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Prostaplant forte: composition, action and method of administration


Prostate hyperplasia may occur in an older man. The pathologist is engaged in the treatment of pathology by a urologist using various methods of therapy, including medicines of natural origin. Prostaplant forte, the instructions for use of which indicate that the drug is effective against the symptoms of dysuria that occurs when benign neoplasms in the prostate, can be taken for quite a long time.

Herbal remedy Prostaplant Forte, developed by German manufacturers, has an anti-inflammatory effect on the gland tissues, relieves swelling and blood stasis, prevents the progression of the disease. Most often, the drug is used in the treatment of BPH stages 1 and 2 in violation of the urinary function.

Content and properties of the drug

The drug is available in capsules of a green shade of 30 and 60 pieces per pack. One capsule contains:

  • Sabal powder - 160 mg,
  • nettle powder - 120 mg.

Auxiliary ingredients: silicon dioxide, glycerin, iron oxide, gelatin, solid fat. The remedy has a symptomatic property and is not used in the treatment of prostatic hyperplasia. The medicine relieves the symptoms caused by an increase in the prostate in size, but does not affect the decrease in its volume.

pharmachologic effect

The effectiveness of the drug due to the action of its active substances. Extracts of Sabal palm and nettle roots affect the enzyme substances involved in the process of androgen exchange in the prostate. The main components contribute to the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, reduce tissue proliferation, relieve swelling and inflammation.

The drug selectively affects the tissues of the prostate gland. In addition, the tool reduces capillary permeability and vascular occlusion, normalizes urodynamics, increases the volume of excreted fluid during urination, and contributes to an increase in urine flow.
With regular use of the drug, patients note a decrease in painful manifestations in the perineum, muscle tension, a positive effect on potency.

The use of the drug should be at the appointment of a specialist.

To whom reception is shown

The main indication for using Prostaplant Forte is a diagnosed prostate adenoma in the first and second stages of the development of the pathological process. The drug is recommended for men with the following symptoms:

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  1. Decreased erectile function. The first signs of prostate disease are often problems in intimate life. Weak erection, premature or delayed ejaculation, loss of severity of sexual sensations, loss of sperm quality and reproductive disorders. You can correct the existing symptoms of adenoma, prevent progression and restore erectile function with the help of Prostaplant Forte course therapy.
  2. Dysuric disorders. Frequent and difficult urination, an intermittent stream of urine and weakening of pressure, as well as a constant feeling of bladder overflow caused by excessive proliferation of prostate tissue. Such disorders develop in inflammatory swelling of the prostate, which is characteristic of chronic prostatitis. Slowing down the processes of cell division and influencing the pathogenic microflora Prostaplant Forte helps to get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of prostate diseases.
  3. Pain syndrome. Pain is the main signal of the body about the presence of damage or disease. Discomfort in the perineum, groin, lower abdomen, testicles and penis can be a sign of infectious, inflammatory or hyperplastic diseases of the prostate. Reception Prostaplant Forte reduces the sensitivity of nerve endings, and also has anti-edema, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic action, safely eliminating the main causes of pain.

The use of herbal medicine, created to supplement the scheme of conservative therapy of adenoma of 1 or 2 degrees, can be effectively used in chronic prostatitis, as the typical symptoms of prostate cancer are present in the clinical picture of the disease common in men.


The natural composition and positive effect of taking Prostaplant Forte are not grounds for uncontrolled use of the drug.

  • According to the instructions contained in the instructions for use, take the drug can not be men diagnosed with gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer. The active ingredients of Prostaplant Forte increase the motility of the digestive tract, and also have blood thinning properties, which can provoke extensive gastric or intestinal bleeding.
  • Individual intolerance of the main and auxiliary substances that are part of Prostaplant Forte, imposes a restriction on the use of medications for existing or detected after the start of taking allergic reactions.

Against the background of treatment with a herbal remedy, disorders of the digestive system such as heartburn, vomiting, constipation or diarrhea are possible. The adverse effects of admission include the occurrence of skin reactions associated with hypersensitivity to the active ingredients Prostaplant Forte. The choice of the appropriate treatment is carried out by a doctor, and, if necessary, an analogue is prescribed.

Release form

Prostaplant Forte is available in oblong emerald color capsules. Packaged in foil blister packs of 10 or 20 pieces, packed in cardboard boxes of 3 or 6 plates. Each pack of Prostaplant Forte is enclosed with instructions for use, with important information from the manufacturer of the medicinal product, which must be carefully read before starting treatment.

The composition of the tool

The unique composition determines the effectiveness of the drug in the treatment of prostate adenoma in men. Each capsule of Prostaplant Forte contains active active and auxiliary substances.

The extract obtained from the fruits of the Sabal palm tree and the nettle root form the basis of the drug and determine the pharmacological effect.

Gelatin, soybean oil, glycerin, vegetable fats, iron and silicon compounds preserve the beneficial properties of the active substances and extend the shelf life of the drug.

Known analogues

Individual intolerance and the presence of medical contraindications to the use of Prostaplant Forte requires the choice of analogues. Means with a similar therapeutic effect are tablets and liquid dosage forms of the following drugs: Prostakor, Prostadin, Prostagut Forte, Peponen, Prostamed, as well as medicines with a synthetic composition - Omnick and Prazozin.

Customer Reviews

Opinions about the effectiveness of Prostaplant Forte among doctors and men who took the drug, differ. Urologists believe that the action of the active ingredients has a positive effect when combined with synthetic drugs used in the conservative treatment of prostatitis and adenoma. As an aid, Prostaplant Forte can supplement and enhance the effect of essential medicines. Men who used herbal medicine according to the regimen noted a decrease in the severity of the main symptoms during the full course of treatment, although in some cases the effect was lost after stopping treatment. Most of the buyers have noted the overestimated cost of the drug, which is comparable in price category with modern synthetic drugs.

Where can one buy

Prostaplant Forte is commercially available, and you can buy it in most pharmacy chains or on the websites of specialized health goods stores without a doctor's prescription. The price of the package depends on the number of capsules, and is also determined by the terms of delivery to the place of sale and the individual price policy of the company. The average cost of the drug ranges from 800 to 1,500 rubles per item. Despite the over-the-counter sales conditions, it is not recommended to take Prostaplant Forte on your own without the prior approval of a doctor. The drug can cause exacerbation of existing chronic diseases and cause side effects.

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The drug is available in soft green oval gelatin capsules.
1 capsule Prostaplant contains 320 mg of creeping palm extract.
1 capsule of Prostaplant Forte contains 160 mg of dry extract from the fruits of a creeping palm tree, 120 mg of dry extract of nettle root.
Excipients: gelatin, glycerin, dyes, 90% ethanol is used as an extractant.

Storage conditions

Prostaplant is stored in a dry place inaccessible to children at a temperature of 15-25 degrees Celsius for not more than 5 years from the date of issue.

Kapistan, Permixon, Prostagut, Prostagut mono, Prostamol Uno, Prostaseren, Prostsess, Prostess Uno, Serenoi of the creeping fruit extract dry, Serpens, Strogene S.
See also the list of analogues of the drug Prostaplant.

Indications for use

The phytopreparation is recommended for reception in the presence of urination disorders caused by benign hyperplasia (adenoma) of the prostate gland stage I and II.

The use of Prostaplant leads to a decrease in the severity of symptoms inherent in benign prostate adenoma:

  • Dysuria,
  • Nocturia,
  • Pollakiuria,
  • Feelings of tension and pain in the perineum,
  • Incomplete emptying of the bladder,
  • Decreased urination.

Methods of use and dosage

Prostaplant, according to the instructions, should be taken inside entirely (without chewing) and drink a small amount of water. Prescribe the drug in one capsule once a day, the duration of treatment is usually not less than three months.

Based on the results of the diagnosis, the doctor may recommend a repeated course of therapy with an individual regimen.

Side effects

The use of Prostaplant (very rarely) when used on an empty stomach can cause: nausea, gastralgia, heartburn. To prevent the development of these symptoms capsules should be drunk after a meal.

In case of intolerance to the components of the drug, allergic reactions may also occur.

special instructions

Information proving the negative impact of drug interactions funds on the patient's health, is currently not available.

Before using Prostaplant, according to the instructions, it is necessary to have confirmation of the benign nature of the lesion of the prostate gland.

Cases indicating a negative effect of the drug on the ability to manage complex mechanisms and the car, not recorded.

Structural analogues of Prostaplant include: Prostamol Uno, Permixon, Palprostes. The analogs on the mechanism of action include: Gentos, Populus compositum CP, Cernilton, Prostopin, Prostagerb N, Prostagut, Trianol, Peponen, Prostakor, Tadenan, Sabal-homaccord.

Mode of application

Take 1 capsule Prostaplant Forte 2 times a day. Capsules should be taken orally, without chewing, with a small amount of water.
The duration of treatment depends on the course of the disease and is determined individually by a doctor.
If you have missed taking the capsule of Prostaplant Forte, in the future you should take the drug for its intended purpose and do not change the dose without a doctor's instructions.

"Prostaplant": composition and release form

The drug "Prostaplant" (sometimes using the name "Protoplan", which is wrong) is made only in the form of capsules with an oily base in the shell (green, gelatin). Capsules are packaged in blisters of 10 or 20 pieces. In one package can be from 10 to 30 capsules.

The main active ingredient - extracts from the fruit of the creeping palm tree (Sobal palm, Serena creeping). The dosage of the active substance is 320 mg per capsule.

Prostaplant is an androgen antagonist, has anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effects.


  • ethanol,
  • glycerol,
  • gelatin derivatives,
  • dyes.

The vegetable nature of the drug determines its effects on the body, and especially the use.

Some manufacturers also produce the drug "Prostaplant Forte." With a similar effect and indications for use in "Prostaplant Forte" there are differences in the composition. So, in addition to the extract of dry fruits of creeping palm trees, the composition of "Forte" includes nettle extract.

Instructions for use capsules "Prostaplant"

The drug is prescribed courses lasting 3 months (sometimes more). The duration of treatment and the need to re-course is determined by a specialist.

Instructions for use of the drug recommends taking Prostaplant according to this scheme:

  • The optimal dosage is 1 capsule per day.
For the treatment of various prostate ailments, 1 capsule per day is necessary.
  • Capsules are swallowed whole, without chewing.
  • For better absorption of the drug, it is desirable to drink a capsule with a small amount of water.
  • It is not recommended to combine the drug with alcohol.

To date, information about the negative effects of an overdose of the drug is not. If you accidentally take several capsules, it is advisable to perform a gastric lavage, and then take activated charcoal or a similar agent.

"Prostaplant": analogues and prices in pharmacies

The drug is sold without a prescription.

Shelf life according to the instructions - no more than 5 years from the date of manufacture.

Prostaplant capsules should be stored in a place inaccessible to children, at a temperature not higher than + 25 ° ะก.

Analogs of the drug:

The price of the drug is from 480 to 530 rubles (a pack of 30 capsules of 320 mg each).


"Prostaplant" refers to drugs that do not cure hyperplasia and other diseases of the prostate gland, but only reduce the intensity of unpleasant sensations. But at the same time, an effective action aimed at normalizing the process of urination makes Postaplant quite popular and in demand.

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