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Gelatin hair mask: harm to gelatin for hair


For centuries, women have been worried about the problems of thin hair, split ends, and insufficient volume. Modern cosmetology offers a huge number of compositions that allow you to get rid of many troubles, to return the curls health and shine. However, along with professional means, there are folk, which do not become obsolete over time, possessing high efficiency. For example, gelatin for hair is considered quite productive. Trichologist reviews are very supportive of this product. Moreover, doctors consider it necessary, since it is a natural supplier of collagen.

What is gelatin?

This question is not difficult to answer. All of us from the chemistry course we remember that gelatin is a substance of animal origin. We also know about its sticky properties, which have a thickening effect.

You can give another definition. Gelatin is an animal protein. It contains an extract of adhesive substances of bone tissue. The substance has in its composition notorious vitamin E, which is not by chance wears the title of the vitamin of youth. In addition, gelatin is enriched with elements such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron.

Gelatin in the history of cosmetology

For a long time gelatin was used for domestic purposes. It can be used in the preparation of jelly, filler, jelly. It is believed that this product contributes to the rapid accretion of bones in fractures.

Do not miss your chance and cosmetology, adopting such a useful substance. Gelatin is mainly used for hair. Reviews of doctors show its effectiveness. It is thanks to medical research in the 50s of the last century that gelatin becomes a favorite among home hair care products.

Explain this popularity of the product is very simple. After all, it creates a protective film on the hair, thereby giving it shine and protecting it from the negative influence of external factors.

Collagen - around the head

Scientists have long understood the great importance of gelatin for hair. Reviews trichologists strongly recommend taking it at least once a week. After all, it is an excellent building material not only for hair, but also for bones, cartilage, joints and ligaments. And all due to the fact that in its composition collagen takes the leading place.

As you know, without collagen, the skin ages, this applies to the skin of the head, and hence the hair.

Remarkable is the fact that gelatin is a storehouse of hydrolyzed protein. What does it mean? The fact is that ordinary collagen molecules are too large, so they cannot penetrate directly into the cells. Gelatin also contains protein, which is much smaller in size, since it is already at one of the cleavage stages. That is, the body does not have to expend forces on additional chemical reactions, hydrolyzed collagen freely penetrates into the cells.

Let's talk about the composition: amino acids

However, not only collagen makes gelatin so useful. This substance, produced from the connective tissues of animals, contains 18 amino acids. That is why gelatin is so valued for hair. Reviews trichologists say that the most useful for curls are:

  • Alanine. It improves metabolism, thereby providing the scalp with necessary nutrition.
  • Arginine. Accelerates tissue repair. Therefore, treats damaged hair.
  • Glycine. Strengthens capillaries, improving blood circulation and saturating the scalp with oxygen.
  • Glutamic acid. Irreplaceable substance for those who often resort to staining. It removes ammonia from tissues and eliminates its negative effects on our body.
  • Lysine. It is because of this substance that gelatin is used for hair growth. Reviews of experts say that without lysine curls grow very slowly, and damaged strands are noticeable for a very long time.
  • Hydroxyproline. Plays an important role in the formation of such a protein as elastin. Everyone has heard about its benefits, it gives hair and skin elasticity.
  • Proline strengthens curls, improves metabolic processes (especially effective in combination with ascorbic acid).

In addition to these amino acids, gelatin contains a lot of useful elements: potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and others.

Gelatin: use and harm for hair

Like any substance, protein adhesive mixture has its advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of gelatin is its chemical composition and structure. Do not forget that it is synthesized from an animal or vegetable product, that is, it is an absolutely natural substance, therefore it has a very positive effect on the scalp and on the hair. But remember the dangers of gelatin. Most often, negative consequences are associated with either an improperly prepared composition, or abuse of this product. We all know that everything is good in moderation, including gelatin for hair. Reviews trichologists warn: you can not use gelatin as masks more than one (maximum 2 times) per week. In this case, the hair can become naughty and heavy, hard and lost volume.

When is gelatin dangerous?

In addition, factors such as:

  • Nutritional supplements that make up the gelatin. They are often used by manufacturers to improve bonding properties. If in cooking such a circumstance does not cause any trouble, then using such gelatin for hair at home, you risk not helping, but rather harming your curls. Therefore, you should definitely examine the composition of the product before buying.
  • You can not use gelatin in the event that your hair is weakened or damaged. Otherwise, you can break the protein balance. The same prohibition is relevant when you are undergoing a course of rehabilitation therapy for your curls using other means.
  • If you decide to make gelatin for hair at home, be careful and attentive. In no case can not keep the composition on fire more than the time specified in the recipe. Otherwise, all the useful amino acids will be destroyed, the mixture will be useless.

Such an ambiguous product is gelatin. The benefits and harms for the hair of this substance have long been studied, so you just need to follow the rules and recommendations of experts.

From the notebook: useful tips

How should you use this product to get the desired result?

From many problems can save gelatin for hair. Reviews and photos confirm its therapeutic effect on our curls. However, you should strictly adhere to the recommendations so as not to harm yourself.

  • If you decide to dissolve powdered gelatin, then make sure that the substance is completely dissolved in water.
  • In order to speed up the process of dissolution, the product can be slightly heated over low heat. But in no case can it be brought to a boil.
  • Do not apply too hot to your hair. The effect of this will not be, but you can easily get a scald burn.
  • Do not hold the gelatin mask on the strands for too long. This can lead to an imbalance of water and fat. In addition, gelatin has the peculiarity of the scalp, which is also not the best way to affect your hair and hair condition.
  • If you take gelatin inside, be sure to take a break after a month of use. Otherwise, the load on the kidneys increases. In addition, the product affects blood clotting.

Gelatin benefits

Why among their own means of this particular substance has a huge number of supporters? Such love is very easy to explain, because gelatin:

  • It stimulates the growth of strands, while suitable for any type of hair.
  • Due to its composition, it effectively participates in the development of such a building material as keratin protein. It is he who makes our hair strong, gives them shine and elasticity.
  • Absolutely natural product, your curls will be spared from any chemistry. And this is especially important today, when naturalness reigns in cosmetology.
  • The low cost of the product allows you to use it without affecting the family budget.

Contraindications to the use of gelatin

However, do not deceive yourself: a substance that has so many advantages and is of great benefit, is shown to use by no means all. Gelatin treatment is best left to those who:

  • Suffering from heart disease, thrombophlebitis, diathesis.
  • Has problems with water-salt balance.
  • Has a tendency to allergic reactions.

In addition, gelatin is not recommended for exacerbations of skin diseases.

Reception methods

Today, many are eager to try gelatin treatment. And they use it not only for growth or strengthening of hair, but also in cases when nails are exfoliated or problems with joints arise. How should take gelatin? Here there are several ways. In the first place, of course, you can use this substance in the form of food. Try to have on your table often appeared aspic, jellied, brawn, marmalade, fruit jelly, souffle. Thus, you will feed the body with essential elements from the inside. Special efficacy from such a reception should not be expected, but such food will contribute to the restoration of hair and the acceleration of their growth.

However, there are other, more productive ways.

Opening a new drink

You can just drink gelatin for hair. Reviews promise that you will not feel unpleasant taste. In addition to this drink, you can add other ingredients.

How to prepare gelatin for hair? The recipe is simple:

  • Food gelatin granules (1 tsp.).
  • Water (1 tbsp.).
  • Lemon juice (1 hl.) Can be replaced with ascorbic acid powder.

Gelatin pour water and allow to swell well, then bring to a fire until completely dissolved. Cool and add lemon juice. It is not present here to improve the taste, but for better absorption of gelatin. You can slightly sweeten the mixture.

Take this drink should be on an empty stomach, half an hour (maximum 40 minutes) before meals.

Capsules come to the rescue

For those who are too lazy to constantly prepare healing potions, the modern pharmaceutical industry offers another option. You can use gelatin for hair in capsules. Buy them is not difficult, they are commercially available at any pharmacy. Such gelatin is taken as a dietary supplement. It is recommended to use 1-3 capsules per day. But still it is better to consult a beautician.

Gelatin for hair with shampoo

This is another method of applying a sticky substance. Want to increase the effectiveness of cosmetics? Then try gelatin for hair with shampoo. Experts advise using Styx shampoo, but if it is not, do not despair. Any other will do, just pay attention to the lack of dyes and fragrances. It is better to take a child variety.

  • Mix shampoo (1 tbsp.) And gelatin (1 tsp.).
  • Leave to swell for about half an hour.
  • Apply the mixture to combed, clean hair.
  • After 10 minutes, rinse the curls well with warm water.

To facilitate further combing, it is desirable to rinse the hair conditioner.

Gelatin lamination

Yes, yes, and such a procedure can be carried out using this substance. Here the most important thing is to strictly observe the proportions.

How in this case the most efficient use of gelatin for hair? The recipe will help you:

  • Mix gelatin with water in a ratio of 1 to 3. That is, for 1 tablespoon of product you will need 3 tablespoons of water.
  • Give gelatin to swell. 15 minutes will be enough for this.
  • After the mixture is slightly heated in a water bath or put in a microwave for 20 seconds.
  • Add in the composition of your favorite mask or hair balm (1-2 tablespoons). This will ease the combing process.
  • Apply the lamination mixture on wet, clean strands. Evenly distribute it.
  • Cover the head with plastic wrap and a towel.
  • Warm up with a hairdryer for 15 minutes. If the hair dryer is not used, the tool can be kept on the head for up to half an hour.
  • After rinse well strands.

Such a procedure will not only protect your curls, but also help to preserve the color of dyed hair, as well as give them shine.

It would seem that the usual food product is gelatin. And what a huge benefit it can bring to our body. Try at least one recipe, and the results will not take long.

The harm of gelatin hair mask:

  • in spite of the indications, use a mask for dry and thin hair, in many cases it also became the reason for breaking off the tips of even strong and healthy,
  • hair can become dimmer and tighter
  • it can be hard to wash off or comb (depending on the recipe) gelatin from the hair, (girls, try washing off the gelatin with cold water),
  • feeling oily hair or oily hair at dry tips
  • and even hair loss ...

As you can see, even home care procedures need to be treated responsibly. Hair for all people is different, so the results are the same. In any case, do not use this mask very often, consult with professionals (hairdresser and trichologist) and

My experience with gelatin hair mask

Having read all this information, I decided to try a mask with gelatin on my curly hair. But I did not hold it for more than an hour (some girls even leave the mask on for the night) and used it with a straightening balm. The result is less “fluffy” at the crown, but I didn’t notice much shine or softness. On the contrary, the hair became more rigid. I will not continue the experiments.

Have you tried making a gelatin hair mask? What observed results and write your own versions of recipes!

Gelatin mask Save hair

Cooking mask.

For this mask, we need gelatin, water and a favorite mask😍

Mix 2 tablespoons of gelatin with 2 spoons of warm water and leave for 20 minutes. Gelatin should swell.

Many put gelatin in the form of jelly, but this method did not suit me. I send the gelatin in the microwave for 30 seconds, mix and we have a thin mass, into which we add our mask - about 1 tsp. You can also add costora / almond / grape seed / coconut oil. I add quite a bit of grape seed oil.

How to flush?

I do not wash off this mask with shampoo, I only wash the roots with it, wash it off. Then I call the tips with running water and apply a balsam / mask. After the hair is a little dry, I apply an indelible serum.


In the photos, the result is certainly not after the first time, but after 2-3. But I can say that after the first time I also felt a noticeable effect, my hair was very easy to comb and not tangled at all.

Shine Here it is. Long time since my hair did not shine, especially due to the latest events.

You want to admire the hair, touch and constantly comb.

I recommend this mask.

Have a good day and good mood

Gelatin Properties

The use of gelatin inside as part of jelly, marmalade, meat and fish fill dishes makes food richer and healthier.

Gelatin is a completely natural product of animal origin that is not harmful to health.

On the contrary, with its help they treat some diseases. It has long been observed that regular ingestion of food gelatin inside makes hair and nails strong, joints flexible, and skin elastic.

Many people with sore joints were helped by the recipe according to which gelatin should be drunk in courses.

The fact is that gelatin contains collagen, which is the basis of connective tissue. A special place is occupied by collagen in cosmetology.

Important! From taking a large amount of gelatin inside increases blood clotting. This causes serious damage to the cardiovascular system.

In addition to collagen, proteins, Mg, P, Fe, K, Ca, vitamins B and E are included in gelatin. Looking at this list, any educated person, even without consulting with trichologists, will immediately realize that gelatin is not harmful, but rather, very useful. for growth and appearance of hair.

Indeed, the reviews are unanimous: the use of gelatin for hair is invaluable.

For cosmetic purposes, gelatin does not need to drink, as with diseases of the joints - just use it externally.

Hair of any type perfectly “get along” with gelatin, using it as glue and protection. Collagen from gelatin penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin and hair and serves as a building material for repairing damaged areas.

But still, the main thing for which beauties appreciate the procedures with gelatin, it is not gluing bifurcated tips and not restoring structural, but shine.

After the gelatin hair becomes shiny, as in the commercials "Pantin Pro V".

Collagen forms a smooth film on the surface of each hair, in this “cocoon” the curls become heavier, more voluminous and begin to shine beautifully.

In addition, gelatinous film protects the hair from external influences - harmful atmosphere, dry air, heating during styling.

What hair problems can be solved with gelatin?

В домашних условиях с помощью желатина можно сделать волосы гладкими и блестящими – такими они бывают после салонного кератинирования или ламинирования.

С помощью желатинового коллагена можно провести лечение шевелюры, направленное на увеличение объема и избавление от достаточно серьезных проблем, таких как сухость, ломкость, тусклость. Желатин – домашний аналог салонного ламинирования.

In addition, the gelatinous lamination is 100% safe for hair, after which the hair will not crawl out strongly and will not take on a burn-through look.

Imagine: you are at home, do business or are you going to drink tea, but at this time the seasoning from the bag for which you paid 10 rubles at most, imperceptibly turns your hair into thick, shiny and smooth, like Naomi Campbell’s mass.

In the cabin for a similar procedure will have to pay about 2000 p. Already fired up? So it's time to find out the details.

Gelatin lamination

Lamination at home can be carried out regularly, once a week.

It is made, if you need treatment of split ends, to accelerate growth, increase the volume of hair, improve its appearance.

This procedure will not cause harm to health, as drinking for this gelatin in large quantities is not required.

Wash your hair with shampoo, soften hair with balsam-rinse (optional) and dry, but not much - the strands should remain slightly moist.

You need to prepare gelatin in advance: pour a bag of powder with warm boiled water (one to three by volume) and let it swell.

Then dilute with air conditioning until the consistency of mayonnaise and heat on a water bath until the grains dissolve.

The mixture is evenly moistened strands, starting slightly below the roots and avoiding contact with the skin. Then the hair is lifted upward, the head is wrapped in cellophane film and a warm cloth.

The warming cap is removed after 15 minutes. After another half hour, the head is washed with tepid water and allowed to air dry.

Washing hair with gelatin

If this procedure seemed too troublesome, as a light variant you can simply wash your hair with gelatin.

You need baby shampoo. Pour the powder out of the bag for half an hour with half a glass of warm water.

Put the bowl with the swollen mass in the bath and stir until the thick mixture turns into liquid. Add shampoo in the same amount as gelatinous "water". After cooling, the solution will get the consistency of jelly.

Wash your head and pour the rest into a glass jar and refrigerate until the next time.

Apply such a “shampoo” as often as you wish, at least every day. Gelatin at the same time accumulates in the hairs, and the strands from washing to washing become more brilliant and more obedient.

Gelatin Masks

Probably everyone noticed that the Internet is replete with a variety of recipes for restoring gelatin masks at home.

Home restoration today is very popular among girls.

Masks are a unique and safe method of hair restoration. If you are interested in home restoration and decided to try it, it is very likely that masks with gelatin will become your favorite procedure.

Masks with gelatin at home can not be replaced with anything.

They will not harm anyone, as they have only positive properties, including remarkably saturate hair with proteins - proteins that accelerate hair growth.

The simplest of the gelatin masks - lamination - we have already considered. Based on the lamination mixture, it is possible to prepare multi-component masks and treat fragile and dull hair with their help.

Masks with gelatin, depending on the problems that need to be solved, can be done regularly, and you can alternate them with others. What is gelatin good for hair?

First of all, it is necessary for those who have hair:

  • split, break,
  • dull
  • thin,
  • naughty,
  • curly (for straightening),
  • dry
  • burned by colors and peroxide,
  • hit by ironing or electric pliers.

Hair treatment with gelatin masks will be effective subject to the following rules:

  • If only hair is treated, you do not need to apply the mixture on the scalp, as it can cause a burning sensation,
  • The mask should be completely homogeneous, without lumps - they will later be difficult to remove from the head of hair,
  • If the treatment with gelatin masks did not lead to a positive result, you should contact a dermatologist or trichologist,
  • Gelatin for a mask should always be pre-prepared - pour water (1: 3). Grains begin to "drink" water and greatly increase in volume. The water bath will help to melt them to the end.
  • The mixture is applied only to clean hair,
  • If you put a mask on the roots, then the volume will almost completely disappear - gelatin makes the hair heavier. You need to retreat from the roots by 3 cm,
  • After applying the mixture, the head needs to be wrapped up - in warmth, the collagen can penetrate deeper into the rods,
  • The mask is washed off with a light herbal shampoo without conditioner,
  • If the mixture includes shampoo, then it can be washed off without detergent.

After rinsing, comb your hair with a very rare teeth, give it the desired position and allow it to dry naturally.

It is impossible to go to bed with wet hair - you will have to get rid of creases appearing at night with the help of a new shampoo.

Mask Recipes

Here are the recipes of masks that have received positive feedback from those who regularly applied them.

In all recipes, it is assumed that you need to take one standard sachet (10 g) or a tablespoon with a small hill of dry gelatin.

Recipe 1. Add any industrial mask or hair balm (1: 1) to liquid gelatin. Wash off in half an hour. Positive effect on the volume of hair.

Recipe 2. From falling out and for growth. On a bag of gelatin take a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and 5 drops of ether of geranium and rosemary.

Recipe 3. Gelatin is dissolved, mixed with the yolk. Pour a tablespoon of baby shampoo.

Wash off in half an hour. Do once a week, the course - 4 - 6 masks. For increased volume, hydration and growth.

Recipe 4. Gelatin, a teaspoon of dry mustard, yolk, a teaspoon of sugar. Mix (gelatin must be, of course, liquid), apply for 45 minutes on the skin and hair, without touching the tips, so that the mustard does not overheat. So spend treatment for hair loss.

Recipe 5. For greasy hair. Dry gelatin is required here. Add the juice of half a lemon to the powder, add a little shampoo in half an hour.

Mix the mixture thoroughly and apply for 45 minutes. Restores and gives shine.

Recipe 6. Add in a liquid gelatin a teaspoon of colorless henna, a pinch of mustard and yolk. Rinse off after 40 minutes. Helps with slow hair growth.

Recipe 7. Gelatin is dissolved in broth chamomile (if the hair is blond) or nettle (if dark). Add a little baby shampoo (as a result, the mixture should be pasty).

Wash off in half an hour. Perfectly restores hair, it is recommended for volume and acceleration of growth.

Recipe 8. Cocoa powder and water are cooked with thick cocoa and dry gelatin is drawn on it. After half an hour, add a little kefir.

Hold 30 to 60 minutes. Used to increase volume, staining and moisture.

Recipe 9. Add 2 teaspoons of Dimexidum, 2 chicken eggs, rosemary ether (a few drops), an ampoule of the drug "Aevit" to liquid gelatin.

Apply for half an hour, wash, rinse hair with decoction of nettle. To mask was not harmful, you need to strictly comply with the specified dosage.

Properly performed, the procedure revitalizes the hair, makes it soft, accelerates growth.

Gelatin mask for the night

Usually masks with gelatin are not left overnight, but this recipe is an exception. The mask helps to restore very damaged hair, but for this you need to keep it on the hair for at least seven hours.

The result will be clearly visible after the second or third procedure, the course - 10 - 20 procedures. To do this "treatment" should be at least once a week.

You will need a decoction of chamomile, banana, yolk, food gelatin and rosemary ether.

First you need to make a decoction. Take 4 tablespoons of dry plant materials and pour liter of boiling water. When the mixture has cooled to a slightly warm state, filter. Broth ready.

Gelatin needs to be dissolved in broth, if necessary, you can heat it in a water bath.

Add the yolk and banana pulp, beat to a mushy consistency. Apply on hair, especially carefully grease the tips. Head muffle and go to sleep.

In the morning, thoroughly wash off with shampoo and rinse hair with balsam-rinse.

The effect of any gelatinous mask lasts for a week. They make hair thicker after the first application and are used, including, to increase the volume.

Already when you wash it away, you will feel that the hair has seemed to be larger. In fact, the number of hairs remained the same, just gelatin covered with each film.

Masks restore hair along its entire length. The tips are very high quality, processed, get a neat appearance, as after visiting the salon.

The hair becomes smooth and even, “it is poured”, it is pleasant to comb it, it is pleasant to touch it.

The disadvantages of masks with gelatin are that they are difficult to wash off, because it is impossible to completely break all the lumps of gelatin, some will still remain and stick to the hairs.

Give your hair strengthening and salon care at home - do any treatment with gelatin once a week.

Reutskaya Inga Gennadievna

Psychologist, online consultant. Specialist from the website

And you yourself will be like brawn.

also heard, even tried, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Taki yes. The trichologist recommended this to me the other day. Just how do you drink gelatin? I make jelly.

4, nothing to say on the merits, pass by. Interestingly, I'll listen.

And you yourself will be like brawn.

Taki yes. The trichologist recommended this to me the other day. Just how do you drink gelatin? I make jelly.

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There is a mask for hair:
1-2 tablespoons of gelatin for 3-4 tablespoons of warm water, it all swells up (well, you know how gelatin is divorced) and add 1-2 teaspoons of shampoo. Apply to the roots, under polyethylene and a towel for 30 minutes. Wash off cool! water Hair shine and become thick. Growth did not notice much, I do not know.

I want to grow long hair, nothing helps, advise

Try infusion of burdock root hair rinse

For half a year of taking gelatin, my hair grew 10 cm and shiny and thick. and she did not become brawn.

gelatin, good i tell you, helps. on myself experienced.

helps when the mask is done or sang?

And I saw the month the result was good. it is necessary to drink the course again.

For half a year of taking gelatin, my hair grew 10 cm and shiny and thick. and she did not become brawn.

please write more specifically about the gelatin, who helped - did you drink it (if so, how) or did the mask?
thank you in advance!

Gelatin is a good thing. I drank even when breastfeeding! 1 teaspoon per glass of water, soak overnight and in the morning for a toshchyak to drink))))

Celala this masochka yesterday))) is quite decent, hair is elastic and shining.


19, do you mean add mustard instead of shampoo and apply on hair? By the way finished mustard or powder?

Awesome mask. Brew cool black tea, insist. About half a glass, add mustard, mix. 1 yolk, 2 ampoules of aloe extract, 1 ampoule Vit. B12 and B6. Apply on the head, hold for 20 minutes. The effect is awesome.

Awesome mask. Brew cool black tea, insist. About half a glass, add mustard, mix. 1 yolk, 2 ampoules of aloe extract, 1 ampoule Vit. B12 and B6. Apply on the head, hold for 20 minutes. The effect is awesome.

Gelatin was recommended by the trichologist, I have alopecia, I have drunk the solution in water 3 times and could not anymore. I want to start just a teaspoon in my mouth and drink plenty of water!

I used to make shampoo on gelatin, it helped me one time. After 2 weeks my hair grew 2.5-3 centimeters, they became shiny, and then something stopped helping. Maybe the addiction had already gone
I diluted a bag of gelatin into a glass of water, and then poured gliss chicken into a half-shampooed shampoo, pink like that. And for 20 minutes every day. Only after it you need a balm, and then your hair becomes harsh

made a mask of gelatin (diluted 3 tablespoons with warm water and into a water bath) did not seem to notice any effect

helps when the mask is done or sang?

really no conclusions!

I make a mask of gelatin, the effect is stunning, no split ends, the volume has increased 2 times, and the hair has become stronger, and the loss has decreased specifically. I can not say anything bad, I am delighted)))) now I also want to try to drink gelatin with juice)))

Hi) I tried to do the mask until once, but I really liked it and I will definitely continue. I suffer with my hair for a very long time and fall out and are rare and thin, and they also began to break heavily: (I made a mask with gelatin, at first I didn’t believe that it would be good, but as a result, I was fucked up) my hair really became thicker , but the fact that they were compacted, became more elastic is a fact, the ends of my washcloth looked like beautiful hair, as if revived)) I was so happy)
Made a mask like this:
-2 tsp gelatin
-on a glass of water
-20 minutes. gave swell.
(do not be afraid if lumps appear)
-added 2 tsp colorless henna
- and 1 yolk
-All mixed and put in a water bath
-when the lumps were mixed, everything melted
only you can not overheat it, just to melt the lumps, let it be warm.
- Has put on hair, under a package and a towel for 1 hour.
Girls, I recommend, very much)
You can recipe another 2 tsp. dry mustard add my home was not there, but in the next. just do it))

This is the first time I've tried a mask with gelatin, now, by the way, I'm sitting with her on my head, but when I applied it, I noticed that there were lumps there, now I'm afraid that my hair will completely harden and not wash off))

19, do you mean add mustard instead of shampoo and apply on hair? By the way finished mustard or powder?

This is not a mask but borsch!

This is not a mask but borsch!

Gelatin on the hair is just a masterpiece. Girls it works - try it! Especially worth a penny. But what shine, volume and growth))

If someone wants his hair to grow, buy a mummy, dilute it in water and shampoo, I used the results))) I don’t do it anymore, and my hair is still growing like yeast, I cut the bang every two weeks) about gelatin, I decided to look, because it turns out that lamination of hair is done to them, but once again it strengthens, then you definitely need to try))) But for some reason nobody writes how many times a week or a month can be done and for how long . )

If someone wants his hair to grow, buy a mummy, dilute it in water and shampoo, I used the results))) I don’t do it anymore, and my hair is still growing like yeast, I cut the bang every two weeks) about gelatin, I decided to look, because it turns out that lamination of hair is done to them, but once again it strengthens, then you definitely need to try))) But for some reason nobody writes how many times a week or a month can be done and for how long . )

Hi, the hair really grows very quickly, 4 masks with shampoo in a row for 4 days, after dyeing, the hair of the industry so that unpainted roots are visible, at first I thought that I hadn't painted it over. Yes, just unbelievable, but true. I now constantly add it to the shampoo, the hair does not thicken as it was written here, this effect from henna. But the brilliance is incredible. None of the professional preparations can be compared with the care of natural products. In fact, the same thing, minus the preservatives and other chemical additives.

and where to put it? on the head, the roots or just the hair itself?

The roots can not be taken with a crust and itching. 2 cm away from the roots and apply

yesterday made a mask of gelatin, burdock oil and shampoo. I liked it madly, hair is voluminous, shines very much and the tips do not stick out in different directions, try it.

How often do you need a mask? what would be a good result?

I have been drinking gelatin for almost a month now) my nails have stopped exfoliating) on ​​my head new hair began to grow, fluff) and fall out less) and the overall look of the hair has improved)))

Hi, the hair really grows very quickly, 4 masks with shampoo in a row for 4 days, after dyeing, the hair of the industry so that unpainted roots are visible, at first I thought that I hadn't painted it over. Yes, just unbelievable, but true. I now constantly add it to the shampoo, the hair does not thicken as it was written here, this effect from henna. But the brilliance is incredible. None of the professional preparations can be compared with the care of natural products. In fact, the same thing, minus the preservatives and other chemical additives.

look at the program “everything will be good” on the STB, everything is described there in detail. The shampoo mask should be done 1 time per month and there are subtleties there that you can’t kill if you ditch your hair.

some write one, others another..who believe only?

Taki yes. The trichologist recommended this to me the other day. Just how do you drink gelatin? I make jelly.

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