yams have a similar effect, as antioxidants that resist cell damage by free radicals.

Batata is an excellent source of calcium, potassium, copper, iron and phosphorus, vitamins E and K, and folic acid.

Vitamin B6 contained in yam reduces the manifestations of airborne and seasickness, and also lowers the blood level of the homocysteine ​​substance responsible for the development of many diseases of the cardiovascular system.

When cooked, sweet potatoes cook faster than potatoes, and some of its varieties can be eaten even raw. Potatoes and sweet potatoes are interchangeable in many recipes.

You can boil the sweet potatoes and mash them with a side dish, fry them in olive oil, bake tubers stuffed with something, stew or add to the soup.

Sweet and savory casseroles, desserts and salads are made from it.

Slightly reminiscent of frozen potatoes sweet yam is well set off with citrus and curry-like spices.

Any food with sweet potatoes is easier to digest than a similar dish with potatoes, and it also turns out to be very satisfying, while the energy value of the root crop is only 60 kcal per 100 g, which makes it an excellent choice for those who want to lose weight.

Cellulose in the composition of the sweet potato has a positive effect on the work of the intestine, and the starch contained in it (as in the potato!), Acts as a softening and enveloping agent, which makes the root vegetable a good choice for a sensitive gastrointestinal tract.

In what diseases and disorders does the use of the sweet potato manifest themselves

For those who have been diagnosed with diabetes, sweet potato is a valuable product - being characterized by the lowest possible glycemic index, it does not cause an increase in blood sugar levels, and, thanks to the carotenoids it contains, it increases the body's sensitivity to insulin.

With regular use, sweet potato manifests itself as a general tonic, as well as:

• serves to prevent and treat rheumatoid arthritis due to the high content of beta cryptoxanthin,

• strengthens the bone system and prevents the development of osteoporosis,

• regulates the water balance in the body and relieves swelling in kidney diseases,

• relieves symptoms and speeds up recovery in case of diseases of the upper respiratory tract, for example, in case of bronchitis.

Proved anti-inflammatory properties of the sweet potato, manifested in the "thinnest" levels of the body - it is able to reduce inflammatory processes in the nervous tissues and brain.

The effect of yam on blood and the vascular system is diverse, in particular, it is able to:

• stimulate blood oxygen saturation,

• give elasticity to the walls of blood vessels and strengthen them,

• normalize blood pressure.

Root crop contains phytonutrients that affect blood clotting in such a way that the sweet potato has a positive effect on wound healing, and in case of serious injuries it prevents excessive, dangerous blood loss.

How else does the benefit of the sweet potato

The ability of the sweet potato to increase immunity not only due to the content of anthocyanin in the violet-colored fruits does not manifest itself directly - the sweet potato rather improves the metabolism, facilitating better absorption of useful elements from other products, it facilitates their transportation throughout the body at the cellular level, and also activates the work of the spleen - one of the most important organs of immunity.

The sweet potato stands out among other root crops with a unique property of influencing the human body's production of electricity, which is necessary for the functioning of all vital systems, and especially for the health of the cerebral cortex.

It is possible to use something tasty from sweet potatoes as an antidepressant - potassium in combination with other biologically active substances can increase stress resistance, relieve fatigue and reduce anxiety.

The sweet potato is good for beauty - the beta-carotene already mentioned rejuvenates the skin, helps it absorb nutrients from the same cosmetic care products and prevents the appearance of wrinkles. In addition, yam promotes the production of collagen.

With significant physical and athletic exertion, the benefits of the sweet potato manifest themselves in relieving muscle spasms and pain, improving the stretchability of ligaments, as well as supporting muscle building.

Due to the content of phytoestrogens, sweet potato is able to normalize the hormonal background of the female body, which ultimately affects the reproductive function, the health of the mammary glands and the prevention of premature menopause.

In what cases is harm from the sweet potato

In order to fully benefit from the sweet potato, it is enough to put it on the table only 2-3 times a week, and it is important to remember that an overabundance of this root crop in the diet is fraught with the development of hypervitaminosis A.

In diseases of the bladder and kidneys, the damage of the sweet potato, manifested in their exacerbation, may appear, since the sweet potato contains oxalates, which contribute to the formation of stones with a corresponding predisposition to this organism.

Despite the fact that sweet potatoes are a good means of preventing diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, when there are serious diseases already present (for example, gastritis, ulcers, colitis), there may be harm from sweet potatoes, because it contains acids that can irritate the mucous membranes.

To date, there is no exact picture of the interaction of substances from the composition of the sweet potato and a number of drugs prescribed for serious cases, such as anti-thrombosis and anti-stroke drugs. Therefore, in order to avoid harm from sweet potatoes, at the time of their reception is better to abandon this vegetable.

Sweet potato

Overseas guest has many valuable qualities. It is useful to eat when:

  1. Obesity. Tubers are rich in fiber, which leaves the body full for a long time, and causes intestinal motility to work more actively. By the way, it is the fiber of sweet potato that is recognized as the softest and most tender. Therefore, it does not injure the intestines, as the coarse fibers of some useful plants. Plus, the blood is saturated with complex carbohydrates, which allows for a long time not to feel hunger. A calorie sweet potato low to the obscene.
  2. Climax. Vegetable contains female hormones, which are so lacking for women after balzakovskogo age. By the way, some sources recommend eating sweet potatoes during menopause instead of pills. As well as women of other ages to maintain a balance of hormonal levels. Plus, libido increases due to the increased content of phytoestrogen in tubers.

As is clear from the list, sweet potato is a very useful comrade in some respects. Therefore, it can and should be included in your menu. Of course, without fanatical fattening. Indeed, in our country there is no centuries-old history of nutrition, namely, sweet potatoes. Therefore, try for the first time quite a bit. Listen to yourself. If everything is in order, then slowly increase the portion. And always consult your doctor. He knows exactly what and how much you can eat.

Sweet potato damage

But not everything is so smooth in the vegetable kingdom. There are also some dangers that lie in wait for people when eating sweet potatoes for food. And even there are contraindications in which it is strictly forbidden to eat sweet potatoes. These include:

  1. Pregnancy and breastfeeding. During this period, a woman has hormonal background and jumps like a rabid one. A phytoestrogen from tubers can play a very bad joke. Rumor has it that it can trigger the development of fetal abnormalities and even miscarriage.
  2. Gastritis, gastric ulcer and their ilk. What is vitamin C? Nothing but acid. So, when you eat sweet potatoes in unlimited quantities, you give a huge load to your gastrointestinal tract. And if such food does not hurt a healthy person, then people with similar diseases will have to face an unpleasant surprise. That is, with a tough aggravation.
  3. Tendency to allergies. Since sweet potatoes are absolutely not common in our country, people with allergies should refrain from dishes made from it. Who knows what substance the body will react with itching, swelling and shortness of breath.
  4. Drug treatment. Until now, no serious scientific research has been carried out on the compatibility of yam with various drugs. Therefore, the reaction of the organism can be completely unpredictable. The fact is that sweet potatoes contain a large amount of biologically active substances. And all the scenarios are impossible to predict. Therefore, if you are undergoing any therapy, for a while, give up the sweet potato dishes.
  5. Urolithiasis disease. Statistics show that in regions where sweet potatoes are a regular guest on the table, the incidence of urolithiasis is much higher than other areas. Just the tubers are literally crammed with oxalate. Those, in turn, are not eliminated from the body naturally, but are deposited in the kidneys and the gall bladder, forming insoluble stones.
  6. Problems with the chair. The sweet potato cleans the intestines very well. Starch from tubers has enveloping properties. Simultaneously with the abuse of food, these factors can lead to very sad consequences. For example, gastrointestinal upset and diarrhea

As you can see, not all categories of people useful sweet potatoes. Therefore, always be sure to consult with a specialist. And only then decide whether you need such an overseas curiosity, or, well, her in the bath.

More utility

Sweet potatoes all over the mine are respected by people with diabetes. After all, they especially strictly need to control their menu. But yam has a very low glycemic index, and does not contain light sugars. Therefore, it can be safely eaten with a high level of glucose in the blood.

Batat is a champion in vitamin A content. Therefore, it is so respected by athletes and people involved in fitness. After all, this vitamin is responsible for the rapid recovery after heavy physical training and grueling exercises. By the way, the industry turned its close attention to sweet potatoes. The result of this interest was the appearance on the market of a special sports nutrition based on yam. It allows in a short time to build up excellent muscle mass without harm to health and the use of additional chemicals.

And sweet potatoes are especially appreciated by women. And again, because of the notorious retinol. If you often eat yams, the skin will be in excellent condition for a long time. And certainly the first wrinkles will appear quite soon. Of course, the aging process will not slow down. But here the external signs and manifestations will not appear for a long time. Just do not overdo it! With an overdose, vitamin A becomes toxic.

And of course about the eyes. Since childhood, we are told to eat carrots so that our eyesight is good. And what if the carrots are sick? Or is the blueberry season still far away? Batat eat what else. Of course, he can not argue on the content of vitamin A with a simple carrot, but as an alternative - it will fit perfectly.

By the way, heavy smokers should also turn their attention to the overseas guest. And again because of the high content of retinol in the pulp. After all, it helps to prevent emphysema - a terrible thunderstorm of all tobacco lovers. Relatives of smokers, too, should not pass by these useful tubers. Because the harm from passive smoking is significantly neutralized by eating with sweet potatoes.

The sweet potato can serve as an original, useful side dish to the main course. For example, try cooking it instead of regular potatoes or cereals. No doubt, at first it will be a little unusual to feel in the mouth sweetness with meat or fish taste. But the goose with apples is also sweet. Or salted caramel sauce - also has a sweet taste. You eat them and do not frown. So just try. Suddenly like it? At the same time, the intestines will be thoroughly cleaned, then they will thank you.

Well, we have dismantled the facts about the sweet potato. The benefits and harm of it are now known to you. Therefore, remember the recommendations and motivate the mustache. You look, and the information is useful.

Dangerous properties of yam

The sweet potato should not be eaten for all sorts of ulcers, because It tends to irritate the mucous membranes of the digestive system. It is worth abstaining from the use of sweet potatoes during pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

In some cases, individual intolerance is possible.

Have you tried the sweet potato yet? Then try cooking this sweet potato in the oven - and you no longer want to return to the dishes that are familiar to you.

Benefit and harm of sweet potato Batat for the body, contraindications

This unique root vegetable is often compared to ordinary potatoes and is even called sweet potato. The sweet potato is a valuable food crop, and in many countries it is indeed a substitute for our usual tubers.

It has yellow or orange flesh and can be used to create culinary masterpieces or to be eaten raw. It tastes like a rather sweet pumpkin, just such a characteristic is given by those who have tried the sweet potato.

Many people are interested in the benefit and harm of this root, especially those who plan to include it in their menu.

Calorie and chemical composition

This root vegetable is not for nothing appreciated by the adherents of healthy and proper nutrition. It contains a lot of starch, sugars, protein, carbohydrates and other valuable substances, including vitamins and minerals.

Nutritional value of sweet potatoes (per 100 g of product):

  • proteins - 2 g,
  • dietary fiber - 1.3 g,
  • ash substances - 1.2 g,
  • carbohydrates - 13.8-14.6 g,
  • starch - 7.3 g,
  • water - 80.5 g

Batata is a good source of fiber, and as for carbohydrates, it is several times higher than ordinary table potatoes in this indicator.

The calorie content of the sweet potato is small and amounts to only 59-61 kcal / 100 g, which allows it to be used for the preparation of dietary dishes. Fat sweet potato does not contain at all.

Sweet potato tubers are also rich in vitamins. The amount of these substances in 100 g of the product is as follows:

  • B1 - 0.15-0.2 mg,
  • B3 - 0.6 mg,
  • PP (niacin equivalent) - 0,932 mg,
  • C - 23 mg,
  • And 0.3 mg
  • B2 - 0.05 mg.

As for mineral substances, the sweet potato has distinguished itself here - it contains quite a lot of calcium (34 mg), phosphorus (49 mg), potassium (397 mg), iron (1 mg) and magnesium (28 mg).

How is a sweet potato useful for the human body?

Useful properties of sweet potatoes are diverse and multifaceted. It has a positive effect on almost the entire human body in the complex.

For example, one of the main indications of the use of yam as a food is a problem with the digestive system. Sweet potato has a strengthening effect on the gastric mucosa, reduces the risk of gastritis and ulcers, and helps to overcome constipation.

Immunity strengthening is another property of sweet potato. Benefit in this case bring vitamins that are contained in it.

Root crops are recommended for the prevention and treatment of diseases and pathologies of the musculoskeletal system, such as arthritis, osteoporosis.

It has a good effect on the entire blood-forming system - the walls of the blood vessels are strengthened, the pressure is stabilized, the level of cholesterol in the blood is reduced to optimal performance.

The blood of people who use sweet potatoes for food is more actively saturated with oxygen.

The sweet potatoes also contain antioxidant substances, due to which the root vegetable is recommended for consumption by people with a predisposition to develop cancer.

It also contributes to the improvement of the nervous system - chronic fatigue, neurosis and insomnia will recede if there is a yam regularly. This is a great antidepressant.

Scientists have shown that the use of yams will help to stop the inflammatory processes in the brain or nerve tissues.

The plant is also useful for women, especially in age - the sweet potato contains progesterone. The use of sweet potatoes contributes to the prolongation of youth due to the content of beta-carotene.

Batat can be included in the diet of people with a diagnosis of "diabetes", since its glycemic index is low and the blood sugar level will not change, despite the sweetness of the fetus.

A useful root vegetable and for smokers. It compensates for vitamin A deficiency, which is always noted in this category of people, and also helps reduce the risk of lung cancer.

Sweet potatoes are recommended for bodybuilders - it not only helps build muscle due to complex carbohydrates, but also improves the performance of the muscular system.

It is recommended to eat it about an hour and a half before the workout - then the effect will be the best. Also, the root will make it easier to cope with muscle pain and spasms.

Interestingly, this plant is able to increase even libido. This is explained by the fact that the composition of sweet potatoes contain certain hormones that positively affect sexual desire. Also sweet potato - an invaluable assistant to the eyes and a disinfector.

Use for weight loss

The sweet potato is recommended to be used by those who are attentive to their diet and are watching their weight.

Sweet potatoes are rich in fiber, which allows you to quickly saturate the body, but it will not be deposited in the form of extra pounds at the waist and hips.

The carbohydrates that make up the plant, when they enter the body, are broken down to sugars, after which they are released and absorbed into the blood.

It is easy to cook sweet potatoes - the cooking time is shorter for him than for potatoes, which makes it possible to keep a maximum of useful substances in it.

It can be eaten boiled, baked, raw, sweet potato - an excellent ingredient for soups, cereals, salads.

It goes well with orange zest, lemon, pepper and curry.

From the point of view of nutrition, sweet potato has one more useful property - it helps to clean the intestines from toxins and toxins. Sometimes these substances do not allow the body to work properly and slow down the metabolic processes.

Harm and contraindications of the use of sweet potatoes

Unfortunately, sweet potatoes are not an ideal vegetable and are not always healthy. Not everyone can eat sweet potatoes. He has a lot of contraindications to use.

For example, it cannot be eaten if the peptic ulcer is currently in the acute stage or has already developed, although a root vegetable is recommended for the prevention of this disease.

It is also forbidden in cases of diverticulosis, colitis, and can cause sudden diarrhea.

It is not advised to eat sweet potatoes to future and nursing moms - in the first case, it can cause a miscarriage, in the second - a negative impact on the baby.

And because of the content of oxalate, the root vegetable can cause the formation of kidney stones or in the gallbladder.

So with diseases of the genitourinary system, sweet potatoes are also not eaten.

Sometimes sweet potatoes cause allergic reactions. So allergic it can not be. And with caution, you can eat for those who have suffered a stroke, have blood clots or are undergoing a course of hormone replacement therapy.

In any case, for the first time in the diet it is recommended to introduce the sweet potato with caution in order to avoid a negative reaction of the body. In general, it is a very useful root crop, which has a lot of advantages, and not only taste.

Batat - useful properties, use, contraindications

Sweet potato or sweet potato, as it is also called, belongs to the family of convolvulidae.

Of the more than 1000 species, this vegetable is the most valuable food product.

Coming from Central and South America, thanks to its beneficial properties, yam is now widely cultivated in warm and humid regions.

According to many studies, the content in the aggregate of all the nutrients of the sweet potato occupies one of the leading places among the well-known vegetables, it is recommended to include it in your diet as a vitamin and fortifying agent.

Almost 5% of the vitamin composition of sweet potatoes account for ascorbic acid.

It also contains a large amount of niacin (vitamin PP), which is indispensable for the normal functioning of the nervous system and has an activating effect on the cerebral cortex.

The lack of this vitamin in the body is caused by monotonous refined nutrition and manifests itself as reddening and flaking of the skin exposed to the sun, and also serves as one of the causes of depression.

In addition, there are many other vitamins in sweet potatoes - B, A, K and E, thiamine and riboflavin. To saturate the body with vitamin A, it is better to choose dark-orange varieties of sweet potatoes, which contain much more of it.

Sweet potato sweet potatoes outnumber almost all known vegetables in the potassium content. It also contains phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron and sodium. The calorie content of the sweet potato is 61 kcal, while it contains almost no fats and proteins.

The main beneficial properties of the yam include starch contained in large quantities, which is important as an emollient and enveloping agent in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Sweet potato sweet potatoes are generally rich in complex carbohydrates, fiber and dietary fiber and are recommended for people with digestive disorders who do not tolerate the fiber of traditional vegetables such as carrots, beets, or cabbage.

Also included in the sweet potato progesterone, which makes it a valuable food product in menopause. According to recent studies, sweet potatoes have the ability to help stabilize blood sugar, which allows it to be used in diabetes.

Помимо этого считается, что батат обеспечивает нормальную активность почек и печени, воздействует на эластичность кровеносных сосудов, а также является профилактикой развития онкологических заболеваний.

Применение батата

Сладкий картофель широко применяется во многих кухнях мира. Некоторые сорта батата по вкусу напоминают бананы, каштаны или дыню.

В странах, где он широко культивируется, батат является основной продовольственной культурой.

Sun-dried root vegetables with peanut sauce are widely used in Uganda, and street fast food is made from it in Egypt and China.

Sweet potatoes are eaten raw, baked, boiled and stewed. A low calorie yam allows you to use it in your daily diet, without fear of gaining extra weight.

For fresh salads it is rubbed on a coarse grater, it is especially well combined with lemon juice or lime. Also in the salads, you can add the leaves of the plant, which are also rich in nutrients.

Boiled and baked sweet potatoes are recommended to be eaten with pickles. In China, sweet potato with wheat cereal is considered very useful.

Batata can be combined with any meat and cereals. When cooking yams, it is best to use spicy seasonings - curry, ginger and pepper, which complement the sweet taste of the root.

Sweet potatoes are an integral part of American cuisine. Many sweet dishes are prepared from it with butter and brown sugar, and also used as an alternative to ordinary potatoes.

Sweet Potato - The Benefit and Harm of Sweet Potatoes

Everyone knows what a potato is, and not everyone knows what a sweet potato is. Many have heard about what a yam, but nevertheless, have never tried it.

By the way, the sweet potato uses not only for the use in food.

This article will describe in detail the benefits of this root, because it contains a lot of nutrients and compounds that are simply necessary for the human body.

In addition, this article will describe ways to use yams in cosmetology and in cooking.

It is worth noting that in cooking, sweet potatoes can be used as well as ordinary potatoes, and also, as part of many other interesting dishes, which are prepared only from sweet potatoes.

In cosmetology, it is used mainly in the composition of face masks. The spectrum of their action is very wide, the recipes of some of them will be given in this article.

Batat: what it is and how to grow it

What is a sweet potato? This is a sweet potato, whose homeland is Central America. This is a very tasty and nutritious vegetable.

Potatoes are mainly grown by planting cuttings, since the method of planting sweet potatoes by planting the roots of the root crop itself is less effective because it is impossible to predict the yield, and it is also significantly lower. It grows only at a temperature of 20 degrees and above, however, this potato is not so picky about the presence of water.

Be sure to water it needs translation planting cuttings, during the harvest period it is not necessary to water it. Stop watering yams should be two weeks before the harvest.

What are the benefits for the body?

  1. The composition of the sweet potato a lot of beta-carotene. In humans, it turns into vitamin A.

100 g of sweet potatoes more than compensate for the daily intake of vitamin A for an adult

  • Although sweet potato is called sweet potato, this “sweetness” is safe for diabetics. This product has a low glycemic index.

Because of its use, there is no increase in blood sugar levels,

  • This potato is rich in fiber and vitamin B6.

These two substances actively reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood, and also are the prevention of diseases of the heart and vascular system,

  • Among the anti-inflammatory substances that are in the composition of sweet potatoes, in addition to vitamin B, there are also manganese, vitamin C and beta-carotene. This means that regular consumption of this vegetable is the prevention of inflammatory diseases,
  • Frequent use of sweet potatoes affects blood clotting, improving it,
  • The composition of sweet potatoes a lot of potassium. It acts as a natural antidepressant. In addition, this substance helps the muscles to relax,
  • Sweet potatoes are used in the treatment of gastric ulcers and other diseases of the digestive system. Substances in it that can soothe inflammation and pain with gastritis.

Anti-inflammatory mask for dry skin

The average sweet potato tuber boil, crush in mashed potatoes. Add sour cream, so that the mass turned into a liquid cream.

The duration of the mask is 15 minutes. Remove if it should be a cotton swab moistened with a weak solution of green tea, which should be warm. After removing the mask from the face you need to wash with a warm solution of green tea, and not to wash it off for at least half an hour.

Mask for oily skin

One medium-sized sweet potato tuber, boil, mash into mashed potatoes, add raw protein of one egg and stir. After that, add the cream, until you get the consistency of thick cream.

The term of exposure of this mask is 15 minutes. Rinse it only with warm water without additives.

Mask with moisturizing properties

Take mashed potatoes from boiled sweet potatoes in the amount of 2 tablespoons. Mix with one teaspoon of honey.

On a fine grater, grate a medium-sized cucumber, strain juice through gauze. Mix a tablespoon of cucumber juice with mashed potatoes.

The rest of the juice from the cucumber freeze in the freezer in a mold for ice.

Apply mask to face for up to 20 minutes. It should be washed off with water not exceeding a temperature of 25 degrees. After that, you need to wipe your face with an ice cube of frozen cucumber juice.

Yam juice for hair growth

The juice from fresh yam is used as a means for hair growth. To do this, prepare the juice from fresh yam. To obtain it you need to grate some of this vegetable on a fine grater.

The amount of sweet potato used depends on the thickness of the hair. Do not rely on their length, as the mask is applied only to the hair roots. Then rubbed yam should be drained through gauze or a very thin clean cloth.

Vegetable pulp can be discarded, but the juice is used to rub into the hair roots.

Before carrying out this procedure, you should comb your hair, dividing them into small strands. Gradually, you need to apply the juice on the hair roots and rub it into the scalp.

Before washing, you need to leave the juice on the skin for exposure for 20 minutes. First you should wash it off with warm water, and then wash your hair with a shampoo suitable for the type of hair.

You can perform this procedure once a week.

How to use in cooking

In cooking, sweet potatoes are used in the same way as ordinary potatoes.

From it you can cook mashed potatoes, fry in oil, bake with meat, use in the preparation of the first, second courses and so on.

This root can be used in cooking and raw, mainly in the preparation of salads.

Sweet potatoes are also prepared from the sweet potato. For example, from it you can cook the jam, marshmallow, or cooked in baked form along with brown sugar and cinnamon.

Also sweet potatoes are baked with butter and bacon. It can also be cooked in the microwave. Compared with ordinary potatoes, the cooking time for sweets is noticeably lower, therefore, it is more profitable and easier to cook in a microwave.

In addition to sweet potato, green leaves are also used in the preparation of salads. Before that, they need special treatment, but it can be easily done at home.

The purpose of this treatment is to remove the juice, which gives the leaves an unpleasant and bitter taste.

To get rid of it, the leaves of sweet potatoes need to be doused with boiling water or soaked in water for several hours.

Here is just one recipe for interesting use of yam:

Sweet Potato Chips

  1. Several sweet potatoes must be peeled and cut into slices. They must be very thin.

The thickness of one circle should not be more than 0.2 cm

  • Put the sliced ​​yam circles on a paper towel and dry,
  • Cover the baking sheet with baking paper.

Putting circles of yam on a baking sheet in a single layer,

  • Top grease sweet potatoes with vegetable oil, sprinkle with your favorite spices, if desired, you can add more salt and pepper,
  • Bake in the oven, it must first be heated to a temperature of 180 degrees and kept there for 20 minutes.

There are such chips after cooling.

When you can not eat sweet potatoes

The only contraindication that prevents the use of yams is an individual food intolerance or an allergic reaction. Fortunately, this reaction is extremely rare.

In addition, in some diseases, the use of sweet potatoes is also not recommended. Such diseases include urinary tract diseases, ulcerative colitis and kidney pathologies.

Also, do not recommend to use sweet potatoes to pregnant women and those who breastfeed, in order to avoid the occurrence of various kinds of complications.

Interesting facts

Homeland yam is Peru and Colombia.

Now the leader in the production of sweet potatoes is China. They grow about 80% of the global crop of sweet potatoes.

Here such all sorts of ways using yam.

The variety of recipes of dishes from it, as well as many recipes for using it in home cosmetology, is due to the fact that the sweet potato is very rich in useful trace elements and compounds, as well as vitamins. In addition, it has a minimum of contraindications.

The benefits and harm of sweet potatoes. Chemical composition, beneficial properties, calorie

The value indicated is 100g. product:

The sweet potato is a tuber plant, the center of origin of which is considered to be Peru. Yam cultivation is carried out in tropical, subtropical and sometimes even in temperate zones.

The optimum temperature for its cultivation will be a range of 25-30 degrees Celsius.

At home and in countries with an appropriate climate, the plant is grown as a perennial crop. Aging occurs in 2-9 months. Storage time is comparable to regular potatoes.

The main suppliers of yams in the world market at the moment are such countries as the People's Republic of China, Indonesia, Nigeria and others.

Moreover, 4/5 of total exports accounted for by China. In Russia, the yam has a lack of popularity, so some difficulties arise when buying vegetables in many cities.

Outwardly, yam strongly resembles potatoes. Its tubers are up to 25-30 cm in length and may have a different shape. The yam peel is very thin reddish in color.

Under it lies white, creamy-yellow, and sometimes violet-colored flesh. Often yam is called sweet potato, as it contains a large amount of glucose.

The sugar concentration in the vegetable is about 6%. The amount of starch in sweet potatoes comes to 30%.

Cooking and using sweet potatoes

The sweet potato is used in food in the most diverse form. Sweet potatoes are fried, boiled, dried and, of course, baked, made of jam, chips and many other goodies.

In its raw form, it resembles carrots to taste, and in fried it is a sweet, defrosted potato. The sweet potato is rich in fiber, this fact allows us not to neglect this vegetable to people who pay special attention to proper nutrition.

Despite the presence of sugar in its composition it is used in many diets.

Especially tasty and healthy sweet potato is baked. Many use it in food raw. In salads sweet potato tinder on a coarse grater.

Batata: properties

Calorie content: 60 kcal.

Energy value of Batat product:
Protein: 2 years
Fat: 0 g
Carbohydrates: 13.8 g.

Sweet potato - Root, which first appeared in Peru and Colombia. Its second name is “sweet potato”. Outwardly, this vegetable is a thickened rhizome, a maximum length of 30 cm (see photo). Juicy and very tender flesh is covered with thin skin. On average, the weight of this root is about 300 g. Different varieties of sweet potatoes differ in color and shape of the pulp.

Potatoes are used not only for the preparation of various dishes, but also flour, sugar, alcohol and molasses are made from it. In addition, sweet potatoes are used as cattle feed.

This root has one peculiarity: during cooking, peeled tubers literally turn into mucus, so in order to avoid this, boil or fry the vegetable with the peel.

What is the difference between potato and potato, Jerusalem artichoke and yams?

Sweet potato is different from potato in many ways. Sweet potatoes are much healthier than usual. It contains a greater amount of carbohydrates, iron and potassium compared to a normal tuber. Also, due to the presence of protein in the root, it can stay fresh for a long time. Potatoes are usually stored in a cool place (cellar, refrigerator), and sweet potatoes, on the contrary, are best kept in a warm room at a temperature of at least sixteen degrees. In addition, the described root crop, in contrast to ordinary potatoes, can be eaten even raw. It is used to prepare a variety of dishes and sweet desserts. Yam refers to those foods that contain a low glycemic index, so it can be eaten with diabetes. Under the influence of direct sunlight, the sweet root crop does not become covered with green spots, unlike ordinary potatoes.

Mention should be made of the difference between sweet potato and Jerusalem artichoke. Harvest from the sweet root is harvested in the summer, and the Jerusalem artichoke bears fruit only in the fall. Also in sweet potatoes, not only tubers are suitable for food, but also leaves that taste like spinach. However, sweet potatoes, unlike Jerusalem artichoke, are unable to grow in cold climates.

Sometimes yam is called yams, although this is erroneous. Sweet potatoes can be eaten raw, and yams before use must be subjected to heat treatment. However, the latter contains more protein than in yams. In yams there is more starch and potassium, and also its tubers are much larger than the sweet root (they can weigh more than forty-five kilograms).

Types and varieties of sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are divided into three types:

Dessert yam is characterized by a large amount of provitamin A and glucose. It is much tastier than other types of root vegetables. Its flesh is colored rich yellow. For good growth dessert sweet potatoes require a lot of sunshine and light. Depending on the variety, this kind of sweet potatoes is comparable to vegetables (pumpkin, carrots) and fruits (pineapple, banana), as well as chestnut. Its tubers are used to make casseroles, desserts, and milk porridges.

There are several varieties of dessert root vegetables:

  1. Beregard. Unpretentious to care, sweet enough, contains a large amount of glucose and provitamin A. Tubers are characterized by copper color with bright orange flesh inside.
  2. Burgundy. It has a rich aroma and plenty of sucrose. The rind of a tuber is purple, and the flesh is characterized by a bright orange color, which does not change under the influence of heat treatment.
  3. Garnet. This variety is characterized by medium productivity. The tuber is covered with red skin and the flesh inside is orange.
  4. Georgia Red. Unpretentious to the conditions of planting in open ground and in the care, so it does not require much heat and sunlight. In its raw form, this root crop resembles an ordinary potato. It becomes sweet only after boiling.
  5. Kumara red. Needs constant lighting and high temperature. Its tubers are not very sweet, round, inside yellow. If this variety of sweet potatoes is eaten raw, its pulp is tart to taste.
  6. O.Henry. This variety is resistant to various pests and diseases. The tuber is creamy and the flesh is yellow, sweet and dry.
  7. Victory 100. After planting, it ripens very quickly, unlike other varieties of sweet potatoes. Pulp of a tuber to taste reminds banana and a nut. However, in order to have such a taste, the sweet potato has to lie down a bit after harvesting, otherwise it will be tasteless.

As for the sweet potato feed, it differs from the vegetable and dessert in that it contains a small amount of sugar, so you can replace them with ordinary potatoes. Pulp of a tuber light and dense, and when cooking becomes soft. You can also fry yam fry.

The main varieties of this type of sweet potato are:

  1. White bouquet. Gives a good harvest. The flesh of the white tuber resembles chestnut to taste.
  2. Brazilian. Also brings a big harvest, unpretentious to planting conditions, resistant to diseases and pests. Tubers and pulp of light color, practically have no taste.

The last kind of sweet potato - vegetable. It differs from dessert in that it contains a small amount of glucose, but more than feed. It tastes more like frozen potatoes. The raw flesh is dry and firm, and when cooked it becomes softer and juicy. Vegetable yam is not suitable for frying because it is watery. From it is best to make mashed potatoes.

In vegetable sweet potatoes, there are eight best varieties. These include:

  1. White. It is close to ordinary potatoes in taste and texture. Does not require a lot of sunlight and heat.
  2. BIT-1. Late-ripening variety, whose tubers are white in color and with light pulp, which is not very sweet.
  3. Bonita A variety with good yield and high starch content.
  4. Bushbuck. Tubers of this variety of sweet potatoes are characterized by a raspberry shade that darkens during long-term storage. The flesh is creamy, slightly sweet.
  5. Vinnitsa pink. This variety is characterized by good yield. Сырая мякоть по вкусу похожа на капустный кочан и несладкая.
  6. Пурпурный. Относится к очень ранним сортам, устойчив к различным вредителям и заболеваниям. Клубень окрашен в фиолетовый цвет, который не меняется при термической обработке. The flesh is not very sweet, it tastes more like chestnut.
  7. Sumor Gives a big harvest. The flesh is not sweet, more like an ordinary potato.
  8. Japanese. The tuber of this variety of yam is characterized by red skin and creamy dry flesh.

How to choose and store the fruit?

To choose a good yam, you need to remember a few simple recommendations.:

  1. Take only hard fruits that have a smooth surface without any damage, cracks, dents. Also, the fruit should not be rotten.
  2. It is best to buy large yam, because it is much healthier and tastier.

If you are going to bake yams, the white tuber is most suitable for this. Tubers of a dark shade best of all are suitable for frying and cooking.

After harvesting the sweet potato should be removed for about six days in a room where the temperature will be about thirty-two degrees. Then the fruit must be folded in plastic or wooden containers and stored in a warm place at a temperature not higher than sixteen degrees. If the temperature drops to ten degrees, the sweet root will spoil and begin to rot. At temperatures above twenty degrees the fruits will begin to germinate (suitable for breeding root crops).

Use in cooking

Batat has long been used in the kitchens of various nations. Recipes offer to cook it in all possible ways. Sweet potato can be used as a separate product or simply add it to various side dishes, including porridge . From the root you can cook a lot of dishes, and even desserts.

Due to its sweet taste, the vegetable is ideally combined with sour products, for example, with lemon.

In addition to root vegetables, young leaves of a vegetable are added to some dishes. They first need to soak to get rid of the bitter juice. After that, the leaves can be added to various salads.

How to cook, fry in a pan and bake in the oven?

To cook yams, you need to wash the fruit well and peel. If the tuber is large, it is better to cut it in half. Then put the fruit in a pan covered with enamel, pour it completely with water, add a teaspoon of table salt and put it on the oven. Boil under a closed lid on low heat for about thirty minutes. Ready yam should be soft.

Also, sweet potatoes can be cooked in a slow cooker. To do this, you first need to prepare the tuber: wash, peel and put in the bowl of the appliance. Next, you need to add water to the liquid covered the tuber, and select the program "Soup", setting the timer for twenty minutes.

Potatoes can be cooked and for a couple. To do this, the steamer must be folded washed and peeled tuber, cut into several equal parts, as well as greased with butter, table salt and spices. Then pour in enough water to cover the sweet potato. Cook for about twenty minutes until the water has evaporated.

For the preparation of sweet potatoes in uniform it should be good to wash the tuber from dirt and dust, put it in an enamel pan, pour in water so that it completely covers the yam, pour a teaspoon of salt and put it on the stove to boil. Boil over low heat for twenty-five minutes. If when piercing yam soft, then it is welded.

To cook yam in microwave, you will need to clean the tuber from the skin, wash it well, make several punctures in it, wrap it in parchment paper and put it in the appliance, setting the maximum power for about ten minutes. Over time, take the sweet potato out of paper, cut into small pieces and salt to your taste.

Batat can be fried in the pan. To do this, you need to peel the tuber, wash it thoroughly, cut it into not very large strips and put it on a heated pan with sunflower oil. First, fry on high heat for about ten minutes, then make the fire weak and fry for about fifteen more minutes with the lid closed.

For making sweet potatoes Grilled first you need to warm up the grill, then clean, well wash the tuber, cut into several small pieces and put on the grill for frying. After five minutes, the yam pieces should be turned over, covered with a lid on top and cook for about twenty minutes.

To bake sweet potatoes in the oven, you need to clean it, wash it, rub it with table salt, oil it with sunflower oil, wrap it in foil, put it on a baking sheet and put it in the oven for about sixty minutes. Bake at a temperature of at least two hundred degrees.

What can be replaced in the recipe?

The sweet potato can be replaced with several products in a particular recipe. To make oatmeal cookies, soup, dessert, garnish, you can use a sweet pumpkin instead of sweet potatoes.

It is also recommended to replace yam with carrots, either raw or cooked.

In vegetable salads, second courses the best substitute for sweet root vegetables is plain boiled potatoes.

The benefits of sweet potatoes in general

In addition to 3 g of fiber, present in 100 g of vegetable, yam has many other advantages. In the sweet potato there are practically no fats. Sweet potatoes are very rich in carotene, B-group vitamins (B6 in particular), have a high content of potassium and manganese.

The undoubted benefit of the sweet potato can be considered the presence in its composition of a powerful antioxidant - vitamin C.

Of course, its content is not as high as we can say in a currant, rosehip, or lemon, but it definitely surpasses its closest competitor, potatoes, in this indicator.

A large amount of vitamin B6 helps in the cardiovascular system. Beta-carotene (Provitamin) is good for the skin.

complex carbohydrates in sufficient quantities will help both athletes and workers of heavy mental and physical labor to maintain a charge of vigor and energy.

In spite of all this, it is not fully contraindicated for diabetics due to its low glycemic index.

The benefits and harm of beets for an organism which is well studied. Raw beets removes from the human body salts of heavy metals, radionuclides. Vegetable is incredibly useful and can be used in soups, salads, appetizers, raw.

AT zucchini contains oxalates, which can cause urolithiasis. Harm zucchini briefly.

Beans are not only good, but also possible harm to the human body. It is very important to cook the beans to the end, because otherwise they can cause poisoning, because the seeds contain toxic substances: http: // -mash /

The benefits of sweet potatoes are indisputable for the work of the brain and the entire nervous system. Of particular importance in their vital activity is such a mineral component as potassium. In its sweet potato there is a sufficient amount.

Sweet potatoes have a beneficial effect on blood clotting. Phytonutrients are extremely active in influencing the fibrogen, which is responsible for blood clotting.

How to choose a sweet potato?

The sweet potato is a unique vegetable, surpassing ordinary potatoes in fiber, iron and calcium. Mature sweet potato roots consist in half of starch, glucose, mineral salts and vitamins.

Sweet potato pulp has a different color.

Common root vegetables with yellow, orange and red flesh are rich in carotenes and weigh from grams to kilograms.

Sweet potato is divided into:

  • Stern - refers to the white yam. It has a thin skin and pale yellow flesh. When cooking, the vegetable becomes dry and unsweetened.
  • Vegetable - refers to the dark yam. It has a thick peel and bright orange flesh. When cooking, the vegetable becomes wet and sweet.
  • Dessert - refers to a separate species with a red or purple flesh and rich sweetish taste. To taste, dessert varieties are similar to bananas, pumpkins, chestnuts or melons.

Based on the species, the skin of the potato varies from pale yellow, almost white to deep purple, including red and brown. Based on the variety, the pulp may be oily, sweet and crumbly or soft, viscous and watery.

The most tasty and valuable varieties with rich dark skin and intensely bright flesh are recognized.

If you choose a sweet potato for roasting, white sweet potatoes will do. If for cooking and frying, then - dark.

For whatever you choose, pay attention to the tubers. Root vegetables should be smooth, dense skinned, free from shock, damage or defects.

Choose sweet potato root better than medium or small size, hard, without cracks and soft places. If the name of the species contains additives of gold or red, the flesh of such tubers is yellow or orange.

It is better to keep sweet potatoes in a dark and cool, well-ventilated room, for no more than 3 weeks.

Despite the variety, fodder, vegetable or dessert sweet potatoes will not be superfluous in the kitchen. To the best of its taste and useful components sweet potato is not replaceable.

Sweet Potato: Useful Properties

Batata - a storehouse of useful components.

Batat is characterized by a number of beneficial properties.

Sweet potatoes are useful:

  • Digestion. Batata is a huge source of carbohydrates, which are easily absorbed and are energetically valuable for the body. Carbohydrates of sweet potatoes, as compared with ordinary starch, are easier to digest and have a low glycemic index.
  • Batata is an inexhaustible source of fiber that improves the motility of the stomach and intestines, thereby contributing to better digestion and absorption of food. There is abundant saturation of the body with useful substances.
  • Batata - a set of minerals, vitamins B and ascorbic acid, with beneficial and healing properties. Neuroleptic action, affecting the components on the stomach and intestines, prevents the occurrence of ulcers and disorders.
  • A heart. Fiber, which activates the muscles and tissues of the intestines, neutralizes excess cholesterol absorbed into the blood in large quantities. Lowering the blood levels of cholesterol and lipoproteins of various densities leads to the cleansing of the artery walls, increasing their lumen.
  • The combination of vitamin C, calcium and magnesium helps to maintain the elasticity and flexibility of blood vessels, normalizing blood flow. A combination of magnesium and iron contributes to the development of a huge number of red blood cells, helping with anemia.
  • Immunity. Batata - unparalleled source of useful components. 100 grams of sweet potatoes contain several daily doses of beta-carotene, which an adult needs to fight deadly cancer cells and free radicals. 1 serving of sweet potatoes per day is enough to protect against the onset of cancer.
  • Beta-carotene in combination with vitamin C stimulates the production of T-helper cells, phages and lymphocytes - cells that neutralize viruses and microbes.
  • Nervous system. Batata is an unsurpassed source of potassium and folic acid, essential for all the processes in the nerve cells and endings. Elements normalize the energy of the brain and muscle fibers, provide a normal level of thought processes and concentration.
  • Breath. Batat, as a medicine for the respiratory organs, is unique. Vitamins of group B, ascorbic acid and beta-carotene are necessary for patients with asthma, bronchitis and emphysema.
  • Vision. The sweet potato, thanks to beta-carotene, is an unsurpassed medicine for the organs of vision. The element contributes to the renewal of photosensitive pigments in the eyeballs.

Batat, by virtue of its medicinal properties, enjoys unsurpassed triumph and respect throughout the globe.

Learn about the benefits of sweet potatoes from the proposed video.

Calorie sweet potatoes

Not surprisingly, the sweet potato is considered an integral part of a healthy diet. Eating sweet potatoes tremendously strengthens the body and helps protect against chronic colds.

Moderate use of yams is good for health. Vegetable has a pleasant rich flavor and low calorie. Only 59.8 kcal, with the nutritional value of proteins - 2 g, fat - 0 g and carbohydrates - 13.8 g

Sweet potatoes cooked fast

Sweet potatoes, unlike ordinary potatoes, cook much faster. Also, it can be eaten fresh, like any vegetable, after cleaning.

Yams prepare a variety of dishes, ranging from banal mashed potatoes, diluted with milk and ending with delicious casseroles with spices and fruit.

A few quick recipes:

  • Sweet yam puree with banana, pumpkin, maple sap and cinnamon. Adding walnut helps to optimally assimilate the beta-carotene of sweet potatoes.
  • Steamed sweet potato cubes with tofu and broccoli. Adding raisins and hot or cold curry sauce with olive oil perfectly complements the dish.

An interesting property is inherent in Batatu - when cooking it becomes even more useful, therefore, nutritionists recommend eating it not only raw.

It should be noted that the sweet potato should be cooked immediately after it has been cleaned, otherwise the roots turn black and oxidize upon contact with air.

Batat is an irreplaceable panacea with unique properties. Sweet potatoes are rich in essential vitamins and provitamins, minerals, light acids, delicate fiber and essential metals.

It is possible not to use sweet potatoes all the time, at least occasionally and for preventive purposes, which will have a beneficial effect on the body.

Sweet potatoes

It is easiest to buy yams in our country in large hypermarkets, where they sell guaranteed high-quality tubers that can be eaten.

There are a lot of dishes from sweet potatoes, sometimes bizarre and exotic on the Internet - therefore, in order not to discourage, we recommend starting with the simplest.

For example, boiled sweet potato puree is cooked very easily and quickly - just eight minutes in boiling water, a couple of tablespoons of olive or butter, and everything is ready.

The only caveat - mash when cooking is better not to salt, because it will significantly impair the consistency and harmony of taste. The second dish that can be recommended is unpeeled, thoroughly washed sweet potato, wrapped in foil and baked in the oven. A great option for a side dish with turkey and chicken.

After these "sweet potato experiments" you can move on to more complex dishes. Sweet potatoes can complement many traditional salads, in some you can even try to replace traditional potatoes, for example, in the "Olivier".

What is a yam

Sweet taste and pleasant aroma win the hearts of many people, and the use of the product deserves respect. Different types of sweet potatoes differ in appearance and taste. The most popular variety is bright orange tubers. To taste, the vegetable resembles a very sweet pumpkin, and it only associates with the appearance of potatoes.

The sweet potato is a climbing plant with stems that can be up to three meters long. The vegetable itself is formed as a result of thickening of the lateral roots, and the flesh of the fruit can be of various colors: from white and yellow to purple and red. And about the beneficial properties of sweet potato or sweet potato, legends began to circulate ten thousand years ago.

Composition and nutritional value

Sweet potatoes - a storehouse of calcium, potassium, phosphorus, starch, beta-carotene, folic acid. Useful product for losing weight, as it has a low calorie content and a high content of ascorbic acid. One portion of the vegetable accounts for slightly more than half of the daily intake of vitamin C. Beta-carotene in the body transforms into vitamin A, and this element, along with vitamin C, is a powerful antioxidant that prevents cell damage and is a good prevention of many dangerous diseases.

In addition, in the sweet potato there are such vitamins as PP, B1, B2, B6, choline, pyridoxine. One hundred grams of vegetable accounts for only 61 calories, 2 grams of protein, the complete absence of fat and 14 grams of carbohydrates. Useful properties of sweet potatoes and potatoes are quite different, with a clear advantage for the first.

Types of sweet potatoes

Today, China alone grows about a hundred varieties of sweet potatoes. It is not possible to paint the classification, because the officially recognized varietal typology simply does not exist. There are only general categories: vegetable varieties, fodder varieties and dessert varieties. They differ between the color of the skin, the color of the inner pulp and form. Each of the varieties is different from the others in terms of yield, scale of growth, and flowering period. The following varieties of sweet potatoes are the most popular and widely eaten:

  • Nancy Hall or pumpkin sweet potatoes,
  • Vir-85,
  • Salmon,
  • Caramel,
  • Sweet-100,
  • Hae-Dun or chestnut.

Despite the fact that the sweet potato is called sweet potato, it is cooked faster than the usual root vegetable. Eating it can be absolutely in any form, raw, boiled, fried, baked. On the basis of the vegetable make cereals, soups, salads, cocktails. Especially love for dishes from sweet potatoes nourish losing weight, because the vegetable contains a minimum of calories.

How to eat sweet potatoes and what?

In fact, sweet potato is a fairly simple vegetable to prepare, which does not require special skills in cooking. If there is no time, but you really want to eat, you can just clean it, wash it and everything - you can safely eat. А если есть лишние 20 минут, то можно приготовить вкуснейшее пюре. Рецепт приготовления также крайне простой: почистить батат, нарезать кубиками, залить водой и варить, как обычную картошку в течение 25 минут. Сливаем воду, и взбиваем блендером до пюреобразного состояния, можно сделать это вилкой, так как овощ станет очень мягким.Neither salt nor sugar is added to such a dish. And even little children eat it for both cheeks, because the dish is very sweet and without adding anything.

Fried yam

Another delicious way to cook sweet potatoes is to fry a vegetable. This method does not appeal to losing weight, but fried yam is very tasty. Cut the vegetable into cubes and fry over medium heat until fully cooked, while constantly stirring. The undoubted advantage of the sweet potato is that it is cooked much faster than potatoes. Vegetable goes well with orange zest, lemon juice, curry and pepper.

Batat in uniform

And there is also a dish, the preparation of which will take only 8 minutes, and will be a real salvation when you need to quickly and healthyly eat and feed loved ones. Such a rich beta-carotene side dish will only have a beneficial effect on the body of both children and adults. The method of preparation is as follows: wrap unpeeled root vegetables in foil, put on a baking sheet and send to the oven at a temperature of 250 degrees, until completely softened, usually this process takes 15-17 minutes.

Harm and contraindications of "sweet potato"

The sweet potato is not only eaten, but preparations are also made from it. For example, fresh root powder or medicinal tinctures. Both those and others are strictly contraindicated in the following cases:

  • In the presence of duodenal ulcers,
  • Diverticulosis and diverticulitis,
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Pregnant women should also be careful to eat yam, so as not to harm the body,
  • Excessive consumption of sweet potatoes in food can cause crystallization of the stone in the kidneys and gall bladder due to oxalates contained in the product,

In other cases, the sweet potato will only benefit the body and have a positive effect on health. The beneficial properties and contraindications of yam are to some extent related.