Signs on the wedding: what is possible, what is not possible for parents, guests, newlyweds? Customs and signs on the wedding for the bride


Wedding attire is the most important attribute of any wedding celebration, so many superstitions are associated with it. Girls often wonder whether it is possible to measure someone else's wedding dress, and what will happen if this is done. You can not believe in superstition, but even avid skeptics should pay attention to some time-tested signs associated with fitting.

Energy of things

For a long time, people believed that any thing is capable of preserving the energy of its owner. For this reason, some valuable things were handed down from generation to generation, and it was believed that the product would bring the new owner the same good luck and power that its predecessor had.

Nobody has canceled the opposite: if the former owner of the thing was an unlucky person with a difficult fate, then his things kept negative energy. The resulting gift promises the same sad life with difficulties to the new owner.

Esotericists believe that the most powerful imprint of foreign energy bears on themselves clothes. Since each product is adjacent to the human body, it is in maximum contact with the energy field of its owner. It is not surprising that when the soaked thing is in the hands of another person, she begins to correct his fate, and this does not always bring happiness to the new owner.

Wedding things for rent

Often, getting married, the girl tries to find a suitable wedding dress. Due to the huge cost of the wedding, not everyone has the opportunity to buy a new outfit. In an effort to save the bride chooses to rent a wedding dress.

To do this is very dangerous. The law of energy transfer mentioned above applies to absolutely any items of clothing, including the wedding dress, it absorbs the code of fate of the previous owner.

Having hired someone else's wedding attire, the girl risks taking over the life events of the bride who married him. Well, if the fate of the previous owner has developed in a dignified manner, and a piece of her happiness will go to the newly-made mistress of her wedding dress.

But what if the marriage of a girl is bursting at the seams, the husband drinks and walks, and there is no happiness in life? In this case, the future owner, planning a marriage, can wait for the same unenviable fate.

Implications of trying

It is not necessary to rent a wedding dress to incur troubles. Signs claim that, even if you just try it on, it already threatens to transfer energy from one person to another. In some cases, the hostess can suffer, as well as the girl, who simply measured her outfit.

For a former bride, handing over a wedding dress to a friend can be worth the stolen happiness. According to belief, if a friend has an envious character, is negative and not too benevolent, she can consciously or inadvertently ruin a married woman’s life. Esoteric say that if a girl gave to try on her dress, she can start having problems with her spouse, and family life will be filled with difficulties and sorrows.

Experts also explain why it is impossible to measure someone else's wedding dress to an unmarried woman. In addition to the fact that she may accidentally win over the happiness of her friend and ruin her life, unwillingly, the girl herself may be a victim.

For an unmarried and not having a beloved woman, a fitting may turn out to be that she will be left without a groom and will never marry. According to common belief, to wear someone else's wedding dress - lead to unsettled personal life and loneliness.

Existing signs

In addition to the unofficial ban on fitting the wedding dress, there are signs and beliefs that can carry a certain meaning and even predict the fate of the owner of the wedding dress. For example, you cannot wear a dress in which the bride has already got married, but the marriage did not work out, since this may make the new family life unhappy.

Sewing a robe to a wedding is the best option, since the risks of spoiling your personal happiness with this are minimal. If a sister or mother sews a wedding dress, there should be no problems here either, but only if their family life is successful.

Trusting the wedding dress to the dressmaker, you need to be sure that she is not a single mother, widow or not settled on a personal level. The energy invested by such a person in a wedding dress is guaranteed to imprint on the bride and bring her many problems in family life.

When choosing a wedding dress, you must take into account a number of points.:

  • It should be solid, without division into a corset and skirt. This separation will lead to the divorce of the spouses.
  • The abundance of complex patterns is desirable to avoid. This leads to a confused family life, which will be a problem.
  • You can not wear a dress that is above the knees. The longer the wedding dress, the longer the family life.
  • It is not necessary to dress the bride in a dress with an open back. This can lead to inconsistency in family relationships and lack of loyalty.

Trying on a wedding dress in a dream

If you had a dream about a wedding dress, it also has a certain meaning. So, if you happened to measure a wedding dress, you will soon find yourself in a festive atmosphere. For an unmarried girl, such a dream can predict a meeting with a loved one, but a married girl can quarrel with her spouse.

The interpretation of the dream depends on how the dress was in the dream.

  • If you dreamed of a beautiful and luxurious wedding dress, then this means wealth and fortune in the financial sphere.
  • To try on a dirty dress in a dream - to losses, failures and rupture with a loved one.
  • Trying on a dress before the upcoming wedding says that this holiday is in your thoughts.
  • Try on a wedding dress, but you find yourself at someone else's wedding - you can be invited to some important event.
  • Put on a torn dress - lose a loved one.
  • You embroider a wedding dress for yourself - your cherished desires are soon realized.
  • Sew a dress for a daughter or sister - the appearance of matchmakers is likely.

Dream interpretation says that fitting a wedding dress for an elderly person can mean a serious illness, and for a widow - death and union with her late husband. Such terrible predictions do not always come true, since the date, day of the week, and the phase of the moon are usually taken into account, so it’s not necessary to be intimidated and adjusted to the bad. It is enough to say: “Dawn is over the moon, and bad sleep is not mine!” And then the consequences of a nightmarish dream will pass you by.


So that in life there is harmony, and family life is happy, you should protect yourself from buying someone else's wedding dresses, not try on wedding dresses of acquaintances, and also not to rent products. A wedding is an event worthy of spending money on it and buying a new wedding outfit that will surely bring happiness and well-being in family life.

Signs before the wedding

Signs for a wedding for the bride broadcast that a wedding on a new moon - to a happy new life, with a growing moon - to a rapid increase in money capital, on a full moon - life will be like a full bowl. If you get married with a waning moon, then all adversity and sorrow will disappear.

If on the wedding day in the morning a sneeze attacks the newlyweds or relatives, this is fortunately.

The groom stumbled across the threshold of the darling's house - there will be another wedding.

Family life will turn out if the bride puts a nightgown inside out on the night before the wedding and puts a mirror under the pillow.

Signs on the wedding for the bride say: if the bride and groom lost the glove or broke the mirror before the wedding, this is a bad omen.

On the eve of the wedding, the bride should not see the bridegroom under any pretext, and even more so the future husband should not see her in a wedding dress, otherwise the marriage will be unhappy.

Until the moment of the wedding (painting), the bride should not see herself in the mirror in full robe.

  • It is impossible to give each other photos with your own image the day before.
  • Signs about clothes and jewelry

    Signs for the bride on the wedding day say that to marry a happy darling, you must always wear shoes with a closed toe and heel. Then happiness will not flow away from home. And if you put a copper coin in the right shoe, then the life of the young will be successful and rich. Get married in sandals - to barefoot life.

    If the bride is helped by a woman dressed in a wedding dress who has been successfully married for 7 years, the newlywed will be healthy and successful.

    The bride should not allow her friend to stand in front of her in front of the mirror, otherwise the latter will discourage the groom. The same applies to the groom and his friends.

    For the purpose of protection from the evil eye, newlyweds should be fastened with a head down an English pin on their clothes: to the groom - in the area of ​​fastening the boutonniere, to the bride - from the inside of the hem of the dress. It is also recommended that a lucky darling on the inside of the dress on the inside should make a certain number of stitches with blue threads: as the wedding signs for the newlyweds say, this will save the bride and groom from the evil eye.

    Old shoes on the bride - to good luck in the new family. Therefore, a day or two before the celebration it is recommended to look like in shoes that will be worn at the wedding.

    Worn by the bride on the wedding pearls - to her tears.

    Jewelry should not be worn at the solemn event — only bijouterie — that’s what the people say at the wedding.

    What can, what can not parents? On the mothers of both young people should be worn solid dresses (not costumes), so that the family life of their children would be without contention.

    Wedding Dress

    Wedding and wedding omens are one, because the solemn event is so significant that you should pay attention to every detail. This also applies to the wedding dress of the bride:

    • The future wife is recommended to sew in a wedding dress a leaf of lovage, so that love was stronger.
    • No one should be allowed to measure a wedding dress, even after the wedding.
    • It is considered: the longer the dress, the longer the family life.
    • A young dress should be solid, not separate (for example, a corset and a skirt) so that there is no separate life.
    • Dress and underwear should be white.
    • Wedding dress should be worn only over the head - it is impossible through the legs.
    • It is recommended to keep the wedding dress all your life and not to sell it in any way in order to avoid the breakup of the marriage.

    The bride's bouquet

    Wedding omens (which is possible, which cannot be done by young people) argue with clear certainty that in no case should the groom give a bouquet to his beloved one until someone gives it to him.

    The bride should protect her bouquet all festive evening, if released, happiness will fly away. At a wedding feast, you can put it on the table in front of you, and if there is a great need, you can give it to the groom or your mother.

    A wedding bouquet fell to the floor - to be another wedding in this house.

    That of the bridesmaids who catch the bridal bouquet, will marry next.

    Wedding ring

    Oh, those signs for the wedding! What can you not do newlyweds with wedding rings? This question is of great concern to the young.

    Buying wedding rings - the duty of the groom.

    Rings must be smooth, without stones and cuts, so that life would be smooth, without pitfalls.

    The ring of the bride should be wider than the ring of the groom.

    No one should be allowed to try on wedding rings: neither before nor after the wedding.

    On the wedding day, no rings other than engagement rings can be worn.

    Marriage with parental rings - a repetition of their family relationships.

    To lose a wedding ring - to the separation, the disintegration of the family.

    To drop a wedding ring before putting it on a finger is a bad omen.

    Before leaving to the registrar

    When young people go from their parents' home to the wedding palace, they should be sprinkled with money and rye - for a happy and rich family life. Repeat the same when they leave the registry office.

    Driving away from the house, cars should be loudly beeping, thus scaring any evil spirits.

    On the way to the place of painting, young people should not look back in order not to become attached to the past life.

    When the bride goes to church, the mother gives her a family relic (brooch, cross, bracelet, ring) to protect her in family life.

    In order to marry the sisters, the bride, when leaving the parental home, is recommended to quietly pull the tablecloth from the parent's table.

    On the way to the registry office and the registry office

    The road to an important event is an important component of the solemn process. Therefore, it is also worth considering signs for the wedding. What can, what can not be done on the way to the registry office for young people, their parents and guests?

    • You can not cross the road to the bride and groom, so as not to deprive them of good luck in life. If such a danger exists, then a witness and a witness must go a little ahead.
    • In the registry office you need to go on different machines so that there is still time to think about such important changes in life.
    • The more complicated the route that the bride and groom are taking, the happier their family life will be. In the old days, wedding trains chose the most intricate routes to the church in order to mislead the evil spirit in this way.
    • If a cat crosses the road, you need to go another route.
    • No one should pass between the bride and the groom in order to have a happy family life.
    • After leaving the registrar of the young leave, holding hands. Who has a hand on top, he will be the main thing in the house.
    • If you touch the rings of the bride and the groom, it means that you will soon be walking at your wedding. If after the registrar, someone crosses the road to the bride and groom, it means that family life will not work. This is how time-tested signs for a wedding are broadcast.

    Signs for guests

    Guests who came to congratulate the newlyweds should also know some signs of the wedding. What can, what can not guests on this important day for the young?

    • You can not come to the wedding in black clothes.
    • The number of guests at the wedding should be odd.
    • Guests should be seated according to their age. The youth sits with the bride and groom, then by seniority. The most elderly people sit down from the young at the opposite end of the table.
    • Those invited from the side of the bride are sitting towards her on the left side, the groom on the right side. After all, the left part of the space symbolizes the feminine principle, the right - the male.
    • Places for parents - at the end of the holiday table.

    Muratova Anna Eduardovna

    Psychologist, online consultant. Specialist from the website

    take only a sample of your stupidity, and not the reason for parting with the groom.

    The first time I hear such a sign. It is very good that you, before the wedding, realized that they were not made for each other, so do not waste time. You will meet your man soon. And be happy

    I heard that you can't wear a wedding ring unmarried, you will be alone. I wore and I’m alone And many years. But I think it doesn’t affect I read the forums that many girls wore rings and got married. .
    There is a sign, you can not be photographed with your man before the wedding. Many are photographed and married, they are together And some people leave. .
    But the guy gave me a handkerchief. Immediately, the conversation stopped, you can’t give and take a handkerchief as a gift.
    And the clock just as a gift is impossible.
    I even have a dream when my watch is parting.

    it is good that I am a skeptic and I do not need to suffer any Chukney

    I read somewhere that a cactus cannot be given to an unmarried girl and sat down at a corner at the table, but they gave me and at the table forever around the corner planted she got married quite early. The only sign and that seems to me a coincidence. My husband at the time caught the garter at the wedding and indeed the next wedding was ours, at our wedding his friend caught my garter and the next wedding was his (although this is if you count the friends of the groom, and after us 4 couples got married the wedding walked, but nothing caught)))

    And I generally got married in a used dress, well, and tried on it naturally before I bought it from the commission shop. Previously, this was a common practice, after the wedding I also sold this dress.

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    In which only superstitions do not hit people, if only their relationships do not establish

    I do not understand. The dress was measured a year ago, and the friend's wedding was 2 years ago. those. Was the dress already put on?
    It seems to me, you can not get into someone else's wedding dress forward the bride herself, so as not to get dirty. It is so snow-white, clean, even if it belongs only to it before the celebration. And then what is it for? Only takes place in the closet.

    Less to believe in this heresy.
    And do not measure wedding dresses for no reason. WHY the main thing. I still understand, you are a bride, choose a dress. But just like that, try on))))
    Моя подруга и мерила платье , и даже фотографировалась (в платье подруги) И вышла замуж.( Скорее всего по тому, что в приметы она никогда не верила. Она в Бога верит)
    "По вере вашей да будет вам" (с)
    Верите во всю эту ересь (приметы) Вы их и получите, даже не сомневайтесь.

    А я вообще в б/ушном платье замуж выходила, ну и примеряла его естественно перед тем, как в комиссионке купить. Раньше это обычная практика была, после свадьбы я это платье тоже продала.

    Очень много примет по поводу свадебного платья. По поводу посту автора, я слышала, что невеста после замужества дает примерить платье подружкам. Кто первая померит. That and the first married will marry, who will measure the second in a row, that and the second will marry. But the familiar dress did not give me a measure, with the words, why would you marry? Fool stuffed! I was not going to measure her dress. And yet, at the prom, went to the bridal salon, buy a cocktail dress. I saw that the fitting is paid. The seller said that we are not concerned. It turns out that this is for girls who come to dress in order to get married faster, this is the sign))

    Thanks to everyone who answered. A little calmed down :)

    you know the author, always thought that people who say "here on the corner of the village and get married in any way" or something like "here at the wedding heel broke and broke up with her husband" simply justify their failures with signs, not the dress is to blame for the fact that the wedding did not take place just a wrong person.

    I forgot to tell when another guy with a cat lived did not make an offer, about 3 months before that a girlfriend bought a silk wedding dress for the 70s so beautiful, I measured it, even took pictures of it (before me I think 20 more people , and the bride has probably already died that she was wearing for the wedding), she got married this summer

    I read somewhere that a cactus cannot be given to an unmarried girl and sat down at a corner at the table, but they gave me and at the table forever around the corner planted she got married quite early. The only sign and that seems to me a coincidence. My husband at the time caught the garter at the wedding and indeed the next wedding was ours, at our wedding his friend caught my garter and the next wedding was his (although this is if you count the friends of the groom, and after us 4 couples got married, also on our the wedding walked, but nothing caught)))

    Author, I measured my sister's cousin's dress and there are pictures, and the wedding with MCH is as upset as you have. But after a couple of years I got married and already the 6th year of marriage, I will not say that in a happy, but good) So be guided by me)

    Brad, all these signs, they do not work on me and on my other acquaintances and relatives, probably, because we do not believe. I am already an aunt at the age :) everything was in life, and if I believed in all the signs, I would have been in the cemetery a long time ago :)

    I will write my example. The first wedding went on all the signs just fine, everyone said that we would live happily ever after and die one day :). Bottom line: divorced after 1.5 years, left me in the 3rd month of pregnancy. At the second wedding there were all the bad signs that can be found, I just scored all and said that no one would croak, I'll figure it out myself - marriage is already 10 years old. So that. )

    Bullshit! But how then in shops a lot of people these dresses peremeryat before buying! And the rings too! Do you think that everybody individually sews dresses and make rings to order, so that the bride tries on the first and apart from her these things are not on anyone?
    My sister and I tried each other's dresses before each other's weddings. And nothing, live with their husbands and couples have not changed! And on the corner I used to sit often (just because I was thin, and it was not important for me where to sit, where there was a place at the table, where there was a lot of people) —and I didn't stay in the girls. It’s just a coincidence, not a “lucky come true.” How many people go even before the wedding!

    Author, revise "Sex and the City" where Charlotte gets married) There were all bad signs)

    The author, you read very hard. To accept the neutralization go to church and ask God for help. God can accurately neutralize any bad omens.

    The author, thoughts materialize! Need to think about the good! Although I myself probably as superstitious as you. I reassure myself that these signs have come up with the same people as you and I. For some, this is a bad omen, for someone good. All people are different. Although when a black cat crosses the road, I try to go roundabout ways,)))

    Not a skeptic, and not a cynic, but the facts are stubborn things. I wore someone else's wedding dress at the prom. And with me he was measured by five more of my friends. Four of them are happy and long married. The same story with his second cousin, who had a wedding dress, which was hired to graduation. and wedding, and prosperous personal life.

    help, please, who understands: accidentally stumbled on the Internet for example, that it is impossible to measure someone else's wedding dress. and then I remembered how I lost a wedding a year ago. the dress of a girlfriend, in which she caught a bouquet 2 years ago at a wedding. between these events received an offer from an old lover. that is, at the time of fitting, she was already engaged, choosing a date. I recently parted, canceled all preparations, the wedding did not take place. moreover, they quarreled, then they seemed to reconcile, he again made a proposal, a new ring, but again did not take place. already gone all out. The reasons were without a case with fitting enough. but still now I’m thinking, maybe the omen played somehow? people who know this, tell me, please, what is the full meaning of the signs and what to do now, how to "neutralize" it? Skeptics and cynic please pass by. thank you in advance.

    And I have such a story! They called me to work as an exhibition bride at a “bachelorette party” - something like a school of brides! Since I am very thin dresses from the range on me was not found! I had to wear a dress for which the bride paid and literally in 5-6 days he had a wedding! And now what. Sin took? Marry not marry? In a relationship with a young man for 2 years. I do not want to just lose everything.

    Meryl someone else's wedding dress, and more than once, now happily married and a child! This sign can be attributed to rastovanie, but if there is a glow in the relationship, there is no longer a sign in the signs!

    I know a girl who even without a fiancé, measured about a hundred wedding dresses. She hired a salon for photographing dresses for the catalog. After that, she found a very rich bridegroom, married happily, now she has a child of 4 years. her husband blows specks of dust from her, she lives very well, does not work.

    I do not remember why, but I also remembered today to my horror, as I tried on for some reason an old wedding dress (ugly for my taste) that was kept in old things in the apartment of my young man when I moved in with him. Since then, a little more than a year has passed, we, as before everything is wonderful in personal relationships, only he does not want to marry, for now. I do not even care about the fact of the wedding - this is not the most important thing, the main thing is that both should be happy. I care that he did not want and does not want children.

    I do not remember why, but I also remembered today to my horror, as I tried on for some reason an old wedding dress (ugly for my taste) that was kept in old things in the apartment of my young man when I moved in with him. Since then, a little more than a year has passed, we, as before everything is wonderful in personal relationships, only he does not want to marry, for now. I do not even care about the fact of the wedding - this is not the most important thing, the main thing is that both should be happy. I care that he did not want and does not want children.

    fine! looking looking and found! otherwise it can not be impossible. it is possible and it turns out that in my case it is necessary))))) thanks for the comment your: "in order to get married faster, sign this"))

    In my opinion, according to the same Simoron, this is just a good sign, there are even rituals connected with it - to come to the bridal salon and try on dresses, and you need to measure them until you find “yours”, then the man allegedly "your" will be there soon. So right here they write, who believes in what, and it turns out, the Placebo effect)

    I read somewhere that a cactus cannot be given to an unmarried girl and sat down at a corner at the table, but they gave me and at the table forever around the corner planted she got married quite early.

    Calmed devchulichki! And here too, after 2 months of the wedding, the dress was given by the brother's wife. Very very beautiful. And then the woman alone began to tell me that you would be unhappy, and so on. So much eerie caught up! Before her, and did not allow such a thought, but now it has already become ill. But I definitely decided before her that I would get married in a new dress that I would not give to anyone. The main thing is for God to bless this marriage, and everything else is not so important.

    but I don’t know what to believe .. 5 years ago, my colleague-friend, the bride who had run away, was supposed to get married. because a runaway bride, the wedding dress was already bought from her, in her words, she did not bother her with two fiancés, i.e. she just dissolved the relationship on the eve of the wedding. (the second “marriage” which did not take place, was already before my eyes) and now, the girlfriend got married for the third time, naturally, she did not buy a new dress. She invited me as a witness, we all night on the eve of her marriage we cut salads and joked. in the morning (two hours before the arrival of the groom) went to bed, in the morning I woke up from her conversation on the phone. She said: "what happened?". I realized that something was not right. The bridegroom is in the morning taken to the ambulance with an acute attack (something in the groin) and put in hospital. WEDDING with her did not take place!

    Some woman told my girlfriend that it was a dress that needed to be sold, and the girlfriend finally decided to part with it, and since the dress was just magical, I felt sorry that the groom did not see the bride in such a chic outfit. And, I don’t know who offered the first one to anyone, but I wanted to pofot first in him, and then decided to get to the groom in the hospital and show him the dress. Naturally, the dress was dressed not by the bride, but by me! I did not believe in omens! I never got married in a wedding dress. I used to have just a painting, and I really wanted to be a real bride. and I was already divorced from my husband. I decided to wear this dress. we went outside I am the bride, the friend is a witness. We arranged a photo session of me in a dress. little children shouted to their mothers - "look, the bride is coming." I felt happy and real bride! It was a festive mood. We drove across the city to the hospital to the groom. I was in a dress and he showed it. A friend was nearby.

    Then, at home, I took off my dress and gave it to my friend, who eventually sold it. And I bought myself a more modest, straight (not fluffy as it was) dress. The groom in the hospital was kept for a week and released in svoyasi, without finding anything from him. the pain is gone. A week later, they signed the two of themselves, without guests. They didn’t call me out of superstition, so that nothing got spoiled and the wedding took place. only then I stopped by and congratulated them.
    For several years I did not attach importance to this. Not enough time has passed. and I noticed the difference. If earlier, I did not have an end to the proposals of the hand and heart, then from the moment of fitting the dress - not a single sentence or even acquaintance has happened. A few years have passed. In the last year, proposals from men began to appear, but the level of men, which does not suit me very much .. Well, thank God, that at least they began to appear ..
    So I think maybe the whole thing in a dress? Does a certain period of time it is "UNKEATED" after such a ridiculous fitting? Well, for example, "7 years you will not marry," they say some figures in the signs ..
    in general, beautiful girls, it is better not to try on other people's dresses, do not marry someone else's rings (my first marriage was with someone else's ring, because there was no money for a new one and my mother-in-law somewhere bought someone else) in the end - divorced ..

    When I was still in school, I tried my mother's wedding dress secretly. I grew up and got married in about the same years as my mother, gave birth to two girls of the same age as my mother, and that I see my family life as my mother and I I don’t want it, because my family life wasn’t very good. I don’t know what to do, I began to think about what all this can do because I tried on her dress when I was a child, and now I’m trying on her life. can burn your dress. and all quarrels will stop

    I do not remember why, but I also remembered today to my horror, as I tried on for some reason an old wedding dress (ugly for my taste) that was kept in old things in the apartment of my young man when I moved in with him. Since then, a little more than a year has passed, we, as before everything is wonderful in personal relationships, only he does not want to marry, for now. I do not even care about the fact of the wedding - this is not the most important thing, the main thing is that both should be happy. I care that he did not want and does not want children.

    Well, I really want to continue your story to hear “This happens because 🤔 the ​​situation is down to the comma! the same )))

    There is no girl's wedding dress, if your wedding is not planned, it is better not to measure!
    A friend of my sister measure dress is now a child with his father live but do not marry. and I, too, dress the sister of the measure and the child is there, but she did not marry, well, maybe we still hope ahead

    I have a one-on-one situation with Oksana. My second cousin got married, her mother persuaded me to try on the wedding dress of her daughter (my sister), I put them on, they took pictures of me. After trying on, we found that the dress was a marriage, and my sister returned it to the store. She married in another dress, which I did not measure. And what do you think? 10 years have passed since then, exactly like Oksana’s: there is no decent one, but to me it attracts me with the magnet of the same kind of dumb men, and sometimes with real greetings. As you can see, despite the fact that I do not believe in omens, I think that everything depends on the specific situation. If you measure in the store, or with a girlfriend for the sake of interest, then nothing terrible will happen. But when the situation, like mine, when this woman deliberately persuaded me to try on a dress, knowing that she would take a bad sign when it was real witchcraft, then maybe it worked for me. Of course, I tell myself that this is all nonsense, that this is just a coincidence, but the situation does not change from this))))) True, this action did not bring happiness to my sister either. All these years she and her husband have no children, and her husband, they say, has a family on the side. So stay away from evil, cunning, and envious people.

    All this nonsense. When I was a child I asked my mother to buy a wedding dress in order to just be a princess. And everything turned out fine. There were no problems.

    She came to get her dress, and the dressmaker asked me to put on the finished dress of another girl — my options fit — they had to hem something there, well, I had no ulterior motivation, I said, yes, easily. I put it on me, I think, wiggle it the dress goes to me more than mine, it would change, and the thought in my head flashed that I would still wear it, just not someone else's, but exactly the same thing is mine. Now, after three years, the child is 8 months old and grow up.

    Wedding dress only for the hostess

    The fact that a wedding dress is a purely personal thing every girl knows long before marriage. As well as the fact that it is impossible to show in advance this decoration to the groom. Carefully consider the choice of a lady who will help to dress the young wife. According to the old belief, access to young clothes and its decorations is open only to the mother of the girl and married women who live happily in marriage for more than one year.

    Let's look at all the old signs with a modern look, and every girl will decide for herself whether it is worth putting on someone else's outfit for the wedding and whether it is possible to give her wedding decoration to others.

    The dress of the marrying girl is not only a beautiful decision of a designer and fashion designer, but also a thing that bears in itself the enormous energy of its owner.

    If you do not want to repeat someone's fate, it is better to refuse the offer to try on someone else's wedding attire.

    And even more so from the idea to marry in someone's attire. Even if the budget of your celebration is not very large and you can not afford an expensive outfit, it is better to go down the aisle in an unpretentious dress than to get married in a dress of a sister or girlfriend.

    Exceptions to the rules

    It is considered a good sign to marry in a mother’s or grandmother’s wedding dress. If your relatives could experience all the delights of marriage, then wearing such a dress for your wedding, you will be as happy in marriage as they are. Moreover, such a chain will help create a family relationship, and if the newlyweds have a girl, you can be sure that she will find a worthy companion, like her ancestors.

    Is it possible to wear a white dress to other events, this question interests all the representatives of the weaker sex. With regards to the use of a bridal outfit for a photo shoot, there are also certain rules here. To be photographed in the image of the bride, the unmarried girl is a bad omen. Such negligence and ignoring old beliefs can cost a young lady very expensive.

    It is believed that the girl who tried on the wedding decoration "not on purpose" can "stay in the girls" for a very long time or never at all to be happy being a bride.

    But a photo shoot in a dress in which you once got married is quite appropriate. You can wear and measure your wedding outfit at least every day.

    The bride should keep her dress in her own home and not give it to anyone. Our grandmothers, after the wedding, neatly folded the wedding decoration into the chest, the key to which was only the hostess of the dress. They were sure that after the triumph for three months, you cannot even touch the side dress, much less wear it or try it on. That is why access to it was under seven locks.

    Color selection - various colors and their meanings

    The traditional, rooted for many decades, color of the dress is white and this is no accident, as it symbolizes innocence, purity and joy. Платье белого цвета также обозначает белый лист, с которого начинается новая жизнь женщины в качестве жены и хранительницы своего собственного очага.

    Однако все большее количество невест в наши дни предпочитают ему другие расцветки свадебного наряда, дабы выделиться среди остальных.

    Если вы также входите в их число, прежде чем отдать предпочтение платью какого-либо иного цвета, следует ознакомиться с их значениями:

    • Золотой color is a symbol of wealth, wealth and good luck in your endeavors. A golden wedding dress can attract a stable financial flow and career success to your family life.
    • Silver. It is undesirable to choose a silver dress - it is believed that this leads to the transience of family life and the couple will part quickly or will live without consent and mutual understanding.
    • Pink color symbolizes tenderness, love and romantic feelings. Such an outfit can contribute to a long and happy family life, but in some versions this color can bring monetary difficulties to the newly formed family.
    • Red. It is believed that the red wedding dress protects the bride from damage and the influence of bad people. In addition, the red color symbolizes the wisdom and maturity of the bride. If you want to choose this color, be sure to read the article in which we tell how to choose a red dress according to the style and type of appearance, how to choose the right accessories.
    • Violet. Opinions about the purple color of the wedding dress also differ - according to one information, it means a sudden divorce, and on the other - the emergence of a strong, strong love and deep affection of the spouses to each other.
    • The black. The black dress is not recognized in almost all European countries, since this color is considered mourning and foreshadows a very unhappy family life, a lot of tears and possible widowhood. It also symbolizes the repentance of the deed, which would entail the undermined emotional balance of the bride shortly after the marriage.
    • Blue. A blue wedding dress can lead to the fact that one of the spouses will be completely indifferent to the desires and opinions of the second.
    • Blue. But the light, delicate blue color symbolizes purity and sincerity in relationships. Marriage promises to be happy and unusually strong, because the spouses will not have secrets from each other and will be as open and honest as possible.
    • Green color is a symbol of modesty, because such a wedding dress is likely to lead to a modest but happy family life, without an excess of financial wealth.
    • Orange color besides its cheerful appearance symbolizes respect among society. A wedding dress of this color promises respect for others to the family, friends and relatives will listen to the opinions of the spouses for almost any reason.
    • Brown as well as black, it does not bode well for family life - it is capable of bringing on a sudden divorce, which will entail a long sharing of the jointly acquired property.
    • Beige. The dress of beige or cream color, despite its delicate appearance, can lead to adultery and frequent quarrels.

    Signs associated with the purchase of bridesmaid dresses - is it worth taking someone else's

    The choice of color of the dress is certainly very important, but the correct purchase of the dress is also of great importance.

    Wedding attire must be new, not bought from or rented, saving on such an important element of your wedding can bring life in strong debt.

    In addition, renting someone else's dress is able to convey to you a charge of negative energy from previous brides, as there is no opportunity to learn about the fate of each of them.

    If, however, you do not have another option - clean it with the help of a church candle and baptismal water, this will save from possible damage that may be on it.

    You can sew a dress with your own hands - such an outfit carries the most powerful charge of positive energy and is guaranteed to exclude most of the risks associated with it. The same applies to the dress, which you sewed own elder sister or best friend.

    When choosing accessories for a dress, you should strive to buy shoes on Friday, and a veil on Tuesday. The outfit itself should be purchased on Wednesday.

    Pay special attention and selection of wedding shoes - you should not wear sandals, it should be exclusively shoes with closed toes and heels, as open shoes symbolize family life in poverty and misery.

    If you buy a dress for cash, the change should be saved and not spent at least for the next three months.

    The subtleties of choosing the right style - length, neckline, texture

    The correct style of the wedding dress can also affect a successful family life:

    • The dress must be solid, the outfit of the skirt-corset type is unacceptable, as this leads to the separation of the spouses.
    • It should not have too many different interweaving and knots - this will entail a confusing relationship between husband and wife.
    • The dress should not be above the knees - the longer the outfit, the longer will be the family life.
    • It should be avoided too deep neckline and too open back - this symbolizes frivolity and lack of seriousness, which can lead to adultery.

    Straight wedding dresses: how to choose, how to try on, where to buy.

    Do you want to carry out exit registration on the beach? Then you should choose a suitable dress for this.

    How to measure the dress correctly - signs, superstitions and traditions

    To the important nuances that will help to get married successfully and attract good luck in family life is the correct fitting of the dress.

    Remembering a few simple rules, you can avoid unexpected, unpleasant surprises:

    1. During the fitting you can not wear it through the legs - only through the head, only then putting the arms into the sleeves.
    2. It is necessary to try on a wedding dress in linen of white color. The same clothes should be worn on the wedding day.
    3. Under the dress you should wear any item of clothing that has a large number of knots - this protects from the evil eye during the entire time from the start of preparation until the end of the wedding.
    4. During the fitting, you cannot take an unmarried girl with the same name as the bride as a helper, so that she does not steal her fate.
    5. On the wedding day as an assistant, it is advisable to take a married woman who has lived in a happy marriage for more than seven years.
    6. If a button comes off a wedding dress during a fitting, sew it with two stitches - this will contribute to a long life together with the groom.
    7. Neither before nor after the wedding ceremony should not be allowed to measure anyone as a dress, and all related accessories - this will contribute to frequent quarrels between the spouses.
    8. You can not measure a wedding dress just like that, if you are not going to marry. It is believed that by this you can scare away the future groom.
    9. Before the wedding, the groom in no case should see the wedding dress of the bride - this can bring on a quick separation, unpleasant incidents during the wedding, frequent quarrels and adultery. In general, show outfit, you need only the closest people. The less people see you in it before the wedding, the better.
    10. Take care that the dress does not tear during the fitting. Tearing up a wedding dress is a bad omen, which predicts an evil mother-in-law, who does not love her sister-in-law very much.
    11. The dress should never be ironed by the bride or her mother, and in order to avoid unexpected, unpleasant consequences, it is better not to iron it at all. The same prohibition applies to filing - it is recommended to give the thing in the studio, or entrust it to some distant relative.

    If you want to try on a dress - do not take with you sharp and piercing accessories about which you can get hurt, since the blood on the wedding dress is a very bad sign.

    What is important to know about the wedding dress, getting married

    • hide the veil after the wedding from the eyes of men and from yourself until the birth of the firstborn,
    • do not allow an adult unmarried woman to help put a dress on you,
    • invite only unmarried girls and happy wives to your room, let them help you to gather on this momentous day,
    • never sell a wedding dress and wedding rings, even if you really need money,
    • don't let your friends measure your outfit
    • You can not rent a wedding dress.

    If you do not want your husband to stare at other women or make a mistress, do not let anyone measure the robe in which she went down the aisle, even if they ask you so much about it.

    The most powerful talisman for a young wife will be considered to be an individual apparel. Before the wedding, such a dress should be kept in the house of the parents of the bride, and then in the house of the young.

    If you respect all the old superstitions and keep your wedding attire, then after many years, you can proudly put your daughter in it or put on your golden or silver wedding.